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Monday Memorial Day, May 30th 2016


Squid fishing last night was respectable according to first mates Greg and Capt. Matt. The numbers varied wildly from fisher to fisher with some folks getting half of a five gallon bucket and a few others only getting a half dozen to a dozen and others in between. Mixed sizes on the tubes. Next trip sets sail Wednesday Night at 7pm aboard the Gail Frances.

Furthermore the Capt. Tackle store will be closing at 2pm today so if anyone needs bait tackle or ice please stop by before then.



Sunday May 29th 2016

amhalfmay29amhalfmay29aRoger reported the morning half day was slow but the weather was as good as it gets for late May. A very slow or “crawl” of a drift made the fluke very tricky to fool. A handful of nice ones to 4 lbs and some shorts plus some sea robins, smooth sand sharks and a few skates helped keep spirits above board on the Admiral Frances. A shout out of a job well done to Jose from New York with his fine 4 lb fluke and also to John from North Providence who had a fine brace of keepers.A couple photos courtesy of Roger.

The afternoon half day was similar. Two half days on tap for Monday Memorial Day with the first leaving at 8am and returning at Noon and the second at 1pm returning at 5pm.

Capt. Rich reported a solid day of fluke fishing despite there being almost no drift. Some real quality fluke today including fish of nearly 9 and 8 lbs respectively. A dozen or so other fluke in the 4 to 5 lb range and first mate Capt. Matt noted that just about all the keepers were net worthy and did not need to be measured. Hi hook took home 5 keepers. Despite the very slow drift both buck tails and bait rigs produced. Anglers were busy catching and releasing impressive amounts of sea bass up to 5 lbs. One blue fish and a few sand sharks rounded out the species assortment for the day. Next full day Fluke trip sets sail at 7 am tomorrow morning aboard the Gail Frances with Capt. Rich.


Sunday Morning May 29th 2016

SQUIDMAY28SQUIDMAY28ASQUIDMAY28BSQUIDMAY28CEarly indications are that last night’s squid fishing was improved over the prior nights trips.Capt. Matt reported those who were in the zone had upwards to and even a bit more than a half a pail of these tasty mollusks. Then there were those with less. More of a mix in size but still plenty of nice tubes. Best action was late at night when they were able to turn it loose on the drift. Some pictures provided courtesy longtime customer Ginny. Still plenty of room on tonight’s trip so if interested please call the office to make a reservation. The Gail Frances will set sail at 7pm on this special Sunday Night Memorial Day Weekend outing.

First mate Greg reported similar results on the RISA charter last night. First mate Greg did a little fishing himself last night and within a half hour he boated three keeper fluke and threw back additional short fluke and a half dozen huge sea bass!!! The best part….they were anchored up!! Another angler snagged a 4 lb plus fluke on a squid jig! A few pictures showcasing a few angler hi lights courtesy of Greg.



Saturday May 28th 2016

may28flukeamhalfmay28flukeamhalfbmay28fukeamhalfamay28flukeamhalfcmay28flukeamhalfdFirst mate Dan reported a fair night of squid fishing. Some anglers had a few dozen apiece and others had less. Sizes were more mixed than as of recent as well. Hi hooks were reported to be around a third of a five gallon pail. Next squid trip is tonight at 7pm by reservation. Please call the office if interested in going.

Owner Christine Blount reported a very enthusiastic turnout of fishers this morning for the half day and the fishing itself was alright. The catching was good counting all the sea bass and short fluke fishers got to release to swim another day. The fluke made respectable enough of a showing. A few nice fish with the pool winner taken by Robert Fowler of Griswold CT who brought a fine 6 lb slab to the safety of the net. It was just a gorgeous morning on the water. A few hi lights courtesy owner Christine Blount.

Another great turnout of half day fishers this afternoon but the fluke had full tummies. So much squid around that Ginny and Cole filled half of a five gallon pail though. Half day trips 8 am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm Sunday and Monday.

