Monthly Archives: June 2014

Monday June 30th

Captain Matt reported a much improved day of the full day fluke boat. The first drift was one of the best we have seen in a few days and then it tapered off from there. The quality of the fish was also much nicer today with many fish over 6 pounds. The pool fish was a fine 9 pound fish. Many anglers went home with limits of both fluke and sea bass today. Some real boomer seabass over 5 pounds made it over the rails.Matt also put in some extra time on the last drift and saw over 60 keepers make it in to the coolers. Captain Rich will be at the helm tomorrow at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Captain Mike was at the helms of the half days trips and reported decent fishing this morning but a slower afternoon. High hook this morning went home with 3 keepers and 2 sea bass. Pool fish was around 5 pounds. The afternoon sea breeze was stronger then expected which made for very fast drifting conditions. High hook in the afternoon went home with 4 keepers. The pool fish was around 6 pounds.Both half day trips are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Sunday June 29th 2014

Capt. Mike reported a good morning of half day fishing aboard the Lady Frances. The first drift was awesome and a nice chip ensued for the rest of the trip until the end of the trip when they popped some big black sea bass. Hi hook took home five nice keepers and the pool fish, well done Scott from Waterbury CT! Some other anglers had two and three keeper catches apiece and a few anglers had two nice big sea bass apiece to take home. The afternoon trip saw some good drift conditions but the fish did not wanna cooperate. Some anglers were lucky enough to go home with a hand full of fluke and sea bass came over the rail but nothing like this morning. The next 2 hald day trips will be setting sail on the Admiral Frances tomorrow morning at 8am and again at 1pm.

Captain Matt reported a slow day for the opening day of sea bass. The sea bass seemed to know it was opening day and scattered.Captain Rich tried many of his prime sea bass spots and they were empty. The fluking was also on the slower side. The morning saw a lack of drift. Some nice keepers to 6 pounds came over the rail. The fluke were also not as spread out as we would have liked with a few anglers getting from 0-6 each. A few nicer fish battled it out for the pool but a 6 pound fish could not pass up a single white spro tipped with squid. Captain Matt will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Striped Bass fishing was poor last night. Next trip weather permitting is this coming Wednesday at 7pm by reservation.

Saturday June 28th 2014

First mate Capt. Cory reported the morning half day was okay but they did get a few really nice fish with the biggest a 27.5 inch 8 lb slab which fell to a 3z pink spro and Capt. Mike Willer with the next biggest of just under 5 lbs. One small blue fish and some shorts plus the last day for c/r sea bass this season kept anglers busy. A couple photos courtesy Christine Blount.

Capt. Cory reported the afternoon half day saw better fishing than the morning trip with a few guys getting three keepers apiece and the biggest fish over 5 lbs. Quite a few shorts in the mix as well to keep things moving right along. One photo of a couple happy young anglers provided courtesy Capt. Mike. Two half days on tap tomorrow and remember tomorrow and thereafter we can keep three sea bass per person over 13 inches in addition to the fluke, finally! The Lady Frances will be set to sail at 8am and again at 1pm.

First mate Troy reported the morning half day charter on the Admiral Frances for the Phil Kwan group featured fishing that was just out of this world!!!  Fishing was red hot with lots of big fluke to at least eight pounds and all but four fish not making jumbo category!!! The fluke were all taken on what we call ”plain jane” rental rod set ups, nothing fancy just a long leader hook with squid strip and spearing combo. No feathers or buck tails or any of that fancy stuff. At times the action was so hectic that the Captain and first mate Troy ran ragged around the boat scooping up these big fluke as fast as they could. Nearly 40 jumbo fluke hit the decks of the Admiral Frances with most fish 4 to 6.5 lbs with a few bigger ones to 8lbs in just a few short hours ensuring bulging bags of fillets for all!! This is the kind of fishing experienced only occasionally even over on the Gail Frances full day boat!! Best of all the fishing took place along the scenic south shore in a zone fished many years before by the former 8am boat Captain Ray who now does the Night Bass trips. Gargantuan sea bass to an estimated 5 lbs were caught and released as well today along with some short fluke towards the end of the outing.  A few pics provided courtesy of Capt. Chris and/or members of the charter. This was probably one of the best half day charters ever in the history of the Frances Fleet!!  Still some prime dates available for private charters, even Sundays!! If interested call the office to speak with Tammy or Roger for further booking details or please check out the “private charters” section of our web site which also offers more information on these private trips including pricing.

