Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tuesday June 30th

First mate Chris, aboard the full day fluke boat, said the water was not nearly as dirty as it was yesterday, and therefore a few more keeper fluke to go around the boat. Pool fish was around 6.5 lbs. And a few anglers had upwards to 5 fluke each. Capt. Richie at the helm again tomorrow, office opens at 6:00 a.m. for ticket sales.

Tuesday June 30th

Capt Mike reported some improvement on this mornings half day trip. A few more fluke in the boat. And of course a tremendous amount of seabass. Hopefully all these seabass that have been caught and released on  recent trips will be just as plentiful when the season opens in two days.

Monday June 29th

Capt Matt on the full day fluke boat today reported some tough conditions and plenty of dirty water due to the storm this past weekend. Steve from Florida won the pool with a nice 8 lber. and a few other fish scattered around the boat. Every spot had enough seabass to keep anglers busy but the fact you can’t put any in your coolers is a little disheartening to say the least but thankfully the season opens Thursday July 2nd.

Not much to report on the two half days today. A few fluke around the boat, but they also experienced the dirty water on the beach. Tomorrow is another day. Capt Richie at the helm on the Gail Frances at 7:00 a.m. and Capt. Mike on the two half days.

Saturday June 27th 2015

amhalfjun27ccoleamhalfjun27amhalfjun27Afullday8lbrjun27The Night Fishing trip tonight has been CANCELED due to the weather. Night fishing trips will begin this coming Wednesday evening at 7pm by reservation.

The Half Day trips for tomorrow are CANCELED due to the weather. Half Day Fishing will resume Monday 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm.

The Full Day trip tomorrow is CANCELED due to the lousy and highly unusual weather expected. Full Day fishing will likely return Monday at 7 am.

The full day report today was of solid fishing. Mr. Pak from Palisades Park NJ took the pool with a fine slab of at least 8 lbs and there were a handful of other jumbo fish. Hi hook boxed five good keepers. Some shorts and catch and release sea bass fishing was unchanged from the previous days keeping plenty of rods bent up and down the rails of the Gail Frances. As stated earlier no trip tomorrow due to the weather. Full Day trip at 7am should resume on Monday. Photo of today’s pool fish courtesy first mate Chris L.

This morning’s half day fishing was respectable despite awkward drifting conditions. Some nice keepers, lots of shorts and plenty of catch and release sea bass made for lots of bent rods up and down and all around on the Lady Frances. Congrats to longtime regular customer Cole Gaudreau from Cranston RI  who took the pool with a fine 5 lb summer flattie. Some pictures showcasing a few of the angler hi lights this morning courtesy both longtime customer Ginny Reed and owner Christine Blount. The afternoon half day trip had a bit better show of keepers and some shorties. Again half days to hopefully resume Monday.

Still plenty of room on next Saturday Evening Firework’s cruise but spots are steadily booking so please be sure to call and book over the phone or on line through the web site.


Friday June 26th 2015/ GOOD FLUKING ALL AROUND TODAY!!

fullday8.5lbjune26Capt. Rich reported a MUCH IMPROVED day on the water today with a lot more keeper fluke for a lighter crowd. A decent amount of the anglers aboard had several nice fluke apiece to take home such as Doug Herman for example from Colebrook CT who had six fine keepers to 5 lbs. Way to go Doug! Hi hook today was reported to have boxed seven nice keepers. Hats off to Lance Mount from Fieldsboro NJ who took the pool today with a fine slab of 8.5 lbs weighed on the Capt. Tackle certified calibrated contest scale. There were a half dozen other nice jumbo fish today including a few others in the 6 to 7 lb range. Capt. Ted emphasized QUALITY fish today aboard the Gail Frances. Catch and release sea bass and short fluke kept rod bending on an almost epic level today but at least a couple nice blue fish and big scup made it aboard and got to stay. Photo courtesy Roger. Capt. Rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 7 am for full day fluke aboard the Gail Frances.

Roger reported EXCELLENT fishing on this morning’s half day. Best trip of the young season so far with great drifting conditions and rods bent up and down the Lady Frances all morning long. A very respectable pull of keepers up to 4 lbs, plenty of shorts(up to 20 per angler!), some sea robins (including a few real trophies!), and a bunch of catch and release sea bass kept anglers entertained. Hi hook took home four nice keepers this morning. Buck tails and bait rigs all worked well with the rental rod plain jane set ups working very very well. Photo courtesy of Roger.

