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Wednesday August 31st

7amaug31First mate Chris L reported a near boat limit of sea bass to four pounds and a respectable amount of fluke up to 9 lbs. A few fishers had four nice fluke apiece to take home. Just a few porgies mixed in today. Longtime regular customer and exceptional rod handler James took the pool with a fine 9 lb slab today. Other jumbo fluke taken as well such as the beauty caught by longtime regular customer Scott Minakani from Cliffside Park NJ who was kind enough to send in a picture of the beautiful flatfish. September 1st (tomorrow) ushers in our bump up in sea bass where fishers will be able to bring home 7 15 inch or better sea bass per fisher. Weather looks excellent for fishing. Capt. Rich will set sail at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

The report for the morning and afternoon half day trips from Capt. George was of slightly better fishing than yesterday, a mix of sea bass and a few handfuls of nice size fluke. Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the first to set sail at 8 am and the second at Noon, both aboard the Admiral Frances.


Tuesday August 30th

Captain Rich reported that the fishing aboard the Gail Frances was on the slower side today during the full day trip, due to the fact that there was hardly any drift. Some nice fluke and black sea bass did manage to find their way into coolers, as did a few scup and a blue fish. High hook had 5 fluke and his limit of sea bass. John from Newington, CT won the pool with his 9 1/4 lb fluke, which was kept in good company by his two other fluke to 7 1/2 lbs (see photo below, courtesy of John) and three sea bass in his cooler.

John from Newington, CT with his 9 1/4 lb pool winner and 7 1/2 lb doormat fluke on the Full Day Trip August 30th. Photo courtesy of John.

John from Newington, CT with his 9 1/4 lb pool winner and 7 1/2 lb doormat fluke on the Full Day Trip August 30th. Photo courtesy of John.

Captain George reported a tough day of fishing for the small but enthusiastic crowd of fisherfolk today on the Half Day Trips. The morning was somewhat more fruitful than the afternoon, with a handful of fluke to 4 lbs and quite a number of nice black sea bass. The afternoon trip only managed to land a few keeper fluke.

Captain Matt reported that on the last trip of the season, whale watchers were treated to a great show of dolphin (moms and babies), a hammerhead shark and a humpback whale. We are looking forward to another exciting Whale Watching season next summer!

In other news, our first Tuna Trip of the season departs tonight and is expected to return sometime on Thursday, ahead of some interesting weather developing offshore late Thursday into Friday. Tomorrow, the Full Day trip will sail aboard the Gail Frances at 7AM, and the Half Days will be departing the dock on the Admiral Frances at 8AM and 1PM. The only Night Striped Bass trip is scheduled to sail Saturday evening at 7PM. Based on last week’s wild success, this trip may book up quickly, so be sure to call the office to make reservations for the last Bass trip of 2016!


Monday August 29th

Captain Matt reported a good day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances during the full day trip. The fluke nearly outnumbered the anglers 4:1, and the black sea bass also made a respectable appearance in coolers. John Ribeiro from Plymouth, MA won the pool with an 8 lb fluke (see photo below, courtesy of Tammy), and was able to boast another 5 fluke up to 5 lbs. Ricky from MA’s bragging rights include catching his limit of Fluke today.

Captain George reported that both half day trips were quite slow, due to tricky drift conditions. Both trips managed to scrape together a handful of fluke, and had some decent short action to keep anglers at the rail interested. The black sea bass were rather shy today, as well, with only a few making it into coolers. The pool-winning fluke were in the 4 lb range for both trips.

Tomorrow, the Gail Frances sets sail at 7AM for the full day Jumbo Fluke & Sea Bass trip, and the Admiral Frances sails at 8AM and 1PM for the Half Day Fishing trips. The last Whale Watch of the season is scheduled to sail tomorrow at 1PM on the Lady Frances, and the first Tuna Trip of the season will be leaving the dock at 10PM on the Lady Frances tomorrow evening!

John Ribeiro From Plymouth, MA with his 8 lb Pool Winner. Photo courtesy of Tammy.

John Ribeiro From Plymouth, MA with his 8 lb Pool Winner. Photo courtesy of Tammy.