First mate Troy reported the afternoon charter was another very successful outing for the Chris Troy group with an excellent catch of keeper fluke up to 5lbs and while there were plenty of fish in the 3.5 to 4.75 range there were more normal keepers in the mix. Everyone was reportedly pleased and left with plenty of fresh fish for some great meals in the near future. Congrats to the Admiral Frances and its crew for two incredible back to back slammer charters!! Well done gentlemen!

Capt. Rich reported a good day of fluking today. Again congrats to longtime customer Norm from Fall River who took the pool with a fine 8 lb slab. Two weeks in a row!! Well done sir! Capt. Rich reported a good number of anglers aboard had five to limit catches and others had less. Word that came back from a few customers was that the squid spro buck tails were very effective for a few anglers. We do carry some of these in the shop as well. Fortunately tomorrow we can start bagging some sea bass with a three fish bag limit per angler in addition to the fluke. Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Just a reminder this coming week we are Striper fishing Wednesday Thursday and Saturday Nights at 7 pm by reservation. Capt. Frank has reduced the maximum number of passengers to roughly 35 per trip to maximize angler comfort for the 2014 season.


Friday June 27th 2014

Roger reported a good morning of half day fishing with quite a few keepers spread out amongst the anglers aboard but nothing huge. Good quality fish in the 3 lb range were not at all uncommon but nothing that would crack 4 lbs. Some shorts in the mix as well but not in huge numbers. Awesome drift conditions with bait rigs just edging out the buck tails today. Rental Rod set ups did very well this morning. Troy was hi hook once again with four fine keepers to 3.5 lbs today. A bunch of sea bass and sea robins of varying size as well in the catch and release department.

The report for the afternoon half day was  of slower results than the morning trip. A rock star first drift with a nice bunch of keepers and shorts was soon tempered as each successive drift found less and less action and eventually the bite just about stopped altogether. Tomorrow is a new day and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 8am and again at 1pm for the half days.

First mates Capt. Cory and Capt. Matt reported a great day of fishing on the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich. A modest crowd put more than 150 keepers into the their coolers and bags today aboard the Gail with optimum drift conditions. Biggest fish was 7.5 lbs with a half dozen others over 6 lbs according to Capt. Cory but most of the keepers were just that today. All terminal gear seemed to be effective today and there were lots of limits spread around the boat with hi hook catching 12 keepers (orl). Plenty of shorts and sea bass for catch and release. Remember Sunday is the day we get our three fish per man bag limit on sea bass 13 inches or greater in size. One blue fish and one porgy today as well. A well done to first mate Chris L’s daughter who managed to jig up and bring a fine 6 lb fluke to the safety of the net today! Great weather on tap again for tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be set to sail on the Gail Frances at 7 am.

Some news for cod enthusiasts!! Looks like we will be trying for Sunday July 13th as our first outing of the summer. The trip time is 6am to 4pm and the cost is $95. Last year did see some successful fishing and some hefty fish up to 35 lbs!! Reservations and pre payment required for this trip which can be booked online through the web site. Roger has been out a couple times recently with his friend Capt. Dan and they managed to jig up some nice fat market cod both very close to home, in between and a bit farther. On their last outing they discovered that the cod were gorging on sand eels which is always a good sign.


