Saturday November 22nd 2014

codnov2214codnov2214acodnov2214bcodnov2214ccodnov22d14Roger reported another very busy fishing day aboard the Gail Frances today. It was graduate level ground fishing for sure with the breezy conditions and a SCREAMING tide running all lines HARD towards the stern on a wild and often uneven swing, just like on some of the the famed offshore wreck trips of yesteryear. Keeping a line tight on the bottom was challenging to say the least and even the most seasoned veterans struggled at times today. For those who could tend bottom there were plenty of nice size sea bass to be had. A handful or two of bombers with the best easily pushing the 5 lb mark. Not nearly as many cod today but a few handfuls for sure with hi hook boxing three nice keepers and a couple other gentlemen scoring two keepers apiece. Congrats to Al Lamperelli from Montville CT who took the pool with a nice green cod just under ten pounds today and he was one of the lucky fellas who had two keepers today. Some short cod as well. Congrats to Mike Kwok from Pallisades Park NJ who had one of the biggest sea bass of the trip with a brute no less than 5 lbs. Pictures of both gentlemen appear above today’s fishing report today courtesy of Roger. Some nice size ocean perch and at least one large sea flounder and at least one good size ling to round out the species assortment for the day (desirable species anyways). Unfortunately the unmentionables were as frisky as the weather and tide conditions today, or at least they were the first half of the day. Anglers who used two hook rigs were remarkably busy with the miserable critters. These things ranged from little rubber toy size specimens to four footers and everywhere in between. There was also a surprisingly large amount of squid being used today and if there is one thing the unmentionables like more than clams its squid!! One hook down low was the way to go, at least for today with the shorter leader the better. Also worth mentioning that the conditions most certainly favored stout and simple gear today as 16z of lead was needed for many to accurately tend bottom. Warmer weather on tap for tomorrow and a bit less breeze is forecast so Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am.

Capt. Mike reported solid togging today aboard the Lady Frances. A handful of limit catches and some big togs with the pool fish around or just over the ten pound mark. A fair amount of shorts and just a couple sea bass big enough to be kept. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am for tog aboard the Lady Frances.


Friday November 21st 2014

Capt. Mike was pleasantly surprised with the tog fishing today aboard the Lady Frances. A light load of anglers found surprisingly good fishing on every anchor set today. There were at least a few angler limits with the biggest fish around 7 lbs. A fair amount of short black fish and a few keeper and short sea bass mixed in as well. Despite the terrific amount of wind all week the water was surprisingly clean. Capt. Mike looks forward to setting sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances for tog.

Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances for cod/sea bass and what ever other cellar dwellers decide to chew.


Thursday November 20

Tomorrow Friday November 21st there will be one boat, Lady Frances for Tautog fishing, leaving the dock at 6:00 a.m. The office will be open at 5:00 a.m.

Saturday, the winds drop out and both the Cod and the Tautog boat are scheduled to sail.

November 18

There will be no trips again tomorrow, Wednesday November 19th. While the wind is starting to drop out, the water is still very churned up and dirty. We will give it a day or two more to settle down.

Sunday November 16th 2014

codnov1614codnov1614acodnov1614bcodnov1614ccodnov1614dcodnov1614ecodnov1614fcodnov1614gcodnov1614hcodnov1614jcodnov1614k codnov1614iRoger reported today was the best day so far this fall season for local cod fish. We had the most cod on the boat so far and for a modest amount of fishers. Almost every fisher went home with a cod or two today (with very few if any getting blanked) and many went home with three and several who had four or even five keepers apiece. Pool winner was taken by a gentleman from Killingly CT with a fat green fish of just over 20 lbs while the next biggest was in the mid teens taken by Orlando from Greenwich CT and the third biggest around 12 lbs by Mel Daniel from Jersey City NJ. Some others in the 8 to 10 lb range and just about all were beautiful green white bellied fish that appear to have just arrived on the grounds. A tremendous amount of short cod today as well with some anglers catching 10 to 20 shorties apiece!! All awesome signs for the future! Just about everyone went home with a limit of sea bass including quite a few that were over 4 lbs with some over 5 lbs and a handful that were likely on the better side of 6 lbs!!!! A mess of good size porgies, a few small blue fish, at least a dozen large sea flounders to nearly 4 lbs, a bunch of nice size red hake, quite a few good size ocean perch and a modest amount of the unmentionables topped off the species assortment for the day. A handful of cod were jigged up including Orlando’s but overall fresh shucked clams were the way to go. Chris L on a busman’s holiday and Mel Daniel from Jersey City NJ were two of the anglers who had five nice cod apiece to go along with their sea bass limits for example. Connie Tu from Warwick RI and Norman from Gloucester RI each boxed four nice keeper cod and their limit of nice sea bass and so on. The weather was calm and chilly but the drifting conditions were just perfect! Three guys on the table were busy filleting all the way back to the dock and then some! Looks like the cod will get at least tomorrow off and possibly longer as some stormy weather is on the horizon. Stay tuned to the web site or call the office to find out when the next weather window will be. A pile of pictures today showcasing some angler hi lights provided courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported a great turnout of enthusiastic tog fishers today and the fishing was downright respectable. No monsters today as the pool fish was about 8 lbs however there were many quality fish in the 5 to 7 lb range. Not quite as many shorties today but still enough to keep interest up in between the keepers. A fair amount of limit catches and quite a few who were very close behind. Some keeper sea bass mixed in today as well and at least a half dozen keeper cod to 7 lbs including several that were nice green fish. No tog fishing for at least tomorrow and possibly beyond as we have some stormy and then just fair but windy weather to get through. Call the office or check the web site in this fishing reports section for updates regarding the next available sailing window.