Sunday Morning August 28th

nightbassaug27First mates Connor and Michael reported an all out bass and blue fish blitz aboard the Lady Frances last night. Some better size fish of both species too with several bass in the 20 lb range and a couple of fish in the mid twenties that battled it out for bragging rights. The biggest of which was taken by longtime regular customer and exceptional rod handler Ginny Reed of Bristol RI. Way to go Ginny!! Everyone left with fresh Striper and all the blue fish he or she wanted. Sizes on the blue fish into the low and even threatening mid teens! Three nights in a row of awesome night fishing, somewhat reminiscent of the “good old days”. Picture provided by Ginny’s grandson Cole. From a more retrospective perspective this has been by far the best year in the past few. Next night trip is schedule for this coming Saturday Night at 7 pm by reservation.

Captain Rich reported a much better day on the full day fluke boat. The morning started out on the slower side for fluke but had all the scup and sea bass one could want. Rich made a move south and fluke were waiting with open mouths. 50 keeper fluke came up in the last 2 hours. High hook caught 13 keeper fluke. Pool fish was taken by Mr. Cin in the last 5 minutes of the trip with a 29″ fish that was just under 10 pounds. Captain Matt is at the helm tomorrow sailing at 7am.image1

Captain Matt reported very good action on the half day trips. There were plenty of bent rods all around the boat but not as many keepers as we would like to see. The fish today ranged from 6 inches to a good 5 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 8am and 1pm for the half days

Saturday August 27th

Capt. Matt reported another awesome night of bass fishing with another big mess of blue fish mixed in. Biggest bass in the mid to upper teens with most again that nice market, eating size. Anglers tossed back at least fifty shorties too! Just an action packed evening. Sizes on blue fish to ten pounds.  Boat was limited out early. Some fishers had at least a half dozen blue fish to go along with their bass as well. What a wild two nights!! Hoping for three nights in a row tonight! Still plenty of room available on tonight’s trip if anyone is interested in booking. Please call the office to reserve as the Lady Frances will set sail at 7pm with Capt. Matt at the helm.

Capt. George reported a very good morning of fishing on the morning half day aboard the Admiral Frances. Former Frances Fleet first mate Nelson D’Costa and his group from VT and Western Mass were with us today and enjoyed a solid bite on good size sea bass with a handful of fluke mixed in as well. Always great to have you guys aboard!

The morning charter aboard the Lady Frances for Amex Inc. was also successful as nice size sea bass, some porgies and some nice fluke plus plenty of shorties kept rods bent and angler interest up at the rails for the fishers aboard.

First mate Chris reported a nice mix of fluke with some scup and sea bass as well today on the Gail Frances. Longtime regular James took the pool with a five pound fluke. Great weather on tap again for tomorrow with the Gail Frances set to sail at 7 am with Capt. Rich at the helm.

Big news also today was that the Lady Frances, with Capt. Mike at the helm, had an extraordinary Whale Watch expedition in the waters near Block Island today. A big pod of Humpback Whales was very active chasing tremendous amounts of bait all over the grounds. Tuesday August 30th will be our last trip for the season, still space available but reservations are necessary. Call the office or book on line.

Two half days on tap for tomorrow with the Admiral Frances set to sail at 8 am and again at 1pm.


Friday August 26th

nightbassaug26nightbassaug26anightbassaug26bnightbassaug26cFirst mate Greg reported an outstanding night of night fishing last night. A full boat limit of market size bass keepers last night before 9 pm!! Sizes into the mid teens. Also a big mess of good size bluefish to nearly ten pounds. Just a great night of fishing aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt! Almost sounds like the kind of fishing we used to hear about in the Race! A few pictures courtesy first mate Greg. Plenty of room tonight and tomorrow night so if interested please call the office to make a reservation as the Lady Frances will set sail at 7 pm.

First mate Greg reported a pretty good day aboard the Gail Frances. Capt. Rich had a nice bunch of fluke to five pounds for the fishers aboard and a nice mess of keeper sea bass and some porgies. Greg noted the fluke and sea bass were rather spread out among the fishers today. Great weather on tap tomorrow and the Gail will set sail with Capt. Rich at 7 am.

Capt. Keith reported a very decent morning of half day fishing. Fishers aboard benefited from the good drifting conditions and the fluke and sea bass responded. The most keeper fluke in awhile with sizes to 6 lbs and a nice mess of sea bass to 4.5 lbs along with some slammer size scup to over 2 lbs. Some photo hi lights provided courtesy owner Christine Blount.


