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Saturday May 31st 2014

flukemay3114Squid fishing last night was on the slow side. Next trip sails tonight at 7pm on the Lady Frances with Capt. Ray. They have to start chewing sometime soon! Plenty of room so if interested call the office to make a reservation or just come on down!

Some great news on this morning’s half day and morning half day private charter. Both Capt. Matt on  the Lady Frances and first mate Troy on the Admiral Frances reported their customers enjoyed very good fishing along the beach today. Biggest fish taken on the charter was a fine 6 lb slab with both boats enjoying a nice pull of keepers and plenty of shorts for action packed fishing!! In addition a mess of catch and release jumbo sea bass, a few cock tail blue fish and some super size sea robins to add some variety. It was a fast drift today so naturally bait rigs reigned supreme especially those of the more plain jane variety. The report from first mates Troy and Capt. Cory was that the afternoon trip was plagued by wind against tide conditions and there were just a few handfuls of keepers and shorts for the enthusiastic crowd aboard. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 8am for the first one and again at 1pm for the second one. Remember if one does back to back half days he or she can receive $15 off the second trip which is a very full day of fluke fishing for just $65!!

The report from first mates Capt. Ted and Chris L was of  very good fishing today despite  rocket ship  speed like drifting conditions. Nevertheless the fluke were chasing down both the buck tails and bait rigs. There were several reported angler limits and a better amount of those quality jumbo size fish. Quite a few if not most of the anglers aboard had several nice fluke apiece to take home. Sung Koo from Storrs CT took the pool today with a thick 27 inch slab estimated to be around 7.5 lbs and this fish was one of three jumbos Mr. Koo had in his tally. One small blue fish today otherwise it was all fluke and there were quite a few shorts to keep the anglers interested at the rails in between the keepers. One picture of the pool fish today provided courtesy of Roger. Weather looks great for tomorrow and the Gail Frances will be set to sail for fluke at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Today’s report written by Roger.

Friday May 30th 2014

The report from last night’s squid trip was of very slow fishing despite great weather. The squid were there in huge numbers but just wouldn’t show any prolonged interest in the squid jigs. We try again tonight with Capt. Ray set to sail at 7pm.

Capt. Mike reported solid fishing today on the Lady Frances for full day fluke. Biggest fish was just under 6lbs and that honor went to David Stretch from NY. In fact David and his friend Bobby Layman teamed up for a total of 7 other nice keepers in addition to the pool fish. Way to go fellas! Mr. Kim was the only angler who had a limit today but there were a decent number of folks that had three to five nice fluke apiece to take home. Still some good quality and a fair shake of shorts to keep things from getting dull. A behemoth sea bass estimated at over 5lbs briefly saw the Lady Frances before he was sent free. Less than a month away til we can keep them!! It was a gorgeous day on the water and tomorrow looks very pleasant as well with Capt. Mike ready to set sail on the Lady Frances at 7am.

The crew from Douglas Plumbing and Heating from CT were out on a private charter with Capt. Rich and Capt. Ted on the Gail Frances and had a great time today. A nice mix of good size fluke with sizes up to 6 lbs pleased the anglers aboard. We would like to thank Douglas Plumbing for their loyalty to the Frances Fleet and some pictures from today showcasing angler hi lights will be forthcoming courtesy of Cathy in the very near future! Still plenty of prime dates available for private charter so call the office and speak to Roger, Tammy or Cory for further booking details.

Today’s report written by Roger.

Thursday May 29th 2014

Capt. Mike reported another good day with lots of quality fish in the 4 to 5 lb range with pool fish around 7 lbs. Whether or not there were actually any limits was unknown although Capt. Mike felt likely there were a few guys who were very close or made it. Early in the day dragged baits out produced anything else with a great drift and then later when things slowed down spro jigs had the edge. No specific colors were given. Anyways we do it all over again tomorrow with Capt. Mike ready to set sail on the Lady Frances at 7am.

Details from last night’s squid trip were sparse but the general word was of slower fishing than previous nights. A couple anglers did okay with a bit less than a half pail but overall the wind and rough sea conditions and strong tide made things rather challenging. Next squid trip sets sail tonight at 7pm.

Today’s report written by Roger.


Captain Mike reported another good day on the fluke grounds. Some windy conditions made for a fast drift but the fluke did not seem to care. High hook caught 12 keeper fluke. Most anglers went home with 4-6 keeper each. Todays pool fish was a solid 9 pounder. The rain held out for most of the day but the windy machine was on full blast. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Lady Frances for fluke. The office will open around 6am for all ticket and tackle sales.

5/27 Fluke

Captain Matt reported a good day on the local fluke grounds. A light ground of angler were treated to the best weather day of the week and some great fishing. High hook had 14 keepers and second high hook had 12. Most angler went home with 5 each. Captain Matt also caught a fine 28′ slab. The action was stead for most of the day. The shorts kept anglers busy all day with some catching over a dozen. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for fluke on the Lady Frances.

Monday May 26th 2014 Fishing Reports

poolflukemay23Capt. Mike reported a slower morning half day trip with lack of drift early on making things tough. By the end of the trip the water started moving better and anglers began to chip away at a few keepers and a few handfuls of shorts. The pm half day was just about the same. Next scheduled half days are set for this coming weekend with trips both Saturday and Sunday the 31st and 1st leaving at 8am and again at 1pm.


