Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tuesday February 28th

Today’s trip had fair results. Some anglers had 3-4 fish a piece. Some throwbacks to help keep the day moving. Capt. Matt saw more bait today than they have seen in weeks, so that bodes well for better fishing. Now we just need some decent weather. ¬†Pool fish was around 10 lbs. today.


No trip tomorrow, Wednesday March 1st.

Saturday Feb 25th

Captain Mike reported another tough day on the grounds. Better then yesterday but still a slow day. The last drop did see some better fishing but the bite died shortly after. We will have no trip tomorrow but the beginning of the week looks decent. Please call the office to make a reservation.

Friday February 24th

Captain Mike reported another tough grind on the cod grounds. Few fish here and there and even more seals on the grounds.really not much to report but we do out best to be honest about our reports good or bad. We have plenty of room on tomorrows trip sailing at 5am.

Thursday Feb 23rd

Captain Matt reported a very tough day on the cod grounds. The nice weather drew a eager crowd of cod enthusiasts . The morning started off promising with some cod coming over the rail. As soon as we set on the second there was a few seals in the area and the bite was over. Matt went searching but there was no life. We can hope that the seals have moved on the the fish will gather again. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am. Please be checked in before 5 so we can get under way as soon as possible.

Wednesday Feb22nd

Captain Matt reported a good morning bite on the cod grounds. The bite was great for a few drifts and then it was nothing. It seemed like the whole fleet experienced similar fishing with the fish turning off like a switch. The fishing was slow with a few shorts here and there. towards the end of the day there was a small pop that we put some extra time in on. Tomorrow is another day with spring like temperatures and we are hoping for better fishing.. We are going to be busy because of nice weather, school vacation week and reports of good fishing. Reservations are required.

Tuesday February 21st

Capt Matt reported a slower day today on the cod boat. They started catching pretty well right off the bat, but slowed down soon after. Some anglers ended the day with 2-4 a piece, but not all. Tomorrow is another day. The boat sails at 5:00 a.m. and the office opens at 4:00 a.m for ticket sales.

February 20th

Capt Matt reported a good bite right off the start this morning, unfortunately it was a little picky after that. But overall not a bad day. A couple limits, with the remainder of customers with 3-4 each. Pool fish was in the 8 lb range. Boat is sailing tomorrow Tuesday February 21st. Office opens at 4:00 a.m. for ticket sales.

Sunday Feb 19th

Captain Matt reported a good day on the cod grounds. A great group of anglers joined us for the spring like weather. Fishing was kinda funny with the fish stacked up on one tight pile. Would do 2 drifts and catch and the next one would be a bust. High hook had 7 keepers with most anglers having 3-4 each.  Pool fish was in the mid teens. We are sailing tomorrow morning at 5am and the weather looks good few the next few days.

Saturday February 18th

Captain Mike reported vastly improved fishing to what we have seen on out last few outings. This winter weather is killing us for being able to dial in on the fish. The weather looks good the next few days and we are hoping for even better results. High hook had 5 keepers with most anglers having 2-4 each. The morning started out on the slower side but got better as the day went on. We have stocked with fresh shell bait and are hoping for the best tomorrow.