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Oct 31

Captain Mike reports another stellar day on the blackfish. A light crowd of anglers was treat to outstanding fishing. A full boat limit by 11:30am!!!! Captain Mike then went exploring to some new spots for catch and release and left them biting. Pool fish was around 10 pounds with quite a few fish over 7 pounds. Captain Matt and Chris k were running with gaffs in there hands all morning. Quite a few short black fish kept rods bent all morning. 3 keeper cod also came over the rail. We will not be fishing tomorrow due to the weather but are planning on sailing both Saturday and Sunday.

2 reminders… The cod boat will be leaving at 6am starting Nov 1st… Also Sunday is day light savings time with the clocks being set 1 hour back.

Wednesday October 30th 2013

codoct29codoct29acodoct29bcodoct29ccodoct29dcodoct29ecodoct29fRoger reported an outstanding day of fishing on the sea bass/cod combination today! The best showing of cod in two weeks and pretty close to a full boat limit of big sea bass. Some big ocean perch, a 15 lb Pollock , one nice blue fish, a handful of baseball bat size red hake, and even a small fluke today mixed in with the cod and sea bass. Lots and lots of big sea bass in the 2 to 3.5 lb range with some bigger ones to just under 5lbs mixed in. Lots of double headers as well. Best of all today there were few of the unmentionables so anglers were able to fish unabashedly with two hook rigs and much higher hooks which both the cod and sea bass jumped all over today! Even a few really classy double headers of cod on one hook and big sea bass on the other! How cool is that!!! The cod were generally market size fish with a handful of fish in the low to mid teens. Quite a few anglers today had two or three cod apiece and this is the FIRST TIME we have been able to say this in TOO LONG!! Both bait and the metal produced today. The biggest fish of the day was taken on the metal and Chris K who also jigged all day today had two nice market cod, a 15 lb Pollock, and a short cod on the iron clam. Both anglers easily limited out on big sea bass on jig/teaser combos as well. A respectable showing of short cod as well and the majority of the cod taken were on the green to very green side with just a few darker fish although there were a couple really beautiful red ones in the mix. There seems to be quite the sign the bait on the grounds as evidenced by the herring being spit up and all the gannets and sheer waters. The weather was picture perfect allowing the Lady Frances to drift all day. Weather looks questionable for Friday but the weekend looks much better. Remember as of November 1st the cod/sea bass boat will set sail at 6am on it’s five day per week sailing schedule. Some pictures today showcasing some angler hi lights are provided courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported another very strong day of togging on the Admiral Frances today. Not quite the slaughter of yesterday but very good nonetheless. There were quite a few angler limits and many anglers who went home with several nice tog apiece. Biggest fish of the day was around 9 lbs but unlike yesterday that size fish was not nearly as common with most fish under six pounds. One keeper cod and a few keeper sea bass topped off a great catch of tog. Plenty of short tog in between kept things quite busy as well. Next tog trip sets sail tomorrow morning at 6am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike.


togoct29togoct29atogoct29btogoct29ctogoct29dRoger reported today featured the best tog trip of the young season so far with a FULL BOAT LIMIT of tog and even back to the dock a shade early!! The limit was reached and Capt. Mike even had some time to do a little experimenting and found some catch and release tog fishing as to stay and enjoy this blue bird fall day on the water. Dan from Brewster NY had the biggest fish of the day and took home the gold with a big white chinner that checked in at 11.3 lbs! Way to go Dan! Dan also had a brace of tog in the 8 lb range. Capt. Cory had a black fish today that scaled just under 9 lbs. Numerous other big togs in the six to seven pound range today as well. There was also a tremendous number of throwbacks today to keep things busy at just about every location sampled. Even a few nice tog and plenty of short tog for the one fella who insisted on fishing clams all day. A slightly better showing of keeper sea bass today and one nice ling rounded out today’s full boat limit of togs. Hi hooks today frequently caught as many as ten to twenty keepers apiece (orl of course!) and hi hooks including shorts caught upwards to 50 fish per person. Just mind bogglingly good fishing. Some pictures provided today courtesy of Roger. With the colder weather and water temperatures continuing to drop there should be much more good togging to come. Capt. Mike looks forward to another beautiful weather day on the Admiral Frances tomorrow ready to set sail at 6am.

Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Lady Frances tomorrow morning at 7am for sea bass and cod. The weather looks great for going to those grounds so if interested come on down!

Monday October 28th 2013

codoct28codoct28acodoct28bcodoct28ccodoct28dcodoct28eRoger was elated to report some truly excellent fall fishing today on the Lady Frances! The boat easily had its entire limit of jumbo sea bass within the first three hours at the first location with fish up to 5 lbs and most in the two to three pound range. Double headers were common place if one fished with two hooks, the bite was just insane and reminiscent of fishing seen by this angler not since the turn of the century! A few anglers caught as many as 30 to 40 big sea bass( only retaining their respective limits of course!) A bunch of big blue fish into the teens, a mess of big scup to over 2lbs, and a few ocean perch rounded out the species assortment at the first area fished. So obviously we had to go looking after that and we took a ride back towards home and were pleasantly surprised in the last hour of fishing to put a few nice cod in the boat both dark and green fish with the best a fine fat green fish in the low teens. The last spot also had a couple of baseball bat size red hake, a few big porgies and a few good size catch and release sea bass along with some big ocean perch. This was the best showing of cod in over a week and a fair amount of other cod were missed or dropped by anglers at the last anchor set. Some pics today provided courtesy of Roger. All fishing was done with bait. Next sea bass and cod combo is set for this coming Wednesday and by the way the weather looks fantastic, at 7am with Capt. Rich.

