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Sunday November 30th 2014

codnov3014codnov3014acodnov3014bcodnov3014ccodnov3014dRoger reported the cod/sea bass fishing today was still respectable but a step down from the past couple trips. More time in between bites today. Still the vast majority of those who persevered at the rail all through the day easily had a limit of nice keeper sea bass and the majority also had a cod to go with. Two anglers had two cod apiece today. Biggest fish was ten pounds. A handful of big scup today, some big ocean perch, a few large sea flounders, a few good size Christmas Eels (congers), one pollock and not a single solitary unmentionable and that rounds out the activity report. No dogs and no gloves (warm weather) is a remarkably friendly combination this time of year. We also lucked out in the weather department with a bit less wind than was forecast. A few pics today courtesy of Roger. Next cod/cbass trip is set to sail tomorrow morning at 6am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported a slower day on the tog boat today although one angler easily limited out. Not a lot of throwbacks today either. Just a few cod today but the biggest one went 15 lbs!! Next tog trip sets sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.



codnov2914codnov2914acodnov2914bcodnov2914ccodnov2914dRoger reported a bluebird late fall day of weather and good fishing to go along with it aboard the Gail Frances. Complete opposite of last weekend with weak to nearly no tide at all and at times nearly no drift at times!! What a difference a week makes! A great showing of cod fish again today with David from Indian Orchard taking the pool with a fine green fish of 25 lbs. Longtime regular Norm from Cumberland RI was tied for hi hook with five nice cod apiece with another gentleman in the stern. There was another fella who had four keepers and a bunch who had three keepers apiece and so on. The majority of anglers aboard left with a cod or two today but there were a handful who did not. Sometimes that is just the way things shake out on the head boats. Mostly a bait bite today but a couple of gentlemen did get some cod to eat the metal with Orlando from Norwalk CT jigging up three nice cod into the low teens today plus an easy limit of nice sea bass. Mostly all nice green fish today, many of which were covered in lice indicating they are just moving on to the grounds. Sea Bass fishing in general was excellent with many of the anglers aboard easily limiting out on these tasty northern relatives of the southern grouper. Not many monsters today though with most of the sea bass nice size keepers and just a few jumbos upwards to 3 lbs. A bunch of good size ocean perch, some big sea flounders to 3.5 lbs, a handful of big scup including one behemoth specimen of nearly 4 lbs!!, one nice keeper pollock and just a smattering of the unmentionables rounded out the species assortment today. Some pictures today provided courtesy of Roger. Next cod/sea bass trip is planned for tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Mike jubilantly reported that today saw a tremendous rebound in the local tog fishing. A full boat limit of nice tog to 7 lbs aboard the Lady Frances today with loads of quality tog in the 4 to 5 lb range. What a difference a day makes!! Another pleasant surprise today was the great showing of cod fish today with 15 nice size cod to ten pounds coming aboard the Lady Frances and the majority of the anglers aboard had a cod or two to take home in addition to the tog! Capt. Mike was hi hook on the cod with three nice keepers today. In fact it was a cod of at least ten pounds which took the pool today aboard the Lady Frances. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.


Friday November 28th 2014

Capt. Ted reported a great day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances for the very light load of anglers who came down to join us this chilly day after turkey day. A really nice showing of nice plump green market cod with big fish honors today going to Trevor Michaelski who took the pool with a fine green fish in the low teens. That nice fish was one of three cod that Trevor boxed today and the fella who was fishing with him also had three nice keepers. Hi hook boxed six nice cod today and a couple of other fellas boxed four apiece. Sounds like for the most part the cod were spread out around the boat fairly well. Lots of nice size sea bass again with sizes to nearly 5 lbs, in fact longtime regular Jerry from Cantebury CT had three around the 5 lb mark himself!! Some red hake, a bunch of big ocean perch and a few large sea flounders rounded out the desirable catch for the day. Weather sounds chilly but tranquil tomorrow and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail on the Gail Frances at 6 am.

Capt. Mike reported slow black fishing today. Hi hook did box four nice keeper tog however. A couple cod mixed in. Some short tog. We try again tomorrow and Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.


Tuesday November 25th

Due to the weather, yet again, there will be no trips tomorrow Wednesday November 26th.

We also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

We do plan, as of right now, to sail both boats on Friday. The office will not be open on Thanksgiving Day but we will have our answering machine confirming our sailing schedule.

