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codnov30dcodnov30ccodnov30bcodnov30acodnov30Roger called in to report that water was clearing up on the cod grounds and the fish were starting to bite. Some nice cod and sea bass are coming over the rail and seems the bite was heating up. Roger will have full report later this afternoon. Things were indeed VASTLY IMPROVED today on the cod and sea bass trip aboard the Gail Frances. The water was a bit cleaner and that made a HUGE difference in the bite. A slow but steady chip of keeper and throwback sea bass all day long. Peter Tu had his limit of keeper sea bass including a couple of jumbos and just about everyone else on board had at least a couple to several keeper sea bass apiece to take home. We had a nice sprinkling of all green cod up to just under ten pounds today as well with one angler grabbing three keepers and one other guy with two keepers. About a dozen ling, a few good size ocean perch, a handful of jumbo scup, one short Pollock, a couple short cod, and not a single unmentionable plus gorgeous albeit slightly chilly weather sums up today’s outing. Things also looked much better on the sounding machine and the fishing should only steadily improve by the day now that we are in a much more tame weather pattern. Everything was on bait today and both cod and sea bass were caught on both high and low hooks. Two hook rigs were fine to use today as there were none of the unmentionables which is perhaps the first or second time this could be said the entire fall season! Tomorrow looks like another great fishing day weather wise and Capt. Rich will be setting sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6am. A few pics today showcasing a few of the angler hi lights appear courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported  improved but still slow togging. The catch was doubled from yesterday but even at that there is still quite a ways to go before things are back to pre last Wednesday. Pool fish around 7 lbs and there were more throwbacks today as well. Each day going forward should continue to show steady improvement. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning aboard the Lady Frances at 6 am.

We are planning on sailing both boats tomorrow morning at 6am for blackfish and cod.

Friday November 29th 2013

codnov29Roger reported a very tough day on the cod/mixed bag fishing trip today. The water was still very dirty from Wednesday’s southerly gale to storm force winds and the fishing suffered accordingly. Too bad because the weather was beautiful and the ocean nearly flat calm with drifting and anchoring both used today. We fished a number of different areas finding a little but very little life in each. There was a decent number of big true conger eels taken today with a few of them going nearly five feet in length! A handful of sea bass with a few of them jumbos in the 2 to 3 lb range and some short sea bass, one keeper cod, one short cod, a couple small ling, one big flounder and some but not that many unmentionables. Tomorrow we try again with Capt. Rich ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 6am.

Capt. Mike also reported suffering the same fate with the dirty water. A handful of tatoug to 6 lbs did make it aboard but that was about it. Tomorrow we try again with Capt. Mike ready to set sail on the Lady Frances at 6am.

Tuesday November 26th

Captain Mike called in to report a decent day of black fishing after the blow. The water was on the dirty side but Captain Mike found some nice fish. A few limit catches today and everyone going home with at least 3 keepers. Pool fish was around 9 pounds. Quite a few shorts around to keep anglers busy in the cold temperatures. We will not be sailing tomorrow due to the weather and we will not be fishing on Thanksgiving. Fridays weather looks good and we plan to sail both for cod and blackfish.

Saturday November 23rd 2013

codnov23ecodnov23dcodnov23ccodnov23bcodnov23acodnov23tognov23btognov23atognov23Roger reported great mixed bag fishing again today on the Gail Frances. It was a bit sporty today so there was quite a swing on the anchor but the scup and sea bass were chewing once again with wild abandon! There were many scup limits around the boat today and same for the sea bass. Not as many big sea bass today but plenty of fine keepers and enough jumbos up to over 4lbs to keep enthusiasm high. The scup were generally in the one to two pound range with a couple slightly larger ones recorded. Double headers all day long for those who were fishing two hook rigs. A few handfuls of nice cod today but not as many as we had been catching, perhaps the scup were just too thick today! The cod came in mostly one burst and favored one small section of the boat where as yesterday they were much more spread out. The cod fish caught were all nice green fish, even the throwbacks. Every day is different. Hi hook was longtime regular Norm from northern RI who boxed three nice cod and the pool fish in the mid to high teens. Longtime regular Kumio from West Hartford CT filled his cooler to the brim as well and boxed two nice green cod to ten pounds and the a nice Pollock in the low teens. Longtime regular Sean from CT took a fine cod in the low to mid teens, a limit of big scup and a limit of jumbo sea bass and so on. Other species today included good size ocean perch, blue fish, sculpin, a few handfuls of the unmentionables, and even an ocean pout. All protected species considered to be endangered were released unharmed of course. Everything today was taken on bait. Due to gale force winds and arctic temperatures there will be no cod/mixed bag trip tomorrow and Monday right now is also highly unlikely. Stay tuned to the web site for when we are planning the next cod/mixed bag trip once the weather settles down. Some pics today provided courtesy Roger.

