Tuesday July 28th

First mates Ted and Chris reported a little bit slower fishing today on the full day boat, than the crush job yesterday, but still a good day of fishing. A handful of limits around the boat. Biggest fish was around 6+ lbs. Chris reported that there just wasn’t the drift that they had yesterday. Fishing is indeed different everyday. And most of it has to do with conditions. Tomorrow is another day. The Gail Frances will set sail at 7:00 a.m. Both half day boats are also scheduled to sail tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


First mate Ted reported an unbelievable day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances today. This past Saturday fishing was good, Sunday was a little better and today was just CRAZY! A small to moderate group of fishing enthusiasts enjoyed non stop action all day with jumbo fluke. Our dear sweet Jeanne from Niantic, CT enjoyed a wonderful day of fishing with her family. This pretty lady is in her 80′s and loves her fishing! They had 9 keeper fluke and 7 beautiful seabass to take home. The crew loves to see her hard at work at the rail. Way to go Jeanne! PLENTY of limits all around the boat. Mr. Pak won the pool with a nice 10 lber! Not a boat limit of seabass but certainly enough to help fill angler’s coolers. The next full day trip is Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. with Capt Rich.


20150726_14320320150726_14351820150726_14374820150726_151108fulldayjuly26cpmhalfjuly26The night fishing trip last night was slow. A mix of critters that included a few nice sea bass, a fluke or two, a scup, a couple short stripers, and a couple blue fish but the overall them was tough fishing. Unfortunately the unmentionables made themselves mentionable. We try again this week Wednesday through Saturday Nights at 7pm by reservation.

The report from the morning half day was of a boat limit of nice size sea bass and a fair amount of good size fluke to about 5 lbs. Capt. Matt reported the fluke turned on in a BIG WAY this afternoon on the pm half day! A bunch of anglers had three to five nice fluke apiece and the fluke were all QUALITY fish in the 3 to 5 lb range with quite a few in the 5.5 to 6 lb range competing for pool honors.Double headers here too with one for example going to longtime regular Anthony Mecurio who buck tailed a fine double header that included fish of 24 and 21 inches!! Way to go Anthony!  A decent amount of good size sea bass as well. All terminal gear was also reported to be effective. Two half days tomorrow with the first to set sail aboard the Lady Frances at 8am and the second aboard the Lady as well at 1pm. Don’t forget back to back half days can net angler a $15 discount off the second trip. Photo of longtime regular customer Brian McDonalds fine brace of jumbo fluke courtesy longtime customer Anthony Mecurio.

Today’s fishing aboard the Gail Frances was about as good as it gets or just “stupid!” according to Capt. Rich and crew! Longtime regular customers Ginny and her grandson Cole caught 21 keepers (orl) and both said it was “the best fluke trip they had ever been on!” Not only was there a tremendous amount of keeper fluke including quite a few jumbos over 4 lbs and plenty of shorties as well. Two fish in the 8 lb range battled it out for bragging rights today. The trip was like this from start to finish and the action was just instantaneous!! Longtime regulars Dan Melino and Sandy and Cyrus Thompkins all echoed the same sentiment as Ginny that this was the “best fluke fishing” they had experienced and Sandy preferred to refer to the fishing today as “ridiculous”. The fishing was just that good! Too many double headers to count! Well the sand eels and squid have been building since May on the grounds so a phenomenon such as this is not entirely unexpected and hopefully things will keep the pace for a good long while. Keep in mind also that all the anomalous Sperm Whale sightings and small tuna etc are indicative of a very robust food chain and when the stars align like they did Wednesday, yesterday afternoon and today the magic happens. Easy limits were generally reached all around the boat!  Some sea bass in the mix along with some big scup and a few good size blue fish. Even a couple of  first time rental rod customers boxed  a half dozen nice keepers or more apiece! All terminal gear from buck tail rigs to bait rigs to whole squid and smelt big baits all produced exceptionally well today. The amount of bait on the grounds is just staggering!  Pictures today provided courtesy longtime regular Ginny Reed. Capt.Rich will be at the helm tomorrow morning at 7 am setting sail aboard the Gail Frances.



