Saturday July 23rd


Capt. Mike reported a slow half day morning of fishing today. Wind and tide against each other.

First mate Ted reported a very slow half day of fishing during the afternoon.

Two half days tomorrow, the first setting sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm aboard the Lady Frances. Back to back half days earns a fisher a $10 discount off the second trip.

First mate Chris L reported today was a case of the haves and the have nots aboard the Gail Frances. Some fishers buck tailed their way to full limits and or very close to full limits while others did not do nearly as well. That is just the way fishing is at times. Sea bass were around in respectable but not plentiful numbers today. Some real quality fluke aboard the boat however with two fish very close to ten pounds fighting it out for bragging rights with other important fish in the 6-7 lb range right behind. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich looks forward to setting sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.


Friday Morning July 22nd


Roger reported the morning half day saw a pick of keeper fluke to 5 lbs and some nice sea bass to 3 lbs for the fishers aboard along with plenty of small fluke and sea bass to keep interest up at the rails. A very fast drift to boot! Kevin from Warwick had the pool winning fish of the trip with a 5 lb fluke. A picture of Kevin’s fish appears above. A couple other pictures from the half day crush yesterday aboard the Admiral Frances appear as well just to showcase some recent hi lights.

The afternoon half day today was hampered by tough weather conditions. Anglers still did see a decent amount of action with short fluke and short sea bass very close to home with a few keeper fluke in the mix.

Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am aboard the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm aboard the Admiral Frances.

After some exceptional sightings recently on the Whale Watch we are very much looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow afternoon. Still some openings and the Whale Watch is to set sail on the Lady Frances at 1pm. Call the office to make a reservation if interested.

What a difference a day makes aboard the 7 am full day! Gusty southwest winds had more of an effect on the fluke fishing than we had hoped for. Anglers did pick away at some nice fluke to 6 lbs but the take was a fraction of yesterdays. A decent mess of sea bass keepers helped ease the sting a bit. Hi hook took home five keepers today and a few other fishers boxed three keepers apiece. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.

Early indications are that some nice Stripers up to 25 lbs were brought aboard the Lady Frances last night for a light crowd of fishers. Full details to follow! Unfortunately tonight’s trip is CANCELED due to the strong southwesterly winds and rough seas and tomorrow night’s outing is SOLD OUT!



Thursday July 21st


The report from Capt. Mike was of a good morning of action with the sea bass with some nice fluke as well. There were a fair amount of sea bass limits. One very noteworthy fish and the biggest fluke that the half day has encountered in a few years was taken by regular customer Katie Gallagher from East Greenwich, RI. This mammoth 31.5 inch fluke tipped the scales at 11.5 lbs (our certified calibrated contest scale). Katie fooled this big doormat using a bait rig that was adorned with a small glo squid. Way to go Katie!! A picture of this great fish appears courtesy of Roger.

Capt. George reported an excellent afternoon on the half day with a big pile of good size sea bass up to 4 lbs and a nice bunch of quality fluke. Sizes on the fluke to at least 6 lbs.

Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am on the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm aboard the Admiral Frances.

First mate and general manager/dock manager Cory Blount reported the Gail Frances LIMITED OUT on good size fluke today and was back to the dock tied up by 3 pm!!  Everyone on board left with a full limit of good size fluke today. Hi hooks caught around 15 or so for the day(orl). Combining quantity and quality today would be a hard day to match in recent times! A number of regular fluke fishers reported that today’s fishing was some of the “best they had ever seen”!! All terminal tackle worked but jigs and gulp seemed to be the most productive although no real specifics were given on styles/flavors etc. Whole squid also was reported to work well. Cory reported 60 fluke over 5 lbs today!! Six fish in the 8 lb range fought it out for the pool and there many other fish in the 6-7 lb range. A lot of other big keepers around 3 lbs avg size as well today. Decent numbers of sea bass to 3 lbs today with a good number of the fishers aboard getting their limit of those to go along with their fluke. Just an awesome day. A few pictures from early in the trip provided courtesy Cory. Other pictures are reported to be forthcoming. Tomorrow is the next trip, Capt. Rich will set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.


Last night’s bass trip produced some quality bass to nearly 20 lbs. Plenty of room on tonight’s trip so please call the office if interested in making a reservation.


Wednesday July 20

Customers on this morning’s half day trip enjoyed absolutely beautiful weather and also some excellent fishing. Some highlights from the trip, courtesy of Christine Blount.


