Thursday December 18th 2014

Tomorrow looks like a very good weather day for fishing albeit seasonally chilly. Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am and the office will be open by 5 am for ticket/tackle sales.

In fact the next several days all look good for local cod/mixed bag fishing and the Gail Frances is planning to sail the next four days at 6 am.

It is with much sadness that we have to report the passing of one of our most beloved former employees, mechanic Dennis McKenna. Dennis was an exceptionally talented mechanic and a very caring, kind and generous fellow. He will be deeply missed by all of us here who knew and worked with him.


Wednesday December 17th 2014

coddec17coddec17acoddec17bcoddec17ccoddec17dcoddec17ecoddec17fcoddec17gcoddec17icoddec17hRoger reported a great day of cod fishing aboard the Gail Frances today. Despite a brisk drift hungry fat green market cod were on the hunt and readily chasing down fresh shucked sea clam baits. Just tremendous amounts of bait on the grounds today with Capt. Rich reportedly marking bait at almost all depth levels!! Despite all the herring, whiting and mackerel that the cod were chasing, jigs just did not seem to produce very well other than a few smaller fish but that is likely to be subject to rapid change. A few good size whiting were caught by anglers today as well. Besides the cod there was one scup, a few handfuls of keeper sea bass, and quite a few good size ocean perch including a few that were threatening the 2 lb mark. The unmentionables were somewhat worth a mention but in the grand scheme of things they weren’t bad at all, especially considering the volume of bait on the grounds. Now for the good stuff, today was the BEST CATCH of cod for the fall season by far, especially factoring in the relatively light load of fishers. Just about everyone, with very few exceptions, had five to nine keeper cod apiece to take home and two anglers had their ten fish limit catch apiece! Mike from Providence and Larry from the Bronx both boxed limit catches of fat green market cod and Mike took bragging rights with a fine fish that was headed towards the mid teeens. In fact it was the first time Roger remembers seeing a burlap bag full of cod fish in quite some time!!  A lot of short cod as well today with anglers catching as many as a dozen or more short cod apiece in some cases. Looks like some great cod fishing weather coming up as well in the days ahead with Friday Saturday and Sunday ALL looking good as of this writing. A pile of pics today courtesy of Roger. Next trip will set sail this coming Friday morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Monday December 15th 2014

lastdaytogdec1514Roger reported they wrapped up the 2014 tog season today aboard the Lady Frances. The fishing was similar to yesterday, minus the cod and plus a few more tog for less people. A few really nice fish in the 8-9 lb range today. Just one keeper cod. The tog were spread out better than yesterday with a number of the anglers having two or three apiece to take home but a few others didn’t fare as well. Just one keeper cod. A few short cod and some short togs and that was about it. The weather was amazing, about as good as it gets!! Capt. Matt along with First mate Cote and Capt. Mike would all like to thank all the regular customers who helped to make this tog season a great one! The fishing overall was improved over the past couple seasons to boot.

Capt. Ted reported an okay day on the cod/sea bass boat. A fine green fish threatening the mid teens took the pool and was taken by longtime regular customer Eben York from NY. Way to go Eben! Eben and Eddie Pol both had two keepers apiece today. A few handfuls of nice green market cod scattered around the boat as well plus a respectable haul of sea bass with some of good size and some anglers taking home limit catches. Quite a few nice size scup and ocean perch mixed in as well. Next cod trip is set to sail Wednesday morning with Capt. Rich at the helm at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances.


Sunday December 14th 2014

togdec14togdec14atogdec14btogdec14cFirst mates Chris L and Capt. Ted reported an okay day aboard the cod/sea bass boat today. A nice turnout of fishers came down to enjoy a beautiful day on the water with us and they picked away at the sea bass of varying keeper size but not quite as hearty on the average as those taken on yesterday’s trip. A fair amount of the anglers aboard did manage to limit out on keeper sea bass.  A scattering of cod today with Lucky from Norwalk jigging up the pool winning 12 lbr. Lucky jigged up another keeper cod today and also jigged up an easy limit of nice size sea bass. Conditions became so nice that Capt. Rich was able to turn the Gail Frances loose on the drift after mid morning. There were some nice size porgies, a big whiting, a few red hake, and very little mention of the unmentionables. In abundance however were some good numbers of nice size ocean perch. Tomorrow’s weather looks about as good as it gets this time of year and the Gail Frances will be set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Roger reported a very slight improvement in the togging today aboard the Lady Frances. There were three anglers that bagged three tog apiece and a couple of fellows who had two apiece. A few more shorts in the mix as well today. Biggest fish was around 8 lbs and there were two such fish. A few other big fish were broken off as well. Tog were taken on both crabs and soft baits today. A nice handful of cod to ten pounds today but a few less overall than on yesterday’s run. A handful of short cod as well and even a couple of cold water keeper size sea bass!! The weather was awesome and all in all it was a nice day considering the water temps are chilling down rather briskly as we near the bottom of the 9th inning in the 2014 tog season. A few pics today courtesy of Roger including Sean from Danbury CT who had a fine brace of nice tog today. Well done Sean! Weather sounds wonderful tomorrow and tomorrow marks the last day of togging for 2014. Capt. Matt will be ready to sail at the helm of the Lady Frances tomorrow morning at 6 am.