First mate Capt. Matt reported the Michael Stringer charter was very busy on the full day fluke charter catching lots of fish. A nice pull of keepers was managed among the many shorts which kept the rods bent and interest up at the rail. A bunch of big sea bass were thrown back as well. We resume our normal sailing schedule tomorrow with the Gail Frances back to full day Fluke setting sail at 7 am.


Friday May 27

Captain Mike reported a slow night for the squid fishing. It started slow but picked up as the evening progressed.  High hook had a few dozen squid by the end of the night. It was a beautiful night out on the water and the same sailing conditions are expected for tonight 7pm sailing.

First mate Chris L and Capt. Mike both reported fluke fishing was improved today over yesterday. Hi hook boxed five keepers and runner up boxed four nice keepers. Longtime regular Hahn from East Longmeadow had a fine six pound slab and longtime regular Mike from Providence also had a nice jumbo fluke. Some shorts as well to keep things moving along. Tomorrow we will be offering just half day trips leaving 8 am to Noon and again at 1pm to 5 pm.Full day fluke fishing will resume on Sunday.



Thursday May 26th

Capt Mike reported that last night’s squid trip was a bit slower in comparison to previous trips. Still some nice tubes but not the numbers we have been accustomed to. Capt Mike reported that dirty water was most likely to blame. Tonight is another night, so hopefully better results will follow. Plenty of room on tonight’s trip, so give the office a call to make a reservation.

First mate Chris L reported a slower day on the full day fluke boat today with tough wind vs tide conditions most of the day.  A few nice fish in the 4 to 5 lb range and longtime regular customer Mr. Kim took the pool with a nice fish in that category. The keepers were rather spread out but the numbers could have been better. The weather however was stunning. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.


Wednesday May 25th

Capt Mike reported a little bit slower day than Tuesday, but still some keeper fluke in the box. Overall probably about the same number of keepers as Tuesday but a few more anglers today, so the numbers were more spread out.  Alot of throwback action as well. Pool fish was 6.5 lbs. And the first seabass of the season showing up. Unfortunately those had to be released for a later date. We have a few more weeks to wait for that season to open, June 24th. Next fluke trip tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m.

One highlight from today was Michael Lemoigne, from Westchester County, NY, who went home with 4 keepers, had about a dozen or so shorts during the day and took the pool honors with this nice 6.5 lber. Nice job Mike!


May 24th

Capt Richie reports that his small group of anglers enjoyed a good day of fishing! The Gail Frances stayed close to home and caught fish wherever they stopped. A nice bunch of keepers, most anglers had 3-5 fish each, with one or two limits. And the first bluefish of the season came over the rail as well. Biggest fluke was around 5-6 lbs. Next trip tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. And we wanted to reiterate an earlier posting, that we will NOT have a full day trip on Saturday May 28th. We will be offering two half days on Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon AND 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Do both half days, the cost is $70.00. The full day trips will resume it’s normal schedule on Sunday, daily at 7:00 a.m.

Tuesday May 24th

Please Note: On Saturday May 28th we will NOT be offering the FULL DAY FLUKE TRIP. We will have TWO Half day trips available. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon AND 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you do back to back trips, the cost is $70 for both half day trips. The FULL DAY will resume again on Sunday with it’s usual schedule, daily at 7:00 a.m.

The half day trips, starting this weekend, will run weekends only till June 19th, then will be on a daily schedule. With the exception of Memorial Day, Monday May 30th, we WILL BE RUNNING BOTH HALF DAY TRIPS.

Squid trips are Wednesday through Saturday evenings, with the exception of Sunday May 29th, we plan to have a trip, due to the holiday weekend.

We have tried to make this as clear as possible, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Monday May 23rd

Capt Mike reported a pretty decent day on the full day trip.. They stayed close to home with a respectable number of keepers and enough throwbacks to keep anglers busy throughout the day. High hook was 5 fish, and the biggest weighed in at around 5 lbs. Next trip is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. Hope to see you then.