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Saturday August 31st 2013

The report from Capt. Cory was of a much improved Striped Bass fishing scene last night. Seems like it was a great night for the ladies who were on board as they caught about half of the bass while longtime regulars Sebastian and his crew had the rest including the pool! Biggest fish was around 20 lbs and there were a number of other fish that were in the running as well. Just one blue fish. At least two limits were recorded last night. Still some openings on tonight’s run so if interested please call the office to make a reservation. A picture from last night is provided by Capt. Cory.

The report from this morning’s half day was of very good fishing with lots of good size sea bass, some nice fluke and a handful of big porgies. A fairly quick drift did not deter the fish from jumping on the baits and lures presented before them. Even a double header keeper sea bass on the same buck tail!! A couple of pictures are provided courtesy of the crew from the half day this morning. Next half day trips are slated for tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 8am and again at 1pm.

We here at the Frances Fleet would like wish congrats to first mate Troy and his girlfriend Courtney, who welcomed Kylie Jean into the world late yesterday evening. At 6lbs 11oz she sure sounds like a keeper!

The report from first mates Capt. Ted and Chris L from the 7am full day Fluke/Sea bass boat was of almost carbon copy fishing as compared to yesterday. A decent pull of nice fluke to nearly 7lbs with a few other jumbos over 4lbs and some nice size sea bass and a few good size porgies and two blue fish. Not bad at all considering it was wind against tide for a good part of the morning.  A handful of anglers managed to ice several nice keepers apiece. No word was given on any specifics in regards to what was working better than something else and vice versa. Next trip sets sail tomorrow morning with Capt. Rich at 7am.

August 30th 2013

flukeaug30firsttunatrip12bigyellowsfirsttunatripswordgaff13firsttunawhahoo13swordfishfirsttunatrip13swordonthedeckfirsttuna13 Capt. Cory just got word from Capt. Mike and the Tuna crew as the Lady Frances is about to slip into her berth here at the docks and the word is GOOD! The season’s first Tuna trip of the year will emphasize QUALITY over quantity but the quality was impressive. Four Big Eye Tuna in the 160 to 200 lb range hit the decks of the Lady Frances as did a 70 lb Wahoo, a 150 lb Swordfish (one of two boated!), Yellowfin, a couple of dandy handfuls of big Albacore up to 60 lbs, a handful of Mahi and a nice size White Marlin made a brief appearance as well. These are the details that we have right now and any additional will be posted as they become available. Right now there is space on ALL upcoming TUNA trips so if interested in booking please call the office to put a deposit down over the phone/make deposit arrangements with a customer service representative.

Capt Ted and first mate Chris L reported the fluking today was very good for some and not so good for others. Wind against tide the first half of the trip had something to do with that. A steadier bite did develop later in the outing which meant the action became more spread out throughout the boat. Pool fish was six pounds or just a shade under. Mostly fluke with a few handfuls of nice sea bass to 3.5 lbs and a couple of platter size scup. Mr. Kim easily limited out with buck tails today while longtime regular Gardy, Wayne and a few other anglers all iced several nice fluke apiece. Tomorrow looks like another great fishing day and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Cory relayed word of an excellent morning half day with a great mix of fluke and sea bass keepers and QUALITY was once again the theme like it has been on so many prior half day trips. The word from this afternoon’s charter was of okay fishing for the Mike Sullivan group. A picture of the Groom with a jumbo fluke appears courtesy of the charter crew.

Aug 29th

First mate Troy reported a good morning half day trip. These late season trips are a real mixed bag trip with scup, sea bass, fluke, and bluefish all coming over the rails.High hook went home with 4 nice fish. Pool fish today was around 4 pounds. Captain Chris will be at the helm tomorrow at 8am.