Saturday December 13th 2014

coddec13coddec13acoddec13bcoddec13ccoddec13dRoger reported a great day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. We had an excellent catch of bigger size sea bass today with quite a few legit jumbos over 2 lbs and a fair amount of fish between 3 and 4 lbs with a few just over the 4 lb mark. For cod we had about the same amount as yesterday but they were FAR more spread out around the boat. Hi hook was Mr. Lee who boxed four good size keepers and there were two other fellas who had three cod apiece to take home. “Captain K” from Hartford CT took the pool today with a fine green fish in the low teens just narrowly defeating longtime regular Kumio from West Hartford CT who’s nice green cod just missed by ounces! Well done gentlemen! A mess of good size ocean perch, a pleasantly surprising number of good size scup to 2lb, a couple nice size red hake, and very manageable numbers of the unmentionables made today’s outing all the more enjoyable. Anglers also released a surprising number of ocean pout , along with quite a few short cod and a few short pollock. Nearly everyone used clams today although one fella jigged up a nice market cod this morning before loosing his jig to the rock gods. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Tomorrow sounds like another great day for fishing and the Gail Frances will be set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Mike reported a slow day of togging. Jacob was hi hook with three keeper tog. A fair amount of cod fish on board and there were some short tog and short cod but overall it was on the quiet side. Tomorrow and Monday are the last days to get a crack at a 9th inning tog or two and Capt. Matt will be ready to set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.


December 12th

Captain Matt reported a decent day on the local cod grounds. A light group of anglers were treated to warmer temps and calm seas. Captain Rich tried a few different drops and found cod and sea bass waiting. High hook went home with 8 keeper cod. Nothing large for the pool but a few solid 10lb fish battled for the pool.Many anglers also went home with limits of sea bass to 4 pounds. Captain Rich will be setting sail tomorrow at 6am.

The blackfish boat is also scheduled to sail tomorrow at 6am.

Thursday December 11th

Its been a week of lousy weather but it looks like things are finally going to break. Friday right through Monday looks good. Both boats are scheduled to sail all 4 days. The mixed bag trip including cod and seabass on the Gail Frances and Tautog fishing on the Lady Frances. Both boats leave at 6:00 a.m. The office will be open by 5:00 a.m. for ticket sales.

Monday December 15th will be the last day of Tautog fishing for the season.

Saturday December 6th 2014

coddec6coddec6acoddec6bRoger reported a good day of fishing and awesome day of weather aboard the Gail Frances. First and foremost the rain held off til the end of the trip, secondly there was no wind at all to speak of. Therefore we drifted in calm seas all day long, in fact if anything the drift was too slow at times!! A nice mixed bag of fat green market cod to ten pounds and a good amount of nice size keeper sea bass. Quite a few sea bass limits. Hi hook honors on the cod goes to Joe Nadhazi from Trumbull CT who caught 5 nice keeper cod today and several throwbacks plus an easy limit of chunky sea bass. Well done Joe!! It was great having Joe and his brothers aboard today and they all enjoyed good catches of market cod and sea bass. These gentlemen have been sailing with us for nearly 30 years!! There were two other anglers with four nice fat cod apiece to take home and two others with three apiece and so on. More cod for less fishers today than yesterday. It was a relatively light crowd likely due to the ominous weather forecast. Some super size ocean perch to nearly 2 lbs, one sea flounder and two nice red hake plus a couple slammer scup and hardly any unmentionables at all rounded out the species assortment today. Double hook set ups seemed to produce better today and a fair amount of cod were taken on really hi hooks. Nothing on jigs today, everything on fresh shucked skimmers. This time of year the cod tend come way up off the bottom to chase their food. When there are not many sharks around the second hi hook is a very good idea. A fair amount of short cod today as well, something we never tire of seeing. There will be no cod/sea bass tomorrow and likely not on Monday either due to gales and then more possible gales associated with next week’s noreaster so stay tuned for the next good fishing day! A few pics courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported a solid day of togging but a bit more relaxed than some of the prior trips with more “just shorts” today making things a bit tougher. Still there were at least a couple limit catches and a few more who were just behind. Big story today was once again the cod fish and there was quite a showing of them! Sizes into the low teens. Hi hook on the cod took home four nice fish! No tatoug fishing tomorrow due to the gale warnings.Stay tuned for the next good fishing day for tatoug.


Friday December 5th 2014

coddec5coddec5acoddec5bRoger reported chilly but pleasant fishing weather today aboard the Gail Frances with respectable cod and sea bass fishing to boot. A slow steady pick of both species. A good number of the anglers aboard were able to limit out on sea bass and we had a few bigger fish mixed in with several in the 3 to 4 lb range. For the cod there were three anglers who all had three keepers apiece. Nothing big today with the best around 8 lbs. No unmentionables at all was perhaps some of the best news of the day!! Quite a few short cod as well. Some large ocean perch and large sea flounder mixed in as well. For a change of pace we also had a bunch of big scup to at least 2 lbs, the most scup in nearly 2 weeks!! No huge numbers but a few anglers managed a half dozen nice scup apiece. A few pics today courtesy of Roger. Winds sound relaxed tomorrow but it may be wet so bring your rain gear so says the weatherman! Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances for cod/sea bass.

Capt. Mike reported very good togging today with a bunch of limit catches recorded. There were a handful of anglers who did not fare so well but overall for this late in the game, the fishing was rock solid. A pleasant surprise came in the form of a dozen good size cod into the low teens! Biggest tog today were several fish in the 8 to 9 lb range. A lot of short cod and short tog today as well keeping things moving right along. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.