Monthly Archives: December 2014

Wednesday December 31st

First mate troy reported a good but cold day on the cod grounds. It seems a nice batch of green fish have moved in to area and were waiting with open mouths. JIgs did out produce the fresh bait today but there were plenty of fish on both. High hook went home with 9 keepers. Plenty of small fish in the area kept the rods bending. Todays pool fish was around 12 pounds. Our next trip is on FRIDAY at 5am on the Lady Frances with Captain Mike.

We would like wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Years.

Monday December 29th

Captain Rich reported a slower day on the cod grounds today. A great group of anglers joined up for a picture perfect warm winter day. The fishing today came in shots. There would be nothing going on and then all of a sudden 15 rods bend over. The fish seemed to be chasing the bait around. High hook was on jigs with 4 keepers. todays pool fish was a solid 25 pound fish. Both bait and jigs produced quite a few shorts but the keepers didnt wanna bite. Our next trip will be Wednesday at 6am.

Sunday December 28th

Captain Rich reported a good day on the cod grounds. A very light crowd didnt let a few rain drops in the forecast scare them away from some good cod fishing. He tried a new areas and found cod on every drop. He also found nearly a boat limit of fine sea bass to 4 pounds. High hook went home with 5 keepers. todays pool honors went to Eban York from Ny with a fine 10 pound fish. Plenty of action on the short fish kept rods bending all day. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for cod on the Gail Frances.

Saturday December 27th

Captain Cote reported a decent day on the local cod grounds. A spring like day brought people out of the woodworks and sailed this morning with a good load of anglers. Fishing is what it has been for the past 2 weeks. Pool fish was around 12 pounds. Many shorts kept anglers busy at the rail. Tomorrow has a chance of showers but looks like another great day to be on the water. We have plenty of room on tomorrows trip leaving at 6am.

Friday December 26th

First mate troy reported another good day on the local cod grounds. The weather was just out standing with high temperatures nearly 50 deg and no wind. Both bait and jigs produced well with both tying at 8 keeper for high hook honors. Lots of short in the mix with rods bending nearly all day. Pool fish was around 10 pounds with a few others very close. WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY MORE RESERVATIONS FOR TOMORROWS COD TRIP AT 6AM. Both Sunday and Monday looks fantastic and we are asking anglers to come another day.

Monday December 22nd 2014

coddec22coddec22bcoddec22ccoddec22dcoddec22ecoddec22fcoddec22gcoddec22hcoddec22icoddec22jcoddec22kcoddec22lRoger reported another excellent day of local cod fishing. Weather conditions were a tad more favorable today as well with the big yellow ball in the sky showing her face for the first time in what seemed like an eternity! The cod seemed to respond well to the sunny weather as well. A nice steady pick of keepers and throwbacks all day long with a few really intense flurries which included numerous double headers including a few double headers of fish in the 8 to 12 lb range. Numbers varied around the boat but EVERYONE had cod fish to take home and a good many of the anglers aboard had six to nine nice keepers apiece. We are unsure if anyone limited out but a lot of fishers were dangerously close. Jigs definitely seemed to outproduce bait overall however there were a handful of anglers who did quite well with bait using the prepackaged rigs with the orange and yellow or just orange tubing. For the jigs the Viking style jigs in the 10z size seemed to produce the best with the least amount of effort but all styles of jigs and teasers caught well. One angler worked an 8z blue fish jig and simple worm teaser like it was his job and wound up with 9 keepers and a nice whiting and returning another 20 or so small cod back to the ocean. The squidding method was hot today as was traditional up tide casting and working the jig back to the boat and or a combination of both. Many cod were hooked twenty to forty feet off the bottom!! More in the way of sea bass today with a few anglers having two or three apiece to go along with their cod. Some whiting and just a few mackerel mixed in as well as a lot of good size ocean perch. Sizes on the cod generally in the 5 to 10 lb range with a handful of bigger ones up to just under 15 lbs. All fat green lice covered healthy fish. Tremendous amount of shorts again and many anglers returning 10 to 25 young cod as safely as possible back to the drink. All sizes on the shorts from brook trout size to quite a few fish that just missed, again strongly signaling more than one year class of fish swimming in the local waters which is an outstanding sign! The unmentionables were worth some mention today on the bait rigs however in the grand scheme of things they were no big deal. A pile of pictures today showcasing some of the angler hi lights courtesy of Roger. Looks like some weather is fast approaching so it doesn’t look good for cod fishing until after the Christmas Holiday. Everyone here at the Frances Fleet would like to extend their warmest Holiday Greetings to all of our patrons and we look forward to more great cod fishing in the weeks ahead. Right now next most likely sailing day will be Friday or Saturday so stay tuned to the site for further updates. Starting January 2nd the cod boat is expected to sail daily 5am to 3pm weather permitting.


Sunday December 21st 2014

codec21bcoddec21ccoddec21dcoddec21coddec21acoddec21bRoger reported a very good day of cod fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. The fishing was not quite as hectic as yesterday but was still rock solid. There were two limit catches, both using jigs, one being longtime regular Lucky (Orlando) from Norwalk CT. Some considerable success by anglers using the squidding technique today and some fish were caught way way up in the column (40 ft plus off the bottom!!). There were also a few other guys who were not far behind with seven or eight keepers apiece such as longtime regular Victor from Providence and another longtime regular Brian Cofske from Webster Mass and both gentlemen had eight nice keepers apiece using bait. So both bait and jigs were effective today about equally. Brain also took the pool with a fine green fish threatening the mid teens and also had the next biggest fish in the low teens. Well done Brian! A lot of the fishers today were in the 3 to 6 cod per person category and there were a handful that fared less fortunate. Again a tremendous amount of short cod caught today with some anglers releasing as many as two dozen small fish apiece! We had a handful of keeper sea bass and quite a few big ocean perch. The unmentionables were a bit more mention worthy today but nothing major and the grounds were once again teeming with insane amounts of herring and mackerel and some whiting as well. Weather looks quite fishable again tomorrow and the Gail Frances will be set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Rich at the helm. Some pics today showcasing a few of the angler hi lights provided courtesy of Roger.