Capt. Mike reported a good day of togging. A half dozen or so limit catches and quite a few other anglers who were very close today and the big fish of the day was around ten pounds with at least six other nice tog in the 7 to 9 lb range so some real quality to be sure. Plenty of short tog keeping things busy as well and a couple of short cod. There is no tog trip tomorrow due to the gale warnings and arctic temperatures. Please give a call tomorrow afternoon in regards to a possible tatoug outing on Monday. A few pics today provided courtesy of Capt. Cory.

Friday November 22nd 2013

codnov22fcodnov22ecodnov22dcodnov22ccodnov22bcodnov22acodnov22Roger reported another great day of mixed bag fishing with Capt. Rich on the Gail Frances. We had a mesmerizing variety of fish today that included cod, sea bass, scup, ocean perch, bonito, bluefish, flounder, trigger fish, red hake, sculpin and just a few handfuls of unmentionables. We had several really nice cod today with the biggest in the low 20′s and another right around 20 lbs and another in the mid to high teens. A few others around ten pounds with the rest just nice market size keepers. Nearly all were green fish and hi hook took home three nice cod today. A handful of short cod as well. The bite on the cod fish was super super soft. In fact for most of the cod caught, the anglers did not even feel a bite per se. What would happen is the bait would cease being attacked by scup and sea bass and then it would feel as though there was nothing going on but you’d lift up and feel weight and the cod would be rolling the bait around in their mouth. Even anglers using the most modern of the fabric lines reported not feeling the cod fish biting the bait! Tough to get a good hook set that way unless you swing hard blindly. Some other big cod were dropped today due to lack of a good hook set under these circumstances. When ever something feels different or a little strange, set that hook like your trying to reach the clouds in the sky! There were quite a few sea bass limits and most anglers had at least several nice ones apiece to take home. Several big sea bass were jigged up earlier in the day but once anchored bait was the way to go. Biggest sea bass around the 4 lb mark. The big scup were back in force today, similar to last Sunday. Most of the anglers aboard caught ten to thirty big porgies apiece and those who used smaller hooks had their thirty fish limit easily. Quite a few in the 1.75 to 2 lb range with a few up to 2.5lbs and some more average ones in the mix but most were platter size. Some good size red hake today as well with one angler bagging three of these delicious relatives of the cod fish. After a few drifts early on the wind came right up and we spent the rest of the day with a nice swing on the anchor. We did not start catching cod today of any size until we anchored up. A special thanks to Rick from Belchertown for bringing down a big pot of AWESOME beef stew and special shout out also to Ben from NYC for the delicious Chinese food. Thanks gentlemen! Looks like plenty of fresh air again tomorrow but it looks to be the nicest fishing day of the coming weekend and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 6am aboard the Gail Frances. Some pictures today provided courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported an awesome day of togging. They were just a few fish short of a full boat limit and had some real quality as well today. A few fish in the 10 lb range fought it out for the pool honors with another dozen or so fish in the six to eight pound range. A decent amount of short tog kept things from getting dull and a couple short cod and just keeper and short sea bass rounded out the species assortment for the day. Tomorrow looks like another nice fishing day for tatoug and Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail on the Lady Frances at 6am.

Thursday November 21st 2013

tognov21btognov21atognov21Roger reported a good day of togging with some really nice fish taken but it was not the all out slaughter of yesterday. Cha from NJ took the pool with a 12 lb brute tog and there were was another fish taken that went just under ten pounds and a couple others in the 8 to 9 lb range so some quality to be sure. A decent number of limit catches today as well and a respectable amount of short tog and short and a decent number of keeper sea bass to keep things rolling right along. In fact hi hook on the keeper sea bass was just shy of a limit catch with six. A couple of cod today as well but nothing big. It turned out to be a gorgeous day on the water. Tomorrow looks like another great fishing day with mild temps and just a few showers and the right amount of wind to sit great on the anchor, the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Mike at the helm. A few pics today provided courtesy of Roger.