amhalfjuly25amhalfspermwhalesjuly25amahalfjuly25afulldaytechnicharterjuly25Finally a shade of better news with regards to the night fishing. While we did not turn up any bass to speak of, we did manage to find a slow pick of nice size blue fish for the customers on board last night. Sizes into the low teens. The night fishing is just that, a night time trip. It will be up to the captain of the boat as to whether the focus is more geared towards blue fish, bass or a combination of both and there will often be no way to forecast this until departure time or even en route to the grounds so for those who bring their own tackle, be prepared to fish for both. For those using braid products, long top shots of 50 to 60 lb mono are required per the crew. Still some openings for tonight and the Lady Frances will set sail at 7pm with Capt. Ray at the helm. Call the office if interested in making a reservation.


Owner Christine Blount was aboard the morning half day and reported while the fishing was a slow pick in regards to fluke and sea bass, the BIG NEWS was of the sighting of two Sperm Whales right off Scarborough Beach!! These Sperm Whale sightings are becoming more and more frequent as we saw them south of Block Island earlier this month!! Sperm Whales follow in large schools of squid and are known to travel many many miles in a day. For sure an unexpected treat for patrons aboard the Lady Frances today. A couple of pictures provided courtesy of owner Christine Blount. Two half days tomorrow with the first set to sail on the Lady Frances at 8am and the second also on the Lady Frances at 1pm. Back to back half days can net an angler a $15 discount off the second outing!

First mate Chris reported a grand turnout of fishers today aboard the Gail Frances. What originally began as a slow pick picked up some serious steam during the second half of the outing with the last drift of the day being nothing short of phenomenal!! It was pure pandemonium with fluke of all sizes flying over the rails and three deckhands running ragged around the deck of the Gail Frances. A great many of the anglers aboard managed to box four to seven nice keepers apiece during the blitz with a handful of anglers scoring limit catches. Not a whole lot in the way of sea bass today but a few handfuls were sprinkled among bags and coolers containing all the nice size fluke. A few handsome blue fish as well. Chirs reported ALL terminal gear working during the blitz and Capt. Rich reported the lower level of the water column to be just COVERED with sand eels and squid. What a difference a day makes!! Capt. Rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

First mate Greg reported Capt. Matt CRUSHED the fluke today aboard the Admiral Frances for the Chris Secard group from Technic. They also had an easy limit of big sea bass to at least four pounds plus a couple nice blue fish. Rental rods and buck tails both caught well and there were at least a handful of limits among the small group. All hands left with plenty of fillets for some fine dining in the near future. Capt. Matt was kind enough to send a fillet table shot of a catch for two anglers today aboard the Admiral Frances.

Yet another history making Whale Watch today as four Sperm Whales were sighted just a few miles from Pt. Judith today making for a once in a lifetime Whale Watch for many of the watchers on board today. After spending a few hours with the very rare Sperm Whales Capt. Mike took a ride out a few more miles and saw a huge group of at least thirty dolphin!! The weather could not have been any better either! Vast quantities of newly arrived squid has brought the Whales onto the inshore grounds! Whale Watching is Tuesday Thursday Friday and Saturday by reservation at 1pm.



Friday July 24th 2015

The report from the Gail Frances was of much slower fluke fishing today due to very poor drifting conditions. Sea Bass action was a bit better although the bite was even off for them to some degree. Some good size porgies mixed in today. Mr. Kim did take the pool with a nice jumbo of around 7 lbs according to Capt. Rich. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Mike reported another great day of Whale Watching with Finback Whales pleasing patrons today. Plenty of room on tomorrow’s Whale Watch so call the office if interested in going.

