The tuna trip which just returned was an EXCELLENT one, perhaps one of the best of the season! Some hi lights included a 250 lb Big eye tuna and a Swordfish that was threatening 200 lbs along with plenty of Mahi with a few monsters upwards to 30 lbs!! An excellent haul of yellows with the fish all cookie cutter 50-80 lb stuff and quite a few good size Albacore. Even a Wahoo!  Mostly a bait bite with some fish jigged up. Many of the fishers aboard left with 2 or in a few cases 3 yellows and an albacore or two. Next Tuna trip will set sail tomorrow night at 10pm and there are still a COUPLE of openings. There are however, PLENTY of openings on the trip which sets sail this coming Wednesday Night at 10pm. This coming Wednesday Night’s trip is the LAST trip of the season. Photos courtesy Roger and a customer from the tuna trip.

Just received a weather update and the status of tonight’s Long Range Tuna Trip. Due to the winds forecasted for tonight and tomorrow, the tuna trip will be leaving SATURDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 10TH AT 10 PM.

COD fishing tomorrow on the Gail Frances set to sail at 7am with Capt. Rich.

PORGY fishing is CANCELLED tomorrow but we will have a porgy trip on Sunday leaving at 7am with Capt. Ray at the helm.


Friday October 9th

LONG RANGE TUNA CUSTOMERS: We will not have a decision on whether or not the trip is sailing tonight or tomorrow, until NOON today. The wind does seem to be dropping out a bit, but we need to wait for the next update on the weather. We know everyone is anxious to know, but we can’t make a decision prematurely. Thank you for your patience. It will be sailing at some point, but we are just not sure if it will be tonight or not.

Wednesday October 7th 2015

codoctober7bcodoctober7ccodoctober7acodoctober7Roger reported fair cod fishing today. The weather was gorgeous and the water was NOT dirty. A few cod at each drift/anchor set. A few decent size fish into the teens. A few anglers had two keepers apiece and longtime regular and exceptional rod handler Lou P from Niantic was hi hook with three nice cod. Tim Thompson from Springfield Mass had the pool fish today with a fine green cod of around 15 lbs. A few handfuls of short cod, some big ocean perch, a few large sea flounder, a slammer 7lb fluke and just a few good size porgies. The unmentionables were a force to reckon with in the beginning but ebbed later on in the day and later in the trip could easily be avoided with a hook down low near the sinker. All things considered it was better than we expected after eight days of gale to near gale force wind. Almost all of the cod taken were caught on bait and the bite was generally reported to be soft and changing bait often was important. Friday will be a new day out in search of the brown bombers and Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances. A few pictures today provided courtesy of Roger.



Monday October 5th

The skies are clearing and wind is finally letting up. We sure have had some wet and windy weather the last week or so. All trips are back on track starting with Wednesday. The cod boat will be sailing at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday with Capt. Richie at the helm. We have an Extended Offshore Tuna Trip leaving Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m., and there are still plenty of openings. We also have a Long Range Tuna Trip this weekend that has recently had a couple of spots open up, if anyone is interested in that trip. We will also be Porgy fishing this coming weekend. Saturday and Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Monday September 28th 2015/ Very Good Cod fishing today on the Gail Frances!

codseptember28acodseptember28bcodseptember28ccodseptember28dcodseptember28ecodseptember28fcodseptember28hcodseptember28kcodseptember28lRoger reported a very strong day of local cod fishing. Two areas were sampled with excellent results at both. A lot of good size cod on the first drop with at least 20 nice fish in the 10 to 20 lb range and some other nice keepers along with some huge sea flounders to 4 lbs plus, big ocean perch, a few pollock and a mess of good size scup. Area two produced a nice steady stream of market cod with a handful of slightly bigger fish around the ten pound mark. Area two also produced some slammer scup to nearly 3 lbs, super size ocean perch to 21 inches!!, a few more big sea flounder, a keeper fluke, and a lot of throwback cod. There were numerous fishers who had four to seven nice cod apiece to take home and the majority of fishers took home enough for dinner but the numbers did vary from fisher to fisher. While bait was king at the first spot with the bigger fish, the second area both jigs and bait were productive but jigs probably edged out the clams and produced the bigger greener cod in the ten pound range. A special jig shout out to Troy and Orlando who put on a iron clinic at the second area fished! Well done fellas! Pool fish was a fine green fish around 20 lbs. It was flat calm with little to no wind all day, the sun came out after a morning sprinkle and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Looks like some weather on the way this week. Wednesday is still a maybe right now so check back Tuesday afternoon but we could very well be sidelined for a few days if the weatherman is correct and Mother Nature sees fit. Some pictures today courtesy Roger.



Sunday September 27th 2015

Capt. Ray reported AWESOME scup fishing today around Block Island! First mate Troy reported the biggest kind of porgies with many fish between 2 and 3 lbs and lots of double headers. The scup were stacked up to 30 feet thick! A picture from the fish finder gives just a rough idea of how many scup are around the Block Island grounds right now. Picture courtesy General Manager Cory.

Roger reported slower cod fishing today. The bite seemed to get better in the afternoon. Still a respectable amount of keeper cod fish with the best of the lot just under the ten pound mark. Hi hook boxed four keepers today and a fair number of fishers aboard had two or three keepers apiece. Plenty of scup to at least 2 lbs with some anglers catching upwards to a couple dozen apiece. A handful of good size ocean perch, a few big red hake, a few big sea flounders rounded out the days catch. A couple of brief forays into some deep water produced an epic attendance of the biggest kind of unmentionables so we quickly went back into the shallows where there was no attendance of those things. Tomorrow may very well be the last nice fishing day for the week so we will be ready to go with Capt. Rich at the helm at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances. A few photos today courtesy of Roger.


Saturday September 26th 2015

codseptember26Certainly was a remarkably better day for cod aboard the Gail Frances today. Miles ahead of the past two trips and more reminiscent of last weekend.  Great news!! The cod were not big but there were lots of them with well over 100 keepers boated for a relatively modest crowd. The cod seemed to bite best in the morning but a pick was available all day long. Plenty of short cod as well. Numbers on the cod varied from fisher to fisher but needless to say the majority went home with fresh cod for dinner and a good number of the folks aboard had three to six keepers apiece with a handful doing even a bit better. Nothing big but nice fat market cod with the best of the lot around 10 lbs. One big blue fish and plenty of good size porgies mixed in with a few anglers having upwards to a couple dozen nice size porgies apiece. Some of these porgies were platter size scup approaching or just exceeding the 2lb mark.  A few good size sea flounders mixed in as well. It was one stop shopping today with only a couple of times where the mates dropped back on the anchor but the boat never relocated to a new area. How nice is that!!  Certainly refreshing for all aboard and maximizes angler soak time. Most of the cod were caught on fresh shucked skimmer clams today although a few were jigged up. Any additional details will be posted as they become available. Picture courtesy of Roger and that impressive bag of fillets was amassed by three young fishers using rental rods. Next cod trip sets sail tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich.

The porgy boat WILL be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Admiral Frances with Capt. Ray at the helm.