Monthly Archives: November 2016

Tuesday November 29th

We will have no trips tomorrow. There is a little break in the wind where could;d have squeezed something in but with the gales posted till early am it would not be a very nice day. Please call the office to make a reservation for any up coming trips.


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Monday Nov 28th

Captain Mike reported another limit day on the black fish ground. This years has been very good and right now doesnt show any signs of slowing down.  Someone people fared better then other but everyone is going home with a limit of black fish and a smile on there face. Poo fish was around 9 pounds. Plenty of shorts to keep rods bent all day. No trip tomorrow due to the weather.


Captain Rich reported a slower day on the cod grounds.  A very fast drift really hurt the fish production today.  Jigs worked well in the morning but slow down as the day went on. High hook had 7 cod today witha  few others having 3-4. The cod were not very spread out. The sea bass did not wanna chew today either with only a few dozen being caught. Plenty of bait around on the machines but the bite never happened. Next trip is slated for Wednesday at 6am.

Nov 27th

Captain Rich reported another great day on the cod grounds. The bite was different today due to the anchoring all daybut that did not stop the feeding frenzy. plenty of cod and sea bass coming over the rail with over a hundred keeper cod and nearly 200 keeper sea bass.  The dog fish were much less aggressive today. we will be sailing both boats tomorrow at 6am.


Saturday November 26th

We will be running only 1 boat tomorrow for codfish on the Gail Frances. Both boats will resume sailing on monday at 6am


Captain Rich reported very good day on the cod grounds. Jigs were the way to go!! More and more bait showing up and those who jigged all day were rewarded with the gold. High hook caught 12 keeper cod with 2 others having 9 each.Many anglers had 3-5 each. Plenty of sea bass in the mix as well. Unfortunately there is lots of big dog fish but they are worth the effort with the cod coming up. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for codfish and sea bass.


Captain Mike reported a good day on the Black fish boat as well. Plenty of limits around the boat with only a hand full from a full limit. Nothing big for the pool today but some quality fish around 7 pounds battled it out. The shorts were out in force with over 400 shorts being caught. Plenty of spots with lock and load action. Next sailing day for blackfish will be monday at 6am.

Friday Nov 25th

First mate Connor reported a decent day on the codfish boat.  The boats were very light this morning with the people trying to get in on the black friday deals. Captain Rich took a ride and found some cod with open mouths after the string of bad weather. High hook had 7 keeper cod. Pool wish was around 10 pounds. Jigs are starting to work more with only 2 people jigging and catching nearly 25% of the fish. Nearly a full limit of sea bass to 4 pounds. Some scup in the mix as well. We will be sailing tomorrow at 6am



Captain Mike reported a long but good day on the black fish boat. A full boat limit of fine tog but it took alot of drops. Some drops were lock and load and others were just 2 fish.  High hook caught 10 keepers (orl) Pool fish was just over 9 pounds. More and more cod showing up with a dozen cod fish to 15 pound. Some shorts around but most of the fish of the day were keepers. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am.

We are keeping an eye on the weather for sunday so please call tomorrow to make a reservation and double check the weather. We hope to have a weather update by 3pm.

Saturday November 19th

Capt. Mike reported a good day of tog fishing for a very enthusiastic turnout of fishers aboard the Lady Frances. Several fish threatening the 10 lb mark battled it out for the pool today and there were a fair amount of limit catches recorded. A few cod and a few sea bass mixed in as well. No tog fishing Sunday and Monday due to gale force winds.

Roger reported a good day with Capt. Rich aboard the Gail Frances. Cod fish numbers continue to slowly increase. Hi hooks had four cod apiece to take home and a number of fishers had three apiece and the majority but not all fishers left with a cod or two to take home. A lot of short cod today as well. A near full boat limit of sea bass today with quite a few quality jumbos in the 3 to 4 lb range. Much better numbers of bigger scup today for a change with a few porgies pushing the 2 lb mark and some fishers getting upwards to 20 nice scup apiece. Lots of large to super size ocean perch, two nice fluke, several sea flounder up to nearly 4 lbs, a few small blue fish and a rather mentionable but not unbearable amount of the unmentionables. Numbers of unmentionables today were greatly but not completely reduced by using jigs or fishing one hook down low near or just above/below the sinker.  Big fish of the day was taken on a crippled herring jig and one other fisher stuck it out with a jig all day and boxed three nice keeper cod along with an easy limit of nice sea bass. Certainly a very mixed bag of cellar dwellers today aboard the Gail Frances! No trips Sunday or Monday due to gale force winds. A few pictures today courtesy of Roger.


