Monthly Archives: February 2015

Saturday Feb. 28th

We are happy to report that we sailed this morning on our local cod trip. The weather finally let up after weeks of wind and snow. The weather was perfect today but the fishing was on the slow side. Captain Mike reported very cold water temperatures and lack of bait. He searched all around but only scratched up a handful of cod and a few dozen shorts.It was great to break the cabin fever and Captain Mike has a new plan tomorrow. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am for cod on the Lady Frances

Thursday February 26th

It looks like we might get a few days without any storms, which is certainly good news!! As of right now, we are planning to sail on Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 a.m. The ice has broken up around the boats and the temps are warming up a little, at least out of the teens anyway. So give the office a call to give us your name, number and number of people in your party. The crew, and we know our customers, are anxious to get back out there.

Thursday February 19th

It’s been quite a few days since we have updated. We apologize for that. It seems the weather has been keeping everyone in hibernation. This has been, by far, one of the worst winters that any of us can remember. Winters always seem long but this one just won’t quit. Storm after storm. And extremely low temps. The boats, as of this post, are iced in at the dock, which hasn’t happened in many many years. A few folks have been calling and asking us when we are going to sail again. The answer is ????. Hopefully soon, but we need some warmer temps to start breaking up the ice around the boats. Like you, our crew is anxious to get back out there. Cabin fever has reached epic levels. So please just keep checking back with us to get an update on the weather conditions. In the mean time, stay warm and stay safe.

Saturday Feb 7th

Captain Mike was happy to report that we were back out on the water after a long weather break. The fishing was slower but Mike was in search mode all day. A handful of keeper cook with a few dozen shorts in the mix. Some ling and cunners rounded out the catch. Mike was hoping to get out tomorrow but the snow storm seems to have sped up and we will not be fishing tomorrow. It looks like out next day should be Wednesday but please call and double check the weather.

Tuesday February 3rd

Sorry folks, not much to report as of late. Storm after storm has kept us at the dock. It looks like we might get a break tomorrow, Wednesday February 4th. So give the office a call to leave your name, number and the number of people in your party.