Sunday June 17th

Captain Mike reported a good night on the squid boat. The whole night was a steady pic. Some anglers fared better then others but those who stuck it out ended up close to a bucket full. We will keep squid fishing until the bite dies.

Captain Rich reported a much better day on the full day fluke boat.  Rich found a pile of bait and worked on it all day long. High hooks had limit catches of fluke to 7 pounds. There was plenty of short fish and sea bass to keep rods bent all day. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.


Captain Matt reported very solid fishing on the half day trips. The morning started out slow but then we found stacks of bait 40ft high and plenty of hungry fish underneath. There was fluke, bluefish, striped bass, sea robins, scup, and sea bass waiting with open mouths. The afternoon saw a littler slower action but still good fishing. We will be sailing half days daily at 8am and 1pm.

Saturday June 16th

Captain Mike reported a decent night for most on the squid boat. This year the bite has been very late. The night started off slow and the bite really started around 11. High hooks had 3/4 of a bucket. We will be sailing tonight at 7pm.


Captain Rich reported a tough day for a great group of anglers cashing in on an amazing weather weekend. Today was the opposite of the whole week. Very slow morning and then an afternoon bite.High hook boxed 4 keepers with others going home with 1-3 fish. The sea bass were around as well but all were returned unharmed. Two fish around 9 pounds battled  it out for top honors. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am. We are everyone to be here early because it should be busy with the holiday weekend.


Captain Mike reported slow action the half days trips. Only a handful of keepers but the action on the short fluke was much better then we have seen in weeks. Sometimes its not about what you bring home but the memory’s you make. We will be sailing 2 half day trips daily at 8am and 1pm by reservation.

Friday June 15th

We will be sailing tonight for squid at 7pm.


Captain Matt called and reported the fishing is much improved today on the full day fluke boat. Matt decided to take a short ride and it paid off. The morning tide did see the most action. With some anglers limiting out by 10:30am. After the tide the bite did slow but there was still plenty of actions. The shorts kept anglers busy with anglers catching upwards of 15 shorts. Tomorrow is another day and we will be sailing tomorrow at 7am.IMG_0602 IMG_0601 IMG_0597 IMG_0600

Thursday June 14th

Captain Rich reported a very slow day on the full day fluke boat. The wind kept blowing and the keeper fish could not keep up. The morning started out with action but it slowly ground to halt. There was plenty of shorts to keep rods bent but the bigger fish didnt wanna chase the bait. Tomorrow is a much nicer day and we will be sailing at 7am on the Lady Frances.

Wednesday June 13th

Captain Matt reported a windy yet productive day on the full day fluke boat. The morning before the tide charge saw some good action on some new grounds. High hook had a limit of quality fish. The was plenty of fish to go around. Once the tide changed the bite slowed and the wind picked up. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances

Tuesday June 12th

IMG_1179 IMG_1178 IMG_1177


Captain Matt was at the helm today and reported another good day on the fluke. The edges of the trip were on the slower side but the middle right around 11 saw the best action. High hooks had limits of keeper to 10 pounds. Many anglers were just 1-2 away from limits as well. Plenty of shorts in the mix to keep rods bent while anglers waited for more quality keepers. The wind picked and the drift got to nearly 2 knots in the afternoon but the fluke were still chasing the baits. We will be sailing on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Sunday June 10th

Captain Mike reported a very good night on the squid boat. The night started out slow but once it started it was lights out. The squid were on the smaller side but they came in all sizes. It takes alot of catching to fill bucket full of 6 inch squid. We will be sailing next week as well Wednesday, Friday,Saturday night.


Captain Rich reported another good day on the full day boat. The fishing were not at spread out as we would have liked but those who caught did very well. High hooks had limits of fish. The amount of bait around is out standing and as long as the sand eels stick around we should keep catching. There was quite a bit of action on the shorts as well. IF the size was 18″ we would have had another 50 keepers.  We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.IMG_0476 IMG_0534 IMG_0525 IMG_0521 IMG_0504 IMG_0522 IMG_0510 IMG_0499 IMG_0508 IMG_0514 IMG_0511

Saturday June 9th

Captain Mike reported an OK day on the squid trip last night. The night stated off very slow but towards the end the started coming over the rails good. High hook had nearly a full bucket. Some anglers only manged to leave with a handful. There will be a trip tonight at 7pm on the Lady Frances.


Captain Rich reported a very good day on the full day boat. The very light crowd of anglers were treated to solid fishing and picture perfect weather. The quality of the fish today was outstanding with the biggest being over 12 pounds and 10 fish over 7 pounds. Many people are leaving with limits or very close to it.  Plenty of fish in the 4-6 pound range as well. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail FrancesIMG_1172 IMG_1171

Friday June 8th

Captain Matt reported a better day on the fluke ground. The weather was great for a good drift and the water was clearing up. We had another double digit fish today pushing the tape at over 30 plus inches. High hook had a limit of  keepers today. The morning saw very slow action until about 1pm and then the fish started to chew. Matt put in the extra time to make sure everyone went home with fish.   We also have a great stretch of weather coming up and we should get the next 10 days in if the weather holds. Next full day trip is tomorrow at 7am on the Gail Frances.IMG_1166 IMG_1168 IMG_1167

Thursday June 7th

Captain Mike reported a much better night on the squid boat. The night started off on the slower side with the tide and wind ripping. Once the tide eased the squid came off the bottom and the catching started. Those who stuck it out filled a bucket of squid. Other did not fair as well. Our next trip will be Friday night and then again on Saturday night.IMG_1348 IMG_1349


Captain Rich reported a better day on the fluke grounds. The swell was till left over and the water was still on the dirty side. The fluke was still slow but you could catch as many sea bass as you wanted. All the sea bass were returned and will be returned until June 24th. High hook on the fluke went home with 5 keepers. There was a few scup and blue fish in the mix as well. Tomorrow is another day and we plan to sail at 7am on the Lady Frances