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Monday November 30th 2015

tognovember30tognovember30atognovember30btognovember30c tognovember30eRoger reported a good day of togging aboard the Lady Frances. There were several limit catches including Dan from New London CT and Eben York from Whoppinger Falls NY and Mr. Pak from upstate NY to name a few. There were also fishers who were just a fish or two short a limit catch and then those who did not fare as well. We had several nice keeper cod up to 8 lbs today and some short cod. A lot of short black fish as well keeping things busy. A scant handful of nice keeper sea bass, one short pollock and some tiny ocean perch and that was about it. Both crabs and clams produced for the tog but crabs definitely produced more bigger fish. Some good size stuff today in the 6-7 lb range with a few bigger ones up to 10 lbs. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Next tog trip is set to sail for tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike at the helm.

There was no cod/sea bass trip today.


Sunday November 29th 2015

codnovember29codnovember29acodnovember29bcodnovember29ccodnovember29dcodnovember29ecodnovember29fcodnovember29gcodnovember29hRoger reported a very good day of cod fishing aboard the Gail Frances today. We had an excellent showing of cod fish with hi hook boxing six good ones and several other fishers having four and five nice keepers apiece and others with two or three and so on. Very few fishers left without a cod or two today. Most folks also had their limit of sea bass or close to it. We had a lot of the biggest kind of scup with fish in the 1.5 to 2 lb range common and a handful of others to well over 3 lbs!! One fisher fishing one hook easily filled a five gallon pail with them on one drift alone!! Some very good size ocean perch, lots and lots of short cod, a couple big sea flounder and a couple throwback fluke and not one single unmentionable plus the great weather allowing for nice drift conditions made for just a great late November day on the water. A couple cod and sea bass on the jigs but bait was by far the ticket to success and again those hi lo “Atlantic” cod rigs caught very well. For sizes the sea bass ranged up to well over 3 lbs, the cod fish showed some growth today as well with a good half dozen fish in the 12 to 15 lb range battling it out for bragging rights and a better showing of gaffers in the 7 to 10 lb range. A lot of nice green as could be white bellied fish today indicating a new batch of fish starting to spread on to the local cod grounds. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Next cod/sea bass trip sets sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Capt. Mike reported a solid day of togging aboard the Lady Frances. A handful of limit catches and those who were not far behind. Some impressive quality as well with the biggest tog going just south of ten pounds. A few impressive cod fish as well today with the biggest of the lot tipping the scales at 18 lbs!! Biggest tog and biggest cod honors go to Jay So from Chicopee MA (who also easily limited on the tog), way to go Jay! Jay is a longtime regular on the Frances Fleet and an exceptional rod handler. Tremendous amounts of short tog again keeping things lively. Very very few sea bass. Next tog trip will set sail tomorrow morning aboard the Lady Frances at 6 am with Capt. Mike at the helm. Picture of Jay’s big cod fish taken courtesy deckhand Zack E.



Saturday November 28th 2015

codnovember28codnovember28aRoger reported local cod fishing was quite good today. The Gail Frances was able to drift all day and found a steady stream of cod fish and good size sea bass. A full boat limit of sea bass today with sizes to 4 lbs. Hi hooks on the cod fish were in the 4-5 keeper apiece category and there were quite a few short cod today as well. For example Roy and Tom Tilsch from Avon Ct teamed up for 8 cod to ten pounds and an easy limit catch of nice size sea bass. A keeper fluke today! Very few scup and some big ocean perch and no unmentionables plus balmy temperatures made for a banner late November cod/sea bass outing. Biggest fish were in the low teens. A couple photos today courtesy of Roger. Next cod trip will set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am with Capt. Rich at the helm aboard the Gail Frances.


Roger reported a much much improved tog outing today. No slaughter but a handful of fishers managed a limit catch or close to it. Big fish today tipped the scales at just under ten pounds and the runner up was around 8.5 lbs. Plenty of short tog at each stop as well and a fair amount of short cod fish but just two keepers today. A handful of decent size sea bass as well. Both clams and crabs worked well for the tog. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Capt. Mike will be at the helm of the Lady Frances tomorrow with the boat set to sail at 6 am.