Friday November 18th

Tog fishing was excellent today. A remarkable recovery from yesterday. There were quite a few angler limits and everyone went home with some nice tog today. Nothing remarkable but sizes to about 7 lbs. Tremendous action with short tog kept things very lively today as well. A couple of nice cod today as well with one just south of ten pounds taking the pool. No sea bass to speak today. Capt. Mike will set sail on the Lady Frances at 6 am for Tog tomorrow.

Roger reported a solid day of cod fish and sea bass fishing today aboard the Gail and gorgeous mid November weather to go along with it.  Both drifting and anchoring techniques were employed by Capt. Rich and while a few cod were taken on jigs, bait far out produced today anyways.The cod were fairly spread out today and while the majority of fishers left with one or two for dinner there were a few fishers who only had some sea bass. But the total number of keeper cod we had today is probably about as good as any we have had in the past month. Pool fish was a solidly in the low teens and there were several others around the ten pound mark. A nice mix of dark and green fish today. We had two fishers who boxed four keeper cod each and several who had three apiece. Numbers of sea bass were solid with just about everyone getting at least a few to take home and most fishers having four to a limit catch each. Some quality stuff in the 3 to 4 lb range again today but nothing bigger than that. Just a few handfuls of keeper scup among a ton of little pinners. Two nice size fluke today, some ocean perch and a mentionable but not memorable amount of unmentionables today. A special shout out to Ron and “Big Bait” from the North Jersey Saltwater Anglers today! Well done gentlemen! Pictures today courtesy of Roger. Capt. Rich will set sail tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances for cod and sea bass.




Thursday November 17th

Capt. Mike reported a tough day aboard the Lady Frances. A slow pick of tog and not a tremendous amount of shorts either for that matter. Just a slower day. Hi hook on tog had four keepers. There were however nearly a dozen nice cod fish (most gaffers) with the biggest just south of the 15 lb mark. There were also some nice sea bass and a few fishers had three or four sea bass apiece to take home. The cod and sea bass eased the sting of the slow tog bite a tad. Tomorrow is a new day however and the Lady Frances will set sail at 6 am.

Capt. Rich will set sail for cod and sea bass tomorrow morning at 6 am aboard the Gail Frances. Popular question as to where the boat will fish recently. Rest assured Capt. Rich will do the best he can to get fish for his fishers aboard the Gail Frances but details as to where he may fish on a given trip are not available to the office staff.

Weather is looking good for fishing the next two days. We are keeping a close eye on the weather for Sunday and Monday right now.

Wednesday Nov 16th

Captain Matt called in to report a good day despite the condition on the blackfish boat. The morning saw a very large swell left over from the blow yesterday. Captain Matt tried a new location for the year and was very pleased with what he found. High hooks are going home with limits of fine keeper blackfish. A super slob tog is taking pool honors with a solid 14 pounds. Less shorts then  in past trips but we are happy with todays fishing. Tomorrow we will be sailing at 6am for blackfish on Lady Frances.

Monday November 14th



Captain Mike reported a slow day on the black fish grounds. The strong ebb tide from the super moon makes some less then idle blackfishing conditions. Some anglers still managed to scrape together a limit with other did not fair so well.  Pool fish was around 7 pounds. Even the shorts seems to keep  a low profile as well. Wednesday is another day and we will sail at 6am.



First mate Connor reported a good morning bite on the full day cod/sea bass boat. Captain Rich steamed down towards the same area where they crushed the sea bass yesterday. The bite was not as hot and heavy as day before but plenty of fine sea bass to take home. A few dozen cod came in with the sea bass with the biggest being around 10 pounds. As the morning tapered on the bite slower and we were back on the hunt. A few fish here and there but no savage bite. The best part about these trips is days where your only an hour from the dock so plenty of fishing time. Our next scheduled trip is Wednesday morning at 6am. Please call the office and make a reservation.