Monday Feb 19th

Captain Matt reported a little bit better day on the cod grounds. The weather was great with the above normal temperatures and light winds. We did find a few fish but we did not make the the piles that we did on Saturday. We will not be sailing tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on Wednesdays weather. Always call the office the day before between 2-5 pm to make a reservations. Reservations are required on all cod trips. We do not want anyone driving up when we are not sailing.

Sunday Feb 18th

We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5 am. The captain and crew are eager to get back on the grounds after the way the machine looked after the last trip. Its only a matter of time till they get back on the feed. Dont miss out… make the report dont read it.

Saturday Feb 17th

There will be no trip tomorrow with the winter storm tonight. We could maybe sneak it in later but for the safety of the people driving we thought this would be the best move.


Captain Matt reported a slow day but very good signs on the cod grounds. There was only a few fish caught but there was piles of fish. We found many piles of fish that just didnt want to bite. These were some of the best piles we have seen in weeks.We are hoping that in a few days things should pop off again and get all rods bending.

Valentines Day

Captain Matt was happy to report a slight improvement on the cod ground. We took a longer ride to see if we could find some bait. The water temperatures were slightly up with warmer weather we had this past week.  A few fish and a few shorts scattered around the boat put a few smiles on faces but still very far off from the savage fishing a few weeks ago. There will be no trip tomorrow. We are keeping an eye on the possible winter storm for the weekend as well.

Saturday Feb 10th

Captain mike reported a struggle on the cod grounds. We searched high and low but couldnt get a bite going. We know the fish are still around and hope the warm weather in the forecast will start the chew again. We know it tough but it could break wide open on the next trip. There will be no trip tomorrow but the beginning of next week looks hopeful.