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Monday September 25th

Capt Richie reported another slow day on the cod grounds. A few more fish than on yesterday’s trip but still a tough day. The fish that were caught were upwards to 20 lbs but just not enough to go around.  The water still pretty churned up from the days and days of windy weather. Next trip is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th but be sure to call ahead, because we will probably be experiencing some remnants of the next storm, Maria.

Sunday September 24th

Captain Rich reported a tough day on the cod grounds. Dirty water and dog fish plagued the anglers every where they went. The BIG swells from Jose seemed to get a number on the fish and they were hunkered down. A hand full of cod fish and a few scup came over the rails but not what we would like to see. We are planning on sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.


We are keeping a close eye on this weeks weather and we will make the call for the extended tuna trip on Wednesday morning.

Friday Septemeber 22nd

There will be no tuna trip sailing this weekend due to the weather.


There will be no cod trip sailing tomorrow morning. The weather looks like it is going to let go for Sunday and Monday to be able to sneak out. Please call the office the day before and make a reservation.

Monday September 18th

Captain Matt reported a good day on the local cod grounds. A light crowed were treated to solid fishing before the impending storm. Plenty of sea bass all day long to keep rods bent and coolers full. There was some nice cod caught with 2 fish around 15 pounds battling out for pool bragging rights. Plenty of scup in the mix as well. We will have no trip tomorrow due to our cod schedule of no Tuesdays or Thursdays. Wednesdays trip is all looking like a scratch.


We will keep you posted with all updates regarding future trips as we get them.


Sunday September 17th

Captain George was at the helm of today full day charter and reported solid fishing for sea bass. Everyone went home with a limit of sea bass to 5 pounds. They did some catch and release for the last hour and then threw in the towel. We only have a few dates left available for chartering. Please call the office for any inquires.


Captain Mike report a tough tuna trip. We had a few swings at the fish but could not get anything boat side. A few mushies and some mahi were catch but that was about it. We are keeping an eye on Jose will inform people as needed.

Captain Rich reported another decent day on the cod boat. There early season trips are a true mixed bag trip with Fluke, Cod, Scup, Ling, Sea bass, Bluefish, cunners coming over the rail. Today pool fish was caught by long time regular Will with a solid 15 pound fish taken on a jig. Another highlight was a 4-500lb mako that snapped up a keeper and nice jump and then broke off. We are planning on sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for cod on the Gail Frances.

Saturday September 16th

Roger reported the first day of the fall cod season found a wildly eclectic mix of cellar dwellers which included some nice size cod fish. Flat calm seas insured great drifting conditions today aboard the Gail  Frances. For whatever reason the bow seemed to do the best with the cod fish today. Also the cod fish seemed to respond best to rigs that could only be described as on the “busier” side. Jigs also accounted for a fair amount of the cod fish taken today. A mix of green and dark fish today. The vast majority of the cod taken were fish in the 8 to 12 lb range. There were a few bigger ones to 15 lbs or so and a few smaller keepers and just a few handfuls of those which were thrown back. Capt Rich found at least a few cod at every stop.. A respectable amount of fishers had 2 or 3 cod apiece to take home with hi hook boxing four cod fish. We had several keeper fluke including a big slab that weighed just under 11 lbs!! We also had some Texas size sea flounder including one specimen that weighed well over 4 lbs. We had lots of super size ocean perch with some approaching the 2 lb mark. We had a fair amount of scup that included some legit platter size specimens in the 2 lb plus category and some nice size sea bass as well. One or two sea bass limits with biggest sea bass around 4 lbs. A handful of big blue fish to ten pounds and a decent amount of ling including some real baseball bat size specimens along with sea ravens and sculpin and some unmentionables to round out an assortment of bottom fish that can only be sampled this time of year. Fantastic weather on tap again tomorrow and the Gail Frances will set sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm. Just a couple pictures today courtesy of Roger.


Capt. George had a wonderful half day morning charter with lots of big sea bass and some nice fluke plus a few scup and blue fish.


Friday September 15th

7to4swpt15eOwner Christine Blount reported great fishing for scup and sea bass today with a nice handful of good size fluke to wind down the 7 am fluke/sea bass season. She provided some great pictures as well. We would like to thank all the fishers who joined us this season for the 7 am fluke/sea bass boat. Tomorrow begins our fall cod season. The Gail Frances will set sail at 7 am for cod and sea bass with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Capt. George reported the Douglas Plumbing group had a great trip with an easy full boat limit of nice sea bass and a few nice fluke and a handful or two of big porgies.

Tuna fishing was again slow. There are no other details. Plenty of room on the trip which is going tomorrow morning at 7 am aboard the Lady Frances.with Capt. Mike at the helm. We will try again!


Thursday September 14th

Captain Rich reported another good day on the sea bass grounds. Many sea bass limits around to boat to 5 pounds. There was a few more fluke on the boat with high hook having a limit of fluke to about 6 pounds. Many big scup to 3 pounds in the mix as well. It is really been a mixed bag trip this last week with fluke,scup,cod,sea bass and blue fish all filling up coolers.Tomorrow Friday will be out last day for full day fluke until we start our fall cod season on Saturday.


Reservations are required on all cod trips. The start of the season has had some serious interest and we want to make sure everyone gets a spot