Capt. Keith reported an excellent start to the afternoon half day trip for a light load of fishers with a slug of fluke to seven pounds and some big sea bass to 4 lbs and some big scup but then the wind and tide opposed each other and the bite slowed down. Still some impressive bags of fillets were seen by fishers who were purchasing ice inside of Capt. Tackle after the trip. Remember just one half day trip tomorrow afternoon at 1pm as the morning trip is sold out.


Thursday August 25th

Capt. Keith reported a solid morning half day of fishing with a good amount of sea bass up to 4 lbs and plenty of short sea bass and short fluke keeping anglers busy at the rails. Half Day tomorrow at 8 am and again at 1pm.

Capt. George reported a good morning half day charter for the Chris McCarthy group with quite a few good size sea bass.

First mate General Manager Capt. Cory reported a much better day of fishing today than yesterday on the Gail Frances with three times as many fluke and a decent amount of sea bass and some nice porgies. Longtime regular customer and exceptional rod handler Mr. Pak took the pool with a fine fluke just a tad over 6 lbs. Whole squid was reported to work ok today. Hi hook boxed four or five keepers. Capt. Rich sets sail tomorrow morning at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.

Tonight’s bass trip is a go! Still plenty of room should anyone want to show up before 7 pm and come on into the Capt. Tackle to purchase ticket(s).


Wednesday August 24th

Please Note: Our morning half day trip (8:00 a.m. to noon) on SATURDAY AUGUST 27TH IS SOLD OUT. There is still plenty of availability for the afternoon trip, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. as well as the full day 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Again, Saturday August 27th 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon trip is SOLD OUT.

Capt. Mike reported the afternoon half day better than the morning. Some nice fluke mixed in with the sea bass during the afternoon. Two half days on tap tomorrow with the first set to sail at 8am and the second at 1pm.

The report from the full day was of a better morning bite but very slow bite from noon forward. Some nice fluke and a lot of sea bass today with many fishers limiting out easily on the sea bass. A few fishers had several fluke apiece to take home. Capt. Rich sets sail tomorrow morning at 7 am aboard the Gail Frances.



Tuesday August 23rd

Captain Rich reported a decent day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances. Following the trend of late, the Black Sea Bass outnumbered the Fluke 2:1 during the full day trip. There were no exceptionally large fish caught today – the pool winning fluke weighed about 6.5 lbs, according to First Mate Chris. High hook caught 6 Fluke today, along with his limit of Black Sea Bass (the boat nearly limited on the sea bass). A few scup found their ways into coolers today, as well.

Captain Mike reported that the morning Half Day trip was on the slow side. Though there was decent action in the shorts department, keepers were not particularly numerous or large. A 3 lb sea bass took the pool. Captain George reported that the afternoon trip was more exciting, with some nice sea bass and nearly a dozen nice-sized fluke. The pool winner was a 6 lb fluke.

On the Whale Watching front, Captain Mike was excited to report that whale watchers today were treated to a great show of 6 different Finback Whales. Some whales visited the boat in pairs, and others explored the waters as solitary animals. Some dolphins also provided some entertaintment, as they cavorted in the boat’s wake.

Tomorrow, the full day trip will sail at 7AM on the Gail Frances with Captain Rich, and the half days will sail at 8AM and 1PM. The night bass trip leaves the dock at 7PM (still plenty of room on that trip!). Additionally, many people have been asking about when our next cod trip will be; there will be no more “Special Sunday” Cod trips this summer – our regular Full Day Cod Trip schedule will begin mid-September, so stay tuned for those details over the next few weeks.

Monday August 22nd

Captain Matt reported a good day of fishing today aboard the Gail Frances during the full day trip. A good number of fluke found their way on board, with the largest 3 being in the 8 lb range. Anglers also nearly caught the boat’s limit for Black Sea Bass. High hook went home with 5 fluke and his limit of sea bass.

Captain Mike reported a decent day of fishing during today’s Half Day trips aboard the Lady Frances. In the morning, the sea bass outnumbered the fluke, while in the afternoon a quick drift made for excellent fluke fishing, which outnumbered the seabass 4:1! Neither trip could boast any monsters, but anglers were kept busy during both trips with steady action of shorts and keepers.

Tomorrow, the full day trip sails at 7AM, and the half day trips sail at 8AM and 1PM. The Whale Watch is also scheduled to sail at 1PM tomorrow. This week’s Night Bass trips still have plenty of availability – the next trip sets sail Wednesday at 7PM. Call the office for reservations!