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Saturday October 31st 2015

20151031_14344420151031_14272020151031_14102020151031_134750codoctober3120151031_123301First mates Troy and Chris L reported an all out sea bass crush and full boat limit on fish to at least five pounds. Some cod in the mix as well and it sounds like there was a good late bite on the cod fish at the last spot. Largest cod sounds like it was in the ten pound range. A handful of ocean perch, some good size scup, a few blue fish and a half dozen or so good size sea flounders rounded out the day’s catch. The unmentionables were worthy of a mention but no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Some beautiful pictures today were sent in courtesy Ginny Reed. Next cod/sea bass trip will set sail tomorrow aboard the Gail Frances at 6am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Matt reported an EXCELLENT day of tog fishing aboard the Lady Frances. At least ONE THIRD of the fishers aboard were limited out. Now there were two anchor drops which favored a certain portion of the boat but that is part of the game in party boat fishing and has NOTHING to do with the how the Captain positions the boat or anything of the sort!! In fact, considering the weather that we had earlier in the week we were extremely happy with the results. Tatoug were caught on every single anchor set and there were at least a half dozen areas sampled today. Those who fished with crabs by far did the best today as compared to squid/and or clams. Crabs are generally the way to go for tog in the fall. Biggest tog estimated at ten pounds was not in the pool but the pool winner was still a fine 8 lb specimen. Plenty of short tog as well to keep anglers amused. Just a couple of short cod today and only a handful of keeper sea bass. We look forward to more tog fishing tomorrow and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6 am.



Friday October 30th

The winds are finally dropping out and the seas subsiding. Both boats are heading out tomorrow. Cod/Seabass at 6:00 a.m. on the Gail Frances with Capt. Richie and Tautog at 6:00 a.m. on the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt at the helm. Roger will have the office open by 4:30 a.m. for ticket sales.

Thursday October 28

Just received word from management that due to some leftover wind still in the forecast for tomorrow, Friday October 29th, we will be cancelling both the Tautog trip and the Cod Trip. Both trips will resume again on Saturday morning. As of right now the weather looks good right through the weekend. And just a reminder, beginning Saturday the Cod boat will be leaving at 6:00 a.m., NOT 7:00 a.m. Hope to see you all on Saturday morning!! Roger will have the office open for ticket sales by 4:30 a.m.

Wednesday October 28

Due to the weather, there will be NO Tautog trip tomorrow, Thursday October 29th.

We wanted to clarify the schedule for the upcoming weekend. We realize if you are looking at the calendar online, it looks as though there is no cod trip on Saturday October 31st. There IS A COD TRIP!!!!


STARTING SATURDAY OCTOBER 31ST, WE BEGIN SAILING FOR COD AT 6:00 A.M. Again, we ARE sailing for cod on Saturday. 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. And will be scheduled to sail every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday thereafter, weather permitting. Right through the end of December. 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

And Tautog fishing will remain sailing DAILY, weather permitting, 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Monday October 26th 2015

CODOCTOBER26codoctober26acodoctober26bcodoctober26cRoger reported a beautiful day on the water today aboard the Gail Frances. A spirited northerly breeze relaxed just in time for some late “lunchtime” drifting and they left the grounds in a calm sea. Fishing had an okay start and a strong finish today. The last hour of the trip made the day with a nice pick of mostly jumbo sea bass, a few big scup and some market size cod and a bunch of throwbacks. The first half of the day had smaller scup and sea bass and a handful of market cod and some throwback cod. The unmentionables were worthy of a mention today but were completely in the “fish through them” category. Some good size ocean perch and one blue fish, and a throwback fluke rounded out the days catch. A special shout out to longtime regular Mike Kwok from Palisades Park NJ who easily limited out on big sea bass to 4 lbs, a bunch of big scup and also boxed several nice cod to ten pounds, well done Mike! There was another longtime regular customer who fished mid ship today who also had an easy limit of sea bass to at least four pounds along with three beautiful cod fish to nearly ten pounds and a few jumbo scup. Deckhand Chris K managed a pair of beautiful green cod in between assisting fishers with one going a solid ten pounds. One of them he jigged up on the drift later in the day otherwise all the cod were taken on bait. The rest of the fishers aboard generally had close to or within a fish or two of the sea bass limit and again late in the day there were quite a few in the 2-3 lb range with some real brutes up to nearly 5 lbs. Most fishers also had some good size scup and the majority but not all took home a cod fish and in a few other cases, two. A few pictures today courtesy of Roger. Wednesday’s trip could be in jeopardy due to the weather forecast but we will monitor future updates so make sure to call back tomorrow afternoon to find out if the trip will be a go or not.

