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Sunday August 31st 2014

galleranitunaaug29conniepoolfishaug31Capt. Matt reported an excellent morning half day trip for sea bass with a great haul of keepers and lots of shorts to keep things quite busy, especially at the last stop where it was just about an all out bail job. Nothing huge but lots of quality sea bass. Just a few scup and a few short fluke mixed in as well. Experienced party boat fishers Leroy and Ginna Sneathen were out with us today, all the way from Cape May NJ and they reported having a great time catching lots and lots of sea bass and easily limiting out! Leroy took the pool fish today ( a fine jumbo sea bass of just under 3 lbs) using a gulp bait. A decent number of other fishers were limited out as well and the boys on deck were busy filleting all the way back to the dock and then some. First mate Cory reported the afternoon half day was an all out SEA BASS CRUSH!! Nearly a full boat limit for a very enthusiastic crowd of fishers! A few jumbos but most were just nice fat perfect eating size keepers. At times nearly every rod was bent over all the way around the boat! Several hundred throwbacks as well keeping all hands on deck very busy. Some porgies and a couple short fluke rounded out the catching for the trip. Best of all this great fishing was only 20 minutes from the dock!! Tomorrow will mark the last day of the half day fishing season for the Frances Fleet and trips will depart at 8 am and again at 1pm aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt at the helm once again.

Tomorrow night’s Tuna trip is a go and the weather looks great!! The trip is still on the light side so plenty of room for those who want to call and make a reservation or even come on down! Pictured above today’s report is Frank Gallerani from Charlton Mass with one of several big yellows he caught on the long range trip which came back on Friday. This was generally the average size yellow taken on the wildly successful outing.

Capt. George reported the full day charter for the Ernest Pinon group found a nice mix of scup and sea bass. For further booking details on private charters please call the office and speak to Tammy Roger or Cory, or check out the “private charters” section of the web site.

First mate Chris L reported a respectable day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances today. A good haul of keeper sea bass and some big porgies to over 2 lbs along with a fair showing of good size fluke. Hi hook on fluke took home four keepers and the exceptional rod handler was none other than longtime regular Connie Tu from West Warwick RI. Connie also had three of the biggest fluke of the day with the 9 lb pool fish and a pair of 6 lbrs!! Way to go Connie! Connie caught the big 29 inch slab on a bait rig and strip bait (nothing fancy). Connie also had a limit of nice sea bass and there were a fair number of sea bass limits recorded around the boat. Drift conditions were rather speedy today as well. A picture of Connie and her pool winner provided today courtesy Peter Tu. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.

Tomorrow is the first day of Porgy fishing. We will be setting sail aboard the Admiral Frances at 7 am and return around 3 pm. Thereafter we will sail porgy fishing Wednesday, Friday and weekends at 7am weather permitting.


Saturday August 30th 2014

amhalfaug30amhalfaug30aamhalfaug30dThe report from first mate Troy was of very slow fishing last night on the Gail Frances. Still plenty of openings on tonight’s trip so if interested call the office to book a reservation.

Owner Christine Blount reported a very busy morning of half day fishing with short and some keeper sea bass keeping rods bent throughout the trip. A fair amount of anglers aboard had two or three nice fat keeper sea bass apiece to take home. A handful of fluke today with the biggest of the trip, a fine 5 lb pool winning beauty being taken by first time fisher Nine year old Theodore DeCicco from Westpoint NY. Way to go Theodore! Theodore’s grandfather Dan DeCicco from Providence is one of our longtime regular customers. Congrats also in order today to Nick Listro from Windsor CT who caught a fine fat jumbo sea bass. Pictures today provided courtesy owner Christine Blount. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm aboard the Lady Frances.

Capt. Matt reported a nice day of fishing for the Furey Roofing Charter today. A full boat limit of nice size sea bass along with a nice bunch of platter size scup pleased the anglers aboard the Admiral Frances today. A few slammer trigger fish and a couple blue fish added some spice to the catch. For more information regarding private charters please check out the “private charters” section of the web site or call the office and speak to Tammy Roger or Cory for further booking details.

