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Thursday June 30th


Our whale watch opening day has been pushed to Saturday July 2nd. There will be NO trip on Thursday June 30th OR Friday July 1st. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call to make a reservation for Saturday if you are interested in going.

Roger reported a good morning of half day fishing with a nice mix of big sea bass to 4 lbs and some really nice fluke with the best in the 7 lb range. Plenty of short fluke and short sea bass plus sea robins and a few nice size scup also kept rods bent and interest levels high along the rails of the Admiral Frances. A number of fishers had limit catches of sea bass and two or three nice fluke apiece to take home making for some “full day style” bags of fillets while others had less but overall it was a nice morning of fishing considering there was little to no drift until the last pass. A couple pictures today provided courtesy of Roger.

First mate Cote reported the afternoon trip on the Admiral Frances was just as solid as the morning effort with nice size fluke and sea bass pleasing patrons. Two half days on tap tomorrow, back on the Lady Frances with the first set to sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm with Capt. Mike at the helm.

Easy boat limit of nice sea bass on the Gail Frances today and about the same amount of fluke as previous days with the best just over the 6 lb mark. Hi hooks on the fluke had four nice keepers apiece. A few scup mixed in. Capt. Rich mentioned the afternoon bite was way better than that experienced earlier in the day. More great weather on tap for tomorrow and a nice modest southerly breeze should help out the drifting situation. Capt. Matt will be ready to set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.




Wednesday June 29th 2016

Another great day of fishing aboard the Gail Frances with a boat limit of sea bass up to 5 lbs. Some nice fluke mixed in too with some fishers grabbing several nice keepers apiece along with their sea bass limits. Biggest fluke was around or just over 7 lbs. A few good size blue fish and a handful of nice scup plus some sea robins and a couple of smoothies rounded out the species assortment for the day. Fishers were commenting on just how busy it was with the sea bass which keeps rods bent and angler interest up along the rails. Some fishers are even imposing bigger minimum sizes on the sea bass as high as 18 and 19 inches!! Incredible weather on tap tomorrow and the Gail Frances will set sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Half Day fishing was very good this morning with both fluke and sea bass keeping fishers busy along the rails of the Admiral Frances. Some good size stuff mixed in as well. This afternoon’s trip was slower but still respectable. Biggest fluke on the half days recently have been around the six pound mark. Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first at 8 am and the second at 1 pm.


Tuesday June 28th 2016

Capt. Matt reported a good day of fishing on the Half Day trips. On both the morning and the afternoon trips, there were more keepers than anglers, and everyone left with some fish. Keeper fluke ranged up to 6 lbs, and there was a nice mix of seabass, along with plenty of shorts to keep anglers busy at the rail.

Fresh off the Jumbo Fluke and Sea Bass full day trip, Capt. Rich reported a good day of fishing overall. According to the Captain, fishing was quite good in the morning and slowed down somewhat during the afternoon. By the time it was time to head back to port, the boat had limited out on Black Sea Bass (sizes ranged up to 4lbs), and had a nice collection of fluke to boast about as well. Though today’s pool-winning fluke could not compete with Ms. Pak’s whopper yesterday, it still tipped the scales at a respectable 5-6 pounds. Capt. Rich summed up the trip like this: “If you had a line in the water, you caught something. Everyone went home with fish!”

Tomorrow, you can catch the full day Jumbo Fluke and Sea Bass trip at 7AM, or you can hop aboard the Half Day Fishing trips at 8AM or 1PM.

Tuesday June 28th

We are experiencing trouble with our email today, so if anyone has been emailing or are waiting for a response to an email, we hope its back up and running soon.

Our afternoon trip this afternoon is scheduled to go. The Admiral will be leaving at 1:00 p.m.

The full day and both the half days are on tap for tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th.

Our first whale watch trip was scheduled to start Thursday June 30th. We WILL NOT be able to start that day as expected. We will keep you posted as to when we can start.

Monday June 27th 2016

Captain Rich reported a decent day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. Ms. Pak caught the pool winner, which weighed in at 11 lbs (see photo)! She certainly put the “Jumbo” in the Jumbo Fluke and Sea Bass full day trip today. Other anglers on the full day boat caught a handful of good-sized fluke in the 5-6 lb range. Overall, anglers left the boat carrying more black sea bass than fluke, though the crew reported that the bite was not quite as hot as it had been on Saturday.

Ms. Pak & the pool fish

Tomorrow, the Gail will be sailing at 7am for the full day Jumbo Fluke and Sea bass trip, and both the 8am and 1pm four-hour half day trips will be sailing as well. The weather looks like it will be pretty nice!


Sunday June 26th 2016

Despite an extraordinary effort  on the behalf of Capt. Matt, crew and the fishers aboard the Gail Frances last night, the Striped Bass did not cooperate last night. Next trip is set for this coming Saturday Night by reservation at 7 pm.


Captain Rich reported a good day on the Fluke boat. The sea bass were out in force today with bent rods all day long. Some nice fluke to 7 pounds were also caught. Very close to a full limit of sea bass. We would have had the limit but even with the new 15″ size limit some angler would not keep anything under 18″. High hook had 5 keeper fluke. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for the full day trip.


Captain Mike was at the helm on the Lady Frances this morning for the annual Narragansett Lions VIP fishing charter. The morning started off very slow with next to no drift, but a few fish came over the rails. As the day went on the fishing picked up and anglers chipped away at fluke to 4 pounds and sea bass to 3 pounds. The afternoons trip saw some of the same fishing with a few more keepers in the mix. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 8am for the half day and again at 1pm.