Friday Novemeber 27th

Captain Rich reported a very day on the water on the local cod grounds. The cod bite was good but the keeper ratio was not very good. Seemed to be a 3:1 ratio of shorts to keepers. But the sea bass and scup kept rods bent all day long. Nearly everyone went home with sea bass limits with fish to nearly 5 pounds. Today’s pool fish was a cod in the low teens. Tomorrow is another day and Captain Rich will sail at 6am on the Gail Frances. Some photos from long time regular Ginny Reed


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Captain Mike reported a slow day on the blackfish grounds. The bite was just off today and were not sure why. Tomorrow is another day and we will be sailing at 6am on the Lady Frances,

Wednesday November 25th 2015

codnovember25codnovember25acodnovember25bcodnovember25ccodnovember25dRoger reported a good day of bottom fishing aboard the Gail Frances today and a beautiful “bluebird” or “popcorn” day to do it with nice drift conditions over flat calm seas. Those aforementioned words are simply old school nautical slang for almost perfect weather. We had a good amount of cod fish and while not everyone had keepers they were fairly spread out and many of fishers aboard had 2 to 4 keepers apiece with a couple of fishers having 5 keepers each. One such fisher was regular customer Vic from Niantic (Lou P’s buddy) who again put on a cod clinic this afternoon quickly accumulating five nice keepers and also catching some other cod that were just under the legal size! Well done Vic! Vic is no stranger to putting the heat on in the very late innings and this seems to be becoming a regular activity! Most fishers easily limited on sea bass and there were some real brutes aboard with a handful in the 4 to 5 lb range. Those who did not limit were mostly short only a fish or two with very few exceptions. Again there were lots of porgies of all sizes with many jumbos up to and over 2lbs. Some fishers easily managed one to two dozen big scup apiece today. Later in the trip, almost like magic the porgies seemed to vaporize. A good amount of short cod and quite a few big ocean perch today along with one short fluke. A few handfuls of the unmentionables but it appeared as though they were generally busy working on their own pre Thanksgiving day activities on some other rock piles. Not to be haters but we really didn’t miss them. Biggest cod fish today were in the mid teens. A respectable amount of the cod taken today, including some of the largest ones fell victim to the iron clam. Bait also worked just fine though. We would like to wish all our loyal cod/sea bass fishers a most enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow and the weather looks just fine to be back out on the water in search of cod and sea bass on Friday. Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6am. Pictures today courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported another outstanding tog trip today aboard the Lady. Close to a full boat limit and lots of really big fish. The biggest tog of just over 12 lbs was not in the pool but the pool was battled out by two fish in the 11 lb range and there were others in the 9-10 lb range!! Quite a few really quality tog in the 6-8 lb range today as well. Tremendous amounts of short tog kept things from never getting dull once again.  A handful of keeper sea bass and a few keeper cod fish rounded an awesome catch of pre Thanksgiving tatoug. We would like to wish all our loyal tog fishers a most enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow and the weather looks just fine to be back out on the water for tog on Friday. Capt. Mike will set sail aboard the Lady Frances at 6am.


Tuesday November 24th 2015

tognovember24tognovember24atognovember24btognovember24ctognovember24dtognovember24eRoger reported an awesome day of fishing aboard the Lady Frances. It was a rather slow start but once things got going around late morning, they got going!! It rocked right up until Capt. Mike blew the whistle to signal the end of the fishing day. We had a full boat limit of tog up to 11 lbs, a big pile of good size sea bass (some of which were well over 2 lbs and a few pushing the 3 lb mark), and the best showing of mostly nice green cod yet this season. Hi hooks on the cod had four keepers with two other fishers getting three keepers each and a bunch of others who had one or two keepers apiece to go along with their tog and sea bass. There were numerous sea bass limits. Both clams and crabs caught all three species well today. Plenty of short tog, short sea bass and some short cod kept things rolling right along between the keepers. The weather was chilly but perfect for fishing today. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Great weather on tap tomorrow and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6 am for tatoug with Capt. Mike at the helm.

Perfect fishing weather to drift around for cod and sea bass tomorrow as well and Capt. Rich will be set to sail on the Gail Frances at 6 am.


Monday November 23rd 2015

codnovember23codnovember23acodnovember23bcodnovember23ccodnovember23dcodnovember23eRoger reported a good day aboard the Gail Frances. Despite a somewhat ominous forecast it really wasn’t bad at all and was quite nice by days end. Very comfortable on the anchor as a matter of fact. A good amount of cod and sea bass were taken today with very few scup. Some big ocean perch as well. Two biggest cod fish on the boat were both fat green white bellied fish in the mid teens. Walter Falls was hi hook with six nice cod to 15 lbs and tied one other fisher for hi hook honors. A number of other fishers had three to five keeper cod apiece and the boat was easily limited out on good size sea bass. The sea bass were not monsters but they were all nice keepers with a good handful of jumbos in the mix. Bait was the way to go today. A lot of tide today so some heavier sinkers were needed to tend bottom and most of the cod and sea bass seemed to be hard down. Two stops found the unmentionables but the were largely avoidable by using one hook down low near the sinker on a shorter dropper loop. The Atlantic style cod rigs however did catch well again today so the unmentionables that go along with were just part of the cost of doing business. Weather looks popcorn for Wednesday and Capt. Rich will be set to sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am. Pictures today courtesy of Roger.

Capt. Mike reported a full boat limit of tog aboard the Lady Frances today. Nothing enormous with the best of the lot around 7-8 lbs and also plenty of shorts to keep things busy and a handful of keeper cod fish. Great weather tomorrow with Capt. Mike ready to set sail at 6 am aboard the Lady Frances.


