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The LADY FRANCES sailed this morning at 3 am with a light load of hardy fishermen onboard. The Captain reported another very good day of fishing with nearly everyone catching their limit of cod and many anglers  catching far more.   As of now we have no plans to change the 3 am sailing time. The fishing remains strong and the boat is coming home with full coolers so there is no reason to change what is working. We will not be sailing tomorrow as the have strong winds and lots of rain in the forecast. Call Monday morning after 11 am to check on Tuesday.


What a day! Capt. Mike reported at 9:30 this morning that  the historic winter cod fishing just keeps rolling right along with a savage bite all morning thus far and that the day is already long made with plenty of nice market cod all around the boat for an excellent turn out of eager cod fish anglers!!! Bait,  jigs or shoelaces didnt matter what was put in front of them today the bite was ferocious!! Nothing huge with the best in the low teens . 

No sail tomorrow due to the weather but the next scheduled outing is set for Saturday morning at 3am.


Captain Mike called in at 6:30 am to say that it is lock and load. The fishing was as good as it gets. The LADY FRANCES sailed at 3 am with a good load of anglers this morning. We didn’t have that many reservations but a group showed up that hadn’t called we were ready. As soon as Captain Mike set the anchor the fish started flying over the rail and into the coolers. We will have a full reports later today.  Tomorrow looks like a scratch do to strong southerly winds.  Once again we remind everyone to call the office before heading down to the docks so we can plan and you don’t show up for only to have to turn around and drive home..

Wednesday February 23rd

Capt Mike reported an excellent day of fishing. He also reported as of right now, we are remaining at the 3:00 a.m. sailing time. The fish today bit after sunrise and was pretty much non stop for most of the day. The weather although a little chilly in the morning, warmed up a bit and with very light winds. Watching anglers get off the boat this afternoon, everyone seemed very pleased with their catches. Tomorrow’s weather looks even better. We will see how the next couple days go, and make a decision about moving the sailing time.

Wednesday February 23rd

Captain Mike called in to say he was glad we didn’t change the sailing time. The LADY FRANCES sailed at 3 am. He reported that the fish started biting in full force when the sun came up. It sounds like it will be another banner day. We will have a full report when the boat gets in. We will be sailing tomorrow at 3 am. Call the office and make your reservation the weather looks great.


Captain Mike called into to say they were on the way home early after another great day of fishing. They sailed this morning at  3 AM with a light load and were treated to good fishing right off the bat. The coolers were filled quickly as the fish started to come over the rails as soon as they got to the grounds.  It is just too bad that the snow scared a few people away. We will have a full report later. Make sure to call the office for reservations.


The LADY FRANCES is planning on sailing tomorrow morning at 3 am. They are calling light winds for Monday. We are not expecting a big crowd tomorrow so there will be plenty of room at the rail and in the heated cabin. Make sure to call the office today to make a reservation. We are looking forward to getting back out on the water after a couple of days off.


Captain Mike reported that things were greatly improved today. They had action most of the day. Unfortunately it wasn’t the whole boat. The anglers on the port side were treated to some great fishing and for some reason the starboard side just wasn’t producing. Not only were the keepers biting but the shorts were non stop with the most  that we have seen this season.  It is too bad the weather is not going to cooperate this weekend. There will be no trips tomorrow. Sunday is a long shot so we will have to wait and see if the wind is going to die down. Make sure to call the office before heading down to the docks