Captain Rich reported a good day on the full day fluke boat. Lots of drift really helped the fluke fishing. A few limit catches with quite a few anglers having 5-6 each. Nothing huge for the pool today but a sold 6 pound fish took top honors. Some sea bass to 3 pounds also made it in to the coolers.Some blue also coulndt pass up a free meal. All forms of termial tackle worked today with spro jigs being the best bet.Captain Rich will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Tuesday August 27th 2013

First mate Troy reported EXCELLENT fishing today for the handful of anglers who braved some morning rain to come down and spend the day on the Gail Frances. About half of the boat was limited out and no one had fewer than four nice fish today with hi hook longtime regular Frank from NJ managing 12 nice keepers (orl). Mickey Bell from Rye Brook,NY had the biggest fish of the day with a fine 8 lb slab and Mickey easily managed a full limit of nice size fluke and so on. Mr. Bell took the big fish on a whole squid. A picture of the big fish was provided courtesy Mr. Bell. Troy reported all terminal gear was effective today but pink and neon yellow Gulp were particularly effective fished on buck tails or bait rigs. Capt. Tackle is fully stocked with a wide array of Gulp products for anglers who are interested. All fluke today, no sea bass or blue fish. The weather looks INCREDIBLE the next SEVERAL days and Capt. Rich will be set to sail tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. George reported a very good afternoon Half Day of fishing today! The big fish tipped the scales at 7.5 lbs and there were a half dozen other fish over 4lbs. Lots of nice keeper fluke and a few handfuls of good size sea bass spread around the boat this afternoon and nearly all on rental rod set ups. Some shorts today on both species provided some additional action as well and kept anglers busy at the rail. The weather was fantastic as well. More awesome weather in store the next few to several days. Tomorrow we offer half day fishing 8am to Noon and again at 1pm returning at 5pm. Both half days will take place aboard the Admiral Frances.

We wound down our Whale Watch season today. We would like to thank all our Whale Watch customers for their patronage this past season. Whale Watching is to resume again early next July.

Monday August 26th 2013

Roger reported plenty of refreshing southwesterly breezes allowed for a relatively quick drift this morning on the half day. The anglers aboard managed a mix of nice keeper fluke up to 5 lbs and some nice size sea bass. Nothing to take a banner out for but respectable nonetheless. The most and biggest fluke were once again caught on rental rod set ups. This afternoon’s trip saw more of the same. Half day trips tomorrow set sail on the Admiral Frances at 8 am and again at 1pm.

Capt. Matt reported some tough conditions greeted full day fluke and sea bass enthusiasts today. The anglers aboard did manage to chip away at some nice fluke to six pounds and a few handfuls of sea bass despite the fast and sporty drift conditions. Sandy and Cyrus however did just fine today amassing several nice size fluke apiece on their whole squid set ups. Sandy and Cyrus, longtime regulars from Hopwell Jct NY/Westerly RI are, among the most consistent rod handlers that sail the Frances Fleet. Well done once again guys!! Tomorrow the weather looks great and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

Sunday August 25th 2013

The report from First mates Greg and Chris K on last night’s Pm half day was of much improved fishing over the morning’s trip with a nice mix of fluke and sea bass both up to about 4 lbs. Plenty of small sea bass and some short fluke kept things moving right along as well and the weather turned out to be just beautiful. Several very nice bags of fillets walked through Capt. Tackle after the trip indicative of some very fine dining in the near future for some folks who went last night! Today’s half day trips sail 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm.

Both half day boats this morning reported similar results, lack of drift. Nonetheless both boats did manage to catch some really nice fluke with most of the fluke boated in the three to four pound range. There were not many shorts and there were only a few keeper sea bass on either boat. Hi hooks did manage upwards to 3 nice keepers apiece. Tomorrow through Wednesday the half day schedule will be the first boat setting sail at 8am and the second boat setting sail at 1pm.

Word from last night’s Striper trip was once again slow fishing. This week Striper trips are only offered on Friday and Saturday Nights at 7pm by reservation.

