Monday Jan 16th

Captain Mike reported a tougher day on the cod grounds. It amazing what a difference a day makes. Same area but no bite. High hook had 4 keepers. Pool fish was in the low teens. Jigs and bait both worked but it was a very slow day. Tomorrow is another day and we have plenty of room so come on down. Boat sails at 5am office will open around 4am.

Sunday Jan 15th

Captain Mike reported a cod crush on today’s trip.A very light crowd for the weather weare having hand bent rods all day long. A dozen fish in the 15 pound range with plenty of gaffer all day. Many limits around the boat with other only a few off. Pool fish was around 17 pounds. plenty of ling in the mix as well. Both jigs and the fresh bait had fish all day long. We have plenty of room on tomorrows trip and we are sailing at 5amess148451 (1) ess148451 (2) ess148451 (3) ess148451 (4) ess148451m.

Saturday Jan 14th

Captain Mike reported a good day on the cod ground after over a week off. The boat had plenty of room for everyone to spread out.  The morning started off slow to the east but mike worked west all day and fishing got better. High hooks had 5 keepers with most anglers leaving with 3-4 fish. both bait and jigs produced fish. Pool fish was in the low teens. Tomorrow is another very nice day and we have plenty of room. The weather looks great for the next few days and we plan on sailing at 5am. The office will be open around 4am for all ticket and tackle sales.

Thursday Jan 12th

Our next schedule sailing day will be on Saturday. Saturday though Tuesday look very nice right now. It is looking like the best stretch of weather in weeks. We are planning on sailing at 5am.  Please call the office the day before and make a reservation. It should be a busy weekend with the nice weather and the holiday.

Tuesday January 10th

Gale warnings posted through tomorrow morning, so no trip Wednesday January 11th. Thursday also looks questionable, our next attempt will most likely be Friday. But always be sure to check back day by day.

Friday Jan 6th

We will have NO trip tomorrow Jan 7th. With the coastal storm and the wind coming with it we want to make sure our customers are safe on the ride home. Sunday doesn’t looks great right now but call back on Saturday to check.

Captain Mike is on his way back home after a good day on the grounds. The “dusting” of snow we got this morning kept some anglers home but the ones who made it out  were met with bent rods. The dusting turned out to be closer to 4 inches. High hooks went home with 6 keepers each. Many shorts today with most catching at least 10. Both jigs and bait worked well.

Thursday January 5th

Tomorrow’s cod trip is a GO. Be sure to give the office a call tonight before 6:00 p.m. to leave us your name and phone number and the number of people in your party. Calling for a few snow showers in the morning but not any substantial amounts, according to the weatherman. The office will open at 4:00 a.m. for ticket sales. Hope to see you in the morning.


Wednesday January 4th

Still some wind in the forecast, so no trip tomorrow, Thursday January 5th. But as of right now both Friday and Saturday look fish-able. But always be sure to give the office a call the day before to confirm.