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Word came this afternoon from Capt. Cory that the Frances Fleet will resume fishing this coming weekend. All things considered the Frances Fleet made it through Sandy virtually unscathed thanks to the direction of Capt. Cory and the Crew of the Frances Fleet! Saturday we will target tog at 6am on the Lady Frances while Sunday the Lady Frances will set sail at 6am for Tatoug and the Gail Frances also at 6am but for Cod fish. As of now we plan to have the office open at 5am both days.


Roger from the Frances Fleet reported a much improved day of local cod fishing with Capt. Rich today on the Gail Frances and the best fishing of the day was actually much closer to home for the cod! A good number of jumbo sea bass today with quite a few fish over 3lbs and the best of the lot over 4lbs. Hi hooks on the sea bass had upwards to about ten apiece with quite a few of the anglers aboard getting four to seven nice size sea bass apiece. Longtime regular Dave from CT was hi hook with 4 cod to 15lbs. Congrats to John Andre of Cumberland RI who had three nice cod today to 16lbs and took home the prize money as well. Well done John! John’s uncle Bob Andre has been a longtime customer at the Frances Fleet for more than 20 years and it is great to see that excellent rod handling skills run in the family! Pics of both of these gentlemen with good size cod can be seen with today’s posted report. A pile of pics showcasing some of today’s angler hi lights will be posted today courtesy of Roger. Back to the fishing report….there were a few other anglers with three cod apiece and some with two to go along with their sea bass and a better number of good size porgies. Hi hook on the porgies had upwards to about a dozen big scup however that angler was using smaller hooks and small baits to target the porgies. Some good size ocean perch and a few blue fish to round out the day’s catch. While a few big sea bass were jigged up on the drift early in the day everything else was on bait. While the fishing was much improved over yesterday it was not outstanding but rather respectable. It would have been nice if the cod had been a bit more spread out and if there had been a few more of them and even better had we not caught more than half of them in the last hour of the trip but i suppose a strong finish is better than a slow one. The bite on the cod scup and sea bass was definitely on the soft side and really took a deft touch to feel the fish eating the bait. A number of good size cod and sea bass were caught by the anglers just lifting up their rods and and feeling weight and thus setting the hook. A nice mix of green and dark fish today. Biggest fish of the day was around 18lbs and was not in the pool. Most of the cod taken today were in the 8 to 15lb range again illustrating and excellent average size. Well today was it for what will probably be several days as the crew must now prepare to batten down the hatches for the impending effects from Sandy. Stay tuned to the web site or give us a call regarding our next scheduled sailing day. Remember by the time we start sailing again for cod that sea bass will likely be closed (Nov 1st closure) and that our sailing time will be moved up to 6am (Nov 2nd). We wish everyone a safe and healthy next several days and hope the effects of the storm will be minimal to none.

Capt. Mike reported an awesome turnout of tog enthusiasts today on the Lady Frances. The tog responded positively in general with a good haul of nice tog and 100 or so keeper sea bass and a few more nice cod. Pool fish was taken with a fine tog of just shy of 10lbs and was taken by longtime regular Peter Tu from Warwick RI. Pete and Connie both had a great day of togging combining for 11 big tog today. At least a handful of limit tog catches today. A good number of tog that were in the six to eight pound range as well. A tremendous number of short tog kept things busy as well today. Best scores on the sea bass today again were on the clam baits while the tog definitely preferred the crabs. Again stay tuned to web site for the next scheduled sailing day as we will likely not be back out on the tog grounds for several days.


Roger from the Frances Fleet reported a much slower day on the cod grounds with Capt. Rich today. The weather was about as nice as could be and the turnout of cod and sea bass enthusiasts was excellent however there just was not much of a bite. To be sure some nice cod were caught with longtime regular Norm decking a brace of cod in the 18-20lb range and therefore taking the pool money today (biggest two fish on the boat today!). Longtime regular Willie from Brooklyn and another regular customer were tied for hi hook with three nice cod apiece. Willie also had at least a half dozen nice sea bass and a couple porgies to go along with his cod. Longtime regular Gardy from Danbury CT had a brace of cod in the teens today and so on. The sea bass and the scup were rather scattered as well with a few anglers doing a half dozen or so nice sea bass apiece but that was the exception rather than the rule and ditto for the scup. A few blue fish of varying sizes and hardly any of the unmentionables. A few ocean perch, one nice ten pound pollock, a throwback fluke and a couple throwback giant winter flounder rounded out the specie assortment for the day. Weather sounds fine tomorrow and the Gail Frances will be ready to set sail at 7am with Capt. Rich at the helm. A few pics today posted courtesy of Roger. Also of note to cod customers that tomorrow will likely be the last sailing day for a few if not several days due to the impending storm. It is very likely that tomorrow will be the last day we will leave at 7am since remember starting November 2nd our schedule changes to a 6am departure.

