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Friday October 31st 2014

codoct31codoct31aRoger reported an outstanding day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances. We had the second best showing of cod this season and plenty of big sea bass to boot. A nice turnout of cod and sea bass enthusiasts aboard the Gail Frances today to take advantage of this nice Halloween weather day before the big blow this weekend. There were many sea bass limits and many of the sea bass were over 3 lbs, and we also had a better showing of nice size scup today with sizes to well over 2 lbs. A few blue fish, lots of short cod and a handful of big sea flounders, good numbers of big ocean perch and a few spirited blue fish made the day one to remember for sure. Hi hook on the cod had at least six keepers although it was rumored the gentleman may have had a one or two more. Longtime regulars Norm from Cumberland RI, Rick from Belchertown MA, and Lou from Niantic CT all  tied for second place hi hook honors with four nice keepers apiece. A few anglers had three cod apiece to take home with quite a few others with at least one or two. There were a handful of anglers who did not get a cod to take home today but as stated before it was the second best trip of the year for cod.  Norm also took the pool with one of the biggest cod we have seen in a while with a fine fat green fish of at least 15 lbs. Well done Norm! The squid bonanza also continued off the Galilee Docks again this morning and Norm jigged up 230 of those tasty mollusks before he went cod fishing! Cod were taken on both bait and jigs but bait was the way to go. Sizes on the sea bass up to nearly 6 lbs. Just about everyone on board left with a nice bag of fish today. The weekend will not feature any cod fishing and Monday is cancelled as well but hopefully by Wednesday we will be back at it. Stay tuned for updates. Just a few pics today courtesy of Roger.

First mate Troy reported red hot tatoug fishing today for a pleasant turnout of tatoug enthusiasts. Best day of the season so far according to Troy and Capt. Mike and there was lots of action with short tog as well. There were many limit catches noted around the Lady Frances today. A lot of big tog with the pool winner once again around ten pounds. A decent number of sea bass as well. Tatoug fishing is also cancelled this weekend but we are keeping the door open for Monday when the weather should allow us to break away from the slip.


Thursday October 30th 2014

togoct30atogoct30btogoct30ctogoct30Roger reported a good day of tog fishing aboard the Lady Frances. There were quite a few limit catches noted around the boat today with some also right behind. There were also, however, a handful of anglers who did not do so well. Sometimes party boat fishing is a story of the haves and have nots. Half a dozen big fish today between 8 and 10 lbs with the pool fish being 10 lbs. Quite a few others in the 5 to 6 lb range as well. Quite a few sea bass taken overall with some anglers easily limiting out on nice keepers with a few upwards to nearly 2 lbs. Two fine keeper cod and several short cod plus lots of short tog and short sea bass and short scup kept anglers busy at the rail throughout the day. Soft baits did have some degree of success with the tog today as well. In fact one angler scored half of his limit catch using soft bait and another sharpie quickly added some clam to his hooks to seal the deal on a limit catch today. The weather was great today as well adding to a very enjoyable day on the water. Just a few pics today to showcase some of what was happening today on the Lady Frances, provided courtesy of Roger. Capt. Mike will be at the helm tomorrow, ready to set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.

Tomorrow looks like a great day to go looking for cod fish and jumbo sea bass and Capt. Rich will be at the helm of the Gail Frances, ready to set sail at 7 am. The weather looks great for tomorrow but the weather this weekend does not look very good for cod fishing however we will be closely evaluating future forecasts to see if there are any changes for the positive through the day tomorrow.

Reminder again that tomorrow is the LAST DAY this year the cod boat will depart at 7am. Starting November first the sailing time changes to 6 am. The calendar schedule remains the same.


