Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sunday September 29th 2013

Roger reported another very nice day on the cod boat. Fishing was very good today all around and the weather was near perfect with just a modest breeze providing an optimum swing on the anchor. A mixed bag that included about the same amount of cod as yesterday and again a nice mix of dark and green fish with the best in the mid to upper teens. A tremendous amount of scup, mostly jumbo size today with a number of anglers easily getting 20 to 30 plus big porgies apiece!! Sizes on the scup to just under 3lbs but most were in the 1 to 2 lb range.  In fact longtime friend and deck hand Pete Crawford  was really impressed with the size and quantity of the porgies today and the volume of big scup, along with all the other good eating ground fish kept him, first mate Chris L and Roger wildly busy on the long ride home from the cod grounds as fish were cut and skinned all the way back to the dock!  A good amount of sea bass today as well with about 20 or so truly jumbo sea bass in the 3.5 to 5lb range and quite a few other nice sea bass. Most anglers had at least a couple sea bass with a few getting 5 to 7 nice sea bass apiece. Some nice perch as well. Some angler hi lights included Mike from CT who had hi hook on the cod with 4 keepers to 12 lbs, more than 30 big scup, a half dozen sea bass and some ocean perch while Mike T from Narragansett RI had 2 nice cod in the 8 to 10 lb range along with more than 30 big scup and a full limit of big sea bass to 5lbs, Peter Tu had 3 nice market cod, a few jumbo sea bass and more than 25 big porgies and so on. Due once again to a relative lack of the unmentionables anglers were frequently able to successfully use two hook rigs and double header scup were frequent and even a few double header sea bass! One angler fishing with one hook down just above the sinker had a couple nice keeper cod, more than 20 big scup and three bomber sea bass in the 3.5 to 4.5 lb range. Everything was on bait today. A mess of pics will be posted above today’s report courtesy of Roger. Next Cod trip is set to sail tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Ray reported another good outing with the scup today. A solid two hour bite provided full pails for the small group of customers aboard. While no one today was reported to have achieved a full limit of scup, it was reported that a few anglers were rather close. All scup today, very little in the way of sea bass. Lots of fish in the 1.5 to 2 lb range today with the best just over 2lbs so certainly a lot of quality!  Next scup trip is set to sail tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Admiral Frances.

The report from first mate Cote from the most recent Tuna trip is of slow fishing. A couple albacore(25 to 30lbs), a wahoo(40 lbs) and a keeper Mako (100 lbs) and not much else this time around outside of a pup Mako and pub Sword released. Next trip is set to sail this coming Thursday morning at 7am. As of now the trip is a go and there is still room for additional bookings so if interested please call the office to book a rail position and put down a deposit.

The report from last night’s Striper trip was of a few nice bass and a couple blue fish. Next Striper trip is set for October 5th (this coming Saturday Night) at 7pm by reservation.

Saturday September 28th 2013

Roger reported today’s cod fishing to be VASTLY IMPROVED over that of the last couple of outings. Today’s cod catch combined with the good numbers of big scup and jumbo sea bass we had put today’s outing at the top of the list for best outing so far this fall season. We had two anglers who had several nice cod apiece to take home in addition to their scup and sea bass. A mix of green and dark fish with several in the teens and the best a solid 20 lbs. Scup to 2.5 lbs and sea bass to nearly 4 lbs with hi hooks on the sea bass attaining limit catches and hi hooks on the scup in the low to mid teens for keepers. While not everyone left with cod, just about everyone left with enough fish (scup and sea bass) for a few good meals. We also had a tremendous amount of large and jumbo ocean perch up to and over 2lbs which make for exceptional table fare as well. The unmentionables were worth of a mention today in as far as we only had one all day!! The weather today was gorgeous with prime drifting conditions all day although one brief anchor set proved to be fruitful as well. We were really glad with the improvement seen today and look for continued growth in the trips to come. All of the cod and other ground fish today were taken on bait despite valiant efforts by at least two talented anglers who swung the iron for awhile while drifting. Tomorrow’s weather looks great and Capt. Rich looks forward to another nice day on the cod grounds with the Gail Frances set to sail at 7am. A few pics are provided courtesy of Roger.

First mate Troy reported an all out SCUP CRUSH for the first three and a half hours of fishing this morning!! All nice fish close to home with average size around 1 to 1.5 lbs and quite a few bigger ones up to and just over the 2 lb mark! Double headers were commonplace!  Nearly half the boat was easily limited out today according to Troy and Capt. Ray! This fishing is REMARKABLY IMPROVED over the last two outings and is the kind of scup fishing we are used to here. The bite became a bit more relaxed in the afternoon but the day was long made. The scup stole the show today not leaving much audience participation from the sea bass.  More great weather and fishing should be on tap for tomorrow with the Admiral Frances set to sail at 7am with Capt. Ray.

First mate Nicky reported the Craig Geotz charter was an all out success today as well with a mega scup crush and some nice sea bass as well. Sizes on the scup to 2 lbs and sizes on the sea bass to 5lbs. All members of the charter left with plenty of fillets, the result of an action packed day!  Still some prime dates available for private charters this fall so check out the private charters section of the web site or call the office for further booking details.

Friday September 27th 2013

Roger reported today’s cod fishing was slow. Some nice size sea bass to 4 lbs and scup to 2.5 lbs did help to take up some of the slack. Next cod trip sets sail tomorrow morning at 7am with Capt. Rich at the helm of the Gail Frances. A couple pics provided courtesy of Roger.

First mate Troy reported the porgy fishing today was solid for the handful of anglers who decided to join us. 15 to 20 keepers per person on average and generally nice size fish of 1 to 1.25 lbs with a few bigger ones mixed in. A few sea bass as well with the best around 4lbs. Plenty of short scup and short sea bass kept the anglers busy in between the keepers. Capt. Ray will be ready to set sail at 7am tomorrow morning aboard the Admiral Frances for scup.

Thursday September 26th 2013

Roger reported a respectably good day of Porgy fishing. A steady pick most of the day with some nice fish in the 1 to 1.5 lb range mixed in. One sea bass around 3.5 lbs and a few other keeper sea bass as well. Tremendous action with short scup and short sea bass today as well. Hi hooks managed upwards to 30 keepers. Next scup trip will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 7am with Capt. Ray at the helm aboard the Admiral Frances.

Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail for Cod tomorrow morning at 7am aboard the Gail Frances. The weather looks great as well.

Wednesday September 25th 2013

Roger reported cod fishing was fair today. Mostly smaller fish today. The numbers were slightly better overall. More keepers and lots more shorts as well. Hi hooks boxed several keepers apiece and a few anglers also had several sea bass and scup apiece. Some nice size scup and jumbo sea bass mixed in as well plus a nice mess of ocean perch and a couple blue fish. A really soft bite again today on all the species but the trend overall was in the right direction. Biggest cod today was in the lower teens. A few pics today provided courtesy of Roger. Next cod trip is slated for this coming Friday leaving the dock at 7am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Ray will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning for porgies at 7am on the Admiral Frances. The weather looks great so come on down to get your share of these tasty silver ocean pan fish!

Sept 24th

Captain Ray was very happy to report a good day of local scup fishing. He called in at 830 this morning to say he had a good pick going. The fishing kept up all day long. Many anglers filling 1-3 buckets each. Quite a few of the scup were around 2 pounds. Some nice sea bass in the mix as well to 4 pounds. The fish have been staying local which makes for a short ride and lots of fishing time. We are planning on sailing everyday at 7am for scup and sea bass.

Captain Rich will be setting sail tomorrow morning for cod as well. The Gail Frances will set sail tomorrow morning at 7am for cod.