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July 31

Captain Rich reported yet another solid day of fishing on the 7-4 fluke boat. Anglers were treated to some very strong drift conditions but the fish were biting. There were limit catches around the boat as well as 7 fish over 27 inches!!! Many other fish over the 5 pound mark found there way in to the net. Some nice sea bass also come flying over the rails. Some monster bluefish and scup rounded out the day. Captain rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

July 30th

Captain rich reported yet another solid day of fishing on the 7-4 boat. Much less drift today but that did not stop the fluke from flying over the rails. There was also a nice pile of sea bass top 5 pounds as well. Long time regular Gene from Hudson Valley took the pool with  9 pound slab as well as 5 other nice fish. There were limits all around the boat. The blue fish were also thick with some topping the scale at 15 pounds. Some scup in the mix as well. Captain rich will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Great Fishing Today! Sunday, July 29th

Another successful day aboard the Frances Fleet boats today!

Capt. Matt was pleased to report a good morning half day fishing trip. High hook had 4 keeper fluke. Fluke caught weighed up to 5lbs, while a handful of nice black sea bass weighed up to 4lbs.

Capt. Rich proudly reported the “best day for fluke fishing all summer” aboard the Gail Frances today! The 7-4 trip was an all-out crush on fluke: Over 200 keepers filled coolers today! At least 40 of those fish were at least 5lbs, while 7 fish were in the 7-8lb range. The pool winner was a respectable 8lb summer flounder. On top of the mind-boggling number of fluke (many people had their limit!), more than 50 sea bass up to 4lbs made their way on board today. All terminal tackle was equally effective in attracting keepers today. Photo courtesy of Capt. Cory.

Capt. Matt reported that the afternoon 1-5 half day resulted in a nice mix of keeper fluke (to 4lbs) and some big sea bass (to 5lbs). There was plenty of action, and every angler walked off the boat with at least a fillet or two!

All in all, a great day for the Frances Fleet!

Tomorrow, the 7am-4pm full day and 8am-12pm, 1-5pm and 4-8pm half days are scheduled to sail. Don’t miss out on some fabulous fishing!


The report from Capt. Cory who is working deck on the Gail Frances today is of out of this world fluke fishing with a lot of nice sea bass mixed in. There are at least 20 fish over 4lbs and three over 7lbs already on the boat today and the day is still young!! A couple of pics courtesy Capt. Cory appear above and a full report will be available later today so stay tuned!! The weather looks just great over the next few days and the fishing is heating up fast so come on down and get in on some of this great fluke and sea bass fishing!!

Morning Update Sunday July 29th 2012

Capt. Cory reported that the night Striper trip was alright last night. A great turnout of Bass enthusiasts but the weather made things challenging at times, most certainly fishable however. Longtime regular Shelly had the night’s biggest fish with a linesider that tipped the scales in the mid 30lb range. George, her fishing partner, also had a nice fish well into the 20′s. All things considered quite a few bass were put aboard the Lady Frances last night. Striper fishing Wednesday through Saturday Nights through the end of August. Next trip is set to sail Wednesday Night at 7pm with Capt. Ray. For added customer convenience this trip may be booked online in advance. A couple great pictures appear above today’s post courtesy Capt. Cory.


Capt. Rich reported an outstanding day of fluke and especially sea bass fishing today. Capt. Rich found great drifting conditions and the fluke and sea bass responded heartily! Billy Tevere from NJ took the pool with a fat 28 inch 9lb slab and first mate Chris reported at least a dozen of the keeper fluke today in the JO category over 4lbs. A few anglers easily limited out on the fluke and a few others were close behind. Just about everyone however went home with a nice bunch of sea bass with many of the anglers aboard getting several nice sea bass apiece to take home. Hi hooks on the sea bass had upwards to 8 or 9 nice biscuits apiece. Some big porgies and a bunch of blue fish to top off the great catch of fluke and sea bass. Capt. Rich looks forward to another great day tomorrow with the Gail Frances setting sail at 7am.

Roger was elated to report that the 8am full day was excellent today as well. Capt. George really found the big sea bass today with several monsters at or over 5lbs brought to the safety of the net and many “net worthy” sea bass over 3lbs. In fact you might have thought you were on the 7am full day boat at times as there were so many big sea bass coming aboard. This was all very close to home too!! John Mizzone from CT had a great day easily buck tailing his way to limiting out on sea bass to 4lbs plus and icing three nice fluke. Another angler had 8 sea bass to 5lbs with 5 of them over 3lbs plus three good size fluke using whole squid. Capt. George himself had two sea bass that were 5lbrs and another over 3lbs plus a big fluke of 6lbs in between helping with the netting duties. Most anglers ended up with a nice bag of fish to take home in fact some of the bags were so full you would have thought they went on a great cod fish outing!! That’s correct, a few anglers had almost 15lbs of fillet to show for their effort today!! Most of the fluke taken today were 3 to 5lbs with a half dozen fish in the 6 to 7lb range but nothing bigger. Longtime regular Anthony who’s son sprod his way to four big fluke today and a few nice sea bass, way to go Anthony Jr!! There has been tremendous amounts of bait around recently and today’s catch showcased the kind of quality in fish that matches up with all the squid that has been teeming in the waters locally. Next week the 8am full day will sail Thursday and Friday so if interested please call the office and make a reservation. Photos today are courtesy of Jacqueline and posted courtesy of Roger.

Last night’s fishing reports for July 27th 2012/ Big Striper Crush and Excellent 4pm half day!!

Capt. Ray reported some awesome Striper trip. Quality was just awesome with some really impressive bass boated. Biggest fish went 42lbs with the next biggest 34lbs with a couple others in the mid to upper 20′s and the rest mostly in the high teens to 20lb range. Needless to say many of the anglers aboard were limited out. A few blue fish to top off the great catch of bass. There were many dropped fish and missed fish so there is no doubt the bass were on the feed!! Still plenty of room on tonight’s trip with the Lady Frances set to sail with Capt. Ray at 7pm.

Capt. Matt had another great outing with the 4pm last night. This young man is on a hot streak!! Fluke to 5lbs and sea bass to 3lbs pleased anglers with hi hook icing 4 nice keeper fluke! And all of this despite loosing a half hour or more of fishing time in a summer time downpour. Two half days penned for today with trips leaving at 8am and again at 4pm this evening.