Monthly Archives: April 2011


Capt. Rich reported a very good day on the local cod grounds with a lot of really nice quality cod fish brought aboard today. A very good slug first thing in the morning settled into a steady pick the rest of the day. Early on the fish hit both bait and jigs well but the bite eventually went to just jigs with the butterfly and hammer style jigs doing the best. Pink colored teasers also seemed to be preferred by the cod today. The biggest fish today was a solid 30lbs and it was followed by a few others around 20lbs and quite a few in the teens. Not nearly as many shorts today and the majority of the fish were of the larger market variety and larger. A tremendous amount of mackerel and herring on the grounds holding the fish in the area. Ken and Matt from JB Nianitic crushed the cod today easily putting a couple dozen good size fish up to 20lbs in the boat and were true sportsmen keeping less than the reccomended limit and sharing the wealth with those less fortunate. A good number of other anglers had a half dozen or more fish apiece as well. Good scores were seen all around the boat however the numbers per angler did vary rather dramatically today. That is just the way cod fishing is sometimes. Next cod trip is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am on the Lady Frances so please call the office to make a reservation and get in on this great spring run of cod!!


Capt. Rich looks forward to setting sail tomorrow morning at 6am on the Lady Frances for cod. This is definite. The weather looks great with light winds, bright sunshine and balmy temperatures. Cod fishing has recently been very good with some bigger fish showing up so bring a friend and come on down! The Capt. Tackle will be open at 5am for checking in.

Wednesday April 27th

Although the weather has not been on our side for most of April, the crew has been busy getting all the boats in tip top shape for the upcoming season. Fluke season officially opens May 1st, but based on last years results, we are going to wait until May 7th to start. For the month of May we will have one fluke boat sailing daily, weather permitting 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Squid is expected to start on or around May 6th, provided that they have come into the area by then. Squid will sail Wed. – Sun evenings 7:00 p.m. We will also continue codfishing through most of the month of May. We may sail on a limited schedule, so be sure to check with us on the exact sailing days.Our office/store will begin opening on a more regular basis this coming weekend, so feel free to stop by or give us a call if you would like to make reservations or have a question on the schedule.

As far as the immediate schedule. The weather looks too windy to sail tomorrow. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday look very good, finally. Codfishing remains strong, so grab your buddies and come on down.


Capt. Rich reported a great day of local cod fishing. The bite was hot and heavy in the morning with several drifts making the day. The first four drifts saw rods bent up and down and all around the rails of the Lady Frances with quite a few double headers in the mix. Better size fish in the mix as well with a lot more of the larger market size fish in the six to ten pound range and a few bigger fish well into the teens with the pool fish not far from 20lbs. Both bait and jigs were productive today. The bite was savage in the morning but became a bit more delicate towards midday and one angler got around that by fishing with just one small piece of bait on a bare hook and promptly put several short biting cod up to 12lbs in the boat. This time of year it is always a good idea to be able to switch up between bait and jigs and adapt accordingly. The nice weather brought out a healthy group of cod enthusiasts today and the vast majority of anglers aboard had several cod apiece to take home with some doing even better. Still quite a few shorts in the mix but the keeper ratio was vastly improved over the past few weeks. There appears to be a newer body of cod fish moving on to the grounds as clearly evidenced by the increase in average size and all the cod fish were healthy green fish. No fishing tomorrow due to the weather expected. Hopefully things will settle back down for early in the coming week.

Thursday April 21

The Lady Frances did not sail today. It seems the reservations that we had decided not to show up, which ultimately wastes everyone’s time. Very unfortunate. We apparently need to be more strict with our reservations and deposit requirements. Call the office today for tomorrow’s trip. Tomorrow’s weather looks  good. Saturday looks very questionable and the boat does not sail Easter Sunday.

Wednesday April 20th

The Lady Frances is scheduled to set sail tomorrow, Thursday April 21st at 6:00 a.m. Capt. Richie and crew are anxious to get back out there after quite a few days off due to the nonstop wind. But according to the forecast, the winds are going to start dropping out, for a day or two anyway.

Monday April 18th

The Frances Fleet will not be sailing Tuesday April 19th due to the weather. Hopefully the wind will start dropping out and we can get back out there. It certainly has been a tough few days with the weather,.

Friday April 15th

Capt Richie called in to say that cod fishing was a bit slower today than yesterday’s outing. The weather conditions were certainly to blame for today’s trip. The wind was definately stronger than they had predicted. But nonetheless, they picked a few nice fish and made a day of it. The weather will keep us at the dock for the weekend, unfortunately. It looks like the beginning of the week before the winds drop out. On another note, the Frances Fleet will begin fluke fishing May 7th. We will sail everyday weather permitting, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Capt. Rich reported an excellent day of local cod fishing on the Lady Frances today. There was action from start to finish today for the handful of anglers who enjoyed a beautiful balmy day on the ocean with conditions permitting a nice drift all day long. Most of the anglers aboard had their limits or close it like Mr. Pak having no trouble getting his limit.  As has been the case nothing big with the best around ten pounds and most just great eating size keepers. One big ocean perch today otherwise it was all cod fish. Both bait and jigs were effective today and in between the great catch of keepers were plenty of shorts to keep angers busy and attentive at the rails.  Capt. Rich will set sail at 6am on the LADY FRANCES.