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Tuesday November 29th

Capt. Mike called in earlier this afternoon and reported that the boat had its limit of Tautog and was on the hunt for a few codfish to mix in to the day’s catch. Because of the forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday November 30th there will be no boats sailing. The weather for Thursday through the weekend, right now look good. But check back the day before.

This was one angler's catch of mixed ground fish today on the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich and the angler caught almost all his fish during the last two hours! Lots of fine dining to come! 11/28/11


Capt. Rich reported a good day of fishing overall. It was another amazingly mild day for late November with a little more fresh air than we had been expecting but was still a great weather day for fishing. The fish were rather cooperative overall with the best bite later in the trip. We ended up with good numbers of good size sea bass to 3.5lbs including a few limit catches ( only a scant handful of anglers came out to join us today) and the cod fish were FAR MORE cooperative than they were the past two days. Hi hook had four handsome cod to ten pounds to go along with his nice mix of good size sea bass and a truly big alligator blue fish. We had double the cod of yesterday and a fraction of the anglers. Some short cod always is a good sign along with some big porgies to 2.5lbs and some nice size ocean perch and a few big red hake up to nearly 4lbs. A couple blue fish to over ten pounds to add a bit of excitement. Most of the cod were of the market variety but there were a couple around ten pounds and the pool fish was fine green fish that went a solid 20lbs. Best scores of both cod and sea bass BY FAR today were made with one hook down low and also today the key seemed to be just one piece of bait on a smaller hook. Sometimes the small nuances can pay big dividends in this type of ground fishing. Some pics will appear courtesy of Roger. Weather looks dicey for Wednesday so stay tuned for further updates. As of now Friday and the coming Weekend are looking quite nice albeit a bit chillier than this past weekend.

Capt. Mike reported an outstanding day of tog fishing today on the Lady Frances with just a few fish shy of a full boat limit. Sizes to 9lbs but the pool was taken by a fine green cod around ten pounds, one of several on the boat today. A tremendous number of short tog as well keeping everyone busy in between so there was little idle time at the rail. With water temps still up there should be at least two more weeks of good togging to go and we do continue to sail for tog daily weather permitting at 6am. Tomorrow looks like a good day weather wise and Capt. Mike will be set to sail on the Lady Frances at 6am.

Yet another full almost full cooler of big sea bass to 5lbs, part of a two man catch on the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich today, 11/27/11

Ocen perch like this were common today as a by catch on the Gail Frances and these smaller relatives of the tog family make for some of the finest finfish table fare that our local waters provide! on the Gail Frances 11/27/11 with Capt. Rich

How many great eating species can you identify in this cooler? Great mixed bag fishing like this is occuring on the cod/sea bass trips now. This catch made today 11/27/11 with Capt. Rich on the Gail Frances

Slammer tog skillfully brought to the gaff by Chris Konkol, nice tog like this one were common today on the Lady Frances, 11/27/11. Photo courtesy Chris K and Capt. Mike