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Tuesday Jan 31

Captain Mike reported yet another good day on the cod grounds. A little snow in the forecast did not scare a handful of anglers away from the good fishing. A full boat limit of fine quality white belly cod. Double headers and gaffers all around the boat. Pool fish was in the mid teens. Fresh dug clams and the iron clam worked wonders. This fishing is on the same pattern it was 2 weeks ago. Good for 2 days lose Wednesday and then more good fishing to follow. Please call the office to check on the next sailing day.

Pictures courtesy of Mike, Gary and little Dominic. Way to go! A little snow didn’t scare these fishermen away. Dominic’s smile couldn’t be any bigger. :-)


Monday Jan 30th

Captain Mike called in to report a very good day on the cod grounds. The fish were very hungry after the long week off. High hooks had limits with most people being with in 1-2. Double header were caught on both jigs and bait. Pool fish was just shy of 20lbs. More quality gaffers in the mix. WE ARE TRYING TO SAIL TOMORROW MORNING AT 5AM. We got the calls and captain and crew will be there in the morning.

20170130_133237 20170130_13345620170130_133313

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Saturday Jan 28th


We are keeping an eye on the weather for tomorrow morning trip. We are hoping the wind drops some more so we can get on the grounds. If not Mondays looks like a very nice day. We hope to have an answer after 1 today.

Friday January 27th

A few pictures to remind us of how the fishing was last week before the wind machine was turned on. Hopefully we can get back out there soon. Although as of right now, they have Gale Warnings posted through today and early morning on Saturday. So please be sure to check back for Saturday’s status. Sunday may be a possibility and Monday looks good.

Pictures courtesy of Justine Piper and Mike Braga from Ct, who enjoyed a phenomenal day of fishing mid week last week.



Wednesday January 25th

It certainly has been a windy week. Thankfully no snow with the recent       Noreaster but enough wind to keep us at the dock. No trip again tomorrow Thursday January 26th. Will check the updates for Friday and the weekend. Be sure to always call the day before, especially this time of year.

Our site is currently down for purchasing gift certificates, we are working on fixing the problem. Anyone interested in purchasing one, please give us a call and we can do it over the phone for you.

Sunday Jan 22nd

Captain Mike reported a very tough day on the cod grounds. There was a few fish here and there but nothing to put a smile on his face.A few ling in the mix as well. We will have no trip tomorrow Monday and we are keep a close eye on the weather this upcoming week

Saturday Jan 21st

Captain Mike reported a slower day on the cod grounds. It was slower but it was more on par to normal fishing this time of the year. The massive early morning mother load of cod is gone. The spot that has given us hundreds on quality cod over the past week has dried up. Mike went on the hunt and did find about 50 cod. Around 100 ling helped ease the pain on the tough fishing. Tomorrow is another day and we have plenty of room on the trip. Office will open around 4am.