Capt. Matt had an awesome day of tog fishing today aboard the Lady Frances. They were only a few fish shy of a full boat limit. Sizes were also impressive with the ten pound barrier easily broken as predicted yesterday with a chinner that went close to 11 pounds. A few other hefty tog in the 8-9 lb range and plenty of beautiful 5-6 lb fish spread out around the Lady Frances. Quite a few shorts as well to keep anglers busy in between the keepers. Some keeper sea bass mixed in as well with hi hooks adding as many as a half dozen of those to their tog catches. One fine cod fish just under ten pounds and a few short cod rounded out the catching for the day aboard the Lady Frances. Tog fishing overall is off to an awesome start! More great weather on tap for tomorrow and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Mike at the helm. Photo of today’s pool fish courtesy first mate Zach E.




Sunday October 25th 2015

codoctober25codoctober25acodoctober25bcodoctober25ccodoctober25dcodoctober25eRoger reported another good day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances. It was a different day than yesterday however as the scup seemed to take more of a hold than the sea bass. Still plenty of sea bass overall and some nice ones up to and over 4 lbs but limits for a good number of fishers were not quite as easy to come by. Most of the fishers did manage several nice sea bass apiece however and some had upwards to 30 or more nice size porgies apiece. Some truly jumbo porgies today with sizes up to and even over 2 lbs on a few of the biggest specimens. Some nice ocean perch, a handful or two of hard fighting blue fish, one very large 4 lb sea flounder and a modest showing of the unmentionables which was nearly 100 pct negated by those fishing one hook down low. The most interesting catch of the day by far was the baby monkfish jigged up by a longtime regular customer in the bow. Don’t worry the baby monk was promptly returned to the sea. For the cod…it was a case of the haves and have nots. There were a handful of keepers and shorts jigged up in the bow straight away with Lucky from Stamford CT boxing three nice keepers on the iron and another gentleman jigging up a fine pair of keeper cod with both jig fishers also releasing a bunch of shorts. Both jig fishermen also did very well on the sea bass with frequent double headers. The cod bite on the bait was remarkably soft. Two bait fishers did really well. Longtime Frances Fleet regular customer Nick from Meriden CT boxed four beautiful cod to just under ten pounds and easily limited out on big sea bass to over 4lbs with bait while another fisher baited his way to 7 keepers with the biggest a beautiful green fish just south of the 15 lb mark. That fisher also reported missing several other obvious(to him) but very soft cod bites and threw back another half dozen short cod. Its not always an easy bite to feel with the boat swinging on the anchor and the bite is frequently more non pronounced than that of the sea bass and porgies. Changing bait frequently is also very important if the belly part of the bait is chewed out or washed out. Enough can not be said for a stout rod on these trips as well. We are fishing in relatively deeper water with running tides against a rocky sea floor. A stout rod will only aid in angler in amassing a nice box of fish and will really come in handy when hooking into a good size cod, sea bass, blue fish or what have you. The more stout equipment will greatly help anglers in dealing with the unmentionables as well. Don’t be afraid to be right on the bottom too, even if it means employing a slightly heavier sinker. Tomorrow is a new day with a different wind direction and rising barometer so we will see what that will bring as Capt. Rich will be set to sail at 7am for cod and sea bass aboard the Gail Frances. Some pictures today showcasing a few angler hi lights courtesy of Roger

Capt. Matt reported a good day overall of tog fishing. Every set produced some action and the sea bass were also very cooperative today as well with a few anglers limiting out on the tasty sea biscuits. About a thrid of the fishers today easily achieved limit catches of tatoug while others had just a few and some really struggled. A rather typical day of party boat fishing. Lots of short tog and short sea bass today keeping anglers busy as well. Last but certainly not least, one beautiful keeper cod fish. Some quality tog again today with a decent number of fish over 6lbs but the biggest of the day just pushing north of the 8 lb mark. The double digit barrier is going to be short lived this coming week, just a hunch. Tomorrow looks like a great day to do some togging and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6am with Capt. Mike or Capt. Matt at the helm.


