Jan 30th

No sail tomorrow with the cold temps and below 0 wind chills. We are still trying to sail every day when ever we get a weather window.  The winter weather is not letting up and we will have another Noreaster coming Monday. Fluke season cant come fast enough

Thursday Jan 14th

IMG_1887 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0790 IMG_1883 IMG_1877 IMG_0791

A few photos from yesterday and today


Captain Greg reported a good chip all day on the cod grounds. We worked the same area as the last few days and were picking every drift. We had a mix of cod, seabass(all returned) cunners and macks. High hook had 5 keepers. We are sailing tomorrow morning at 4am

Wednesday Jan 13th

Captain Greg called in to report much improved fishing. Yesterday very slow but we left early hoping to get in on the night bite. We worked the area in the dark and found no bite. once the sun came up we bounced around and started picking. Sailing tomorrow morning call the office before booking onlineIMG_0725 (1) IMG_0724 IMG_0727 IMG_0726

Jan 8th

Captain Greg reported a better day on the cod grounds. We worked the Island today and it was much better then the long ride to coxes. We picked a few fish on the drift. We jumped around here and there and found some and some cunners. It seems there was a little bit of a bit more to the west so we have our marching orders for tomorrow. Sailing by reservation at 6am on the Lady Frances.


Captain Greg reported a slower day on the cod grounds. We took the ride down to coxes but it didnt pan out. We set up and we had cod right away but as soon as it started it was over. We poked around a few more drops but didnt work out. We steamed back to the island and found some bait. We picked another one here and there but very slow. We will be back at it tomorrow at 6am on the Lady

Jan 2nd

No trip tomorrow with the left over wind from today and tomorrow. The upcoming week looks on the windy side as well. We will be fishing any day the weather allows

Wednesday December 30th

IMG_0771 IMG_0773 IMG_0776 IMG_0774Captain Greg sent in a quick text saying fishing was much improved. We were out on the grounds on Sunday but water was coffee milk and the fishing was down right terrible. Full report to come in a few hours



Captain Greg reported a much improved day on the grounds. The water cleared up and the fish were chew. It wasnt hot and heavy but a good chip all day long. We had a good mixed bag with cod, scup, sea bass, choggies,ling and a few weakfish making in to coolers. We are still trying to sail every day weather permitting with reservations booked online.

Tuesday December 29th

And were back!!!

We were finally able to get the server side issue resolved and will be back to reporting.


We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am on the Gail Frances. The weather looks great with west winds 5-10 forecasted in the morning. Reservations are booked online at Francesfleet.com. This looks like it will be the last weather day for the year.