Monthly Archives: September 2017

Saturday September 30




Some great news from the cod fish boat today. The fishing far exceeded anyone’s expectations. A huge turn around from trips earlier this past week. We had a solid bite today from the bottom fish which strongly signals that conditions on the sea floor have cleared up and things are in the process of returning to normal. The light crowd of fishers aboard had some nice green cod fish today with sizes well into the teens. We know of one fisher who boxed four nice cod fish. Other fishers left with cod fish as well.  There was a decent amount of big porgies, some slammer ocean perch, and a handful of huge sea flounders in the 3.5-4 lb range and at least one nice blue fish. More details if and when they become available.  We will be sailing for cod fish both Sunday and Monday at 7 am. Call the office to make a reservation if interested. Pictures courtesy of Capt. Mike today.


Monday September 25th

Capt Richie reported another slow day on the cod grounds. A few more fish than on yesterday’s trip but still a tough day. The fish that were caught were upwards to 20 lbs but just not enough to go around.  The water still pretty churned up from the days and days of windy weather. Next trip is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th but be sure to call ahead, because we will probably be experiencing some remnants of the next storm, Maria.

Sunday September 24th

Captain Rich reported a tough day on the cod grounds. Dirty water and dog fish plagued the anglers every where they went. The BIG swells from Jose seemed to get a number on the fish and they were hunkered down. A hand full of cod fish and a few scup came over the rails but not what we would like to see. We are planning on sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.


We are keeping a close eye on this weeks weather and we will make the call for the extended tuna trip on Wednesday morning.

Friday Septemeber 22nd

There will be no tuna trip sailing this weekend due to the weather.


There will be no cod trip sailing tomorrow morning. The weather looks like it is going to let go for Sunday and Monday to be able to sneak out. Please call the office the day before and make a reservation.

Monday September 18th

Captain Matt reported a good day on the local cod grounds. A light crowed were treated to solid fishing before the impending storm. Plenty of sea bass all day long to keep rods bent and coolers full. There was some nice cod caught with 2 fish around 15 pounds battling out for pool bragging rights. Plenty of scup in the mix as well. We will have no trip tomorrow due to our cod schedule of no Tuesdays or Thursdays. Wednesdays trip is all looking like a scratch.


We will keep you posted with all updates regarding future trips as we get them.