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Sunday June 30th

What a difference a day makes captain Rich reports. Captain Rich decided to try and new area to stay out of the swell and it paid off big time. The start of the trip was on the slower side but then it was lights of fishing. High hook caught 18 keeper fluke( only keeping his limit. Many other anglers caught over 10 keepers each. Most anglers went home with 6-7 fish each. The fish were also on the larger side with many fish in the 4-5 pound range. One angler reported catching his limit with a total weight of 35 pounds. Pool fish today was around 7 pounds. Some sea bass in the mix but not close to the numbers we have been seeing. As i am writing this the mates are still on the table filleting the days catch. A few small bluefish rounded out today’s catch. The boat will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.

Captain Mike reported a decent morning half day trip. The water on the beaches seemed to be clearing but is still dirty from the weekends weather. A handful of fluke to 4 pounds made it in to the boat this morning. With the dirty water conditions, Captain Mike decided to try some of his sea bass spots. There were some sea bass around but they seemed to be scattered. About 2 dozen sea bass found the way on to the anglers hooks. The afternoons trip was better then the mornings trip. quite a few more fluke made it in to the coolers. High hook had 4 keepers. Pool fish was around 5 pounds. The short action was much better with an unnamed anglers catching 15 shorts. We are scheduled to sail on both half day trips tomorrow at 8am and again at 1pm

Sunday June30th 2013/ Excellent Striper Fishing Last Night on the Lady!!!!

First mate Chris L was pleased to report on a very good night of Striper fishing. There were plenty of nice size bass to 30lbs and about a half dozen limit catches for an overall modest number of bass anglers. More details to follow! Next Striper trip is slated for Friday Night at 7pm. A great ”end of the night” picture showcasing many of the angler hi lights is provided courtesy Chris K.

Reminder to anglers on some exciting upcoming news!! We are starting our six hour local Porgy trips starting this coming Friday July 5th. We will sail these trips Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 9am to 3pm through the summer. The generous summer bag limit is 30 scup per person at 10 inches or greater in length, plus nice sea bass and some good size fluke and even a blue fish or two is sure to join these summer festivities so if interested book on line or give us a call and come on down!!

Also first Summer Cod Trip of the Season is slated for next Sunday July 7th!! The trip is going and there is still plenty of room. On line reservations are strongly recommended for this trip. Nothing beats catching nice size cod in short sleeves!! Remember back before all the fluke and sea bass it was summer cod fishing that carried the Pt. Judith party boat fleet through the summer and that was frequently when the biggest fish of the year were taken! The trip is marathon style leaving the dock at 5am and returning at 5pm. This time frame will offer an exceptional opportunity to sample as many golden nugget cod fish rock piles as possible!  We will be taking the Lady Frances and limiting the trip to 40-45 passengers for maximum angler comfort and on the Lady Frances that is less than half capacity!! The goal is to have these trips Sundays only through the fall.

Saturday June 29th 2013

First mate Troy was pleased to report the Juan Larios Striper Private Charter last night was a success. Despite some mildly sporty conditions the Stripers were on the chew and the group amassed a nice mess of bass up to 25lbs and a tidy pile of blue fish to ten pounds along with a massive but thin 29 inch estimated 8lb fluke.

Plenty or room on tonight’s Striper trip leaving at 7pm so please call the office to make a reservation if interested. Striper fishing has picked up considerably over the past week! Speaking of Stripers word has just come in from Capt. George who is out on a Private Charter on the Captain Frances for Stripers today that the bass fishing is excellent and there are plenty of choppers in the mix as well. Nothing big but the bass have been all nice keeper size which make for the most succulent table fare! A pic is provided courtesy Capt. George. Capt. George reported the charter ended up great with a nice catch of good eating size Stripers into the mid teens, all the cock tail size blue fish one could ever want, and a few nice fluke kept the Bill Jolley group busy. Capt. George loves to find Striped Bass for his charter customers, speaking of which there are still plenty of prime dates available for private charters aboard the Capt. Frances so if interested call the office for further booking details!

The morning half day was on the quiet side according to Capt. Mike. A few fluke, a fine eating size blue fish and some shorts made up the morning’s report. First mate Nicky reported the PM half day was remarkably better with more keeper fluke and lots more short fluke and a nice mess of big sea bass up to 5lbs to please the anglers aboard this afternoon. Last but certainly not least was the 7lb blue fish that took the prize money for one lucky angler this afternoon. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first set to sail with Capt. Mike at 8am and the second at 1pm.

Capt. Matt reported his 8am to 3pm full day fluke/sea bass charter found the fluke and sea bass to be off of their bite for the Craig Goetz group. Some days the fish just have lockjaw. A few nice fluke and a few handfuls of nice sea bass and that’s about it.

