Saturday Feb 6th

Captain Mike reported a better day on the cod grounds. The morning started out slow and the dogs seemed to have moved in some. Buit after a few moves more and more cod were coming over the rails. High hook went home with a limit of cod with a few other very close behind. A few 10 pound fish battled it out for the pool. It seems every trip we do we seem to find more and more base ball bat ling. We are trying to sail tomorrow before the weather turns. If you would like to go please call the office before 5pm and make a reservation.

Tuesday Feb 2nd

Captain Mike reported a very night turn out and a nice day on the water but slow fishing. The above normal winter temps brought people out of the wood work to get in on some codfishing. The morning started out slow with a few fish here and there. We did a lot of moving around and found fish in small numbers but never got a good catch going. High hook had 3 keepers with athe pool fish being 17 pounds. A good showing of baseball bat ling did help the catch but it was still a very tough day. We will not be sailing tomorrow due to the weather but right now the end of the week looks much better.

Sunday Jan 31st

Captain Mike reported a much better day on the cod grounds.  Mike found fish every where he tried just in more numbers then yesterday. The fish were not the cookie cutter size fish we had been catching last week. Pool fish was in the low teens. High hook had 6 keepers. There was also a half dozen pollock in the mix and a dozen ling. We will not be sailing tomorrow but Tuesday looks like a much better day and we plan to sail at 5am.

Saturday January 30th

Captain Mike reported a slow day on the cod grounds. No big body of fish but we found fish every where we tried. A few fish here and there but nothing seemed to really turn on. Pool fish was 8 pounds. Tomorrow is another day and we will be sailing at 5am for codfish.

Thursday Jan 28th

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Captain Mike reported a slower day on the cod grounds. The pile of fish that we had the last 2 days seemed to have been blown around in the wind from the last few day. Mike gave an extra hour today to try and get a good catch together but a good day never happened. There were fish every where Mike tried but some were better then others. One spot did pay off with most of the keepers coming over the rail. High hook had 8 fish and another angler had 7. Pool fish was around 12 pounds. We will not be sailing tomorrow but we are planning on sailing both days this weekend. Please call the office to book any up coming trips.