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Humpback Whale

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Finback Whale
Whale Watching occurs in many ports in and around New England. The port of Galilee is no exception. The ocean waters off our coast are exposed to warm water eddies that break off from the Gulf Stream. Waters in mid summer can reach temperatures in the high 70ís. It is in these warm waters where the majestic Finback Whales come to feed. On a Whale watch trip you might see other whales such as Humpbacks, Minke, Pilot, False Killer, and even a Sei whale. The warm waters also attract giant ocean sunfish, sharks, tuna and marlin. Portuguese man of war,Loggerhead leatherback and loggerhead turtles also might be seen, as well as and also many varieties of dolphin. While on the Rhode Island whale watch boat, you may have the opportunity to view many different types of sea birds. Trips begin on June 30th and run through September 1st. Finback whales are the most common whales off the RI coast during the summer months. The Finback whale is the second largest animal to have ever lived in the ocean. The only other larger animal is the Blue Whale. A Finback whale is so big, you could fit a VW bus in its mouth; a person could crawl around in its arteries and stand up in its heart. These mammals are truly a wonderful sight to behold in the open ocean.

Please note: Mother Nature is unpredictable and while our captain and crew does everything possible to locate these magnificent creatures, there are occasional days where there are no sightings. In the event that whales are not spotted, customers will receive a voucher for a free repeat trip OR a discount off of a deep sea fishing trip. These vouchers do not expire and can be used any time in the future. These vouchers are not redeemable for cash. There will be NO cash refunds for lack of whale sightings.

Whale Watching/Nature Excursions

Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat.
June 28th thru August 29th.
Departing at 1:00 PM ~ Returning 5:30 p.m
Adults $55 / Seniors $50 / Children $45

*All coupons,discounts and free passes are currectly suspended
due to COVID capacity limitations with the exception of
military and first responder discounts.

Heavy fog, high, winds or high seas may cause us to cancel a whale watch.

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Ocean SunfishWhales are an endangered species and are protected by Federal Regulations. Whale watching on a boat is one of the only places that you can see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. While whale watching you are a “guest” visiting their natural environment, so you must consider every trip an expedition rather than a sightseeing excursion. Whether or not you sight these marvelous creatures is entirely up to the whales. This is truly a trip for all ages.Pilot Whale In the words of one happy customer, the trips are “Explosionary!” ... “Not only relaxing, but very therapeutic.” Don’t miss out! Bring the whole family along on a WHALE WATCHING ADVENTURE sailing out of the Port of Galilee!



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