While this morning’s fluke trip was excellent, this afternoon’s put that trip to shame!! Capt. Matt reported the light crowd of anglers aboard had an OUTSTANDING afternoon of half day fishing! Everyone had or just about everyone had keepers to take home with a good number of the anglers having three or four keepers apiece and Troy was hi hook with six keepers!! Combined with his couple for this morning, Troy achieved a full limit today fishing the beach, well done Troy! Plenty of shorts, lots of catch and release bomber sea bass, and some sea robins kept things at a frantic pace. Even some squid following up the fluke baits! We couldn’t be happier here at the Frances Fleet and hope today’s great fishing is a sign of things to come! Nice job today Capt. Matt! Tomorrow features two half days with the first setting sail at 8am and the second at 1pm, both on the Lady Frances. Back to back half days can net an angler a $15 discount off the second outing.


Thursday June 25th 2015

amhalfjun25Roger reported the morning half day was punctuated by incredible bluebird late June weather and a nice drift along the south shore beaches which allowed anglers a steady pick of fluke including some nice keepers to 4 lbs. The afternoon trip was reported to be the same as the morning. Overall there has been improvement locally in regards to the fluke fishing.  One picture today courtesy of Roger. Two half days tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 8 am and again at 1pm. Back to back half days can net an angler $15 off the second outing.

First mate Cory reported a solid day of fluke fishing aboard the Gail Frances. Hi hooks took home seven and five keepers respectively and biggest fish was around seven pounds with some other nice ones over 4 lbs. Some shorts and a mind boggling amount of catch and release sea bass fishing. Tomorrow Capt. Rich will be set to sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7 am.


Wednesday June 24th 2015

Capt. Mike reported much improved fishing today. Biggest fish was a solid 8 lb slab and there were other nice jumbo fish recorded over 4 lbs. No limits but some anglers had several nice fluke apiece to take home, for example longtime regular Lou from Niantic CT boxed five keepers to 6 lbs and so on. Plenty of short fluke and lots of big sea bass keeping the catch and release side of things alive and well. Tomorrow looks like great weather again and Capt. Rich will set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

Two half days on tap for tomorrow, both on the Lady Frances with the first set to sail at 8am and the second at 1pm with Capt. Mike at the helm. Back to back half days can an angler $15 off the second trip of the day! Today’s morning half day trip found some nice keepers, some shorts and some catch and release sea bass action. This afternoon’s trip found mostly QUALITY fluke for the anglers aboard with just a handful of shorts along with some amazing catch and release sea bass action and big ones to throwback to boot! A few fluke in the 6 lb range for biggest fish this afternoon according to Capt. Matt.


Tuesday June 23

Captain Mike reported a decent morning on the half day fluke trip. Seems with every passing week the beach is coming more alive. High hook had 3 keepers with the pool fish being around 4 pounds. Some shorts and sea bass kept anglers busy through out the morning. We plan on sailing tomorrow morning and afternoon at 8am and 1pm for fluke.

Captain Rich reported a struggle on the full day fluke boat. The first few drifts of the morning saw a few keeper but the boat was drifting over 2 knots. Rich moved the boat a few times but could not seem to get a steady bite going. Pool fish was around 6 pounds. Tomorrow is another day and we plan on sailing at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Mondau June 22nd

Captain Rich reported a slower day on the full day boat. No wind kept the boat in nearly the same location every drift we made. Dirty water from yesterdays storm and no drift really hurt the fluke fishing today. Robert from Cumberland look pool honors with a fish aorund 5 pounds. The sea bass still seemed hungry with all returning to swim another day. Tomorrow is another day and we plan to sail at 7am for full day fluke fishing.

Captain Mike reported some of the same fishing on both half day trips today. Some nice keeper to around 4 pounds with shorts to keep anglers busy. More sea bass had to go free untill July 2nd. We plan on sailing both trips tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.

Sunday June 21st 2015

The afternoon trip is CANCELLED!!!! Tomorrow sounds much better and the Gail Frances will set sail for the full day at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm and the Half Days will sail at 8 am and again at 1pm with Capt. Mike at the helm.

None of our boats sailed today due to the weather.

Squid fishing last night was a slow pick and that concludes our squid fishing season. Thanks to all the customers who joined us this year for squid fishing.