Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 31st

Just a reminder that we have changed our schedule for the month of April. We will be sailing Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, at 7:00 a.m.

As of right now Wednesday’s weather looks great, so give us a call to make your reservation or you can also do it online. Let’s hope April gives us great weather and great fishing!!


Captain Matt reported slow fishing on the local cod grounds. The ground swell was larger then we were hoping for. Some fish still around in the swell but the fish hard a greyish color from hunkering down. Some perch mixed in with the cod. We will not be sailing tomorrow. WE do hope that April bring some nicer weather.


We are keeping an eye on the upcoming weekends weather. Satudays weather look OK and we plan on sailing for codfish at 5am. Please call the office and make a reservation for any upcoming trip.


Sorry for the late was having trouble posting reports. Captain Matt reported a slow pick of codfish. The water was dirty after the weekend blow. Some fish here and there but not the crush we were hoping for like last march. We are watching the weather for the next sailing day. Please stay tuned for next sailing days.

Monday March 24th

The Lady Frances sailed yesterday Sunday March 23rd for the first time in a couple weeks. We got a slight break in the weather, although it appears to only be for a short period of time. Capt Mike reported a few more cod caught than on the last couple trips, but still not the winter standards we had become used to over the past few years. More shorts caught and released than on recent trips as well. Although we got a break Sunday, the weather is not going to be fish-able again till close to the end of the week. A storm coming Tuesday night into Wednesday will bring some pretty heavy winds. Keep in mind that this coming weekend will be the last days of sailing at 5:00 a.m. Starting April 2nd, we will are scheduled to sail Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 a.m.

Friday March 21

The winter that just won’t stop!The weather has kept us at the dock since March 9th and will do so again tomorrow, Saturday March 22nd. Sunday is a possibility but be sure to call us tomorrow and double check the weather conditions. Hopefully things will start changing soon. From the sounds of most anglers and including our crew, everyone is going stir crazy and are anxious to get back out on the water. The end of March is in sight and we can only hope for a nice mild April.


Looking back at our records from last year the last few weeks in March had some fantastic codfishing. We are hoping with the break in the weather to get back out to the grounds and find some real bombers. We plan on sailing every day at 5am weather permitting. Please call the office and make a reservation.

Friday March 14

Due to the high winds forecasted for tomorrow Saturday March 15th, there will be no trips. As of right now Sunday looks like a better day. Be sure to call the office to make reservations.

Tuesday March 11th

Due to the increasing number of customers that call and SAY they are coming and then DON”T show up, we are now forced to take credit card payment for ANY reservation. By not showing up, you not only waste other customer’s time and money, but also our crew. We apologize to those that this has happened to and hopefully it doesn’t happen to them again.

This week’s weather looks a little questionable. So be sure to check back. For all reservations we will need, name, phone number, number of people and credit card payment. You can also make your reservations online at