First mate Cory reported an okay day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances. A fair amount of fluke to 6 lbs and a decent number of good size sea bass including a handful of jumbos over 3 lbs to as big as 5 lbs plus some nice scup and one blue fish made up the day’s haul. Not quite what we had hoped for but tomorrow is another day and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.



nightfishingaug28nightfishingaug28a10.7LBFLUKE829tunaaug29tunaaug29atunaaug29btunaaug29ctunaaug29dFirst mate Troy reported last night’s bass fishing was okay. Not as wild as the night before but some nice bass to 20 lbs were taken. Still plenty of room on tonight’s trip and tomorrow night’s so call the office if interested in booking a reservation. A couple pictures from last night’s trip provided courtesy deckhand Nick P.

It sounds as though the boys on the Tuna boat may have had a very good outing, details are still somewhat thin but all indications so far are positive. Stay tuned for details throughout the day as they become available! Next tuna trip is set for this coming Monday Night leaving at 10 pm and returning sometime Thursday afternoon. Still plenty of space left on that outing so if interested call the office to make a reservation.

The above thinking that Tuna fishing was good this past trip turned out to be an understatement! The fishing rivaled that of any trip in more than a decade!! Capt. Mike reported they CRUSHED the Yellow fin Tuna at night on the chunk and on jigs and trolled up a bunch of Albacore during the day. There were many anglers who easily attained limit catches on Yellows and these fish were of appreciable size with the vast majority falling into the 75 to 90 lb range!! There were a handful of smaller ones as well but most were rather impressive. The Albacore were also of good size in the 40 to 60 lb range. Just one Mahi on the troll. There is still PLENTY of room left on the trip setting sail Monday Night at 10 pm and returning sometime Thursday afternoon. Call the office to make a reservation if interested. Tuna pics provided courtesy first mates Chris K and Capt. Matt. The sounder pic from Capt.Matt and pile pic from Chris k are both destined for the Frances Fleet Tuna Scrap Book!!

We just received word and accompanying picture of a double digit fish caught aboard the Gail Frances. Doug Sherman from CT with a fine 10.7 lb slab. Picture provided courtesy first mate Cory Blount. Doug’s big fish was caught using a bait rig and just a single strip of boat squid!! It was definitely mixed bag fishing today on a super fast drift. A respectable take of fluke that included about a half dozen other jumbos over 4 lbs with hi hook for the day boxing 7 keepers using whole squid until he ran out and then employing a bait rig and just fluke belly bait with no spearing! Quite a few sea bass today including a dozen or so big ones over 3 lbs with the best according to Cory hitting the 5 lb mark. A couple dozen platter size scup to over 18 inches and nearly 3 lbs plus a half dozen nice size blue fish topped off the species assortment. One angler who switched back and forth from clams to fluke tackle easily had his limit of good size sea bass plus a nice mess of big scup, three good size fluke and a blue fish! Well done Gerald! Gerald is a longtime regular customer and exceptional rod handler from the mid Hudson Valley area in NY state. Tomorrow is forecast to be another gorgeous day weather wise and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.

Capt. George reported a respectable morning half day with a couple fluke and some nice sea bass. The afternoon trip was reported to be somewhat slower. Remember just one half day tomorrow morning leaving at 8 am aboard the Lady Frances.


Thursday August 28th 2014/ EXCELLENT BASSING LAST NIGHT!!

First mate Greg reported a FANTASTIC night of fishing last night aboard the Gail Frances. A light crowd was treated to some stellar fishing with several limit catches recorded and most of the bass in the 20 to 35 lb range with the best being about 35 lbs. No blue fish and all bass. Still plenty of room on the trips tonight through Saturday Night so call the office to book a reservation if interested. By far both number and size wise the best bass showing thus far this season!! No pics as the crew was just immersed in the activities on deck. Now that is some great fishing!!  Just a reminder that when booking on line there is a 24 hr time out before the scheduled trip.

