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Thursday July 31

photo1photo2Captain Rich reported a much improved day on the full day fluke boat. Its amazing what a little bit of drift can do for a fluke bite. Many fish over the 4 pound mark with 7 fish over 7 pounds. The biggest fish of the day was 9 pounds but was not in the pool. High hook managed to catch 16 keeper fluke with the next being 10 keepers. Many sea bass in the mix as well with plenty of sea bass limits. Spro bucktails were the way to go today. Some scup and a blue fish rounded out the catch. Captain rich will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.

Captain Mike reported a decent morning on the half day. The action slowed down some but the quality of the keeper fluke was outstanding. The pool fish was a fat 28.5″ slab. Many other fish around 4 pounds as well. Sea bass kept anglers busy through out the trip. The afternoons trip saw much of the same action on fluke and seabass just not the same size fish. Both half day trips are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Last night bass trip was very slow. Only a few fish around. We will not be sailing tonight but are scheduled to sail tomorrow night at 7pm.

Wednesday July 30th

Captain Rich reported improved fishing on the full day fluke boat. Lack of drift really hurt todays numbers but anglers still went home with some fish. High hook on fluke had 5 keepers. Todays pool fish was around 8 pounds. More sea bass today with many people going home with sea bass limits to 4 pounds. Bucktails were the way to go today. Captain Rich is hoping for better fishing tomorrow at 7am.

Captain Matt reported better fishing on the half day morning trip. More sea bass and fluke coming over the rails. Still quite a few shorts around keeping the rods bent. Some larger fluke of 7 and 8.5 pounds. The afternoon saw some more sea bass to 5 pounds. Both half days are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Tuesday July 29th 2014

Capt. Mike reported beautiful weather but very slow fishing on both half day trips today. A few fluke, a few sea bass and a few shorts and that’s it. Here’s to hoping for better fishing tomorrow! The Lady Frances will be set to sail at 8am and again at 1pm for half day fishing. Back to back half days can net an angler a $15 discount off of the second trip.

Capt. Rich reported a tough day of fluke and sea bass fishing. Just wind against tide all day. Longtime regulars Sin and his son bucktailed up tide all day and wound up boxing 14 nice fish to 6 lbs however their scores were not representative of the average. Eben York did ok with four nice fluke today. A few handfuls of sea bass, a few scup and two monster blue fish in the teens. There was a bit of a bite at the very end of the day. I suppose we were due for a slower day as fishing on this boat has really been great recently. Weather sounds great tomorrow and the Gail Frances will again be set to sail with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Finback Whale sighting on today’s Whale Watch. Plenty of room as of now on Thursday’s trip so please call the office or book on line if interested in joining us on Thursday’s tour.


Monday July 28th 2014

2014-07-2715.18.092014-07-2715.19.04amhalfjuly28Roger reported a slow morning half day but the weather was beautiful. The pool fish was taken by a mighty nice ocean blue fish. The afternoon half day saw a big improvement but still on the slow side with an equal number of keeper fluke and keeper sea bass. Two half days tomorrow with the first to set sail on the Lady at 8 am and the second to set sail on the Admiral at 1pm.

A few recent pics from both the full and half day trips recently provided by longtime regulars Sandy and Cyrus from NY and RI and Chris from Warwick RI.

Capt. Matt reported a very good day of fluke and sea bass fishing for the handful of anglers who showed up to go despite a stormy forecast. The day while a bit breezy turned out to be sunny and completely fishable. There were at least a few limit catches and most anglers were very close with only a few fishers boxing only three to five keeper fluke apiece. Quite a few sea bass limits as well. Sizes on the sea bass up to nearly 4 lbs and the majority of the fluke were those quality three to four pound fish we have seen quite a bit of this year with a half dozen or so in the six pound range and a couple 7-8 lbrs battling it out for the pool. A few hefty blue fish added some excitement as well. Fast drift today so bait rigs were effective however those who were really intent on staying with jigs did just fine as well. Tomorrow looks like another very nice weather day and the Gail Frances will be set to sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Sunday July 27th 2014

pmflukejuly27Bass fishing was slow last night. Biggest fish was around 20 lbs. A couple blue fish too. Next Striper trip sets sail Wednesday Night at 7pm by reservation.

