Friday October 24th 2014

togoct2414Capt. Mike reported an respectable day of togging today aboard the Lady Frances. There was one limit catch and longtime regular Jacob was right behind with five nice keepers. Biggest tog around or just a tad over 7lbs however the fish was not in the pool. Pool honors however went to Rebecca Gerrard from Southington CT who took the prize money with a fine 5 lb tog. A photo of Rebecca and her pool winner appears above today’s report courtesy of first mate Troy. Well done Rebecca! Anglers were pleasantly surprised with a nice bunch of keeper sea bass today with some accumulating several keeper sea bass apiece. There was one keeper cod and one short cod and a decent number of throwback togs to keep interest levels up in between the keepers.

Tomorrow looks like a great fishing day with boats boats sailing. The cod/mixed bag trip will resume and set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances and the tatoug trip will set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.



Thursday October 23rd 2014

The report from the Black fish boat yesterday was of respectable fishing considering the very windy conditions from sorely under forecast coastal storm. For a light crowd there were three anglers who all had their six fish limit each. Most of the handful of other anglers aboard had at least one or two to take home. Biggest fish was 8 lbs with a few other nice fish in the 5.5 to 6 lb range. Just a few handfuls of keeper sea bass. We will have one boat tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail for tog at 6 am. For obvious reasons (the coastal storm was MUCH STRONGER) than forecast cod fishing will have to wait until Saturday.

The cod boat as stated above will resume sailing on Saturday, leaving the dock at 7 am. Capt. Rich will be at the helm and the weather looks to be suitable for venturing out to the local cod grounds.


Wednesday October 22

There will be NO Blackfish trip on Thursday October 23rd due to the weather. The next Blackfish trip will be Friday at 6:00 a.m. There is also a Cod & Seabass Trip scheduled for Friday at 7:00 a.m.  Just give us a call to leave us your name, number and the number of people in your party.

Tuesday October 21st

Capt. Mike reported the small group of anglers aboard the Lady Frances today enjoyed some beautiful weather and great fishing. The Lady Frances wound up just a bit short of a full boat limit of tog, as well as plenty of seabass to go around and even a codfish in the mix. Biggest blackfish today tipped the scales close to 10 lbs. Just about everyone in the small group took home at least four or five nice keeper tog apiece. The blackfish boat is scheduled to set sail again tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.

Monday October 20th 2014

codoct2014codoct2014acodoct2014bcodoct2014ccodoct2014dcodoct2014ecodoct2014fcodoct2014gRoger reported a very good day of fishing overall aboard the Gail Frances. The day started a little on the quiet side but as the day wore on the bite improved. The last forty minutes all heck broke loose with much bigger scup and sea bass inhaling the clam baits as soon as they hit the bottom if not before! Just about everyone ended up with a nice bunch of scup and sea bass with a fair amount of limit catches recorded on the sea bass and a decent number of anglers had ten to fifteen good size scup apiece. A few 4 lb plus sea bass but generally lots of beautiful 1.5 to 2.5 lb stuff. Biggest sea bass noted was taken by longtime regular Richard from Lee Mass who had one well over 4 lbs. A few more of the platter size scup up to 2.5 lbs back in the mix today as well. A few nice ling. A lot of good size ocean perch. Quite a few blue fish of varying sizes from 1lb to “alligators” in the lower teens but the blue fish did not shut the bite down today like they did yesterday. For the cod, there were a couple handfuls and they were not all that spread out unfortunately. John Moore from Brooklyn NY was hi hook with four nice keepers today, John put on a rather impressive fin fish clinic today as he had hi hook or near hi hook honors on big porgies and sea bass as well as the cod. John also had a nice size ling and several blue fish. Another angler had three nice cod to 11 lbs(biggest cod of the day), an easy limit of good size sea bass, a bunch of nice scup, a mess of big perch and several good size blue fish. Even deck hand Troy managed to sneak in a cast and promptly landed a fine fat market cod today! Some short cod as well. Those who had cod today reported the bite again to be on the soft side. Always make sure there is a piece of bait on your hook which has some of the belly which is what the cod relish. We did see a couple of very green fish today and there were a couple yesterday as well so hopefully there are a few more new fish moving into the area. Both drifting and anchoring was employed today by Capt. Rich but the best method was anchoring up as it was just a bit too breezy for the drift. A few unmentionables this morning but they quickly evaporated after the first drop. Next trip right now is scheduled for Wednesday leaving at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm. Some pictures today showcasing angler hi lights are provided courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported a respectable early season day of togging. There were one or two limit catches and a few who were not far behind and some quality tog in the 5 to 6 lb range today. Biggest fish around 7.5 lbs. A fair number of shorts as well. More keeper sea bass in the mix today as well with some anglers having several apiece to take home in addition to the togs.  A nice size Striper in the lower teens took the pool today. Next tog trip is set to sail tomorrow morning at 6 am with Capt. Mike at the helm.