Capt. Mike reported the morning half day was respectable with a mix of nice size fluke and sea bass.  Just one half day tomorrow in the morning at 8am aboard the Lady Frances.

Capt. Matt reported the full day charter for the Andy Thompson group found a nice bunch of sea bass to 4 lbs and fluke to just about the same size.


Thursday July 23rd 2015



Bass fishing was slow last night. Still plenty of room should anyone want to make a reservation.

Roger reported the morning half day trip was improved over both of yesterdays. There was a better showing of fluke and a better showing of sea bass. A few nice 3 lb sea bass today and a couple of fluke in the 4 to 5 lb range. A couple of anglers had two keeper fluke apiece. Bait rigs were generally the way to go. A couple pictures courtesy of Roger. The theme continued on the afternoon half day with a mix of nice fluke and sea bass, nothing earth shattering but a step above yesterdays runs. Just one half day tomorrow morning that sets sail at 8am aboard the Lady Frances.

The full day fluke boat reported a pretty good day but not as crazy as yesterday. Still there were a handful of anglers who limited out and those who were dangerously close. Buck tails produced the highest scores. Pool fish was around 7 lbs. A nice bunch of good size sea bass too with the best approaching the 4 lb mark. A few good size scup but no blue fish again today. Definitely a lot of quality today but not as many jumbo size fluke. Capt. Rich will set sail at 7am tomorrow aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike called in to report another successful day of Whale Watching aboard the Lady Frances. The Finback Whales and porpoises continue to please patrons. Plenty of room on tomorrow’s Whale Watch so if interested kindly call the office to make a reservation.



20150722_163225-1recenthalfdayjulyrecenthalfdaybFishing, which has been building for a couple days now on the full day boat, took a ride towards the stars today aboard the Gail Frances. Needless to say there were many limit catches today and several anglers caught keeper numbers well into the teens (orl) !!! There were those who had a few to several keepers each as well but overall it was an awesome day of fluke fishing and most fishers went home with a very sizeable bag of fillets. The boat was near it’s limit of sea bass but did fall a few short. A few big scup but no blue fish. All quality fish today with an average size very close to the four pound mark. Plenty of jumbos with the pool fish taken by regular customer Wayne Meachum from Brimfield MA who brought a fine 8 lb slab to the safety of the net and the deck of the Gail Frances. Nice job Wayne! First mate Chris reported the fluke to be loaded with both squid and sand eels. White and Green Buck tail jigs were hot today as were regular bait rigs with limit catches recorded using both methods. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow and Capt.Rich will be set to sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Half day fishing has been solid. A few recent pictures courtesy longtime regular customer Ginny Reed. Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8am aboard the Gail Frances and the second at 1pm aboard the Admiral Frances.

We will be out night fishing tonight so a fresh report will be up in the morning. Still plenty of room the next three nights so call to make a reservation if interested.

Whale Watching continued it’s very hot streak yesterday and there is plenty of room left for tomorrow if anyone would like to go. The Whale Watch boat is the Lady Frances and will set sail at 1pm.


Tuesday July 21st.

Capt Richie reported that there were several limits of fluke around the boat, as well as a boat limit of seabass. Some nice scup mixed in to help fill the coolers. Biggest fluke was around 5 1/2 lbs. Capt Rich sets sail again tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.

Monday July 20th

Captain Matt reported a very improved day on the full day fluke boat. High Low bucktail rigs were the key with the slow drift. High hooks went home with limits of fluke with many anglers having between 5-7. Pool fish was around 7 pounds. Some nice sea bass to 4 pounds also went home in the coolers. Captain Rich will be sailing at 7am on the Gail Frances.


Captain Mike rpeorted good fishing on both half day trips. The fluke fishing is a little slow but the sea bass are keeping the rods bent. Some quality fish to 5 pounds came over the rails. Longer bait rigs have been working very well for both fluke and sea bass. We will be sailing tomorrow at 8am and 1pm for fluke and sea bass on our half days.