Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 29th

It certainly has been a better winter as far as snow is concerned but the wind has been the problem this year. We were only out a handful of times in February with only fair results. If we could get more than one good day in a row, it would allow the water to clear up and also allow us to do a little more scouting. We can only hope March will be better. Although tomorrow March 1st is a no-go. Check back concerning the rest of the week.


Thursday February 25th

Quite the storm over the last couple of days, so needless to say the boats have not left the dock. No fishing again tomorrow Friday February 26th, but right now Saturday may be a fishable day. Be sure to check back with us on Friday to confirm.

Monday Feb 22nd

Captain Mike reported a very nice day on the cod grounds. Was a great day to be on water in February. The cod fishing was about the same as yesterday with the morning having the best action. Every trip we go out it seems the fish are starting bunch back up after the wind last week, but the weather outlook is not very friendly. We will not be sailing tomorrow due to the weather and we are keeping on eye out for the rest of the week.

Sunday Feb 20th

Captain Mike reported improved fishing on the cod grounds today. The morning started out very slow with dirty water left over from yesterdays blow. As the day got on we found some cleaner water and started ti get a pick going. More keepers and shorts but still not the fishing we had pre winter storms. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am on the Lady Frances

Friday February 19th

Captain and crew reported a slightly better day today then yesterday but still not what we would consider good fishing, unfortunately. After seeing the weather update for tomorrow, Saturday February 20th, we are going to be cancelling. Sunday’s weather right now looks fine for sailing but be sure to double check with us tomorrow.

Thursday February 18th update

Captain and crew reported a not so enthusiastic day today. Dirty water from the winds earlier in the week may have been the culprit. It seemed things were showing some signs of improvement towards the end of the day, so hopefully that means better news for tomorrow’s trip. Our office will be open Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. for ticket sales. Hope to see you then.

Thursday February 18th

The Lady Frances sailed today with some very anxious fishermen. Its been about a week and a half since we were able to get out. Captain, crew and fishermen were ready to go! The weather has finally given us a break and the next few days look very nice for fishing. So give the office a call to make a reservation and grab your gear and come on down!

Wednesday February 17th

Good news! We are finally going to get out codfishing, tomorrow Thursday February 18th. It has certainly been a rough week or so with the weather. Wind and sub zero temperatures have kept us at the dock for quite awhile. The snow has melted and the temperatures are now above average, so grab your gear and come on down. The office will open at 4:00 a.m. for ticket sales. Friday’s weather looks very good as well, so be sure to give us a call to make a reservation if you would like to go Friday.