Monday October 22nd

Captain Mike reported a solid day on the blackfish grounds. The wind from last week did not mess things up but they seemed to make it better. high hooks had easy limit catches. More then half the boat left with a limit and other just 1-2 shy. As many shorts as you could catch today with some anglers boating more then 50. Biggest fish on the day was a solid 8 pounds. We are scheduled to sail on Tuesday at 6am.

Sunday October 21st

We will have one boat tomorrow at 6am for blackfish and sea bass.


Captain Mike reported a very windy day on the blackfish grounds. We were able to get the boat double anchored on some nice pieces and get the fish coming over the rails. high hooks left with limit catches of fish. Biggest tog on the day went about 9 pounds. We are scheduled to sail tomorrow morning at 6am on the Lady

Friday October 19th

There will be no boats sailing tomorrow with the wind forecast.


Captain Mike reported a good day on the blackfish grounds. The water temperatures dropped ever so slightly over the past few nights and the fish really started to chew. The first drop of the day was the best. The bite stayed good until around noon and then the wind switched. High hooks left with easy limits.

Monday October 15th

Captain MIke reported a very tough day on the blackfish grounds. The weather deteriorated much sooner then forecasted and the fishing shut right down. We only had a few fish  and a handful of shorts. NO trip tomorrow.

Sunday Oct 14th

There will be only 1 trip tomorrow for blackfish at 6am


We will try and sail on Wednesday weather permitting for cod.


Captain Mike reported another decent day of early season blackfishing. More then half the boat left with a limit of blackfish. We had plenty of action the short with about 100 coming over the rails. Biggest fish was around 9 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow at 6am.


Captain Rich reported a beat down on the sea bass today. We had a full boat limit by noon. Only a few cod in the mix with the savage sea bass bite. SOme nice scup in the mix but they seem to be thinning out some. NO trip tomorrow.

Saturday October 13th Blackfish starter


Captain Mike was happy to report a solid start to the blackfish season. We this morning with a very light group of anglers who wanted to make the report instead of reading it. Nearly a full boat limit of fish to 8 pounds. We had plenty of shorts to keep rods bent. This is a great start for how warm the water still is. It is only going to get better. We will be sailing daily at 6am.


Captain Matt reported a decent day on the cod boat. We were worried about the swell after the storm but it did not effect the water.A few dozen cod up to 15 pounds made it in to the cooler today. We also had a decent catch on both the scup and sea bass. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.


Wednesday October 10th

Captain Matt reported an excellent day on the full day trip. We took the long ride today with the nice weather and it paid off. We had an easy full boat limit of sea bass to 6 pound by noon. We found the mother load and it was lock and load. Less cod in the mix due to the abundance of sea bass on the grounds. Biggest cod on the day was 10 pounds. Both bait and jigs worked well. We will have no trip tomorrow and Fridays trip is looking questionable with the current track of the storm.


Just a reminder we do plan on starting our blackfish season on Saturday at 6am!!