Sunday October 19th 2014

Roger reported a very busy first half of the day aboard the Gail Frances with lots of scup of varying sizes but plenty of nice keepers and some in the jumbo size and a very respectable pick of good size sea bass along with a handful of nice market cod. A few big sea flounder, a few ocean perch and one nice fluke as well. There was also a lot of excitement due to the big numbers of alligator size choppers that have invaded the cod/sea bass grounds as well and while they provide a lot of extra sport to ordinary ground fishing, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Sizes on those things well into the teens!! The number of big blue fish unfortunately eventually shut the bite off later in the trip with just a few sea bass mixed in, in between. Congrats to longtime regular Scott from Ansonia CT who took the pool with a fine market cod and Scott did box two nice keepers today plus a limit of good size sea bass and some porgies. It did seem like the sea bass preferred a bait on the bottom as motionless as possible which took some strategy as things were a bit frisky out there today. Everyday is different. A handful of anglers limited out on sea bass and most had at least 3 to 5 keepers to take home. A few bomber sea bass in the 4 to 5 lb range with 2 lb fish pretty commonplace. Hi hooks on the scup had upwards to around 15 or so apiece. Some short cod and a few short sea bass and short scup as well today. A few pics today courtesy of Roger. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will be setting sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Mike reported an okay day of togging. A step down from yesterday but still quite respectable overall. A handful of anglers had 4 or 5 nice tog apiece to take home. Biggest around six pounds. Some keeper sea bass mixed in as well. Quite a few short tog today which make for great practice in between the keepers. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail at 6 am tomorrow for tog aboard the Lady Frances.

As a side note there was some insane squid fishing off the Galilee docks this morning. Longtime regular customer Norm had 200 squid this morning before he went fishing and the action was so good that Roger joined him for a half hour or so and accumulated 25 pieces himself. Who knew it would be the best squid fishing seen all year!? It has only been the past couple years in October that we remember seeing some squid in the pond.


Saturday October 18th 2014

Capt. Rich reported a fair amount of market cod today and a fair amount of short cod today which is very good news. Biggest cod around 8 lbs and most of them were reported to be on the greener side which is always good news. Not as many scup around today but some nice ones to 2lbs and a bunch of keepers with a few anglers getting upwards to a couple dozen of them apiece, and  a mess of good size sea bass today. At least a few sea bass limits and quite a few jumbos with sizes up to 5 lbs. Once again some great action with slammer blue fish into the low teens to keep anglers on their toes and that may have had something to do with the slightly slower scup bite today.  Next mixed bag trip featuring cod fish sails tomorrow morning at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.

First mates Capt. Matt and Capt. Cote reported an excellent start to the fall black fish season! There was a nice pick of tog all day long and plenty of short tog as well to keep the anglers busy. There were at least a half dozen or so limit catches and others who were not far behind. Kevin from Western Mass had a great day today with a full limit of tog to 8 lbs and a fine 15 lb Striper and of course the pool! A few handfuls of keeper sea bass mixed in as well.  Way to go Kevin! Capt. Mike will set sail tomorrow at 6 am for tatoug at the helm of the Lady Frances.


Friday October 17th 2014

codoct17codoct17acodoct17bcodoct17ccodoct17dcodoct17eRoger reported it turned out to be a rather warm and sunny day weatherwise aboard the Gail Frances. A modest westerly breeze and a slowly building sprawling swell from the southeast did warrant the use of an anchor on both sets today but once anchored up it was quite pleasant with a great swing that some nice size, mostly green cod fish responded to on the first set. No bail job for sure but the anglers aboard did chip away at a few handfuls of cod with the biggest in the mid to upper teens and there were several others in the 10 lb range. Some slammer blue fish into the low to mid teens on that first set as well with even a few double headers on the choppers!! The next set saw up and down porgy fishing with sizes from just keeper to over 2 lbs along with a nice showing of those tasty black finned critters we can once again keep tomorrow but the cod kept a low profile for the second set of the day. Lou P from Niantic CT and one other angler were tied for 3 cod apiece for hi hook honors. Some good size ocean perch today and no unmentionables once again. A handful of pictures showcasing a handful of angler hi lights provided today courtesy Roger. Tomorrow Capt. Rich will set sail at 7 am for cod, sea bass and scup aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike will be setting sail for tatoug at 6 am tomorrow aboard the Lady Frances.

There is no specific porgy boat this weekend as plenty of porgies will likely be had on the cod sea bass porgy combo aboard the Gail Frances. If one wants to really target the porgies just use a slightly smaller hook and one pice of bait.


Friday October 17th

The Cod boat is out today and Roger will have a full report later when it gets in.

Tomorrow, Saturday October 18th we will have two boats: The Lady Frances, 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for Tautog. The Gail Frances 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for Cod, Seabass and Scup. Roger will have the office open by 5:00 a.m. for ticket sales.