Sunday November 23rd 2014

codnov2314codnov2314acodnov2314bcodnov2314ccodnov2314dcodnov2314ecodnov2314fRoger reported another action packed day aboard the Gail Frances with a surprisingly healthy turnout of cod and sea bass enthusiasts. It was one stop shopping with a great variety. Four guys( including Roger) were busy on the table the entire ride home! We had a better showing of cod fish that were bigger than yesterday and there were more of them. Biggest fish was just over 20 lbs with the next biggest fish in the low teens and several others around the ten pound mark. We also had three very nice pollock including two in the low teens. There were plenty of good size sea bass to nearly 5 lbs with more in the way of jumbos over 3 lbs, especially later in the day. Many anglers were easily limited out on the sea bass. A respectable showing of scup again, including some real platter size specimens to nearly 3 lbs. Some super size ocean perch, one 3.5 lb sea flounder and quite a few cocktail size blue fish. What was even better today was that we were closer to home and in pretty skinny water making all of this that much more rewarding. A couple nice sea bass and one nice cod on the jig otherwise it was all bait. The tide for the a good part of the day was SCREAMING just like yesterday however the last couple hours did see the tide and wind ease off some which made tending bottom much more manageable. If there was ever an argument for mono and one hook down near the sinker, its the past two days. Due to the tide and swing, tangles again were simply unavoidable and at times beyond ugly. Those who employed simple rig set ups not only frequently caught more desirable fish but they often spent more time fishing and less time out of the water. It needs to be said that Greg, Ted and Chris all did an EXCEPTIONAL job today managing the tangles and also managing the unmentionables. In a number of cases anglers who switched over to a simple rig quickly accumulated nice sea bass catches and even a cod or two!! Roger would also like to thank Capt. Ted for posing with the big fish of the day as the angler who caught it did not want to be photographed which of course is just fine. All photos today courtesy of Roger. It has not been an easy weekend of fishing. Tide and wind/sea conditions this weekend really brought the fishing to a very advanced level but for the anglers who persevered at the rail, they were generally well rewarded. Again a big thanks to the Frances Fleet deck crew who worked the boat for managing everything so well. The tide should ease off and things should be back to normal within a few days. We are starting to see some very strong signs of bait on the cod grounds and it appears to be mostly krill and small butter fish and some herring. This bodes exceptionally well for the weeks ahead. The increase in bigger green cod and the good size pollock would not be around if the food was not there! Looks like some serious weather coming through the next few days and possibly again Wednesday. There is no trip tomorrow and we will evaluate the likelihood of an outing Wednesday over the course of the next two days so stay tuned!

Capt. Mike reported tog fishing was only fair at best today. There were two limit catches. There was one cod and very few sea bass. Biggest tog may have been eight pounds or so. Tog fishing is cancelled for tomorrow due to southerly gales. Tuesday does not look good either but we will evaluate Tuesday over the course of the next few forecast cycles so stay tuned!


Saturday November 22nd 2014

codnov2214codnov2214acodnov2214bcodnov2214ccodnov22d14Roger reported another very busy fishing day aboard the Gail Frances today. It was graduate level ground fishing for sure with the breezy conditions and a SCREAMING tide running all lines HARD towards the stern on a wild and often uneven swing, just like on some of the the famed offshore wreck trips of yesteryear. Keeping a line tight on the bottom was challenging to say the least and even the most seasoned veterans struggled at times today. For those who could tend bottom there were plenty of nice size sea bass to be had. A handful or two of bombers with the best easily pushing the 5 lb mark. Not nearly as many cod today but a few handfuls for sure with hi hook boxing three nice keepers and a couple other gentlemen scoring two keepers apiece. Congrats to Al Lamperelli from Montville CT who took the pool with a nice green cod just under ten pounds today and he was one of the lucky fellas who had two keepers today. Some short cod as well. Congrats to Mike Kwok from Pallisades Park NJ who had one of the biggest sea bass of the trip with a brute no less than 5 lbs. Pictures of both gentlemen appear above today’s fishing report today courtesy of Roger. Some nice size ocean perch and at least one large sea flounder and at least one good size ling to round out the species assortment for the day (desirable species anyways). Unfortunately the unmentionables were as frisky as the weather and tide conditions today, or at least they were the first half of the day. Anglers who used two hook rigs were remarkably busy with the miserable critters. These things ranged from little rubber toy size specimens to four footers and everywhere in between. There was also a surprisingly large amount of squid being used today and if there is one thing the unmentionables like more than clams its squid!! One hook down low was the way to go, at least for today with the shorter leader the better. Also worth mentioning that the conditions most certainly favored stout and simple gear today as 16z of lead was needed for many to accurately tend bottom. Warmer weather on tap for tomorrow and a bit less breeze is forecast so Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am.

Capt. Mike reported solid togging today aboard the Lady Frances. A handful of limit catches and some big togs with the pool fish around or just over the ten pound mark. A fair amount of shorts and just a couple sea bass big enough to be kept. Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am for tog aboard the Lady Frances.


Friday November 21st 2014

Capt. Mike was pleasantly surprised with the tog fishing today aboard the Lady Frances. A light load of anglers found surprisingly good fishing on every anchor set today. There were at least a few angler limits with the biggest fish around 7 lbs. A fair amount of short black fish and a few keeper and short sea bass mixed in as well. Despite the terrific amount of wind all week the water was surprisingly clean. Capt. Mike looks forward to setting sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances for tog.

Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances for cod/sea bass and what ever other cellar dwellers decide to chew.


Thursday November 20

Tomorrow Friday November 21st there will be one boat, Lady Frances for Tautog fishing, leaving the dock at 6:00 a.m. The office will be open at 5:00 a.m.

Saturday, the winds drop out and both the Cod and the Tautog boat are scheduled to sail.