Thursday June 26th 2014

amhalfjune26amhalfjune26a  Roger reported a good morning of fishing on the Lady Frances with a light crowd despite, and a very scary weather forecast the skies parted and the wind was a mere whisper and sun screen was a much greater concern than rain gear for sure! Anglers had a nice mix of keepers and some shorts. Troy was hi hook with six fine keepers to 4 lbs on hi lo buck tails. In fact on the last drift alone Troy, in quick succession, putting five keepers on the deck during that drift put on a fluke clinic reminiscent of the ones Roger used to put on regularly while aboard the 8am to 3pm fluke boat years ago! Well done Troy! A handful of other anglers had two or three keepers apiece. Quite a few small fluke, sea bass and sea robins kept the catch and release department busy today as well. A couple pics provided today courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Matt reported a very good afternoon half day until the squall moved through but by that time the trip was nearly over. Anthony Mercurio and his son Anthony Jr. combined for 8 nice size fluke on buck tails this afternoon while another fella on board boxed five good size keepers. Some real quality stuff with many fish in the 3 to 4 lb range and the best a pair of 6 lb fish. Mostly fluke except for a few skates and a few jumbo catch and release sea bass. Two half days tomorrow with the first to set sail at 8am and the second to set sail at 1pm aboard the Lady Frances.



Wednesday June 25th 2014

The report from this morning was of slower half day fishing. Some big sea bass to briefly look at (Sunday is right around the corner!) but just a handful of the flat ones to keep and flat ones to throw back.

The afternoon half day was much better with a nice mess of keepers to 5 lbs and plenty of shorts to keep the rods bending and of course some c/r sea bass action. Evan Meyers from Charlotte North Carolina took the pool with the fine 5 lb slab and a picture of Evan with his fish will appear with today’s update courtesy his father Brett Meyers. Tomorrow we are set to sail two more half day trips with the first at 8am and the next at 1pm, both on the Lady Frances.

The report from Capt. Rich from the full day was that a light crowd of anglers enjoyed some very nice weather and good fishing. There were at least three limit catches according to Capt. Rich and a few other anglers who were within striking distance. Pool fish or biggest fish of the day was reported to be about 8 lbs. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7 am for full day fluke aboard the Gail Frances.


Tuesday June 24th

Captain Matt was at the helm of the Gail Frances for todays full day fluke trip and reported very good fishing. The fish were not as spread out as Matt would have like but 8 people are going home with limits of fluke with many others in the 30-5 fish range. High hook honors went to Mr Kim who put a show on catching 14 keepers. Mike from Providence RI took the pool with a fine 9 pound fluke along with 9 other keepers. the wind was blowing all day long which made for a very good drift. All forms of tackle produces fish. Captain Rich will be sailing tomorrow morning at7am.

Captain Mike ran the half day trips and had decent results. The morning was hurt by wind against tide conditions. There was some slow periods but then a blitz of fluke would come and 10 rods would have fish on. quite a few shorts in the mix and soon to be keeper sea bass kept anglers busy. The afternoon had a much better drift and saw more keepers. High hook in the afternoon had 3 keepers. Captain Mike will be sailing on both half day tomorrow morning at 8am and again at 1pm.

Monday June 23rd

Capt. Mike reported that the morning half day picked a few fish but due to poor drift conditions the end result was not as favorable as he would have liked. The afternoon half day was slightly better but again the drift conditions just weren’t there today. Hopefully tomorrow’s conditions are better. The Lady Frances is sailing at 8:00 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m.

Capt. Richie and Capt. Matt reported another good day on the 7:00 a.m. full day boat. Matt said plenty of limits going around the boat. Quality fish were the norm today, with many in the 7-8 lb range, with the pool winner around 9 lbs. Capt. Matt at the helm of the Gail Frances for tomorrow’s 7:00 a.m. trip.

Sunday June 22nd

Captain Mike reported a slower morning half day trip with the Narragansett Lions VIP Charter. The slow drift in the morning hurt the fishing potential. Anglers still managed some nice keeper fluke to 4 pounds. Lots of shorts kept anglers busy. Captain George also reported a slower morning on the open boat half day trip. No drift and no wind every where these captains went. Captain Mike did report a much better afternoon half day. A nice afternoon breeze kept the boat drifting all afternoon. High hook had 3 keepers with others having 1-2. The shorts also kept the rods bending during the trip. Some scup and sea bass also couldn’t pass up the baits. Both half days are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and again at 1pm.

Captain Rich reported a slower day on the full day boat. Some anglers did very well but is was not up to par with the last few trips. At least 3 limits were taken by Mr Pak, and Pete and Connie Tu. They all worked the bucktails and had action all day. The morning was slow like the half days due to the lack of drift. Pool fish today was around 7 pounds. Captain Rich will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for Fluke.