Wednesday October 29th 2014

codoct2914codoct2914acodoct2914bcodoct2914dcodoct2914ecodoct2914fcodoct2914gcodoct2914hcodoct2914iRoger reported a good day of fishing on the Gail Frances today for a light load of anglers. The best bite was up until about noon and the tide changed and the fish just shut off, even the unmentionables which were only worth a modest mention today. A nice pick of sea bass including some real slammers with several fish in the 5 to 6 lb range today along with a pretty fair shot of cod fish, especially in the stern. A decent number of short cod too. Hi hook took home four nice cod to ten pounds, and a handful of other anglers had two keepers apiece today. Pool fish today was taken by Keith Mueller from Killington CT who had a fine green cod of at least 12 lbs. Some sea bass limits today as well. Some truly huge sea bass today as mentioned before, in fact in one of the pictures you will see a sea bass of at least six pounds dwarfing a just keeper cod fish held by regular customer Linda from Boston MA. Quite a few big ocean perch including a few slammer size ones to 1.5 lbs plus a half dozen big sea flounders to 4 lbs. No blue fish and only a couple of scup today. Nearly all of the cod fish were caught on very low hooks today, in fact down just at or below sinker level and most of the bigger sea bass (over 3 lbs) were taken the same way. Capt. Richie came down and fished for under an hour and quickly had a keeper cod, a big sea flounder and a handful of nice size sea bass and he also commented how all of the fish were caught with a belly in the line. A few big ling today as well. Friday looks great for fishing and who knows maybe we will be able to drift part of the day as well. Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances. Remember that Friday is the LAST SAILING DAY AT 7 AM. Starting November 1st we sail the same calendar schedule but at 6 am. A mess of pics today showcasing some angler hi lights provided courtesy of Roger.

The report from the Lady Frances was of an excellent day of fishing with a full boat limit of sea bass along with a nice mess of tatoug to 9 lbs for a very light load of anglers. One cod mixed in too! Deckhand Cote on a busman’s holiday easily limited out and there were a few other limit catches as well with others who were right behind. Weather looks great for togging tomorrow and the Lady Frances will set sail at 6 am.


Tuesday October 28th 2014

togoct28togoct28atogoct28btogoct28ctogoct28eRoger reported a really strong turnout of tog enthusiasts today and a pretty darn good turnout from the togs themselves. There were more than a half dozen limit catches and quite a few anglers who were right behind with four or five nice keepers apiece. The vast majority of customers took a tog or two home and most anglers took home at least a few sea bass apiece as well with a fair number of folks easily limiting out on the sea bass. Half a dozen fine keeper cod fish too today plus one throwback cod and one good size ling. Lots of throwback tog and throwback sea bass kept anglers busy as well today. Congrats to longtime regular customer Paul from Norfolk CT who took todays pool with a fine 10 lb tog and congrats also to Mr. Kim who easily limited out on big tog to at least 9 lbs. A fair number of tog in the 5-7 lb range today. Just a nice day of fishing and awesome weather! A handful of pictures showcasing a few of the angler hi lights provided courtesy of Roger. Next tog trip is set to sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike at the helm.

We will be cod fishing tomorrow as well with the cod/mixed bag fishing trip aboard the Gail Frances set to sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Monday October 27th 2014

codoct27codoct27dcodoct27ccodoct27ecodoct27fcodoct27gcodoct27hcodoct27icodoct27jcodoct27koct27codbRoger from the Frances Fleet reported it was another action packed and rather exciting day aboard the Gail Frances with some excellent fishing. The morning featured a rather frisky northwest breeze and the tide was screaming hard towards the stern which made tending bottom a bit more challenging than usual however the sea bass and big porgies were ravenous and anglers enjoyed a very strong pick for the first few hours along with a handsome handful of cod into the low teens. The bite did ebb for the second half of the trip with a much more relaxed pick of sea bass and a few porgies, a few blue fish along with a few more cod and some throwback cod which seemed to be partial to the starboard side of the boat and also responded best to baits even or just below the sinker. Casting up tide if one could was also key. The bigger sea bass today (and there were quite a few brutes) also seemed to respond best to a lower hook. The cod unfortunately were not that spread out today but hi hook did come in with five nice keepers. Bill Pour from Nassau NY took the pool today with a fine green cod in the low teens. The sea bass today were the true stars with a near full boat limit and they were generally of excellent size with 2 to 3 lb size fish very common and probably 50 fish that were in the 3.5 to 5.5 lb range with a couple that may have hit the six pound mark!! The hubcap size scup also made an appearance again today and while sizes on the scup were quite mixed there were quite a few platter size scup in the 1.75 to 2.5 lb range. A couple nice sea flounder, some blue fish, a few nice ocean perch mixed in as well. The unmentionables were certainly worth a mention today with a fascinating array of sizes on those critters. The unmentionables were largely avoided by using just one hook down low and doing one’s best to keep the bait as stationary on the bottom as possible. All in all it was a great day and the crew was busy cutting almost all the way back to the dock . A mess of pics today showcasing some of the angler hi lights courtesy of Roger. We also finally have a good local clam boat lined up so we are happy to report that we are using fresh shucked bait on most of the trips now. Next trip is set to sail Wednesday at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.

