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Captain Frank Blount
Captain Frank Blount, owner of the Frances Fleet, began his career as a young mate in Point Judith. He has performed virtually every job aboard the various types of fishing vessels during his 35 years of experience. Capt. Frank also has a degree in Fisheries and Marine Technology. Although he leaves most of the captaining these days to his well trained, professional crew, he is constantly working behind the scenes making sure the operation runs smoothly and all the boats are in tip top shape. He is also a significant force on the National Marine Fisheries Council, ensuring fishing regulations are fair and just.

Capt. O'Grady Captain Mike started with the Frances Fleet in 1989. While working with us, he earned his degree in Fisheries and Marine Technology at the University of Rhode Island. Mike can be seen on any one of our trips. His diverse captaining skills make him a great asset to the Frances Fleet. He can be seen on the cod, fluke, blackfish, tuna and/or our offshore trips. He takes great pride in his work and gives 110% to finding fish, landing fish and sending our customers home happy.
Cap't. Don Ruth Capt. Don Ruth joined our crew in January 2000 and earned his USCG captain’s license shortly thereafter. He has moved his way up the ranks and has proven he has what it takes to be a great captain. He can be seen on any of our inshore or offshore trips, working deck or behind the wheel. In addition he has also earned an excellent reputation as our whale watch expedition captain. Capt Don is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to ensure a good trip for his passengers.
Cap't Richie DeLuca Capt. Richie began his saltwater fishing career with the pioneers of the charter boat fishing industry in Point Judith. He has been a captain for over 25 years and particularly enjoys the “people” aspect of party boats, both meeting new customers and welcoming back the regulars. According to Capt. Richie every day is a challenge, regardless of how often he has sailed, as each day, conditions are different. The wealth of fishing knowledge that he brings to each trip is appreciated by all of his customers.
Capt. Ray Carroll Capt. Ray runs a variety of Frances Fleet trips, but is well known for his porgy and fluke skills. Capt. Ray joined the Frances Fleet after owning and operating his own charter boat for several years. Prior to that, Ray was a rod and reel commercial fisherman of groundfish. His history of fishing is welcomed on every trip that he captains. He knows the locations of species during certain times of the year and under certain conditions, which makes him invaluable to the Frances Fleet.
Capt. Newton Sean Newton has worked for the Frances Fleet since his early teens years. He has been one of our most hardworking and respected deckhands over the past 7 years. He has always gone above and beyond what is expected of him. He has shown leadership skills to any new deckhands and has rightfully earned the admiration of customers and all his fellow employees. Sean graduated from South Kingstown High School and soon after obtained his 100 ton captain’s license. Growing up his main interest was firefighting and after going through extensive training over the years, Sean is now currently employed as a full time fireman for the City of Woonsocket. He still works part-time for the Frances Fleet, so you may see him on deck or behind the wheel on one of your trips.
Cap't Ted McDermottCaptain Ted has been a part of the Frances Fleet since the early days, as many of our long time customers can attest. On and off through the years Captain Ted can be seen working deck or at the helm. His commercial fishing experience has proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to finding the fish. Capt Ted sure has some fishing stories to tell with the vast number of trips he has done over the years. It is hard to know who is enjoying the trip more, Ted or his passengers.
Capt. Bradley Capt. Keith has been working for the Frances Fleet since 2001. He began as our whale watch naturalist and while he still does that on occasion, he also captains many of our bluefish trips as well as the whale watch expeditions. During the school year he teaches science to middle school students but in the summer months he is an integral part of our crew. His patience and knowledge goes along way, whether it is searching out the whales or proving he has what it takes to catch those fast, fighting bluefish.
Capt. KyleCapt. Kyle, although just recently getting his captain’s license, has years and years of experience. He has literally grown up on the ocean. His father has taught him all aspects of the business, and when he isn’t working deck he is fishing for pure pleasure. Currently attending college in Vermont and pursuing a career other than fishing, he will always have fishing in his blood. Customers have always looked forward to seeing him on deck but now can look forward to seeing him behind the wheel
Capt. Cory Capt. Cory is our latest crew member to get his captain’s license. Coming from a fishing family he knows more about fishing than most young adults his age. He grew up on the water and has done every type of fishing there is, including swordfishing in Key West. Capt. Cory is also attending college and learning the “business” side of the business. His knowledge of fishing and also of fishing equipment and gear is apparent when you see him on deck alongside his customers. All this experience will do him well when he is also at the helm.
Capt. Matt Capt. Matt has worked for the Frances Fleet for the last 5 years. He started out on deck as a teenager learning everything there was to know about being a good deckhand. He has proven over the years to be an invaluable employee with great work ethic. Then in early 2011 he passed his captain's exam and is now one of the fleet’s captains, we welcome him behind the wheel. Matt is well respected by his peers and customers alike, and the Frances Fleet is very proud of his accomplishments.
Capt. Latos

George has been fishing for most of his life. He is a full time teacher but when he has any down time he can be found on his own boat or behind the wheel or on deck for the Frances Fleet. A local guy who is very knowledgeable of the local waters and the species of fish that dominate them. He is very active in the Narragansett fishing community and a member of several fishing organizations. He has worked with the Frances Fleet for a number of years and we hope for many more to come.


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