Capt. Mike reported a good day on the Admiral Frances for tatoug. Pool fish was around 9 lbs with at least a few angler limits and hi hook boating 9 good tog (orl). Many of the anglers aboard boxed several nice black fish apiece and there were plenty of shorts through the day to keep things moving right along. A few just keeper sea bass mixed in as well. Weather looks great for tomorrow and Capt. Mike will be set to sail on the Lady Frances at 6am for tatoug.

Sunday October 27th 2013

togoct27togoct27atogoct27bCapt. Mike was pleased to report a good day of local togging. There were some really hefty tog today on the boat with the biggest fish of around 12 lbs not in the pool and two fish in the ten pound range that duked it out for the money. A handful of other big tog in the 7-8 lb range as well. There were at least a few limit catches and a good number of anglers who walked away with several nice tog apiece. A few just keeper sea bass mixed in as well as plenty of short sea bass and short togs to keep anglers quite busy at the rail. A few pics provided today courtesy Capt. Mike. Next tog trip will set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Admiral Frances.

Tomorrow looks like a great day weather wise to go out after sea bass/cod and offshore porgies as well with the Lady Frances ready to set sail at 7am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Saturday October 26th 2013

codoct26 codoct26acodoct26bcodoct26cRoger thought the fishing today was good aboard the Lady Frances. The bite on the scup and good size sea bass was steady all day however the last half hour the fishing was absolutely off the charts with one of the best big sea bass bites that this angler has seen in quite some time. It was a shame the building sea in response to a freshening southwesterly breeze forced a slightly early return however  the day was made and we can certainly say with left them biting with a vengeance!! Numerous sea bass limits were easily attained around most of the Lady Frances today. Biggest sea bass close to or just exceeding the 5 lb mark with numerous others over 3lbs. Real nice quality today!! Not much in the way of cod today but the biggest was a fine fat green fish in the mid teens. The porgies were of fair to good size today but not really what we would call hubcaps but those who fished smaller baits and smaller hooks easily put a dozen to fifteen nice size scup in their bags and coolers to make a nice compliment to the jumbo sea bass catches. Plenty of good size ocean perch and a nice mess of fair to good size blue fish mixed in which added some extra sport today. Perhaps best of all there was only one unmentionable all day!  A few pics provided today courtesy of Roger. Next sea bass and cod expedition is set to sail Monday morning at 7am aboard the Lady Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a nice day of local togging with some good catches made and the biggest fish of the day tipping the scales at around ten pounds. There were at least a few limit catches and plenty of short tog kept things nice and busy today. One keeper cod and a bunch of just keeper size sea bass added to the black fish bounty. In fact one angler said he limited out on keeper size sea bass using clams in addition to getting some nice tog. There will be just one boat tomorrow with the Lady Frances setting sail for black fish at 7am.

Friday October 25th 2013

Roger reported the sea bass and scup were cooperative today on the Lady Frances. Just a couple of cod today with the best just a shade under ten pounds. Biggest scup around two pounds and biggest sea bass just over 4lbs with plenty of the jumbo category size of 2 lbs or better. Quite a few good size ocean perch as well and hardly any of the unmentionables in fact so few that two hook rigs were not drawing any volume of unwanted attention. There were some sea bass limits today and quite a few anglers who were close. Hi hooks on the scup had upwards to a dozen keepers apiece. Best scores however were once again frequently made with one hook down near or today especially just below the sinker. Tomorrow is a new day and we will be back at it again with the cod fish boat set to sail on the Lady Frances with Capt. Rich at 7am.

Capt. Mike reported a good day of local togging. A very light crowd managed to put together a decent catch with at least several limit catches and several others were dangerously close. Just a very few just keeper sea bass today mixed in with the tog. Nothing big with the best around six pounds or so. Tomorrow Capt. Mike will be set to sail on the Admiral Frances for tog. A couple of pics today will appear above today’s report courtesy Capt. Mike.

Thursday October 24th 2013

Roger reported a respectable day togging today. Longtime regular Jacob and one other angler tied hi hook honors with 5 keepers apiece. Jacob’s biggest tog checked in at roughly 7 lbs. Another longtime customer Al Dagnazio from Southington CT put on a bit of a fishing clinic at the first stop today and proudly put three nice sea bass and two fine togs in his cooler. Way to go Al!! A few more keeper sea bass mixed in today with the togs that generally ranged from keepers to fish around five pounds or so with just a few bigger ones mixed in. Some short sea bass, short togs and a couple of nice scup plus one short cod fish rounded out the species assortment for the day. Clams and crabs were both working today for the tog fishing and both baits are provided on the tog boat. Just a couple cooler pics courtesy of Roger today. Tomorrow is a new day and the Admiral Frances will be set to sail with Capt. Mike at the helm at 6am.

Capt. Rich will be setting sail for cod and sea bass on the Lady Frances tomorrow morning at 7am.