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Roger reported an awesome day of local cod fishing with Capt. Rich on the Gail Frances today. Almost everyone left with at least a couple cod and a good many of the anglers aboard did much better than that. There were several limit catches and a good number of other anglers who had five to nine nice cod apiece to take home. It was all on bait and the vast majority of the cod were in the 10 to 18lb range with a few bigger ones around or just over 20lbs and several in the mid to upper 20′s to duke out bragging rights. Bragging rights today did go to George Wheland who nailed the 27lb pool fish. Longtime regular Norm had a day which was “shades of Columbus Day 2010!!” with an easy limit of nice green cod including two fish in the mid 20′s but just missing out on the bragging rights. ALL of Norm’s other fish were over ten pounds with most of them in the 15 to 18lb range!! Troy also easily limited out today on nice green cod to 20lbs with the vast majority over 10lbs. Another regular customer easily limited out today on big green cod to nearly 20lbs with most of his fish in the 12 to 18lb range and so on. There were also a lot of big porgies to over 2lbs with upwards to a dozen or more per angler and there were some impressive blue fish to the low teens along with a 5lb fluke, a few ocean perch and a few handfuls of big sea bass to nearly 4lbs. No one had more than a couple sea bass apiece. It was predominately big green cod and scup. A few short cod as well. Also it was another day where the unmentionables were hardly worth a mention. It was an anchor day and there was no observation of anyone swinging a jig. It was all on fresh bait. Good catches were recorded all around the boat today. Tomorrow we will have a cod boat ready to set sail at 7am with Capt. Rich aboard the Gail Frances. Lots of pics showcasing angler hi lights today posted courtesy of Roger.

There will be no porgy boat tomorrow. We will only offer a cod boat at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Word from Capt. Mike was of an astounding rebound on the Tuna fishing. A nice mess of Albies to compliment a vastly improved showing of Yellows pleased the anglers aboard. It was the second best trip of the season, not terribly far behind the great trip had three weeks ago. Just about everyone left with at least one tuna and a number of anglers had two or three (mixed albies and yellows) but no one was limited out on the yellows. The albies were all nice school size fish in the 30 to 40lb range while the yellows were the beautiful 60 to 80lb caliber fish we had gotten used to earlier on in the season. One Mahi and one small pup Sword released to grow up and a couple blue sharks rounded out the pelagic variety for this excellent blue water adventure. The albies were all on the troll while the yellows were on the chunk at night and no tuna were recorded on the jig. Next tuna trip is set to sail Thursday morning at 7am aboard the Lady Frances. Some pics will be en route courtesy of Cote.


Capt. Rich reported an really nice day of local cod fishing today on the Gail Frances. A lot of nice green cod came over the rails, complimented by good numbers of big sea bass to 5lbs and big porgies to 3lbs. Toss in a couple nice size pollock and a some nice blue fish and it was a day to remember. Dominic from Plainville CT took home 6 nice cod into the mid teens and a mess of nice sea bass while longtime regulars Mike and Jay from Narragansett combined for 9 good size cod to 20lbs along with a mess of nice sea bass and so on. Pool fish today was a fine green cod in the low 30′s taken by Michael Collins. There were other fish in the 20′s and a good number in the teens today as well and again mostly all nice green fish. Most anglers left with at least a cod or two for dinner and the fish were spread nicely around the boat. A nice mess of pics today provided courtesy of Mike and Jay from Narragansett, Dominic from Plainville CT. Capt. Rich looks forward to another nice day of local cod fishing tomorrow with the Gail Frances set to sail at 7am.

Capt. Chris reported his full day cod charter on the Capt. Frances was also a great success!! A nice pile of cod to 30lbs plus a mess of nice red hake, big sea bass and super size porgies pleased the anglers aboard and all hands left with piles of nice fillets. Angelo was hi hook with a full limit of cod himself on the charter and this was Angelo’s first time cod fishing in a long time!! Mostly nice green fish as well on Capt. Chris’s trip too, something we really like to see!! Some great pics today showcasing angler hi lights courtesy of Capt. Chris.

Capt. Ray reported an awesome day of porgy fishing with just about everyone limited out on nice size scup to 1.5lbs. Just a couple sea bass and a few blue fish otherwise it was all scup. Next scup trip sets sail with Capt. Ray tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Admiral Frances.