Saturday November 15th 2014

tognov1514tognov1514atognov1514btognov1514ctognov1514dRoger reported another awesome day aboard the Lady Frances for tatoug with an easy full boat limit and back tied up at the dock by 3pm!! Some big fish again today with longtime regular Billy Trevere from NJ taking the pool with a fine white chinner of around ten pounds. Billy also had another big tog around 8 lbs. Well done Billy! Deckhand Cote on a bussman’s holiday had the next biggest tog of the trip with a fine football shaped beauty of at least 9lbs. There were other fish in the 7-8 lb range today and many in the 5-6 lb range as well. A decent shot of keeper sea bass as well with at least several limits of those noted as well. Longtime regular Cindy from Worcester had the only keeper cod of the day but it sure was a nice one. Plenty of short tog and some short sea bass and one short cod in between the keepers. Crabs were the way to go today although Roger did get a few nice keepers to eat clam baits today. Some pictures today provided courtesy of Roger. Next tog trip will set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike at the helm.

The report from the Gail Frances from first mates Chris L and Capt. Ted was of a very good day of fishing. A nice showing of cod today along with plenty of big sea bass. Biggest cod fish were in the low to mid teens. Mr. Kim from NYC was hi hook today with five nice cod to 14 lbs and took the pool and also had an easy limit of good size sea bass. Mr. Kwok from NJ also did well with three nice keeper cod and an easy limit of sea bass. Sizes on the sea bass upwards to and over 5 lbs with lots in the 3 to 4 lb range. While chilly the winds relaxed enough so where the boat could drift and drifting produced the best results. The scup were around again today with varying sizes but some nice ones. Some ocean perch, one small blue fish and lots of throwback cod generally told the rest of the story today and probably the best part was that the unmentionables were hardly worth a mention. Good fishing weather again tomorrow with the Gail Frances set to sail with Capt. Rich at the helm at 6 am.


Friday November 14th 2014

Capt. Mike reported overall very good but not exceptional tog fishing today aboard the Lady Frances. Still plenty of good size tog with the pool fish over 8 lbs. There was a decent number of keeper sea bass(some limit catches) with a few of them good size jumbos and another pleasant addition to the catch was at least six nice size market cod. Lots of short tog again kept things rolling right along. There were some limit catches to be sure including longtime regular Jacob from Nassau LI NY and his father who limited out on good size tog to 7 lbs and Jacob also had a nice fat market cod and a limit catch of nice keeper sea bass including a jumbo sea bass just under 3 lbs to top off a very handsome looking cooler. Longtime regular Rick from Belchertown Mass also had an easy limit of nice tog today plus a limit of keeper sea bass and so on. Well done gentlemen! Weather looks great again for tog tomorrow but a bit chilly so bundle up! Capt. Mike will be setting sail aboard the Lady Frances at 6am.

The Cod/sea bass/mixed bag fishing trip will set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Thursday November 13th 2014/ BLACK FISH CRUSH!!

Capt. Mike was pleased to report the Lady Frances was back to the dock and tied up by 3 pm with a full boat limit of mostly big black fish and lots of smiling faces! The fishing was described by one regular customer as “extraordinary” and another as ” the best togging I’ve seen in a LONG time!” Longtime regular James took the pool with a fine tog of nearly 11 lbs, a fish which competed against several other good size fish in the ten pound range!!!! Quality was emphasized today with many fish over 6 lbs all around the boat! A better number of sea bass once again today as well with some anglers scoring several keepers apiece and plenty of short tog kept anglers busy throughout. There was lots of catch and release today with the keepers as well. One or two keeper cod as well. Just an incredible day of fishing and a rather awesome day of weather to boot! Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am for tog aboard the Lady Frances.

We will just be running the black fish boat for tomorrow, weather looks fine for the cod/sea bass fishing to resume Saturday and Sunday and possibly Monday as well. Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail Saturday morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances.