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Captain Mike sailed this morning with a healthy load of anglers. The nice weather and the holiday weekend brought people out of the wood works hoping to get some Easter cod. Unfortunately, after the moon the fishing has been very off. Today fishing was much slower then anyone was hoping for. Only a handful of cod made it over the rail. Not the way we wanted to end our winter cod season. The captain and crew are looking forward to a good spring cod run.

The boat is scheduled to sail on Monday morning at 6am. Please call the office and make a reservation.

On behalf of all of us at the Frances Fleet we would like to thank everyone who came down and made the winter season great. This season was full of peaks and valleys.The fishing on a whole was very good except after a hard northeast wind.We are hoping that the weather is much nicer for the spring run.

We would also like to thank all of the hard work put in by our captains and crew. Without all of there hard work this season would not be as successful as it was. A special thanks has to go out to Captain Mike for putting in some of the longest hours any of us could fathom.


Captain Mike called in to say it was a beautiful day on the water. The fishing was better then yesterday but was still greatly off paced from the days before. A nice crowd of anglers were treated to flat calm sea and temps in the upper 50′s. Mike had a small pick going first thing this morning but it died shortly after. The captain and crew chummed hard all day but could not get a solid bite going. We will be sailing tomorrow morning for codfish on the Gail Frances. We still have room and we do ask that you call for reservations. the office will be open till 7pm.

Thursday March 28th 2013

As the saying goes ” One day you get the chicken and the next the feathers” or “One day you are the top dog and the next you are the fire hydrant”. I think its safe to say where this is going in regards to today’s report. Beautiful weather, we anchored and drifted, chummed the whole nine yards but it was not meant to be. Of the handful of keepers boated most were just keepers. We marked stacks of fish everywhere with one stack 40-50 feet thick!! They just did not want to eat today. Looking through past years this time of the year this wide range of success in fishing from day to day is not at all unheard of and tomorrow is a new day with a new beginning so look for a fresh report by mid to late afternoon tomorrow. We are still accepting reservations for Saturday so please call the office or book on line. Remember no trip on Easter Sunday.


Captain Matt just called in to say that it was an all out cod fish blitz. Double headers were coming over the rail everywhere you looked. At 9am this morning the boat had nearly 400 keepers and the bite was still going.

The boat will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am. You MUST call and make a reservation!

The weather for the next 3 days looks amazing and we will be sailing.

We do ask that if you are planning on coming down that you arrive at the boats no later then 4:15am


The Gail Frances will be setting sail at 5am tomorrow morning for codfish. The last 2 trips have been steller and were hoping it holds out for the next 4 days because the weather looks amazing. The boat is scheduled to set sail at 5am everyday. We dod ask that you call for reservations. We also ask that you arrive at the boats by 4:15am.

Fluke and squid season are right around the corner. The office has started to stock the shelves with all sorts of new toys. New rods from Daiwa and Fenwick. A full wall just for Spro jigs and a whole new section for GULP.

We have also expanded our squid jig selection to 7 different styles with a wider array of colors.


The office just received a call from a very enthusiastic Captain Mike saying that the boat was limited out and is on the way home. Mike found the fish early and had a nice chip going for the first 2 hours. After that Mike went searching for fish and found them every where he went. Everyone will be leaving the boat with full coolers and smiling faces. No monster cod today but the pool fish was around 10 pounds. Most of the fish were in the 6-8 pounds range. The short cod were again out in force. A pollock or 2 and a few ling rounded out the catch.
The boat will not be sailing for the next 2 days because of gale for winds but the weather after that looks very nice. Please call the office to make a reservation and to ask about any upcoming trips.

3/23 Cod

Captain Mike called in to say it was a fantastic day of local cod fishing. A very light group of anglers braved the morning wind to get out for some fresh cod. The weather was less the idle but Captain Mike found the fish and kept them coming. High hook went to a group of anglers who boxed 29 cod to 10 pounds. Nearly everyone had a limit of cod. The short fish were also out in force with nearly everyone catching a dozen shorts each. Even Mike came down and managed to catch his limit. The Gail Frances will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 5am. The weather looks much better tomorrow then it did today. The boat will be stocked with plenty of shells for chum and fresh clams. The office will be open at 4am for ticket and tackle sales.


Captain Mike called in to say the fishing was a little off from what is has been. The wind forecasted for later in the day seemed to come on as soon as the sun caem up making for less then pleasant fishing conditions. Mike marked fish everywhere he went but it seemed the fish were focused on other things. High hook boxed 6 keepers and the pool fish was around 10 pounds.
The Gail Frances will be setting sail tomorrow morning. The sailing time for tomorrow is 5am. The office will be open at 4am for ticket and tackle sales.
Sailing time for 3/23 is 5am!


Captain Mike called in to say it was another good day of codfishing. A slightly large crowd then yesterday traded there corned beef and cabbage for some fresh cod fish. Captain Mike tried a new area and found some hungry cod. High hook honors went to long time regular Norm who iced 8 fine codfish. Todays pool fish was around 20 pounds. The fish today were slightly large then the fish of the past 2 weeks. Lots of shorts kept anglers busy all day long. 1 Keeper pollock rounded out todays catch. The Gail Frances will not be sailing tomorrow.