First mate Capt. Matt reported a solid day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances. The first two drifts produced excellent results and then thereafter it was a slower pick. Longtime regular Hahn from East Longmeadow Mass was hi hook with 7 nice keeper fluke and a handful of other fishers had four to six keepers apiece. A fair amount of sea bass and a handful of scup. Some real quality on the fluke with a good number of fish in the 4-5 lb range and several in the 7-8 lb range battling it out fro bragging rights with top honors going to longtime Frances Fleet Fisher Jack Coddington from Seymour CT who’s 8 lb fluke took the prize money. Way to go Jack! A photo of Jack with his pool fish appears below. Great weather again tomorrow and the Gail Frances will set sail at 7 am for fluke and sea bass with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Capt. George reported a decent afternoon half day of fishing for a rather enthusiastic crowd of fishers. Quite a few big sea bass to 4 lbs and some real quality fluke with two fish in the 8 lb range duking it out for bragging rights. Other fluke in the 4 to 6 lb range.

Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am on the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm aboard the Admiral Frances.




Wednesday July 20th

Sorry for the lack of reports for Monday and Tuesday.

Fishing on both the half days and full days is staying pretty consistent. Some days/trips better than others due to conditions but overall we feel as though its been a very good season. Plenty of seabass to go around on ALL trips. Capt Mike reported that the morning half day on Monday was exceptionally good. Capt Matt reported yesterday’s full day was a bit lack luster due to drift conditions but still overall a decent day, with a few more fluke than seabass, which has usually been reversed. Brian Cofske, from Webster, MA was sure pleased with the day with his nice 8 lber that took the pool honors.




Sunday July 17th

Capt. Mike reported bass fishing was slower last night. A few handfuls of nice fish with the best around 20lbs but overall it was just a lot quieter. Capt. Mike did stay out late for his fishers hoping to turn up some better results but it was just not meant to be. The weather was wonderful, maybe it was just too nice out. Next Striper trip sets sail this coming Wednesday evening at 7pm by reservation.

First mate and general manager Cory Blount reported another solid day of action around Block Island with well over 120 good size fluke hitting the decks of the Gail Frances and a good hit of sea bass as well. Some sea bass limits today and one fluke limit with a good number of fishers with 3 to 7 keeper fluke apiece. Pool fish today was a solid 9 lbs but there were at least a dozen others 5 lbs or better. It was a case of the haves and have nots to some degree however on the fluke and sea bass but on day’s with little to no drift that is often case. Further puzzling was that there seemed to be no defined pattern to what was really working. There were fishers who did well with buck tail rigs and bait rigs and whole squid alike and those who did not. Go figure!? Some pretty impressive scup today with sizes to 20 inches!! Hi hook had ten scup. More great fishing weather tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a busy morning of fishing with excellent catching and a fair amount of keeping. Sea bass were the most prevalent fish kept with a handful of keeper fluke in the mix as well. Plenty of sea robins and short sea bass/short fluke kept fishers busy at the rails.

The afternoon half day was reported to be much better for keeping a good number of big sea bass including some real slammers to nearly 5 lbs and a solid showing of big fluke to 7 lbs plus late in the trip. In fact majority of the fluke taken were formidable fish in the 3 to 5 lb range. Some sea bass limits were noted.

Two  half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm. Monday and Wednesday are “family days” on board the Lady Frances where two adults and two children can go for a reduced rate of $105 plus rod rental fees! ( a savings of over $30!!!).

Another great day of Whale Watching yesterday with excellent sightings. Next Whale Watch sets sail at 1pm by reservation Tuesday Afternoon.


Saturday July 16th

Capt. Matt reported a mix of sea bass and a few fluke on the morning half day charter aboard the Admiral Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a bunch of sea bass and a couple nice fluke aboard this morning’s half day fishing trip.

Capt. Matt reported a nice even mix of fluke and sea bass on the afternoon trip and some fishers were seen inside the Capt. Tackle after the trip with nice bags of snow white fillets for some fine dining in the near future.

Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm, both aboard the Lady Frances.

First mate and General Manager Cory Blount reported a solid day of fishing for a very enthusiastic turnout of fishers aboard the Gail Frances today. Considering there was no drift just about all day things went about as good as could be hoped for. Hi hook took home seven good fluke and a decent number of fishers had 3 to 5 nice fluke apiece to take home. A solid catch of sea bass up to 4 lbs with some fishers getting their sea bass limit. We also had about thirty big scup on the boat with sizes to 3 lbs and one good size ocean perch. The lack of drift did allow fishers to see some of epic skates that Block Island has to offer with drift conditions allowing the slower moving distant relatives of the shark family a chance to catch up with angler’s offerings. Skate wings can make for some delicious eating!  Brilliant summer weather on tap tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 7 am.