Just a reminder that the cod and porgy AND overnight tuna trips ALL depart at 7am tomorrow morning Saturday September 29th. The cod boat sets sail on the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich and the porgy trip with Capt. Ray on the Admiral Frances. The office will be open by 5am if not shortly before for check ins and tackle sales. We would like to remind overnight tuna customers to please park in the lot ADJACENT to the Frances Fleet Capt Tackle shop.

The report from Capt. Mike on the tuna trip which just returned was of slow fishing. We try again tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 7am with Capt Mike and Capt Matt. Still some openings if anyone wants to jump on the trip.

Just a friendly reminder that the local day cod trips CAN be booked online for added customer convenience. Please remember that even if booking online one must still check in at the Capt. Tackle to exchange their online ticket for a regular boat ticket.


Due to the nasty combination of rain and wind forecast for tomorrow we have decided to cancel both the cod and porgy/scup trips. Again there will be no cod or porgy fishing for Friday September 28th.

Right now Saturday Sunday and Monday sound very good for both boats. Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am each day while Capt. Ray will be ready to set sail on the Admiral Frances at 7am each day.

Tuesday September 25th

Capt. Cory called in from the Admiral Frances to report the wind is really starting to pick up out on the ocean. The wind and also some rain for tomorrow will keep the boats at the dock. There will be neither a cod boat nor a scup boat tomorrow, Wednesday September 26th. The next trip will be Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. for Scup. Our Overnight Tuna Trip is also scheduled to leave Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m.


Roger from the Frances Fleet reported an amazing day of fishing with Capt. Rich on the Gail Frances. The cod themselves were not the big story today although there were certainly enough of them to make things quite interesting with a number of anglers having two and a couple getting three nice cod apiece to go along with the massive assortment of other great eating bottom dwellers today. Eben York took the pool today a fourth straight time in a row today with a pool fish in the low to mid teens. A great showing of slammer sea bass today in the two to four pound range with a few threatening the five pound mark and a super size slaughter on some of the biggest kind of scup with many fish in the 2 to 2.5lb range with a few threatening legit 3lb status. Anglers generally had anywhere from a few to a dozen of the big sea bass apiece with a few guys very close to limit catches and most getting a good half dozen while 10 to 30 of the hubcap porgies per person was the range on the platter size pan fish. Throw in a cod or tow and blue fish or two and what a day some anglers had with huge bulging burlap bags and coolers filled to the brim with Capt. Ted and Capt. Matt starting cutting duties early and cutting long after the boat was back to the dock!! Some big ocean perch, one nice keeper fluke, plenty of blue fish from mid size to mid teens( several double headers!!), several gargantuan winter flounder which were quickly released and also in the released column were two slammer Stripers estimated at over 20 and over 30lbs with the biggest one being carefully steered to the net by Carol from Atlantic City NJ. Carol and her husband also smoked the big sea bass today and put a couple of nice size cod in their cooler along with plenty hubcap size scup. Last but certainly not least was longtime regular Cin from NYC who had a double header of a 4lb sea bass and 6lb tatoug!! Well done Cin!! One cod on the iron clam today but the rest were all taken on bait despite some valiant jigging effort. Again today the unmentionables were not only hardly worth a mention they were pretty much non-existent!! A huge bonus any day during fall cod season.  A pile of pics today showcasing some angler hi lights posted courtesy of Roger. Next cod and mixed bag fishing trip is set to sail Wednesday morning at 7am with Capt. Rich aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Chris reported awesome porgy fishing today again with a full boat limit and a bunch of nice keeper sea bass and some blue fish as well thrown in for a bit of variety. Next porgy trip sets sail tomorrow at 7am aboard the Admiral Frances with Capt. Ray.

Monday September 24th

Tuna report for the September 22-23 trip: Capt. Mike reported a rather slow tuna trip this past weekend. They trolled up a few albies but the night bite was non existent. The weather was a bit more windy then predicted and that on top of the wind during the week just caused the warm water to be pushed out. Mike is optomistic for the next trip, as he noticed a temperature break off to the East. The next tuna trip leaves Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. and has plenty of room on it.