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Sunday Afternoon April 28th 2013 Final Update

Well I wish i had better news to report from today’s local cod trip but I don’t. Capt. Rich tried a wide array of local areas today but there would be no repeat of yesterday. To be sure a few cod were caught including one even bigger than yesterday that went at least 12lbs but just not in the numbers we were hoping for. Some nice size ocean perch and a bunch of dog fish and a few sea ravens and sculpin and one tiny sea bass rounds out the species assortment for the trip. There is no cod trip tomorrow. Call the office for further details as to whether or not there are to be any more upcoming local cod trips.

As of now we are set to begin Squid fishing this Friday Night at 7pm and Fluke fishing this coming Saturday at 7am. Call the office to make a reservation or book on line.

Sunday, April 28th 2013 Early Afternoon Update

Capt. Matt was out today doing some scouting around locally and found some good size black fish eager for soft baits in local waters and while his attempt at fluke was not as succesful as the tog, a good friend of his did catch and release a handful of fluke to 20 inches very close to home yesterday. Capt. Rich also reported both yesterday and today on the way out to the cod grounds of HUGE stacks of bait (probably squid) just south of the Apex. Sounds like things are right on track despite the cold winter, spring is in the process of being sprung!! A fresh cod report will be available a bit later this afternoon.

Saturday April 27th 2013, Much improved local cod fishing!!!

Ginny and Cole's catch for the day.

Way to go Cole

Capt. Rich was pleased to report that the local cod fishing was much improved today with today being by far the best outing since before Easter. Cole Reed was hi hook taking home four fine green cod while Doug from CT was right behind with three for the box. A couple of slightly larger fish today with the pool fish a solid ten pounds. Quite a few short cod in the mix as well today which is something we always like to see. A few ocean perch mixed in as well today otherwise it was all cod fish. Weather looks superb for tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be set to sail on the Lady Frances at 6am with Capt. Tackle being open at 5am for ticket and tackle sales.

Friday April 26th

First, we would like to say Happy Birthday to Roger, our in house fishing expert.  Happy Birthday, my friend.

We are codfishing tomorrow, Saturday April 27th. The Lady Frances sets sails at 6:00 a.m. Although fishing has been tough the last few trips, we have high hopes for tomorrow’s trip. We are a full moon, so hopefully the fish are biting a little better than they have been. The weather for tomorrow looks great too. The office/store will be open all weekend if anyone wants to come in and buy bait and tackle or a fishing license. Our store will be open on a more regular basis now that the weather is getting better.

If you are interested in cod fishing tomorrow, be sure to give the office a call tonight by 6:00 p.m. If you decide at the last minute to go, that’s not a problem either. Just arrive at the dock approx. 5:30 a.m.

Tuesday April 23rd

Trying to reach out to a past customer, probably from about a month ago. He had left his prescription eyeglasses on the boat. We were not able to locate them for him at the time, but they turned up a couple weeks later.  I believe the gentleman was from NH. If you are reading this or know who the man is, give us a call.

Tuesday April 23rd

We will not be starting Squid Fishing this weekend, as originally planned. According to local fishermen, the squid have not come into the area yet. Hopefully we will be able to get started next weekend.We will keep you posted.

As you can see from recent reports, cod fishing has been slow, for reasons we aren’t sure of but hopefully we can get out a few more days to see if things have changed. Normally Spring cod fishing turns up a few more fish that we have been seeing on recent trips. The weather this Spring has certainly not helped our efforts either.

Fluke fishing is slated to begin Saturday May 4th. We are scheduled to sail daily at 7:00 a.m, weather permitting. Our regs this year for fluke  are 8 fish, 18 inches. Black Seabass does not open until June 15th, 13″ and 3 fish.


The Lady Frances is scheduled to set sail tomorrow morning at 6am for local codfishing. If you would like to go on tomorrows trip please call the office before 6pm today and make a reservation.


Captain Rich did sail on Wednesday with a handful of people and managed a handful of fish. More life is starting to show up on every trip. We are hoping the same thing will happened close to the moon as it did in March and fishing will become much better. We will not be sailing on Friday but we are trying to sail on Saturday.


We will not be sailing tomorrow for our local cod trip. Captain Rich did sail this morning with a light load of anglers. Fishing was slow again today. There was more life starting to show up on some of the spots but not a solid bite. We do plan on sailing weather permitting till at least the end of the month. If you would like to go on any up coming trips just call for more info and reservations.


Captain Rich Sailed this morning with a light load of anglers in hopes of finding some good spring cod fishing. The weather for the next couple of days looks good and we will be trying to sail at 6am. Please call the office and make a reservation for any up coming trips.