Tomorrow also looks like some good November fishing weather to go after the sea bass cod and jumbo porgies and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 6am. Monday’s results were very good for all three species and we hope for a repeat tomorrow!

Wednesday November 20th 2013

codnov20fcodnov20ecodnov20dcodnov20ccodnov20bcodnov20acodnov20What a difference a day makes. Its 12:45 and the blackfish boat is on its way back in with a full boat limit of tautog. Roger will update after 4:00 today with a few more details. And also a cod/seabass report as he is out on that boat today himself. Just give him a little time to get in and get settled in the office and he will give you a blow by blow description of today’s fishing.

Roger reported an awesome day of mixed bag fishing with Capt. Rich aboard the Gail Frances! Just a handful of anglers came out today to brave the slightly chilly morning temperatures and brilliant mid November sunshine, but most important we got out and now have a fresh report! We only fished two areas today finding excellent results at both. Scott Romano from Middletown Ct had an awesome day boxing four nice green cod, a nice Pollock, an easy limit of big sea bass and a half dozen big porgies. Scott took the pool with a fish that was just a shade under 20 lbs and also had another nice fish in the low teens. There was NEVER a time while fishing today without a bite unless one did not have their hooks baited. Another angler on board boxed four nice cod fish into the low teens, an easy limit of big sea bass to over 4lbs, a half dozen big porgies and tossed back at least thirty more good size sea bass (all the while using one 8/0 hook) while longtime regular John Wills boxed three fine cod into the low teens, an easy limit of big sea bass, and a mess of platter size scup and so on. John also was busy catch and release fishing on the sea bass tossing back at least 20 good size specimens after reaching his limit. Hi hooks on the scup who used smaller hooks managed upwards to a couple dozen nice porgies apiece. Needless to say there was just about a full boat limit of sea bass with all the catch and release fishing going on. Biggest sea bass over 4lbs, biggest scup around 2 lbs (not quite as many monster scup as on Sunday’s run). Some big ocean perch and a couple nice keeper Pollock to 7 lbs plus one or two ambitious blue fish rounded out the day’s catch. Several nice green cod were taken on the iron clam today but bait was generally the way to go. The weather was gorgeous with enough wind to provide an optimum swing on the anchor. Weather looks great for Friday and good for Saturday and those will be the next cod/mixed bag fishing trips with Capt. Rich ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 6am. Some pics today posted courtesy of Roger and the pics focus more on fillet table and basket shots as Roger was busy helping out at the table on the ride back to port.

Capt. Nicky Blount filled me in on some additional details regarding todays BLACK FISH CRUSH aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt at the helm. As mentioned in the earlier post the boat was back by 1pm with a FULL BOAT LIMIT!!. Mostly good size tog with very few short togs today. Biggest around nine pounds with others in the 7 to 8 lb range and a fair amount of others over 5lbs. A pleasant surprise in the form of several nice cod today as well with the best around 8 lbs and also of interest a couple of these cod fish including the biggest were taken at a very shallow rock pile close to home with a nice pick of keeper size tog as well up in the skinny water!! Looks like more great weather for togging tomorrow through Saturday and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6am with Capt. Mike at the helm.

Tuesday November 19th P.M.

Word from Capt. Mike was that blackfishing was slow today. Due in part from the windy conditions and the dirty water from the day before. Still, there were some nice fish caught just not the numbers that the captain,crew and customers have been accustomed to on recent trips. But tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday November 19th

No word yet from the blackfish boat, but as soon as we get the report we will pass it on. Both the blackfish boat and the cod/seabass boat are scheduled to sail tomorrow, Wednesday November 20th. The wind is dropping out and other than the cold it looks like a nice November day. If you read back through the weekend reports, the pictures and reports speak for themselves, The fishing on boat boats has been very very good, so grab your gear and head on down. Both boats leave at 6:00 a.m. The Gail Frances for Cod/Seabass and the Lady Frances for Blackfish. The office will be open till 7:00 pm if you need any more information.