Capt. Matt reported a banner day on the tog boat close to half the boat limited out. Sizes to an epic 14lbs today!! The 14lb brute clearly cleared the board as far as the pool went with the next biggest togs in the 8-9llb range. Even the handful of cod into the low teens were no match for the monster white chin tog. About 100 or so nice keeper sea bass mixed in as well today with those who fished clams getting upwards to a dozen keeper sea bass apiece. Just an excellent day of fishing. Capt. Mike looks forward to one more good weather day tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 6am for tog. Tomorrow will be the last day of tog fishing for a few if not several days due to the impending storm.

Thursday Oct 25th

Captain Matt reported a decent day of black fishing. A very light load of anglers were treated to almost summer like weather. Flat clam seas and shinning sun. The fishing was a little on the slower side but ended up being a decent day over all. Some high hooks were on angler catching 9 keepers(orl) and another having 8 keeper(orl) with a fine 9lb white chin. Most anglers managed 4 keepers a piece. There was also quite a few scup and sea bass mixed in. One angler who put on clams managed 26 keeper scup. There was also 1 keeper cod that fell victim to a tasty green crab All in all it was a nice day on the water with some decent fishing. Captain Mike will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 6am.

Captain Rich will also be sailing at 7am for Cod.

Thursday October 25th

We just wanted to clarify a couple things with our schedule. We are still sailing at 7:00 a.m. for cod until next Friday, November 2nd. At which time we will begin sailing at 6:00 a.m.  Also, our Porgy trips have ended. Keep in mind though, that the cod trips have been a mixed bag of sorts. There have been quite a few porgies being caught on that boat along with the cod. Also, the weather looks good through Saturday and possibly Sunday. But after that, the weather is going downhill, due to the storm coming up the coast.

Oct 24th

Captain Mike reported a very good day on the black fish boat. There was plenty of nice fat black fish to go around. Many people limited out with ease. Chris and Dan Konkol had no problem limited out with 6 of their fishing being over 6 pounds. There was a lot short blackfish and sea bass to keep anglers busy all day. The black fish boat sails everyday at 6am  weather permitting. A few pics provided courtesy Chris Konkol.

Captain rich reported another good day of mixed bag fishing. Anglers were treated to Cod, Scup, Sea bass and lots of blue fish. Some high lights on the cod were Mr. Pak with 6 nice green fish and Norm icing 4 fat cod. There were also some sea bass limits to 4 pounds and anglers were treated to some of the largest scup Rich has ever seen. The Gail Frances will be setting sail at 7am on Friday morning.


Roger reported a good day of togging with Capt. Mike with several limit catches such as longtime regular John Wills and others who were not far behind. Happy Birthday to Nicky Blount who had five nice tog today and countless shorts staying very busy at the rail! Well done Nicky!! A good many anglers had six to ten keeper sea bass apiece to go along with their tog. Biggest tog was taken by John Wills who took the prize money with a fine fish of nearly 11lbs according to first mate Capt. Chris. A few other good fish in the six to eight pound range but John’s fish was the clear winner. Both crabs and clams caught good tog today although crabs had the edge for tog while those who employed the mollusks racked up the biggest numbers of sea bass. One just short cod for Roger made him smile from ear to ear, some small porgies and plenty of short sea bass kept the anglers busy in between all the keeper tog and keeper sea bass today. Weather looks outstanding for fishing tomorrow and Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail at 6am aboard the Lady Frances. A handful of pics provided courtesy of Roger to showcase some angler hi lights today.

Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances for cod and tomorrow looks like an outstanding day weather wise to go out in search of the brown bombers. Yesterday’s big fish was in the high 30′s and several other fish between 25 and 40lbs have been taken over the past week or so therefore the chances of a big one are on the radar. Remember that the biggest cod often bite the softest so do not be afraid to set the hook HARD on anything that feels just a bit off. More and more sea bass and some big porgies and other bottom dwellers make the fall cod fishing tough to beat.

Capt. Ray will be ready to set sail on the Admiral Frances at 7am for scup. The last couple trips featured numerous limits of jumbo porgies to well over 2lbs plus increasing numbers of sea bass to 4lbs and as we have now moved a bit farther south of the island for the jumbo porgies the chances of a cod or two are ever increasing. Scup fishing this week is set to sail tomorrow, Friday and the weekend again at 7am.