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Friday Afternoon Update August 31st 2012

Capt. Mike reported the Tuna season got off to a start, not a great one, certainly not the worst either. The anglers aboard chipped away at some nice size Yellows mostly in the 70lb class along with a few Albies, a small bunch of Mahi, and a 60lb Sword. Two Marlin were released boat side as well. Again it was not a great start but some nice fish were put aboard the Lady Frances. Still some openings on Monday Night’s Tuna trip set to sail at 10pm so if interested call the office.

We would like to take an opportunity here to address the coolers being brought aboard full day and overnight trips as of late. We kindly ask customers to limit the amount of coolers as much as possible. Perhaps putting food in smaller coolers and storing those coolers inside while the large coolers are stored safely on the top deck.The deckhands and customers need to be able to freely walk around the boat. We also have incurred a rather high amount of lost/forgotten tackle boxes, bags and the like as well over the past few months. Again we kindly ask fishermen to please check carefully and make sure they have ALL of their items before the leave the parking lot as the Frances Fleet assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or forgotten merchandise.

Capt. Rich and first mate Capt. Ted reported that the fishing was good to excellent today for sea bass with a nice shot of fluke in the mix. A number of anglers easily limited out on the sea bass and a few did well with the fluke as well with one angler icing 7 nice summer flatties for the cooler. Biggest fluke was six pounds and a few of the sea bass were in the 3 to 4lb range with most really nice keepers in the 14 to 15 inch range. A couple scup, no blue fish today. Just about anyone who stayed all day at the rail had a nice bag of sea bass fillets to take home. Anyway the conditions today were slightly sporty so a few more fish than usual were dropped but all in all another very strong day. Tomorrow is another day with great weather forecast and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Frank was once again at the helm of this morning’s half day and reported another one stop day where he set the hook and the porgies and a few sea bass just kept coming over the rails. Tomorrow we will have one half day trip leaving at 8am. We also kick off our porgy fishing tomorrow full day style at 7am on the Admiral Frances with Capt. Ray.


Capt. Rich was pleased to report an excellent day of sea bass fishing with lots of quality sea bass with a few real whoppers to nearly 5lbs. Most anglers had easily six to ten nice sea bass apiece with some doing even better with a few getting upwards to a full limit. On the fluke side of things there was a behemoth 30 inch speed bumb like 12lb pool winner for Tim Draper from Bethel CT who had five other fine keeper fluke and at least a dozen nice sea bass to fill his cooler right up. Well done Tim! Tim was fishing a hi lo rig with just a strip of squid and a spearing on each hook. First mate Chris K did say that all terminal gear was effective with the long leader bait rigs really doing well later in the trip when the drift picked up. There were a couple of other nice fluke in the 7 to 8lb range with others in the jumbo category but the sea bass like yesterday stole the show. A handful of gator size blue fish into the low and mid teens plus a few big scup were additional points of interest today. Tomorrow is another day and Capt. Rich will set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am. A pic of the 12lb pool fish appears courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Frank was at the helm of this morning’s half day trip this morning and he reported the porgy fishing was just off the charts!! Big and little scup and in between scup and some nice sea bass and lots of small sea bass kept the anglers remarkably busy today!! In fact Capt. Cory himself caught over 100 fish on the half day!! Wow!! Tomorrow we offer a half day porgy and sea bass trip (maybe a late inning fluke will jump on too!) at 8am. There is just one half day tomorrow at 8am.

Looks like some great weather this upcoming holiday weekend and we begin our full day porgy trips on Saturday! We will be sailing daily at 7am for porgies starting this coming Saturday September 1st. So in addition to the full day porgy trip there will also be the Gail Frances for full day fluke/sea bass at 7am.

The half day schedule for the holiday weekend is as follows: Friday 8am to Noon. Saturday 8am to Noon. Sunday and Monday 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm. These will be generally targeting porgies/sea bass.

The first Tuna trip is due back tomorrow so be on the lookout for a fresh report by later in the afternoon. Next Tuna trip or blue water adventure is set to sail this coming Monday Night at 10pm.

Aug29th Night Bass

First mate Chris reported a very solid night of the bass grounds. Everyone went home with fish with some people catching there limit of fish on the first 2 drifts. Nothing huge to report but all nice quality fish. A few blue fish and some small bass rounded out the night but all in all it was a very good night. The bass boat is scheduled to set sail tonight at 7pm. Call the office to book your spot.