The report from the full day boat was of very good fishing today. A lot of nice fluke and some quality sea bass as well. Mr. Lee took the pool with a fine 9 lb slab while Kill Song from NJ was hi hook with ten keepers to 8 lbs (orl). Longtime regulars Sandy and Cyrus from Whoppinger Falls NY combined for 15 nice fluke and an easy limit of sea bass. Quite a few of the other anglers aboard had four or five good size fluke apiece. Sounds like both bait rigs, jigs and whole squid were all effective today. A lot of quality fluke again in the 3 to 5 lb range. A couple nice scup and a few slammer teen size blue fish rounded out the species assortment for the day. We are set to sail again tomorrow at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm of the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a nice morning of half day fishing as the keeper sea bass were rather cooperative and there were quite a few sea bass limits. The afternoon trip was also good with a fair amount of sea bass limits and plenty of short sea bass to keep things rolling right along and the weather on both trips was far more pleasant than anyone could have ever expected given the weather forecast! A few really nice fluke mixed in during the afternoon with Rodney from Waterford Ct taking the pool with a fine 27 inch 7.5 lb slab and Rodney also had another jumbo fluke of around 4.5 lbs.  A picture of Rodney’s big fluke appears courtesy Capt. Mike. Troy was the star angler on both trips however just crushing good size sea bass to nearly 5 lbs using a single  3z crippled herring jig with no bait. Troy is truly one of the best rod handlers this angler has ever seen in more than 30 years of ground fishing! Two half days on tap tomorrow with the Lady set to sail at 8am and again at 1pm. Remember back to back half days can net the angler a $15 discount off the second trip.


Saturday July 27th 2014

Last night’s bass fishing was slightly improved from the night before. Nothing big with the best in the mid teens. Still not quite the numbers we were hoping for. Next trip tonight at 7pm aboard the Lady Frances is SOLD OUT.

We are planning summer cod trips for the following Sundays in August….August 17th, 24th and 31st. The trips will leave at 6 am and return at 4 pm. The trips are scheduled to be on the Lady Frances. The trips will be generally limited to 45 to 50 fishing persons although bird enthusiasts and naturalists who are not fishing are more than welcome to jump on for a reduced rate as well. On line reservations are STRONGLY recommended or one can call the office to reserve over the phone with customer service representative.

Plenty of room on today’s Whale Watch so if anyone wants to jump on just be in the office before 1pm to purchase your tickets! Sightings have been amazing!!

Capt. Mike reported an awesome turnout of enthusiastic fishers for the half day morning trip which was celebrating the annual Blessing of the Fleet. Fishing was modest but some nice sea bass and a few good fluke made it aboard nonetheless.

Capt. Matt was pleased to report his morning half day charter aboard the Admiral Frances for the Jeff Verochi group from Walpole MA was a great success with a big mess of good size sea bass up to four pounds along with a handful of nice size fluke. All hands aboard had a great time and left with some nice fillets for some fine meals to come. Capt. Matt and first mate Troy made an outstanding team! Still plenty of prime dates available for private charters so if interested please check out the private charters section of the web site and then give a call and ask to speak to Tammy Roger or Cory for further booking details.

Capt. Rich reported a good day of fluke fishing. Not quite the quality of yesterday but plenty of keepers despite some tough drift conditions early in the day. There was one limit catch and a decent number of anglers who managed five to seven keepers apiece. More shorts mixed in today as well. Pool fish was 7 lbs with the next biggest fish over 6 lbs. A few handfuls of good size sea bass up to four pounds plus a few hubcap size scup, one giant ocean perch and three fine blue fish. Some success today with Peruvian spearing and whole squid however more of the better scores were made by some of those using buck tail set ups even with a quicker drift in the afternoon. Tomorrow we set sail again at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.



Friday July 25th 2014

fulldayjuly25fulldayjuly25aCory reported a good day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances although again due to slower drifting conditions the fish were just not quite as spread out as we would have liked. Nevertheless two anglers caught ten keepers apiece(orl) and several others were limited out with a few more dangerously close. All or most of the higher scores were made using some form of buck tail jig set up. Troy’s younger brother was out today and had 7 jumbo fluke himself from 4 to 7 lbs!! Pool fish today was a solid ten pound fish and the runner up was 7 lbs with several others just shy of the 7 lb mark and at least 30 other fluke that met jumbo criteria ( 4 lbs or more). There were more short fluke in the mix today as well so sizes were split between small fish and extreme quality. Just a few handfuls of keeper sea bass, a few scup and one blue fish otherwise it was all fluke. A couple of pics appear courtesy deck hand Troy. Tomorrow looks like a more sustained breeze which should help push the Gail Frances along quite nicely and Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7am.

Last night’s bass trip was slow. A few keepers and a few blue fish. The biggest bass was slightly bigger than the night before. Tonight’s trip is sold out and tomorrow night only has a few spots left to sell as of this writing.

Roger was out with his good friends Capt. Dan and former Frances Fleet deckhand Steven today and found the local cod fishing to be about as good as he had seen it since before the turn of the century for this time of year. It was all jigs and teasers on a very fast drift with frequent double headers and lots of throwbacks too. A mix of dark and lice covered green fish with most of the fish boxed in the 6 to 12 lb range with a few up to and just over 15 lbs. They were limited out in 2.5 hrs!! All cod except for one nice keeper Pollock. On a few drifts they just let things go and found pods of fish all along the way catching intermittently for over a mile at one point! In fact most of the fish over 10 lbs were taken when they were letting the drift go! We will be trying to make another go at a cod trip or two on Sundays in August. Exact dates will be determined by Frank and Cory very shortly. Last but not least Roger commented on never having seen so many whales and bait birds on the way out and back from the cod grounds.

