Saturday November 18th

Captain Matt reported an OK day on the blackfish ground. Matt did a little exploring this morning to try and find some fish close to home encase the wind came on sooner then forecasted. The first few drops were very slow, but then Matt moved the boat and got rods bending. High hooks had limits of fine tog to nearly 11 pounds. Quality was the name of the game with many fish in the 7-10 pound range. 4 fish battled it out for pool honors. A few cod fish in the mix as well. We will not be sailing tomorrow. The weather out look is rather unpleasant, we will keep the website updated with our next sailing day.

Friday November 17th

We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for the blackfish boat. There is a weather window between storms and we will be on the grounds. There will be no cod boat. Sunday as of right now is looking like a no with gust as high as 55kts posted right now. We will be updating the website as fopr our upcoming sailing days.

Thursday November 16th

We will have no trips tomorrow due to the northwest gales. We are keeping on eye on Saturday’s weather. After that the weather is very inconsistent and we will be watching it closely. Please call the office the day before to see if we are sailing.

Wednesday November 15th

There will be no trips tomorrow due to the strong south gale.


Captain Mike reported a good day on the tog grounds. A picture perfect late fall day had a healthy turn out of anglers who could not pass up the good fishing. Fishing was good over all but not enough for a full limit. Many anglers did go home with limits of fine tog to 8 pounds. The bite seemed to be a little off from the last 2 weeks, it could be from the incoming weather. No trips tomorrow and we are keeping en eye on the rest of the week.

Tuesday November 14th

We will be sailing one boat tomorrow morning for blackfish. Our next cod trip is scheduled for Friday but the weather outlook is not pleasant

Captain Mike reported yet another good day on the blackfish ground. Full boat limit of blackfish. Pool fish was between 11-12 pounds.  Some more sea bass in the mix and a handful of cod to 10 pounds. Green crabs were the the go to bait today. Plenty of life on every drop. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am

Monday November 13

Captain Mike reported a great day on the tog grounds. The rain held off to just a light sprinkle but the fishing was solid. Nearly a full limit of tog with some cod and sea bass as kickers. Pool fish was yet another double digit. This is the time to get on the grounds. Fishing is down right amazing. Do not miss out on this stellar fishing. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am.

Sunday November 12th

Captain Mike reported a fantastic day on the blackfish grounds. The boat had a healthy turn out with the amazing forecast today. We normally do not get less then 5kts of wind in middle of November. The fishing was rock solid from the first drop to the last. Many limits all around the boat with more then 200 keepers were boated. The shorts were out in full force with some angler reporting catching upwards of 40 fish. Biggest blackfish of the day was 11 pounds. There were a few cod in the mix as well in to the mid teens.

Captain Rich reported a picture perfect drifting day on the cod grounds. The only problem was the loads of dogfish. Once we could get away from the sharks, we found piles of hungry sea bass. Nearly a full limit of bomber sea bass closing in on 6 pounds. Less scup then we have been seeing but, there is still plenty for those who target them. A few cod in the mix but nothing to special. We will have no trip tomorrow but Wednesday looks like the next sail day on cod. Please be sure to call and make a reservation on any upcoming trip.


There will only be one boat sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for blackfish.

Saturday November 11th

IMG_3089 IMG_3092 IMG_4808Captain Matt called in to report a good day on the blackfish gounds. The weather started out very brisk but once the sun rose it turned in to a very nice day. The first few spots were just OK, but Matt put the boat right on top of some solid ground and the fish were waiting. Many fish today over 7 pounds with 1 fish battling out for top spot close to 11 pounds. Many anglers had there limits on green crabs. Some sea bass in the mix as well. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am and the weather looks perfect.

The cod boat will also be sailing tomorrow at 6am


The Frances Fleet would like to thank all of our service personnel for all that they do, to keep us safe.

Thursday November 9th

There will be no trips tomorrow morning due to the NW gales.


Captain Mike report solid fishing on the high stakes black trip. There was many happy faces walking off the boats with limits of black fishing. Fishing was good on every drop with the shorts and keepers flying over the rails. A few fish close to the 10 pound ranger battled it out for the pool honors. One lucky angler walked away with over 500$. Some nice cod and some bomber sea bass rounded out today’s catch. We have been saying it for weeks now that once the temperatures drops just a little fishing was gonna be lights out. The time is now for some great fishing.