Capt. Rich reported a tougher day than usual on the Full Day Fluke/Sea Bass. Just a handful of fluke. The sea bass did help to save the day with close to a boat limit of sea bass but not as many big ones with the best in the 3.5lb range. A couple blue fish and a few nice size porgies. The left over swell probably had something to do with the slower bite today. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich looks forward to setting sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Friday June 28th 2013

Capt. Matt reported in that this morning’s half day was okay and that the weather was just fine. The wind against tide was what kept the fluke off the chew. Nevertheless some nice fluke to 4lbs, a couple sea bass and three fine blue fish made it aboard the Lady Frances for a light crowd of half day enthusiasts. A fair amount of shorts kept things interesting in between the keepers. The afternoon trip found similar results but did find a few bigger fluke up to 7.5lbs and a handful of sea bass with several in the three to four pound range. Rental Rods caught the best on both trips this morning in terms of both size and numbers.bigflukepmhalfjune28th

A pic of the big fluke is provided courtesy of First mate Cote.

All open boat trips and private charters are on as scheduled for tomorrow. The weather is respectable for fishing however with the chance of showers bringing rain gear may not be a bad idea. The Capt. Tackle is currently sold out of rain gear. We also recommend water retardant foot wear for maximum comfort (boots, galoshes). The Capt. Tackle will be open before 5am for ticket and tackle sales.

Thursday June 27th 2013

Capt. Mike reported the Douglas Plumbing Charter was successful today with a full boat limit of jumbo sea bass to 4lbs and some nice fluke as well. First mate Chris K reported that there were no sea bass under 16 inches kept by anyone aboard!! Chris also reported all terminal gear worked the same whether it be rental rod set ups, store bought rigs or spro set ups. One blue fish and good action with the short fluke and short sea bass kept things rolling right along. Douglas Plumbing has been a loyal charter customer for many years and we thank them for their continued patronage!

First mate Troy and Capt. George were both pleased with the local fishing for both fluke and sea bass for Blake Lanford’s group today. Lots of nice fluke to 4lbs and a nice pile of big sea bass to at least 5lbs plus lots of shorts kept anglers busy at the rail today. Everyone managed a nice catch today and the whole gang went home with plenty of fillets. Rental Rod set ups was the general style of fishing although a couple of anglers using spro set ups did just fine as well.  Still some prime dates available this coming summer for private charters so feel free to check out the private charter section of our web site and call the office to speak with Tammy Cory or Roger for further booking details.

The report from Capt. Matt was of an excellent morning half day trip with plenty of nice fluke and lots of shorts along with at least a few nice sea bass to keep the momentum going. We are planning to sail both half days tomorrow with the first trip set to sail at 8am and the second at 1pm. The half day boat will be the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt at the helm.

Capt.Cory reported the full day sea bass and fluke trip to be a success with a nice mix of both fluke and sea bass. Best on the fluke about 5.5lbs and best on the sea bass around 4lbs. There were many angler limits on the sea bass and the hi hook on the fluke had 5 fish. Capt. Rich will be set to sail tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.

June 26th

Captain Matt was at the helm of this morning’s half day trip and reported OK results. The action was pretty good when he first got out but then the tide turned and the wind picked up. By the end of the trip they were drifting well over a knot. Pool fish this morning was around 4 pounds. Some nice sea bass and quite a few smooth sand sharks rounded out today’s catch. Captain Mike is at the helm this afternoon and called in to say that fishing was better then this morning but still a very fast drift.

Captain Rich reported another good day on the Gail Frances. More and more fluke are starting to show up. Captain Rich as stated he has not seen this much bait around in years. High hook honors went to mate Chris L who needed to get away from the city heat. Chris managed to catch 6 fine fluke to 5 pounds. The pool fish today was split between 2 6 pounders. Some sea bass in the mix but not in the numbers of last week. There is still usually a 5 pound sea bass caught every trip.

All trips are scheduled to set sail tomorrow morning.

We still have room on the first cod trip on July 7th. Please book right on Limited load summer cod marathon trips 5am to 5pm!!!!

Tuesday June 24th

Captain Mike reported a fantastic morning half day trip, one of the best of the year so far. A light group of anglers set sail and fished close to home. As soon as the boat stopped the fish were biting. 8 keepers fluke came over the rail in the first 5 minutes of the trip. 2 anglers tied for high hook honors with 7 each. They both could not get that last keeper to bite. One anglers reeled in 21 fluke! Pool fish today around around 4 pounds. Some anglers did better then others but everyone managed at least 1 keeper. We will be sailing tomorrow morning and afternoon on both half days trips.

Captain Rich reported another good day on the full day fluke boat. The sea bass fishing was slower then it has been but the fluke were on the chew. Nothing huge for the pool today but the biggest fluke was around 7 pounds. Not as many sea bass today but the ones that were caught were on the larger size. A quick shout out to Phillip Park, Molaha, and Peter who had a very good day. They managed to ice 7 keeper fluke and close to a sea bass limit. They also had 3 sea bass in the 4-5pound range.  a few scup and blue fish rounded out the bags today. Captain Rich will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 7am. The office will open for ticket and tackle sales at 6am.