Saturday December 20th 2014

coddec20coddec20a coddec20bcoddec20ccoddec20dcoddec20ecoddec20fcoddec20gRoger reported an outstanding day of local cod fishing aboard the Gail Frances. It was overcast and chilly with a bit more breeze than we were expecting but the fat green cod fish were wildly chasing herring whiting and mackerel through the column today and these pelagic characteristics were brought to light by the outstanding jig bite today. Jigs and teasers far outproduced bait. Those who worked the jigs hard did very well and for the most part had more of the bigger fish today. A few anglers who put on an exceptional jigging clinic today are as follows: Cory Blount, manager of the Frances Fleet, who jigged up 12 fine keepers to ten pounds and released countless shorts while Lucky (Orlando) from Norwalk CT jigged up ten fat keeper cod to ten pounds, Mike Tillelli from Narragansett RI with 9 nice fish to ten pounds and lost a few hear-tbreakingly bigger ones just before they could be brought to the safety of the gaff. There were a half dozen other fellas up towards the front of the boat who jigged up 8 to 12 Keepers apiece and released upwards to 20 plus shorts apiece! A few anglers who fished mid ship also did just fine swinging the iron clam today as well such as our own Troy Bique who put six nice keepers aboard and had the biggest fish of the day with a fine fat green fish of just under 20 lbs. Way to go Troy!! Longtime regular Sean from CT was right behind with a half dozen nice fish into the mid teens and so on. For bait fishing…Mike Turbak from Cantebury CT had a good day boxing seven nice cod and throwing back many smaller ones, especially after employing the use of an orange squid teaser with the fresh shucked clams. Mike’s fishing partner Troy Hatfield from Montville CT however took home the prize money for the day with a cod in the mid teens. In addition to Troy’s bigger fish there was also another one of comparable(18-20 lbs) size caught by a patron who was not in the pool. Longtime regulars Norm from Cumberland RI and Lisa Loprenzo from Greenwich CT also did well today with 6-8 nice fish apiece and so on. Everyone left with cod fish today and the majority had at least three or four to take home. Quite a few cod today in the 8 to 12 lb range as well. As i mentioned there were lots and lots of young cod released and there was also a by-catch of nice size whiting and good size mackerel with a few anglers putting one to two dozen mackerel apiece in their coolers!! Quite a few good size ocean perch again today and a few handfuls of sea bass including a couple bigger ones in the 2 lb range. The unmentionables were hardly worth a mention today as well which is always great news! Both Roger and Capt. Rich commented that they have not seen bait like this on the grounds in quite some time. While jigs did a lot of damage today, the fresh shucked clams were also working just fine but again a higher hook far outproduced the lower ones and an orange teaser or bit of tubing (those pre packaged rigs) seemed to have an edge as well. Looks like more good fishing weather the next two days so if your are looking for some Christmas Cod herein lies a pretty good opportunity as the Gail Frances will be set to sail both Sunday and Monday at 6 am with Capt. Rich at the helm. A bunch of pics today provided courtesy of Roger.


Friday December 19th 2014

coddec18acoddec19coddec19acoddec19bcoddec19ccoddec19dcoddec19ecoddec19fRoger reported another great day of local cod fishing! Just as good as Wednesday if not a touch better. Hi hook caught 12 keepers (orl) while there were two other limit catches and several anglers who were in the 8-9 keeper per man range. The vast majority but not all had in the range of five to seven keepers apiece and EVERYONE left with at least two keepers apiece. Some slightly better size stuff today with the pool fish a solid 15 lbs and several others right behind it and a bunch more in the 8 to 10 lb range. Definitely more “gaffers” today and there were some bigger fish that were dropped as well. A lot and i mean a lot of the better size cod fish are coming up on pretty high hooks the past couple trips and frequently they have been bigger fish on the top hooks which is a sure sign that the cod are frequently off the bottom foraging for their food. A lot of short cod too today with some anglers catching upwards to a dozen shorts apiece. A slightly better showing of sea bass to 2 lbs and an excellent number of good size ocean perch spread around the boat. A few mackerel and super jumbo squid were also caught today. Tremendous amounts of bait on the grounds and inside of the grounds as well. The unmentionables were worthy of a mention today but when cod are coming up like this who cares!! Jigs and bait both produced equally well with excellent catches on both. The pool fish today was taken on a jig but the several right behind it were all on fresh shucked skimmer clams. Quite a few double headers today as well. Just another great day aboard the Gail Frances. The next three days the weather looks great for fishing and Capt. Rich will be set to sail aboard the Gail Frances all three days Sat through Monday at 6 am. The office will be open by 5 am if not a bit before should the need arise. A bunch of pics today courtesy of Roger.

As a side note we just received some back ordered tackle here in Capt. Tackle. Items such as barrel swivels and pre packaged cod fish rigs and even some gloves, all of which have been in high demand recently.