The report from first mate Capt. Ted was of very good fishing today for a very light crowd of anglers aboard the Gail Frances. A respectable pull of fluke including fish of 8 and 7 lbs. A few anglers managed 3 or 4 good size fluke apiece today. The majority of the anglers aboard were limited out on sea bass with some jumbos to 3 lbs or so recorded. A handful of big scup and some blue fish rounded out the day’s species assortment. Sandy and Cyrus did really well with a combined total of 7 good size fluke (including the pool fish!) and a half dozen nice size sea bass using their tried and true whole squid rigs. Capt. Ted reported a pretty fast drift today with whole squid and bait rigs reigning supreme. Capt. Rich will be at the helm tomorrow morning ready to set sail on the Gail Frances.

The afternoon half day produced a decent amount of nice size sea bass and one nice fluke. The afternoon trip was much better than the morning trip today. Tomorrow will feature two more half days with the first to set sail at 8 am and the second at 1 pm aboard the Admiral Frances.


Wednesday August 27th 2014

First mate Chris L reported a solid day of fluke fishing on the full day boat today. Continued slow but steady improvement in the fluke department. Just a few handfuls of sea bass today. Biggest fluke was estimated to be at least 8 lbs and a handful of other nice jumbo fluke were noted as well. Longtime regular Doug from CT was hi hook with a full limit of nice fluke today, most of which he caught late in the day by gingerly working buck tail jigs up tide. Some nice blue fish today mixed in also. Tomorrow Capt. Rich will be ready to again set sail at 7 am.

The report from the morning half day was of a nice mix of fluke and sea bass. More of the same this afternoon. Nothing huge but definitely some quality fish and quite a few short sea bass to keep the momentum going. A few scup this morning and one blue fish each outing as well. Tomorrow will feature two half days with the Admiral Frances set to sail at 8 am and again at 1pm with Capt. George.

Just a reminder our HALF DAY TRIPS, will continue through Labor Day, Monday September 1st. We have BOTH AN 8:00 A.M AND A 1:00 P.M. HALF DAY ON FRIDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY. We will only have an 8:00 A.M. HALF DAY ON SATURDAY. This is the HALF DAY SCHEDULE.  THE FULL DAY 7:00 a.m. to 4:00, SAILS DAILY



Tuesday Aug 26th

photo1photo2photo3Captain Rich reported a slower day on the full day fluke boat. A good turn out of fluke angler were treated to of the nicest day of the summer but slower fishing. Some nice fluke and quality sea bass but not the numbers we like to see. High hook had 4 keepers and sea bass limits were taken by many. Todays pool fish was caught by Larry from NY and was a solid 8 pounds. The biggest sea bass of the day was around 4 pounds. Some real “bucket topper” scup to 3 pound and 1 lone blue fish rounded out the days catch. Captain Rich will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.

Captain George was at the helm of the half day trips and reported OK fishing. The mornings trip had zero drift but produced some bomber sea bass to 5 pounds. Some people went home with sea bass limits and high hook on the fluke had 2 keepers to 6 pounds.The afternoon saw some of the same fishing with a few more fluke in the mix.Only a few more days left in the half day season and the weather is looking good for the next few days. Both half day trips are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Monday Aug 25th

Captain Rich reported an OK day on the full day fluke boat. Lack of drift hurt the fluke fishing but the scup and sea bass fishing was very good. High hook went home with 4 keeper fluke. The biggest fish of the day was 8 pounds but was not in the pool. The pool fish was caught by Mr. Lee which was 6 pounds. He is also going home with 4 keeper fluke. Everyone is also going home with a sea bass limit to 5 pounds. Quite a few scup in the 1-2lb range filled peoples coolers. Tomorrow is another day and Captain Rich will be sailing at 7am.

