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Sunday May 31st 2015

samflukepmhalfmay31First mate Troy reported the squid fishing last night was the complete opposite of the night before. Unfortunately it was very slow. Hi hooks only had upwards to a couple dozen pieces apiece.The squid could be seen in decent numbers a bit below the surface but were not interested in the jigs for reasons known only to them. We try again Wednesday evening by reservation with Capt. Ray set to sail on the Gail Frances at 7pm.

The report from this morning was of slow fishing. Hoping for better this afternoon! MUCH BETTER THIS AFTERNOON! Capt. Mike reported things were night and day different. Lots of shorts and a nice shot of keepers as well. Some anglers caught as many as 15 shorties apiece! Longtime regular Sam was hi hook with three nice keepers to 4 lbs but a rental rod customer took the pool with a jumbo of at least 5 lbs. One picture coming courtesy Capt. Mike.

Capt. Matt and first mate Troy reported slow fishing for their 8 am to 3 pm charter today. While the majority of the fluke caught were jumbos there just weren’t enough of them.

Capt. Rich reported a very slow day today. Just very little bite. Biggest fish was around 4 lbs. Next full day trip is set to sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Mike.


Saturday Full and Half Day Trips May 30th 2015

Capt. Rich reported a slower day on the full day Fluke boat today. Some nice fish were caught but lack of drift made things very challenging. Longtime regular Norm from Sturbridge MA was hi hook with four nice size fluke today. Nothing over 4 lbs today quite unlike yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day and there will be more of a breeze throughout the day or so says the weather man and Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Keith reported the morning half day was slow due to lack of drift. Capt. Mike reports the afternoon trip while having slightly better drift conditions only showed the slightest bit of improvement. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail at 8am for the first half day and again at 1pm for the second half day aboard the Lady Frances. Remember back to back half days can net an angler a $15 discount on that second outing!

Capt. George who has been operating daily the Capt. Frances with the Capt. Leroy fleet up in Buzzards Bay out of New Bedford MA reports the porgy and sea bass crush just goes on and on with nice size saltwater pan fish filling buckets that fill angler limits. Capt. George will be up in New Bedford through at least mid June so contact the Capt. Leroy fleet if interested in getting in on some of this wild action!



squidmay3015squidmay3015aRoger reported a very, very strong night of squid fishing last night with Capt. Ray aboard the Gail Frances. The fishing was much more like Roger remembers it from a few years ago when things seemed to be much more consistent. The squid required some work but once guys got dialed in on them it was non stop for some. We started with a pick of squid mostly on the bottom during daylight but after dark the squid came up to the surface wildly balling a tremendous amount of bait which appeared to be spearing so the folk who adjusted their rigging to lightest possible sinker or no sinker at all with one squid jig tied a foot and a half behind that light sinker and fishing no more than five to ten feet below the surface became very busy at accumulating nice size tubes for their buckets and coolers. According to first mate Troy hi hook had just under 200 squid with most others in the 50-130 piece category per fisher. There were however a few anglers who had as few as a dozen or less squid. Most of the night as stated earlier the squid were up on top terrorizing vast schools of what appeared to be spearing and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say there were opaque “sheets” but there were hundreds if not thousands of squid all around the surface of the boat from 9pm to 1230 am! It was a warm humid quiet night, a one stop drift or crawl rather where the boat probably moved 1000 ft during the first five hours of fishing! Every night is different but overall the squid fishing was great and what is written here is what produced last night. It is KEY to pay attention to who is catching on these trips and adjusting one’s method accordingly. A few anglers tried to catch a few fluke as well with one angler getting two nice keepers to 3.5 lbs and a dozen or so shorts and one other angler buck tailing a few shorties. Other than the fluke a few big “Block Island” style skate and a handful of catch and release sea bass but no scup unfortunately for the fin fish fishers. Tonight’s squid trip is a go and there is plenty of room so please call the office to make a reservation. A couple pics provided courtesy of Roger taken earlier on in the evening/night.

Plenty of room on today’s 1pm half day and tomorrow we offer two half days from 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm. Remember back to back half days can net an angler a $15 discount on the second trip!


Friday May 29th 2014

hanfluke52915Tonight’s squid trip is a go! Plenty of room so if interested please come on down! Capt. Ray will be set to sail on the Gail Frances at 7pm.

Capt. Mike was pleased to report not only much better fishing but perhaps the nicest day on the water so far this season!! Just a gorgeous bluebird day with flat calm seas and just a whisper of a breeze to keep the Gail Frances drifting along the fluke grounds. Some big fish today with longtime regular Hahn from East Longmeadow MA taking the pool with a fine slab estimated to be at least 11 lbs, one of five nice fish he boxed. Way to go Hahn! There were also a fair number of other jumbo fluke taken in the 4 to 6 lb range and quite a few shorties and other keepers. First mate Chris L reported that both bait rigs and buck tail jigs produced well today. Capt. Rich will be setting sail tomorrow morning on the Gail Frances at 7am. Photo courtesy Capt. Mike.

Capt. George who is running the Capt. Frances out of New Bedford MA through mid June reported the big sea bass and jumbo scup fishing to be just outstanding today!! Even better than the weather! Rods bent all around the boat filling pails and achieving angler limits. Get in on this Buzzards Bay Bonanza while it’s hot! Contact the Capt. Leroy fleet via phone or through their email for further booking details.


Thursday May 28th 2015

Capt. Matt reported a very slow day of fluke fishing. Just not much of a bite. Hi hook did box four keepers but the fish were not spread out at all for the relatively light crowd of fishers. Nothing of any size that kept and not many shorts either. Tomorrow we try again and Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Frank carried word from Capt George that the fishing up in Buzzards Bay continues to please full loads of patrons aboard the Capt. Frances. Full limits of sea bass to 5 lbs around the boat along with near and full limits of scup to over 3 lbs are filling buckets all around and then some! The Capt. Frances will be fishing in New Bedford through mid June at least. Call the Capt. Leroy Fleet or send an email to the Capt.Leroy fleet for further details!


Thursday May 28th

Capt. Ray reported last night’s squid trip was just so-so. The squid were around the boat but just not being too cooperative. Ray said the water was pretty dirty and stirred up so perhaps that was the issue. We will check the weather for tonight’s trip around 1:00 p.m. and will post whether or not we are planning to go.

Wednesday May 27th

First mate Chris reported a OK day on the full day fluke boat. The Southwest wind we have been having for the last few days has seemed to hurt the fluke fishing. Wind against tide and alot of wind in the afternoon made for tough fluke conditions. High hook had 4 keepers with the pool fish being a solid 6 pounds. Some shorts around to keep rods bent between keepers. Tomorrow is another day and we will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7 am for fluke on the Gail Frances.

Tuesday May 26th

Capt Richie reported a pretty good day  overall on the full day fluke boat. A little windy in the morning, but the winds subsided by the afternoon. The handful of people on board had a steady pick. Not as many throwbacks today. One or two limits, with the biggest around 4-5 lbs. Enough other keepers around the boat to give anglers a dinner or two. Tomorrow, Wednesday May 27th, Capt. Mike at the helm. Squid fishing tomorrow night is a go, and plenty of spots still available.

Monday May 25th

Capt Matt reported that today’s fluke trip struggled a bit due to unfavorable drift conditions. Biggest fish weighed in around 7 lbs. A few anglers going home with 3-4 keepers each, others a little less. More throwbacks than they had on yesterday’s trip, so anglers were kept busy all day, just not all going into the cooler to take home. Tomorrow is another day. The Gail Frances with Capt. Richie sails at 7:00 a.m.