Saturday October 24th 2015

codoctober24b20151024_14432520151024_11435720151024_11411620151024_11360420151024_111919Capt. Rich reported another very nice day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances today. The sea bass were the stars of the daily fishing show once again and angler limits were generally very easily attained. Nice size stuff too with a good number of them in the two to three pound range with some upwards to nearly five pounds! Some good size porgies as well today. The cod fishing sounds like it was quite stable with a decent number of keepers and throwbacks today. A bunch of fishers had a cod or two to go along with their sea bass and porgies. Two fish in the ten pound range fought it out for bragging rights with fisher Chris Sturgeon taking the prize money today. Good size ocean perch, large sea flounder, blue fish and red hake were also noted today and the unmentionables were less of a force to reckon with than yesterday afternoon. A nice pile of pictures today will appear longtime regular Ginny Reed. We do it again tomorrow and Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7am.

Capt. Mike reported a good day of tog fishing aboard the Lady Frances. There were a good number of limit catches. Some nice fish again just like yesterday with the best of the lot around 8 lbs. Some sea bass keepers mixed in again today as well. Capt. Mike or Capt. Matt will be back out tomorrow at the helm of the Lady Frances for tatoug setting sail at 6 am.


Friday October 23rd 2015

codoctober23codoctober23acodoctober23bcodoctober23ccodoctober23dRoger reported a solid and busy day on the local cod and sea bass grounds today. Definitely an action packed day between all the different varieties of fin fish competing for the clam baits. Sea bass limits were easily attained and many of the sea bass were in the 2 to 3 lb range with a few beauties up to and just over the 4 lb mark. Much more in the way of scup around today as well with some fishers scoring 20 to 30 keepers apiece with more in the way of jumbos (scup over 1lb) and the cod put on a decent showing as well, especially towards the front of the boat today. Hi hook took home five keepers and there were several other fishers who had three cod apiece to take home and then others with one or two and so on. Nothing big but all nice market fish with the best of the lot threatening the very low teens, speaking of which the big cod honor goes to Tim Stanhope from Bellingham MA. Some short cod and some truly impressive ocean perch rounded out the days catch. The unmentionables were certainly worth a mention but anyone who stayed at the rail was able to secure enough of the “good stuff” for at least a few good meals. Overall a nice day of fishing with good weather and a great swing on the anchor. More good fishing weather on tap for the next three days and the cod/sea bass boat will be sailing at 7am with Capt. Rich at the helm. Some pictures today courtesy Roger.

Capt. Mike reported an excellent day of togging today aboard the Lady Frances. Just a few handfuls of tog shy of a full boat limit. Some beauties too with several fish in the 8 lb range. Needless to say plenty of limit catches around the Lady Frances. Quite a few keeper sea bass today too with some sea bass limits as well to go along with all the tog. Nothing huge on the sea bass but a few two pounders for sure. A handful of short cod and one keeper cod fish today rounded out the species assortment. Weather looks great for the next several days, Capt. Mike will be ready to set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances. Both crabs and clams will be provided on board for bait.


Thursday October 22nd

Friday, October 23rd, both boats are scheduled to sail. Tautog fishing on the Lady Frances at 6:00 a.m. and Cod & Seabass on the Gail Frances at 7:00 a.m. Seabass does officially open tomorrow. So after a long month of throwing them back, you can now retain 6 seabass!!!!!  Roger will have the office open around 5:00 a.m. for ticket sales.

On another note, we are experiencing difficulty with our internet and also our Capt’s Tackle line. Hopefully its up and running soon.