Capt. Rich reported a slower day today on the fluke/sea bass grounds. Some nice fish today with the best around 7 pounds. A handful of other fluke around 4-4.5 lbs but in general the fish were smaller today.  Some nice sea bass also up to 3 lbs. Some big porgies to 2 lbs and a couple bluefish. A few anglers did quite well today but in general the fish were not distributed very evenly. Peter Tu was hi hook with 7 fluke keepers on hi lo spro set ups while another gentleman fishing in the bow had six nice keepers again on the buck tails. Another angler had mentioned that some fish were caught on gulp baits as well. A wide array of Gulp products can be found here at Capt. Tackle!  There just was not much drift today. Tomorrow is another day and Capt. Matt will be ready to set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances for fluke/sea bass.

The report from the pm half day was of okay fishing for the fluke and sea bass. The weather was dreamy and some nice fish were taken but once again just not in any great quantity. Speaking of fluke, it most certainly was no fluke when fisher Michelle Hamill (assisted all the while of course by husband Bernie) set the hook on a good fish and after a spirited battle, skillfully steered a big fluke ( the would be pool winner and a fish that threatened the four pound mark) into the safety of the net and then onto the deck of the Lady Frances. Well done Mrs. Hamill!! As mentioned earlier in today’s post there are two half days offered tomorrow with the first leaving at 8am and the second at 1pm. Tomorrow is also a day for the “Family Day” promotion where two adults and two children 12 or under can go for $100 plus rods which is a savings of $30!!  Another wallet friendly option for tomorrow Tuesday or Wednesday is the “Back to Back” promotion where an angler who does two consecutive half days gets to save $15 off the second half day! A very full day of fishing for only $65!!

Saturday August 24th 2013

The report from first mate Mike W last night was that the 4pm half day was just fine with an array of nice size sea bass and some keeper fluke plus plenty of small sea bass to keep the anglers busy in between the keepers. Two half days on tap today with the first setting sail at 8am aboard the Lady Frances and the second this afternoon at 4pm aboard the Admiral Frances. This evening’s pm half day at 4pm is the LAST 4PM HALF DAY of this summer season.

Also tomorrow we will be running two half days with the open boat at 8am on the Lady Frances and the next open boat at 1pm also on the Lady Frances. Keep in mind that back to back half days will net you a $15 discount on the second trip which is one very full day of fishing for just $65!!

The report from the Striper crew last night was of slow fishing. We try again tonight and there is still plenty of room, just call the office to make a reservation. Capt. Ray will be set to sail at 7 pm aboard the Lady Frances.

First mate Capt. Nicky Blount reported that the Ralph Carey charter was very successful today with a nice pick of big fluke all in the 3 to 5 lb range with the best of the lot closing in on the six pound mark. Add to that some nice sea bass to over 5lbs and all hands aboard had all the fish they wanted! All the fish today were taken on rental rod set ups today.

Capt. Matt reported the Furey Roofing charter also went well today with QUALITY once again the name of the game. Plenty of fluke with only a few fish under 20 inches and the vast majority in the three to five pound range plus some sea bass, a few blue fish and a few nice scup ensured there were plenty of fillets to go around. All the fish were taken on rental rod set ups today.

Capt. Rich reported a very good day on the fluke grounds around Block Island. Biggest fish of the year just over 30 inches and speed bump thick tipped the scales at just over 12 lbs today for a regular customer who chose to remain anonymous. A picture of this mammoth slab was provided courtesy first mate Chris L.  Next biggest fish was just under ten pounds with a half dozen or so others in the 6 to 8 lb range and many, many jumbo fish 4 lbs or better with very few fluke kept under three pounds. For example Peter Tu had five big fluke today including a brace of fish in the 8 lb range while Jeff from CT had six big fluke mostly in the four to five pound bracket and so on.  There were at least a couple of limit catches and a good amount of anglers who stayed all day at the rail who had several nice big fluke  Some hefty sea bass up to 4 lbs and a couple blue fish mixed in as well. Early in the day when the drift was at its peak the bait rigs were doing the best but once the drift subsided the buck tail combinations reigned supreme. This has been quite a big week for big fluke and tomorrow we hope to keep the momentum going and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

The report from the morning half day was of slow fishing. Just a few nice fluke and a few good sea bass.