The report received to the office was that tog fishing was excellent today for a very light load of anglers. Nearly half the boat was limited out and the pool fish was ten pounds. For those who wanted to fish soft baits for keeper sea bass, limit catches were easily attained. Quite a few short tog as well and some short sea bass to keep anglers busy in between the keepers. Even a short cod but no keepers today. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances, weather looks great!


Sunday October 26th 2014

togoct26togoct26atogoct26btogoct26ctogoct26dtogoct26etogoct26ftogoct26gRoger reported a great day of fishing overall for the light load of anglers aboard the Lady Frances. It was like a mixed bag multispecies special close to home!! The tog fishing itself was quite good with a nice pick on most drops with at least a half dozen angler limits easily achieved today and several others who were not far behind with several nice tog apiece. Biggest fish was easily 9 lbs but not entered in the pool. Peter Tu took the pool with the next biggest tog of around 8 lbs. Peter also had a nice keeper fluke on a crab bait as well today. A few other hefty tog in the 6-7 lb range with the rest nice size keepers. Some short tog today but definitely more keepers. Just a couple of tog on soft baits, there was no doubt they wanted the green crabs. A lot of nice keeper sea bass today with a couple threatening borderline jumbo status (2 lbs) but many of the keepers did not need to be measured and a number of anglers aboard easily limited out. The sea bass definitely preferred the softer baits however at least a few anglers easily limited out on sea bass using crab baits. Quite a few throwback sea bass as well keeping some anglers exceptionally busy! A surprising number of nice size keeper scup on one set as well with a few anglers having several nice scup apiece to add to their boxes with one guy catching 11 nice keeper scup. A handful of nice size for filleting ocean perch as well today. The North Atlantic Cod fish also made its presence known on three of the sets today with three nice keepers and two shorts recorded. So far there has been a cod or two or three kept and a few shorts on almost every tog trip and the season is still early! It was certainly a bit frisky today but it was generally a very enjoyable fishing day on the anchor and not nearly as windy as expected and forecast by the local weather persons. Tomorrow sounds like another enjoyable fall fishing day and the Lady Frances will set sail at 6 am for tog. A bunch of pictures today showcasing some of the significant angler hi lights provided courtesy of Roger.

The cod/mixed bag fishing trip will also be setting sail tomorrow morning at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm. Looks like a nice fishing day out on the cod grounds. Saturday showed us a wide variety and array of bottom dwellers and the best showing of cod in more than a month and we are hopeful for more of the same tomorrow!


