Monthly Archives: July 2013

Wednesday July 31th

Captain Rich reported a much improved day on the full day fluke boat. Captain Rich decided to take a long ride today and it paid off. The drift was slower but at 1pm the bite turned on. High hook had 6 keepers  and many sea bass limits around the boat. Pool fish was taken on a white bait rig and tipped the scales at 9lbs. Biggest sea bass were around 5 pounds. Many more “jo” fluke also came over the rail. Some monster blue rounded out the days catch.

Captain Matt reported fantastic half day fishing. The half days trips combined for  over 130 keepers. The sea bass fishing was as good as it gets with many sea bass limits all around the boat. Pool fish was a round 4 pounds taken on a “plain jane” bait rig. High hook on sea bass this morning caught 12 keepers(only keeper limit). Captain Mike will be at the helm tomorrow morning.

Tuesday July 30th

Captain Matt reported a slow day of the full day fluke boat. It just seemed that the fish were not hungry today. High hook managed to catch 4 keepers to 4 pounds. A hand full of other anglers had 2-3 each. Some sea bass also made it over the rail to 3 pounds. One person did catch a sea bass limit. More shorts around today then the past few days, but fishing  has been off the past few trips. Captain rich will be sailing tomorrow morning on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Captain Mike also reported slower fishing on today’s half day trips. The morning did see more action with a handful of anglers catching 2 each. More shorts this morning at well. The afternoons trip saw slow fishing with only a handful of fishing going home. Captain Matt will be at the helm tomorrow and is hoping new grounds will produce better fishing.

Monday July 29th 2013

First mate Troy reported that full day fishing was ok today. The fish were not as spread out as we would have liked but a few anglers did very well. There were some bigger fish today with several jumbo fluke and a fair amount of jumbo sea bass. Quite a few blue fish and quite a few nice size scup as well. Longtime regular Cin from NY was hi hook with 7 fine fluke including three jumbos which also included the 7 lb pool fish. Cin also had his limit of sea bass and they were all big fish between three and four pounds. Well done Cin!! Another regular from NY also buck tailed his way to five fine keepers. It was a buck tail kind of a day with a very slow drift. Tomorrow Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7am aboard the ADMIRAL FRANCES FOR THE FULL DAY FLUKE/SEA BASS.

Capt. Mike reported a fair morning on the half day with mostly sea bass and a couple fluke and plenty of small fish to keep the anglers busy but the afternoon was much much better with a great showing of good size sea bass and quite a few nice fluke. Some anglers left with several nice fluke/sea bass apiece for some impressive half day bags of fillets this afternoon! In fact First Mate Cote was cutting all the way back to the dock and then some! TOMORROW MORNING’S HALF DAY WILL BE ON THE GAIL FRANCES. THE 1PM HALF DAY WILL BE SETTING SAIL ON THE CAPTAIN FRANCES.

Sunday July 28th 2013

Capt. Matt and Capt. Ted reported today’s full day trip was much better with an equal mix of nice fluke to just under 5lbs and sea bass to 4lbs. There were some sea bass limits and a few anglers managed three or four keeper fluke apiece. A handful of blue fish and a few nice scup as well. Fishing again was much improved over yesterday and we look for the trend to continue. Tomorrow Capt. Matt is at the helm and he will be ready to set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a respectable morning half day with some nice fluke and sea bass and plenty of short fish to bend the rods and keep the angler’s attention at the rail. On this afternoon’s trip Capt. Mike reported the afternoon trip was slower with the catching of fish excellent but the keeping not quite as good as the morning.

Last Night’s bass fishing was slow but plenty of blue fish to ten pounds kept the rods bent and the anglers busy tending their rods at the rail. Next Striper trip is set for 7pm Wednesday Night with Capt. Ray aboard the Lady Frances. Plenty of room so if interested please book on line or call the office to make a reservation.

All of us here would like to wish Capt. Kyle a very Happy Birthday!! It has been great having Kyle back home the past two weeks. Capt. Kyle and Capt. Frank went out today and quickly sampled the local cod fishing in the little boat before the wind came up and the fog rolled in outside and found cod every place he stopped and some very good size pot bellied ling up to 4lbs. Next cod trip is slated for this Sunday August 4th. A local cod marathon from 5am to 5pm. Please call the office to book a reservation or book on line on the web site.

Saturday July 27th 2013

The report from first mate Greg on last night’s Bass trip was of only slow to fair fishing. There was a handful of nice bass to 20lbs and a handful of blue fish to ten pounds. Tough drift conditions as well kept things rather messy at times. Plenty of room on tonight’s trip so if interested please call the office to book a spot. Capt. Ray will be ready to set sail on the Lady Frances at 7pm.