The report from the full day fluke boat was of slightly better fishing than yesterday. Again the emphasis is on quality.  A slow steady chip throughout the trip that included a nice bunch of fish in the 3.5 to 5 lb range.  Mark Tapam from CT had a good day with five nice keepers, including three jumbos in the 5 to 6 lb range which also included the pool winner! Way to go Mark! Mark’s preferred method today was fishing with Peruvian spearing sandwiched between two nice tapered strips of squid. Peruvian spearing, by the way, is sold here at the Capt. Tackle for those who might want to give it a try and over the years a good many jumbo fluke (including some double digit size slabs) have fallen victim to these smelt sized bait fish. Hi hook honors go to exceptional rod handler Mike from northern Ct who brought nine keepers to the boat (orl) using buck tails. Cin and his son from NYC each boxed five nice size keepers using both bait rigs and buck tails. Mr. Po from upstate NY who never plays the pool had the big fish for the day with a fine 8 lb slab. A few nice fluke were taken on whole squid towards the end of the day as well.  Longtime regular Mike from Providence was down today with his sister Gretchen and Gretchen is now in the lead for the biggest skate so far this season. The big Block Island skate laid  to rest on the deck of the Gail Frances weighed in at just under ten pounds!! Well done Gretchen!  Tomorrow’s weather looks ideal for fluking with a nice steady but modest southwest wind and mild temperatures, Capt. Cory will have the office open around 6 am for tackle and ticket sales and Capt. Mike will be set to sail for fluke at 7am aboard the Lady Frances. The picture above today’s report is of a recent pool winner, picture provided courtesy of Office Manager Tammy. As an aside Tammy, myself or Capt. Cory will always be happy to take a photo of your big fish if you’d like inside the Capt. Tackle after your trip.

Today’s report written by Roger.

Squid Fishing Report for Sunday Night May 25th 2014

The report from first mates Greg and Chris K was that the squid fishing was highly variable last night from angler to angler which is frequently par for the course when there is such an enthusiastic turnout. There were bookend flurries of good squid fishing all around the boat but for the most part, for most of the night in between, the better scores were made by those with more experience. Catches varied from a half dozen pieces to a couple dozen pieces for many but some of the sharpies filled upwards to three quarters of a five gallon pail or perhaps even a bit more. The size on the tubes continued to be frequently behemoth with tube sizes alone often exceeding 15 to 17 inches!! Overall it could be stated the fishing was improved over Saturday Night’s fishing but not quite up to the standards set this past Wednesday through Friday Nights. Squid fishing will continue as long as the interest and fishing hold with the next trip set for this coming Wednesday Night aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Ray setting sail at 7pm.

written by Roger.

Sunday May 25th 2014 Fishing Reports

ginnyflukemay25IMG_3368IMG_3366IMG_3371IMG_3369IMG_3363IMG_3359Capt. Mike reported this mornings half day found a nice pick of keeper and short fluke close to home. Anthony Mecurio from Coventry was hi hook with four fine keepers. Anthony Jr. also did just fine with two nice keepers and a dozen big squid! No monsters in the flat fish department but the biggest probably tipped the scales at just under 4lbs. The afternoon half day produced as well with a nice mix of keepers and shorts. Longtime regular Tony bagged the biggest of the day with a fine 5lbr while Troy had one that just went under 4 lbs. Again, those who tried for squid were not disappointed with a few anglers getting upwards to a dozen nice squid rather briskly. Two half days tomorrow with the first at 8am and the second at 1pm. Back to back half days can net you a $15 savings on the second trip, making for a very full day of fishing for just $65!!

Capt. Rich reported today was not a repeat of yesterday. The anglers aboard did pick away at some nice size fluke but the bite was far more relaxed. Pete and Connie Tu, longtime regulars teamed up for a half dozen nice keepers including a couple of fish in the 4 to 5 lb range while another longtime regular Billy Trevere from NJ had four fine keepers including a pair of 5lb slabs. The theme was definitely quality as the pool fish was estimated to be around 8 lbs and the runner up around 7.5 lbs. A couple of small blue fish in the mix too. Several beautiful pictures are provided courtesy Ginny Reed showcasing some of the angler hi lights from today. The Gail Frances will be set to sail at 7am tomorrow morning with Capt. Rich at the helm.

written by Roger.



5/24 squid

Troy reported a much tougher squid fishing trip. The squid seemed to only be hitting the jig and not attacking it like in nights past. The squid were very hard on the bottom. Some anglers figured it out and caught very well while other watched. A few lucky anglers went home with 3/4 of a bucket. We will be sailing tonight at 7pm for squid.

5/24 fluke reports

Captain Matt was delighted to report the best day of the year so far. Nearly 150 keepers came over the rails today. Also happy to report the largest fish we have had this year, two fish over the 8 pound mark. 50fish in the 4 pound range as well. Not as many shorts today but no one seemed to complain. Many people are going home today with limits of nice keeper fluke. We will be setting sail tomorrow morning at 7am.

Our first half day sailed this morning as well and saw decent results. Some keepers mixed in with the short fish kept rods bending during the trip. Some anglers tried squid fishing while on the half day and had good results. One angler manged half of a bucket. The afternoon trip saw better fishing then the morning. High hook had 6 keepers. We will be sailing on both half day trips tomorrow at 8am and again at 1pm.