Saturday October 25th 2014

codoct25gcodoct25fcodoct25ecodoct25dcodoct25ccodoct25bcodoct25acodoct25togoct251420141025_11573320141025_155810Fish long enough and one gets to see just about everything, especially this time of year when multiple species of fin fish are using the local cod grounds as a highway and rest area before moving on to their winter homes. More about that later. First and foremost it was a very good day of fishing and catching. The weather was slightly spirited but it was very comfortable on the anchor. We did have the best showing of cod since one of the first trips of the season and it was NOT on Cox’s Ledge. The cod were a bit more spread out as well with a decent number of anglers having one or two to take home in addition to all the other stuff. There was however one angler who put on a memorable cod clinic in the starboard corner of the stern today, none other than longtime regular Mike Kwok who had 8 keepers including two fish in the low teens!! Mike also had 7 shorts and dropped a couple good ones. Mike was using smaller hooks baited with fresh squid and clam combination. On the last stop alone Mike put 5 keepers in the boat casting out and working the baited hooks back to the boat. This is an old school cod trick that does not work every day but when the stars align it can pay HUGE dividends. Anglers on either side had no keeper cod today. Everyday is different to some degree out there. Roger was casting and working the bait back all day and had no keeper cod either. Of the rest of the cod that were taken about fifty fifty split between being caught on high hooks a few feet above the sinker and lower hooks near the sinker indicating to this writer that the cod were moving around quite a bit and actively pursuing prey. Mike had the biggest cod in the low teens but there were a handful of other gadids around ten pounds on board with the rest nice keepers. A nice mix of dark and green fish today but definitely more greener fish today than in quite some time. A jig may not have been a bad idea but no one tried, mostly due to the presence of slammer size blue fish that made cameos throughout the trip. Quite a few short cod today as well including some really small “cigar” fish. A good number of good size sea bass today with a decent number of the anglers aboard limiting and others who only had a couple. A few handfuls of big biscuits over 4lbs with the best approaching the 5 lb mark. Quite a few nice size porgies today but no real monsters. plenty of nice keepers to 1.5 lbs and those with small hooks racked up some impressive numbers with hi hook Mike Kwok boxing a full limit (45 keepers) of nice scup. A couple of other anglers had fifteen to 20 nice scup apiece. A handful of beautiful sea flounders to 3 lbs, some very good size ocean perch, one ling and three fluke. For the fluke one angler had all three on a store bought cod rig baited with clams!! Maurice from Rockland NY was the fortunate fisher who boxed all three summer flatfish but what makes this feat all the more extraordinary was that Maurice got two of the fluke as a double header!! The combined weight of this double header was close to 20 lbs!! One fluke was easily 10 lbs or more with the other fish just behind around 8 lbs. Witnessing this on the boat was a FIRST for ALL OF US!! Both doormat fluke were gaffed by Chris L and Chris P. Great job gentlemen! A bunch of pictures including the double header Maurice caught are provided courtesy of Roger. Unfortunately due to the weather there is no cod fishing tomorrow however we are hopeful for Monday.


The report from Capt. Mike from the Lady Frances was of a respectable day of togging. There was one limit catch and the pool fish was easily ten pounds. A fair amount of other nice size tog in the 5 to 8 lb range today as well. A handful of other anglers had several tog apiece to take home. Quite a few short tog as well. One or two keeper cod and a couple throwback cod today along with a lot of throwback and a decent number of keeper sea bass. Some pictures today showcasing angler hi lights provided by longtime regular customer Ginny Reed. As stated earlier next tog trip will set sail tomorrow morning at 6:30 am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike.


Friday October 24th 2014

togoct2414Capt. Mike reported an respectable day of togging today aboard the Lady Frances. There was one limit catch and longtime regular Jacob was right behind with five nice keepers. Biggest tog around or just a tad over 7lbs however the fish was not in the pool. Pool honors however went to Rebecca Gerrard from Southington CT who took the prize money with a fine 5 lb tog. A photo of Rebecca and her pool winner appears above today’s report courtesy of first mate Troy. Well done Rebecca! Anglers were pleasantly surprised with a nice bunch of keeper sea bass today with some accumulating several keeper sea bass apiece. There was one keeper cod and one short cod and a decent number of throwback togs to keep interest levels up in between the keepers.

Tomorrow looks like a great fishing day with boats boats sailing. The cod/mixed bag trip will resume and set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances and the tatoug trip will set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.



Thursday October 23rd 2014

The report from the Black fish boat yesterday was of respectable fishing considering the very windy conditions from sorely under forecast coastal storm. For a light crowd there were three anglers who all had their six fish limit each. Most of the handful of other anglers aboard had at least one or two to take home. Biggest fish was 8 lbs with a few other nice fish in the 5.5 to 6 lb range. Just a few handfuls of keeper sea bass. We will have one boat tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail for tog at 6 am. For obvious reasons (the coastal storm was MUCH STRONGER) than forecast cod fishing will have to wait until Saturday.

The cod boat as stated above will resume sailing on Saturday, leaving the dock at 7 am. Capt. Rich will be at the helm and the weather looks to be suitable for venturing out to the local cod grounds.