The morning half day trip went well according to Capt. Cory. Capt. Mike found some nice hungry fluke to 4lbs and some nice size sea bass as well. Plenty of small fish of many varieties kept thing moving right along at the rail. Plenty of room on the next outing which is set to sail with Capt. Mike W. at 4pm. The report from the 4pm was of wind against tide but the catching for throwbacks was great just the keeping was a bit slow. Short fluke and short sea bass, sea robins and scup kept anglers busy. A few nice fluke to 3.5 lbs and some keeper sea bass made for a few nice looking bags of fillets for a few lucky anglers. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first set to sail with Capt. Mike at 8am aboard the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm also with Capt. Mike on the Lady Frances. Remember if you do back to back half days we will give you $15 off the second half day trip which is quite a full day of fishing for just $65!!

Capt. Rich reported the 7am boat had a slower day today with a mix of fluke and sea bass. Next trip is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported another great Whale Watch with Humpbacks, Finbacks and Dolphin pleasing anglers today with their fin flapping antics. What a great season!  Next Whale Watch sets sail Tuesday afternoon at 1pm. Call the office or book on line for a reservation.


Friday July 26th 2013

Roger from the Frances Fleet reported another very respectable half day outing this morning with Capt. Mike aboard the Lady Frances. Sandy and Cyrus from Hopewell Jct NY/Ashaway RI were the high liners this morning totaling 7 nice fluke to 4.5 lbs and four nice sea bass to just under 4lbs. A pic showing their catch appears above today’s fishing report courtesy of Roger. Sandy and Cyrus used whole squid on a homemade rig with a feather and spinner. Rental Rods had the next best scores with some nice fluke and sea bass. Plenty of short sea bass, short fluke and sea robins provided bent rods and lots of excitement for all hands aboard and some extra “oohs” and “ahhs” from a rather impressive number of small smooth sand sharks. Next half day trip sets sail this afternoon at 4pm aboard the Admiral Frances with Capt. Matt at the helm.

Thursday July 25th 2013

Roger reported a surprisingly good morning half day of fishing. Stronger than forecast wind and tide going together made for very rapid drifting along the south shore of Rhode Island however the fluke were chasing down the baits with vigor. Rental Rod set ups and whole squid were the most productive and a good number of the half day anglers aboard went home with at least dinner. Leonard from lower Westchester County NY had the two biggest fluke of the day with fish of 4.5 and 3.75 lbs respectively. A picture of Leonard with the two nice fluke will be posted above today’s report courtesy of Roger. A healthy handful of good size sea bass to over 3lbs and plenty of short fluke, short sea bass, and sea robins kept anglers busy at the rail. There is no 4pm half day this afternoon due to the weather.

Half Days are on as planned for Friday July 26th with the first set to sail on the Lady Frances at 8am and the second at 4pm aboard the Admiral Frances.

There will be no Night Striper trip due to the weather tonight. Tomorrow Night’s weather looks better and there is plenty of room so if interested please give the office a call to book a spot or book on line.

Capt. Rich reported quality and not quantity today on the full day boat but most of the anglers aboard left with enough fillets for at least a few good meals. Blake from Oxford CT had the two big slabs today with a brace of fluke that went 10 lbs and 7 lbs. Blake’s secret you ask? Blake used a rental rod with just squid strip/spearing combo to fool these big summer flounders, and he was also hi hook on the fluke with six fine keepers. There were a number of other jumbo fluke taken today( almost 25 percent of the keepers were over 4lbs!)  as well as big black sea bass up to 4lbs. Other catches of several fluke apiece were noted. One scup and a couple of blue fish to top off the fluke and sea bass catches today. Tomorrow Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7am on the Gail Frances. Capt. Tackle does not have any rain gear in stock so make sure to bring your own tomorrow as the weatherman is forecasting a chance of showers, at least in the morning.


Wednesday July 24th 2013

Capt. Rich reported a slower day today on the 7am full day boat. One angler using buck tails did put together a fine catch of six nice keepers and a few other anglers had several keepers apiece but overall things were quiet with not much bite after 11am. Left over swell may have had something to do with the slower action. Some nice sea bass and quite a few little ones but even the sea bass bite was slower than usual. Nothing big today with the best fluke around 5lbs. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Matt reported the morning half day was on the slow side with a few handfuls of sea bass and a couple of nice fluke while the afternoon was much improved with a better mix of sea bass and fluke and plenty of short fluke and short sea bass to keep anglers very busy. Tomorrow’s half days set sail at 8am on the Lady Frances and again at 4pm on the Admiral Frances.