Aug 29th

Captain Rich reported a much improves day on the local fluke grounds.Angler were treated to great summer time weather and solid fishing. High hook on the fluke took home 5 nice fluke. The sea bass fishing was also on fire today. High hook on the seabass took home 10 nice fish. Plenty of smaller fish were around to keep anglers busy. All forms of tackle seemed to work. Captain rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Captain Chris was at the helm today on the 2 half days. The morning fishing was a little slower due to the very strong tide but patrons still managed to catch up to 20 scup. The afternoon how ever was lock and load one stop day on the scup. Anglers got tired of reeling so many fish in the boat came in early. Some nice sea bass to 3 pounds were also mixed in but lots and lots of scup came flying over the rails. The half day tomorrow morning will set sail at 8am.

Aug 28th

Captain Rich reported a rather slow day on the 7-4 fluke boat. Tough drift and sea conditions really hindered the bite. A very light load of anglers were treated to a hand full of fluke and some nice fat scup and sea bass. Nothing big today biggest fluke was around 4 pounds and the scup and sea bass were around 3 pounds. The weather conditions look much more favorable for tomorrow. Captain Rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Monday Aug 27th

First mate Cory reported a stellar half day morning on the Admiral Frances. Anglers were treated to a wide variety of fish. Scup, Sea bass, Fluke, Bluefish , Striped Bass, and even a trigger fish made it in to the coolers today. High hook on scup and sea bass was 30 keepers. There were also 3 keeper striped bass to 15 pounds caught.Plenty of action all trip long keep angler busy tangling monster sized scup. The half day will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Captain Rich reported a decent day on the full day boat. Fisherman were treated to fluke to 9 pounds and seabass to 5 pounds. High hook honors went to Eben and Mr Kim with 6 fluke and a pile of sea bass. Eben also had the pool with a fine 29 inch double digit slab. Lack of drift really hindered the fluke fishing but those who casted out with spro jigs seemed to do the most damage on the fluke. A few dinner plate size scup and some monster blues rounded out the day. Captain rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Sunday Afternoon Update August 26th 2012

Capt. Matt reported the night Striper trip was okay last night despite some tough and challenging conditions. Some nice bass into the mid teens were taken along with a handful of bluefish. Elan from Acton MA celebrated his 13th birthday by catching a fine pool winning bass and longtime regular Ginny Reed captured the moment so we have her to thank for the pics posted above today’s fishing report.  Ginny and her grandson Cole managed three nice Stripers despite some of the challenges faced by anglers on last night’s outing. Next bass outing is set to sail at 7pm Wednesday evening with Capt. Ray.

Capt. Matt reported an okay half day morning with a mix of nice size sea bass, keeper fluke and some good size porgies plus plenty of little fish to stay busy with in between the keepers. Tomorrow through Wednesday will feature back to back half day fishing trips that sail at 8am and again at 1pm. Should anyone be interested in doing back to back half days he or she can receive a $15 discount off of the second trip. There will be no 4pm to 8pm half day Monday through Wednesday but please call back for later in the week as the 4pm half day option may appear back on the table by then.

Saturday August 25th 2012

Capt. Rich reported a mediocre day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. There were a half dozen big fluke brought aboard over 7lbs with the pool fish around or just shy of ten pounds. Some other nice fluke, some sea bass, a handful or two of super size scup to well over 2lbs and a few blue fish mixed in. Hi hook had four keeper fluke. A great turnout of enthusiastic anglers today but rather fast and tough drift conditions made for an unusually high amount of tangles. Tomorrow is another day and Capt. Rich looks forward to the great weather with the Gail Frances set to sail at 7am.

Capt. Don reported the morning half day was tough. Some keeper sea bass and some big porgies and a couple keeper fluke and some shorties of each kind as well but overall a shade more relaxed than the past two morning trips. Last night’s PM half was also non spectacular but anglers did bend their rods on a mix of fluke and scup and sea bass with enough keepers mixed in to make things interesting. Tomorrow we will feature two half day outings with the first at 8am and the next at 1pm. Remember that if you do both half days back to back we will extend a $15 discount on the second outing. It works out to a very full day of fishing for just $65!!

The report from last night’s Striper trip was of some nice Stripers into the mid teens and a big old pile of blue fish. Lots and lots of blue fish made for a lot of action. Tonight’s bass trip is sold out. We will have a full report tomorrow morning.