Capt. Matt and first mate Greg reported good bass fishing last night but not the slam dunk of this past Wednesday evening. Nevertheless fishers boated a very solid number of keeper bass of varying sizes with the biggest of the lot dangerously close to 35 lbs.  A number of other nice fish in the 18-25 lb range. Still plenty of openings on tonight’s trip so call the office to make a reservation. The Lady Frances will set sail at 7 pm. The Frances Fleet thanks John P for all these pictures shown below showcasing some of the angler hi lights from last night’s outing.




Friday July 15th


Roger reported a good morning half day but the second half of the trip by far out produced the first as the sea bass, including some of very good size, really put on the chew and pleased anglers around the rails of the Lady Frances. Biggest fish was a fine fat blue fish of about ten pounds. A few very nice fluke to 5 lbs but the sea bass really stole the show. Even a handful of fishers who bagged a limit catch of big sea bass. Biggest sea bass around 4 lbs or so. Back to normal tomorrow schedule wise on the half day with trips leaving at 8 am and again at 1pm.

Sounds like some good fishing again on the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich. Longtime regular customer Dan B from Carmel NY had seven nice fluke and a limit of sea bass to take home and also netted the pool with a fine slab that tipped the scales at just under 8 lbs. Dan used bucktail of some sort tipped with gulp and often no bait!  Longtime regular Mike from Providence also had a nice day with a half dozen good size fluke and limit of sea bass to bring home. Very good fishing confirmed by Capt. Matt and first mate general manager Cory Blount aboard the Gail with several limit catches and well over 100 keeper fluke hitting the decks of the Gail. About a dozen jumbo fish in the 5 lb plus range and a very good catch of sea bass up to 3 lbs with many fishers having a sea bass limit to go along with the fluke. There were a couple dozen good size scup, an ocean perch and even a throwback cod fish! Tomorrow sounds like another stunning summer weather day and Capt. Rich will be set to sail on the Gail Frances at 7 am. Some photos today courtesy Frances Fleet General Manager Cory and longtime regular customer Tony Battalino.



Tonight’s Striper trip is SOLD OUT!! Plenty of room on tomorrow night’s trip so please call the office to book. A few more photo hi lights from Wednesday Night courtesy longtime regular John P.



Thursday July 14th// Excellent Bass and Fluke fishing today aboard the Frances Fleet!!

Capt. Matt was back home and tied up to the dock well before midnight last night. Why, you may ask? Well the Lady Frances was limited out on good size Stripers!! In fact the boat had it’s limit by 9:30 pm and customers played catch and release for an hour and a half!! All fish released were safely netted and released unharmed of course. Biggest fish was a solid 35 lbs and there were a half dozen other fish all between 25 and 30 lbs!! Just an awesome night of fishing and all bass. Pictures courtesy first mate Cote and others are on their way! Plenty of room on tonight’s trip so if interested please call the office to make a reservation.

Roger reported the morning half day saw fast drifting conditions and fairly cooperative sea bass but mixed sizes and  while there were some quality fish there were no monsters and the fluke proved to be very elusive but hoping that will change during the afternoon trip which is currently underway. Still some limit catches on the sea bass this morning.

Capt. George reported the afternoon half day was on the slower side. Some nice sea bass and a couple of nice fluke. The drift was quite fast. The one half day on tap for tomorrow sets sail at 8 am aboard the Lady Frances.

First mate Chris L reported Capt. Rich had another great day of fluke fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. At least a half dozen limit catches among a rather light group of fishers. Hi hooks had 14 and 11 keepers respectively (orl). There were a good number of other fishers who while not limited out were dangerously close. Pool fish was around 7 lbs and Chris noted a decent number of other jumbo or “jo” fish over 4 lbs.  All terminal gear seemed to be effective and one group of three fishers with rental equipment managed 14 nice fluke and each had a limit of good size sea bass. Lots of sea bass today with the majority of fishers getting their limit. Sizes on the sea bass up to 4 lbs. A few good size scup today thrown in for good measure. Some great pictures showcasing some of the success courtesy of first mate Chris L.


Keep in mind we only offer the morning half day trip tomorrow, Friday July 15th. Back to both half days this coming Saturday and going forward.