Sunday November 22nd 2015

codnovember22codnovember22acodnovember22bcodnovember22ccodnovember22dcodnovember22ecodnovember22fnovember22codnovember22gRoger reported excellent fishing today aboard the Gail Frances for the light crowd of fishers who braved some wet but generally calm weather to join Capt. Rich in search of local cod and sea bass and to put it mildly the search was successful! Shots of cod fish all day and a big shot of sea bass in the afternoon filled up bags and coolers around the boat. EVERYONE aboard went home with cod fish today and most fishers easily limited out on sea bass of good size or were very close. Hi hook for the day and for the fall season thus far was Rodney from Smithtown RI who boxed 8 nice cod to ten pounds and an easy limit of sea bass, well done Rodney! Longtime regular customer Marcellino Chua from Lunnenburg MA was next highest hook with 7 beautiful cod to 15 lbs and an easy limit of sea bass. Well done Marcellino! Marcellino had the biggest cod on the boat today. The pool fish however was taken by longtime regular Norman who’s 13 lb cod was part of a double header that included a 4 lb sea bass as well! We had a handful of cod fish today over ten pounds and some others that were “gaffable” in the 6-8 lb range. Quite a few short cod too, many of which were just short by a tad. We had several other fishers today who had 5-6 cod apiece to take home with their sea bass and then other folk who had one to four apiece. The so called “average” was threatening 5 cod per fisher. Both bait and jigs worked for the cod but bait was the best and the “scotch line” style atlantic cod rigs out produced the dropper loop rigs today but all were effective. Sizes on the sea bass were generally good but there were only a few bombers that were well over 3 lbs and threatening or over the 4 lb mark. Some huge ocean perch with a few very close to the size of a legal tatoug! One very large sea flounder, only a couple of good size scup (the total opposite of yesterday!!) and the unmentionables were just about worth a mention but being that we were able to drift just about all day they were largely avoidable. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Tomorrow is our next scheduled cod/sea bass outing and Capt. Rich will be ready to set sail at 6am aboard the Gail Frances.

Capt. Mike reported another solid day of togging. Pool fish was around 7 lbs but there were a decent amount of angler limits and many others who weren’t all that far behind. Lots and lots of short tog to keep anglers busy, and we have seen this over and over again this season so it seems as though some of the younger year classes are very strong. A few keeper sea bass and a couple of keeper cod mixed in as well today. More togging on tap for tomorrow with the Lady Frances set to sail at 6 am with Capt. Mike at the helm.


Saturday November 21st 2015

codnovember21codnovember21acodnovember21bcodnovember21ccodnovember21dcodnovember21ecodnovember21fcodnovember21gRoger reported an action packed day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances. The first stop produced a respectable shot of cod fish and a few scup and sea bass. The next stop produced better numbers of bigger scup and sea bass but just a few nice size cod while the last area sampled produced a handful of cod fish and the best scup fishing we have seen since back in October!! Some nice sea bass as well but the scup were practically chewing the bottom of the boat! Double header platter size scup, drop and stick fishing if you will for at least a couple of hours. Most fishers either had a limit of nice size sea bass or were very close to it and most fishers had all the big scup they wanted with those who focused on them a bit easily limiting out! Hi hook on the cod took home four keepers with a few other fishers having two or three each to take home. Several cod in the low to mid teens battled it out for pool honors today aboard the Gail Frances. We also had some small to mid size blue fish, a mess of good size ocean perch, a nice size monk fish and a mentionable amount of the unmentionables in one area sampled. Biggest scup were in the range of 3 lbs and there were some sea bass in the 3 to 4 lb range but few if any bigger than that today. One hook just near or above/below the sinker was the way to go for just about everything today except the unmentionables. One beautiful green as could be cod was jigged up on the anchor otherwise all on bait. Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Another nice fishing day on tap for tomorrow and Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the Gail Frances at 6 am for cod and sea bass.

Capt. Mike reported a good day of togging. Much better than expected after all that southerly wind of the past two days. There were some limit catches and some other fishers who were not far behind. Longtime regular Brian Cofske from Worcester MA did it again today easily limiting out on nice tog to 7 lbs for example. There was also a tremendous amount of short tog today keeping anglers very busy at the rails. Biggest tog was reported to be about 8 lbs and a half dozen nice size cod joined the tog today aboard the Lady with the biggest cod in the low teens! Nice to see these good size cod continuing to show here and there on the tog grounds. More great fishing weather tomorrow and the Lady Frances will be set to sail at 6am with Capt. Mike at the helm.


Friday November 20th 2015

Business as usual tomorrow with the cod/sea bass boat setting sail at 6am aboard the Gail with Capt. Rich and the tog boat also at 6am aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike.

No trips the past two days due to the weather.