Captain Matt was at the helm of the half day trips and reported good fishing on both trips. Both trips had a good showing on nice sized sea bass to 4 pounds as well as some nice keeper fluke. There is still plenty of fish around and rods were bending through out the day. Both half day trips are scheduled to sail tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Sunday Aug 24th

Captain Rich reported an OK day of the full day fluke boat. The boat never went under a knot which made for some tough bucktailing but the whole squid did very well. High hook went home with 7 keepers with many anglers having 4. The pool fish was a solid 7 pounds with a few fish in the 5 to 7 pound range. Some nice sea bass in the mix as well to 4 pounds. Some scup and bluefish also made it in to the coolers today. Captain Rich did say he saw more bait around and is hoping when the tide slow down some the fishing will pick up.

Captain George was at the helm of today’s half day trips and reported good fishing. The morning saw fluke to 6 pounds with 5 fish over the 4 pound mark. Some nice sea bass came over the rail as well. The afternoon started off very well with a 7, 6,and a 5 pounder coming over the rail, but then the fishing slowed down. A few more fluke and sea bass came over the rail as well. Both half day trips are scheduled to set sail tomorrow at 8am and 1 pm.

Sunday August 24th 2014

nightbassaug22First mate Greg reported a slower night on the night fishing trip last night. They did get a few nice keeper bass and a few handfuls of blue fish but it was not quite what we had hoped for. The tides the last few nights have not been ideal either according to Capt. Ray. This coming week is the last week for the four night sailing schedule with trips offered Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 7 pm by reservation. A picture of the 25 lb plus bass taken on Friday Night’s trip appears courtesy deckhand Chris P.

Saturday August 23rd 2014

7amfulldayaug21i7amfulldayaug21j7amfulldayaug21f7amfulldayaug21gFirst mate Greg reported the night time fishing was just okay last night. The bass were ever so slightly more cooperative with the biggest fish around 25 lbs and a bunch of blue fish as well. Recent outings have even found a couple fluke and a scup which inhaled a diamond jig! Tonight’s trip is SOLD OUT!! Next trip with availability is this coming Wednesday Night at 7 pm. This coming week is the LAST week with a four night nighttime fishing schedule of Wednesday through Saturday Night at 7pm by reservation.

First mate Troy reported a very fast drift this morning on the half day but a few handfuls of nice fluke and some sea bass of respectable size went into the bags and coolers aboard the Lady Frances. Considering a forward motion of almost two knots coupled with a very enthusiastic turnout of half day enthusiasts it was a decent outing and the weather was exceptional. Two half days tomorrow on the Admiral Frances setting sail at 8 am and again at 1pm.

Capt. Matt and first mate Troy reported a great afternoon charter for the Glen Dusablon charter from North Smithfield RI. A handful of nice fluke and a nice pile of keeper sea bass provided plenty of action and fillets for all hands on deck! Some anglers easily limited out on nice sea bass this afternoon on the charter. Plenty of prime dates available as we head into the fall so please call the office if interested in further booking details and speak to Tammy Roger or Cory.

First mate Nicky Blount reported a slow to fair at best day aboard the Gail Frances despite a great turnout of fluke and sea bass fishers. The fluke fishing was somewhat improved from yesterday but still has a ways to go to be back where it was earlier this week. Some keeper sea bass and a handful of platter size scup and a few nice blue fish mixed in as well. Longtime regular and exceptional rod handler Billy Trever had three jumbo fluke today with fish of 6, 5 and 4 lbs. Bragging rights for the pool was fought between nearly identical fish in the 7 lb range and could only be solved by a careful evaluation of the hanging balance bar. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am. Several pics provided courtesy Christine Blount from a recent full day outing.

First mate Greg reported a nice showing of Finback Whales on today’s Whale Watch. Just one more trip left for the 2014 season this coming Tuesday! Spots are booking fast, please book on line by Monday at noon or by calling the office to make a reservation with a service representative.