Thursday Oct 20th



Captain Mike reported a very slow day on the full day blackfish boat. Tried a few new sports today and the fish had not moved in to yet. The water is still in the mid 60 which is very warm for this time of the year. High hook did manage to catch 8 keepers. Pool fish was around 9.5 pounds. The second biggest was 8.5. Quite a few shorts as it has been. Again there will be no trips tomorrow.


The weekend is also looking very questionable as of right now. Please call the office and check on all upcoming trips.

Wednesday Oct 19th

Captain Mike reported another OKay day on the blackfish boat. The morning started out on the rough side due to the wind from last night but the tog were still hungry. High hook had a limit of black fish with many anglers having 3-5. We are only expecting for the fishing to get better in the upcoming weeks. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am on the Lady Frances.


Captain Rich reported a very rough start to the morning on the cod grounds, but once things settled down some the fish started coming over the rail. High hook had 4 nice market cod. Pool fish was in the low teens. Some scup and sea bass( all returned) in the mix as well. We are looking forward to sea bass reopening on Saturday. The next cod trip is slated for Friday at 6am

Please call and make a reservation for any upcoming trip. We also ask customers to call the day before and double check the weather and make sure we are sailing.

Tuesday October 18

Captain Matt reported an OK day on the blackfish boat. The water is still quite warm close to shore so we are luck to have good fishing this early in the season. High hook went home with a limit of tog. A few fish around 8 pounds duked it out for the pool. Plenty of short tog around to keep the rods bent. Some sea bass in the mix as well.  Tomorrow the cod boat on the Admiral Frances and the Black fish boat on the Lady Frances are scheduled to sail at 6am. Office will open around 5am for all ticket and tackle sales.

Monday October 17th


Roger reported a strong day of early season tog fishing today. Again the fish were just not as spread out as we would have liked but most fishers had at least one or two to take home and at least a  half dozen of the fishers aboard (and it was a pretty light crowd) easily limited out. Hi hook managed to catch nearly a dozen nice keepers (orl). Mike Kwok, for example, had an awesome day, easily limiting out and catching the big fish of the day with a fine chinner just south of the ten pound mark and another nice one around seven pounds. There were a few other tog in the 8-9 lb range and a bunch of others in the 6-7 lb range so some real quality today. Crabs by far produced the best sizes and numbers although a few nice ones were taken on clam baits.Just one or two keeper scup and /or sea bass today but lots of little ones kept clam bait fishers very busy at the rails. Next tog trip will set sail tomorrow at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances. A few pictures today courtesy of Roger.


Sunday October 16th


Word from the black fish boat was of a slightly slower day than yesterday but still respectable for so early in the season. We do know that the last stop of the day was the best and that longtime fisher Mark from Queens and one other fisher boxed five good size tog apiece. A couple of 7-8 lb fish were overshadowed by one big brute that First mate Greg estimated to be dangerously close to the ten pound mark.There were some keeper size sea bass as well with a  handful of fishers boxing several keepers apiece. We try again tomorrow with the Lady Frances setting sail at 6 am. A few pictures today forthcoming courtesy of Greg.



Roger reported today’s cod fishing was very slow for cod. We only had a few handfuls of market size fish with the best perhaps pushing the scale down to the ten pound mark. One longtime fisher, Eddie from NY did manage to box three nice ones however on jigs nonetheless and we were anchored up all day. He used a big Norwegian jig. Some good size scup, some fair size ocean perch, a couple of nice sea flounders, one big blue fish. A few short cod, one short pollock, plenty of unmentionables of a rather small size, and things still look great for next Saturday. We try again tomorrow, Capt. Rich sets sail aboard the Admiral Frances at 6 am.


Saturday October 15th

Word from the tatoug boat was of a pretty solid start to the season with the pool fish up around ten pounds and a handful of other handsome specimens in the 6-7lb range with at least three angler limits being easily reached. The tog however were not nearly as spread out as we would have liked to see, definitely a case of the haves and have nots. There were a few keeper sea bass and a few keeper scup mixed in. Plenty of short tog and short sea bass kept most fishers busy as well. Capt. Mike will set sail aboard the Lady Frances tomorrow at 6 am.

Word from the cod boat was of a pick of cod fish amidst a barrage of other cellar dwellers. There were a lot of big scup to at least three pounds with many over the two pound mark. Things still look wonderful for next Saturday and there were a few decent size sea flounders, a mess of good size ocean perch and unfortunately a share of the unmentionables but they are par for the course this time of the year. Biggest cod was reported to be just south of the 20 lb mark. The big fish as well as some other cod fish were taken with jigs this morning. Bait worked as well. The cod fish on the boat were fairly spread out today as well. Some short cod as well. Capt. Rich will set sail tomorrow morning aboard the Admiral Frances at 6 am.


Friday October 14th

Weather looks great for tomorrow! Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am for cod fish and Capt. Mike will set sail aboard the Lady Frances for the tatoug/black fish also at 6 am.

The tatoug boat will sail daily weather permitting at 6 am thereafter.


Thursday October 13 th

Due to the windy forecast for tomorrow we will not be sailing for cod fish aboard the Gail Frances. Cod fishing will resume on Saturday. So that means there will be two boats sailing on Saturday October 15th. The Lady will sail for tatoug/black fish and the Gail will sail for cod fish. Both boats will leave at six am.\


Wednesday October 12th


Today’s blue bird weather provided fishers with an extraordinary weather day on the cod grounds aboard the Lady Frances and the fishing was vastly improved over what was experienced both  days this weekend, especially on Sunday! Customers had a nice mixed bag that included a nice shot of beautiful cod fish along with a few super size sea flounders, big ocean perch, some slammer scup, and a few red hake and even a couple of good size blue fish. Things have also possibly never looked better for October 22nd. Longtime regular customers Mike from Providence RI and Mike from Queens NY both boxed four good cod codoctober12aapiece. A decent number of fish in the 8 to 12 lb range today codoctober12bwith the biggest of the lot just north of the 15 lb mark. Some short cod today as well and while the unmentionables were worth a mention they provided no challenge that a bit of maneuvering could not remedy. Fresh shucked skimmers did the trick today. Gorgeous weather allowed a nice slow drift as well. We are keeping an eye on Friday’s weather right now so call tomorrow afternoon just to make sure the weather will permit as Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances. Some great pictures today provided courtesy longtime regular customer Ginny Reed.

Tonight’s Tuna trip unfortunately had to be canceled due to a change for the worse in the wind forecast. This would have been the last Tuna trip of the season. It was the toughest season in some time here which has a particular sting coming off of three very strong seasons which at times were reminiscent of the 90′s. We get what we get in fishing. We would like to thank all the Tuna fishers who came with us this year and look forward to a better deep water season in 2017!



Tuesday October 11th

The Lady Frances will be setting out tomorrow morning for the day cod trip. The boat sails at 6:00 a.m. and the office will open at 5:00 a.m. for ticket sales. Tomorrow night’s Extended tuna trip is a go and will be departing at 10:00 p.m. Please try to be checked in by 9:00 p.m. The season has been a bit lackluster but maybe the last trip of the season will have some favorable results. Still a handful of spots if anyone is interested in jumping on.