Monthly Archives: December 2012

Dec. 29th

First mate troy called in to say it was a little slower on the codfish boat today. The morning started out with some flat clam conditions so Captain Rich set the boat on a drift. Some cod were coming over the jigs. As the day went on mother nature started to show her windy side so Rich anchored. Lots of shorts kept anglers busy with 35 shorts being between 21-21and a half inches. High hook managed 3 keepers with the pool fishing being 10 pounds. Due to gale force winds we will not be sailing tomorrow. please call the office tomorrow after 4pm to double check on the weather for monday.

Thursday December 27

Another update, which unfortunately does not include a fishing report, as we have not been out in many many days. The weather originally looked good for sailing after Christmas but as everyone can see, its been one storm after another. No sail again today, Thursday December 27th and no sail again for tomorrow, Friday December 28th. Saturday, right now, is a possibility but call back Friday afternoon. After Saturday it looks like more windy weather. All we can say is hopefully this will all lead to a more fishable January. And just a reminder that starting January 1st we sail at 5:00 a.m. daily, weather permitting. Reservations can be made on-line or over the phone.

Friday December 21

Just a little Frances Fleet update, even though we haven’t sailed since our last report. The weather this last week before Christmas has been horrible. The wind machine has been turned on and looks like it will be on for a while. The earliest day that looks even somewhat fishable is Monday the 24th. But even that looks questionable, so be sure to give us a call back over the weekend to double check. As of right now, the weather after Christmas looks good, so our schedule for the remainder of  December will be 12/26, 12/28, 12/29,12/30 and 12/31. Sailing at 6:00 a.m. Beginning January 1st, we are scheduled to sail DAILY at 5:00 a.m.  Some of you might have noticed that you can no longer book the remaining December trips on-line. Don’t worry, you still can book,  just give us a call and we can take the reservation over the phone. We replaced the 2012 calendar with the 2013 calendar, so the December trips are not showing up when you are trying to book. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We also wanted to take this time to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for your patronage.

Dec 15th

Captain Rich called in to say that today was better then yesterday on the local cod grounds. HIgh hook managed to box 11 keeper with the biggest being in the low teens. Most other anglers had 5-6 cod a piece. A few other fished made it over the rail such as scup, sea bass(all released) and some hake. Unfortunately due to the weather tomorrow we will not be sailing.
Captain Chris rounded out the blackfish season with a modest final trip. A couple of dozen fish made it over the rail. Biggest fish of the day was around 6 pounds. Over a dozen cod also came over the rail. All we can say that it was a very good season with the exception of a few days.
The Frances Fleet would like to thank everyone who sailed with us this year on our local blackfishing trips.
Again, there will be no COD trip tomorrow due to the weather.
There is still plenty of time to get your holiday gift certificates!! Call the office or book right on our website

Friday Dec14th

Captain Chris reported a much improved day on the local blackfish ground. A light crowd of anglers were treated to a pick of fine blackfish and cod fish. High hook on the blackfish managed to grind out his limit. High hook on codfish had 6 fish. Pool fish today was a fine 14lb codfish. Tomorrow is the last day of the blackfish season and we are looking to end it on a high note.

Captain Matt also called in to say the cod trip was great! Captain Rich took a long ride with a light crowd and it paid off. High hook honors on the cod fish went to long time regular Lou who had nearly his limit of fine green cod to 20pounds. Lou also got the pool…. Way to go!!! Other anglers managed to box 4-5 piece. A few sea bass also made it over the rail but all were returned.

Both the Blackfish boat as well as the Cod boat are scheduled to set sail tomorrow morning at am

Thur. Dec 13th

Captain Chris reported a rather slow blackfishing trip today. Only a handful of keepers made it in to the boat today. Pool fish was around 7 pounds. 6 keeper cod rounded out the catch. Captain Chris is hoping for a much better day tomorrow. Both the cod boat and blackfish boat are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 6am.

Wed. Dec 12

Captain Chris called in to say that it was a decent day on the local blackfish front. A decent crowd of anglers came out this morning to brave the cold temperatures. High hook managed to get his limit with other being very close. Some anglers only managed to get 1 or 2 but, that is blackfishing sometimes. Pool fish today was around 8 pounds. Unfortunately , there was no codfish that made it over the rail. Tomorrows weather is even nicer then today.
There is still plenty of time to order those holiday gift certificates!!! They can be done two ways: Either call the office and one can be mailed to you or you can go right to our website and order right from the website
The blackfish boat is scheduled to set sail tomorrow morning at 6am. the office will open at 5am for ticket sales.

Monday December 10

The blackfish boat will not be sailing tomorrow,  Tuesday December 11th. Low call volume and a marginal weather forecast will keep us at the dock. Wednesday’s weather looks good, so as of right now we are planning both the cod and the blackfish boat.