Saturday June 25th 2016

20160625_103325amhalfjune25amhalfjune25aamhalfjune25bamhalfjune25damhalfandreaandmorganfromctjune25amhalfpoolwinnersjune25Apparently some big sea bass and fluke were chewing on this morning’s half day fishing trip as evidenced by some great pictures sent in from owner Christine Blount who is out half day fishing this morning aboard the Lady Frances. A nice mix of fluke and sea bass pleased the healthy turnout of fishers on this most incredible weather day bestowed upon us in late June. In fact a sea bass over 5 lbs took the pool honors this morning aboard the Lady Frances. Better results on this afternoon’s half day outing with even more fluke and more sea bass keeping the fishers entertained at the rail. Remember just one half day on tap tomorrow with the Lady Frances setting sail at 1pm with Capt. Mike at the helm.

Capt. Matt reported that today’s full day charter for the Mitch Urda group was successful with lots of nice size sea bass and an excellent catch of good size fluke. All hands on deck left with nice bags of fillets. Plenty of small fish of both species kept rods bent and fishers entertained in between the keepers.

Exciting news from Capt. Rich on the Full Day Fluke and Sea Bass trip!! Longtime regular Joe Gagne from Cumberland RI did it once again and took today’s pool (2 Saturday’s in a row!!) with a big fluke that tipped the scales at 12.3 lbs!! Way to go Joe! Joe’s big fluke fell to a white .5 z spro tipped with squid and spearing. A couple pictures of the mammoth fluke appear courtesy Joe’s girlfriend Cindy. Thanks Cindy! An easy full boat limit of big sea bass up to 5 lbs plus on the Gail today along with a strong catch of fluke. A fair number of fishers aboard had several nice fluke apiece to take home. A fair number of other jumbo fluke over 4 lbs recorded. For reasons known only to the summer flounders a plain jane bait rig worked the best. More amazing fishing weather tomorrow and the Gail Frances will set sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.


Tonight’s Striper trip is SOLD OUT!! The next trip will not be until next Saturday Night at 7pm by reservation. Tonight’s sold out trip will set sail on the Lady Frances at 7 pm with Capt. Matt at the helm.


Friday June 24th 2016


The full day boat had a nice turnout of enthusiastic fluke and sea bass fishers who found the sea bass to be very very cooperative with a boat limit of sea bass to over 4 lbs and a respectable tally of fluke as well. More details to follow/and or as they become available. A few fishers had several nice fluke apiece today and first mate Chris noted long length rigs such as those used for fishing whole squid may have had a slight edge today. Some days the whole squid works, some days it doesn’t but it is always good to have a box on hand just in case. Biggest fluke in the 6 lb range. A few nice size scup and a handful of sea robins, skates, and some shorty fluke rounded out the catching for the day. Capt. Rich will set sail on the Gail Frances tomorrow morning at 7 am, looks like another incredible weather day to be out in search of jumbo fluke and big sea bass.

The morning report for the half day was of some nice fluke and a fair amount of nice size sea bass but not in the numbers we had hoped for. We are hoping for better on the sea bass this afternoon.

The afternoon half day trip could not have been more different for reasons known only to the fish. A full boat limit of sea bass and a nice pile of good size fluke pleased anglers. Hi hook had five keeper fluke and a few other fishers had 4 keepers apiece. A few great photos showcasing some of the high lights courtesy first mate Greg.


Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first to set sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Mike. Back to back half days can net an angler $10 off the second outing.



Thursday June 23rd 2016

amhalfjune23amhalfjune23aamhalfjune23bRoger reported the morning half day was pretty busy and the weather was about as good as it gets for later June. So much for the overcast skies and a chance showers that the weatherman bragged about the past couple of days. Some quality fluke with a couple in the 5 lb range for bragging rights. A staggering amount of catch and release sea bass, a few big scup to 2 lbs, a mess of sea robins and plenty of short fluke kept things rolling right along. Near perfect drifting conditions along the local beaches this morning. A few pictures courtesy of Roger.

This afternoon trip was reported to be slower due to no drift. Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first at 8am and the second at 1pm, both on the Lady Frances.

Capt. Rich and first mate Chris reported a slow day of fluke fishing aboard the Gail Frances. Just no drift to speak of all day. A few fishers did manage to put several fluke apiece in their coolers. Biggest was around six pounds. The catch and release sea bassing for the last day for awhile was epic. A handful of good size scup and some sea robins and smoothies mixed in as well. No blue fish today. Tomorrow is a new day and Capt. Rich will set sail aboard the GAIL FRANCES at 7 am for full day FLUKE AND SEA BASS!!!



Wednesday June 22nd 2016

7amjune227amjune22aSounds like it was a respectable pick of nice size fluke aboard the full day fluke boat today with some real quality size slabs. Some fishers had amassed several nice keepers apiece with hi hooks around a half dozen keepers. Big fish honors of the day went to Paul Valois from Woonsocket RI (longtime regular Norman’s son) who’s big fluke which inhaled a whole squid pulled the needle down to 10.7 lbs. A shout out to Joe Collins from Westchester PA who also had a great trip catching some beautiful fluke. There was one blue fish today and the same broken record of catch and release sea bass. Friday is right around the corner. A couple pictures today courtesy of Roger and longtime regular Joe Collins. Tomorrow’s fluke trip will set sail on the Admiral Frances with Capt. Rich at 7 am.

A few handfuls of nice keeper fluke and some shorts on this morning’s half day. More of the same this afternoon but more shorts so busier shall we say. Friday cannot come soon enough on these outings as well. Weather looks great for fishing tomorrow with the first half day scheduled to sail at 8 am aboard the Lady Frances and the second at 1pm also aboard the Lady Frances. Back to back half days can net an angler a $10 discount off of the second outing.