Capt. Matt reported a very good morning of sea bass fishing with some nice fluke mixed in and great drifting conditions. The afternoon trip was plagued by slower drift conditions therefore only a few anglers did really well with the sea bass and there was little in the way of fluke in the afternoon. Only one half day trip tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 8am.

Today’s Whale Watch outing was another one for the books! Whales were spotted in good numbers (Finbacks) very close to home! Still room on tomorrow’s Whale Watch outing so if interested in booking a reservation please call the office.


Thursday July 24th 2014

pmhalfjuly24seabassamhalfjuly24aamhalfjuly24Roger reported a very good morning of half day fishing today with sea bass of various sizes bending rods one drift after another. More than enough keepers mixed in so that most anglers left with at least dinner. Nothing huge with the best of the lot perhaps just under 3 lbs. Some nice fluke and short fluke mixed in today as well with one really nice fish taken by Mike from Thompson CT with a 28 inch 8 lb slab caught on a rental rod rig. Lots of short sea bass keeping anglers busy with one angler catching and releasing more than 30 sea bass!! Needless to say a decent number of sea bass limits around the boat. A few nice size scup and one slammer blue fish thrown in for good measure. A couple pics courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Matt just came in and reported that the pm half day was very good with a nice mix of good size fluke up to 6 lbs along with a nice mess of big sea bass including a true 5.4 lb 26 inch monster weighed on the calibrated official certified scale inside here at Capt. Tackle. That weight is after the fish was bled out and sat on ice for a couple hours so the “out of the water” weight was likely much closer to 6 lbs!!  This behemoth sea bass was taken by deck hand Troy fishing on an afternoon off and Troy was hi hook with a limit of sea bass and five good size fluke. Troy’s did his damage today with a single pink spro buck tail casting up tide and working the jig back to the boat however other anglers also did well with just the plain jane rental rod squid/spearing combos. A beautiful photo of Troy’s sea bass was provided courtesy of deck hand Nick P.  Tomorrow we offer two half days with the first setting sail at 8 am aboard the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm aboard the Admiral Frances.

Once again Capt. Mike was pleased to report another outstanding day of Whale Watching in the waters south east of Block Island. They saw at least two dozen Fin Back Whales and quite a few Dolphin. Next Whale Watch departs tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. Right now there is ample room so if interested please call the office to make a reservation.

Last night’s Striper fishing was improved over the past two outings with a handful of keepers and a handful of shorts but nothing big. A few blue fish mixed in as well. Still plenty of openings on tonight’s trip so if interested give us a call to make a reservation.

Cory and Chris L reported the full day boat saw slower fishing today due to lack of drift much of the day. A few anglers who worked the buck tails really hard did extremely well but their scores were not representative of the majority. Some days are just like that in party boat fishing. There were two limit catches and another angler who had boxed seven nice keepers. There were very few short fluke today with most of the fish emphasizing quality in the 3 to 4 lb range with a few bigger ones including the 9.8 lb 28 inch slab that was not in the pool and the six pounder that took something to the bank today. Just a couple handfuls of sea bass, a handful of scup and one blue fish rounded out the day’s species assortment. Weather looks awesome for tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.



Wednesday July 23rd 2014

First mate Capt. Matt reported a good day of fluke fishing on the Gail Frances. A couple limit catches and biggest fluke around or just shy of 7 lbs. Some sea bass mixed in as well. Weather looks fine for fishing tomorrow but there is a chance of showers so bring rain gear if that is important for your comfort as a fisher. Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Keith reported very quick drift conditions both morning and afternoon with a mix of sea bass and a few fluke but nothing really big just nice keepers. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8am on the Lady and the second at 1pm on the Admiral.

A Striper trip is on tap for this evening so a fresh report should be available tomorrow morning. Plenty of room on bass trips through Saturday Night as of now.


Tuesday July 22

Captain Matt was at the helm of the morning half day trip and reported an all out sea bass crush. All of the anglers on the morning trip went home with limit of sea bass to 5 pounds. The sea bass fishing on the first 2 drift was just an all out feast with some anglers reeling in 15 fish on the first drift. High hook reeled in 40 sea bass this morning. Some nice fluke also made it over the rail as well to 5 pounds. The afternoon was slower then the morning but there was over 50 keeper sea bass and 20 keeper fluke to 7 pounds. The Lady Frances is scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8 am and again at 1pm.

Captain Rich reported an decent day on the full day fluke boat. It was a slow chip all day with some blitz of keepers. High hook is going home with a limit of fluke with other anglers with in 1-2 fish. The sea bassing was slower with only about 2 dozen coming over the rails. Todays pool fish was around 9 pounds. Captain rich tried a new zone later the afternoon and found some more quality in the keeper fluke. The Gail Frances will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for fluke and sea bassIMG_7690