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Wednesday May 31st

Capt Richie and Capt Matt reported a day full of action on the fluke boat. A small group of anglers enjoyed a tremendous amount of throwback action. Six or so anglers went home with their limit of fluke and at least one angler with his limit of seabass. Pool fish honors went to Russel Zaharko from NY with a 4.5 lber. He also took home his limit of fluke and his fishing partner Michael Lemoigne took home his limit of seabass. Pictures courtesy of Russel and Mike. And also some nice pics from first mate Zach, enjoying some fishing on his day off.


Tuesday May 30th

Capt Mike reported a pretty decent day on the fluke trip today. Every group on board had some nice fillets to take home. Capt. Matt said the biggest fish was around 5 lbs. A handful of nice seabass and bluefish in the mix. A couple of anglers had their limit of fluke. And of course enough shorts to keep everyone busy throughout the day. Next trip sails tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. The office opens at 6:00 a.m.

Sunday Afternoon May 28th



Capt. Mike reported some fishers easily limited out on this morning’s half day trip with the sea bass. Young Anthony Mecurio from Providence really put on a clinic this morning! A handful of nice size fluke to 7 lbs and some short fluke and short sea bass made up the catching for the morning trip. A couple of photo hi lights courtesy first mate Danny Beck.

The report from the afternoon trip was of a slow pick of fluke and sea bass. Next half day trips are set to sail next weekend with the first at 8 am and the second at 1pm.

Capt. Rich and first mate Chris L reported an enthusiastic turn out of fishers today but the bite on the fluke was just okay. The good news is that the fish were far more spread out around the boat than yesterday. Former first mate Cote was hi hook with 3 nice size fish including a mammoth 29 inch slab estimated to be nearly 9 lbs which fell victim to a whole squid bait on a home made rig. There were two other fish in the 7 lb range as well as a few nice size sea bass and a handful of blue fish. Next trip will set sail Tuesday morning at 7 am.

Plenty of room on tonight’s squid trip set to sail at 7 pm aboard the Lady Frances with Capt. Matt.amhalfmay28amhalfmay28a

Sunday Morning May 28th

First mat Greg reported a very tough night on the squid boat. The swell died down from the night before but the water was very dirty. Most of the night we had less then 5 ft visibility  in the water. The anglers who stuck it out in the conditions did get some squid. Hi Hook had just over 30 and a few other guys had 10-15. Very off from what we were hoping for. We are trying to sail tonight and the water should clear up more with the nice weather conditions.

Saturday May 27th

Captain Rich reported a good day on the full day fluke boat. The name of the game today was quality. Pool fish was a solid 8 pounds with many fish close. Many anglers had there limits of fluke. Plenty of fish that were just shy and got to swim another day. More sea bass then we have been seeing. All in all it was a great day to be on the water. We have plenty of room on tomorrow’s trip sailing at 7am.


Captain Mike was happy to be on the water to kick off out half day fluke season. There has been a good pile of fish on the beach which is a good sign for the summer to come. So nice keepers made it over the rail and a handful of sea bass. We also had a nice surprise of a very healthy but maybe a little lost keeper cod fish of around 8 pounds. We had about the same action on the afternoon half day as well. We do plan on sailing both half day trips tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.


IMG_0513IMG_0511 output

Saturday Morning May 27th

Roger reported the squid fishing last night was on the slower side. Plenty marking on the machine but they seemed hesitant to feed aggressively. Catches varied wildly from a few pieces per fisher to around 40 pieces per fisher for a couple of anglers. While the wind had dropped out to almost nothing there was still a considerable swell. A few short fluke and short sea bass but nothing to write home about as far as fin fish action went. Tonight looks fantastic weather wise and we still have plenty of room so please call the office if interested in going on the squid trip set to sail this evening at 7 pm aboard the Lady Frances.

Remember half day fishing season begins today! Plenty of room on both trips today and tomorrow. First boat sails at 8 am and the next one at 1 pm.


Thursday May 25th

The report from last night’s squid trip was of a very good outing. HI hook was two fishers who combined for a full bucket of squid. No squid trip tonight due to the weather but tomorrow night looks fine and the trip will sail at 7 pm.

No fluke trip tomorrow due to the weather. Both Saturday and Sunday look fine however. The Gail Frances will sail at 7 am.

We are also starting our half day fishing trips this weekend sailing Saturday Sunday and Monday with the first trip set to sail at 8 am and the second at 1pm.


Wednesday May 24th.

IMG_0246Tonight’s squid trip is a go, and there is plenty of room. Tomorrow’s fluke trip is cancelled due to the weather, and tomorrow night’s squid trip as well. Give a call back Thursday to check on Friday’s forecast.


Captain Mike reported a very good day on the fluke ground. Best day of the year to date. Many limits around the boat and happy faces as well. Pool fish was around 5 pounds. Both long bait rigs and hi low spros did well. Plenty of action and should only get better. We will have no trip tomorrow with the strong east wind but the weekend is shaping up nicely.