Monthly Archives: November 2017

Thursday November 30th

Captain Mike reported a much better day on the blackfish grounds. The winds from yesterday died down and we were able to steam back down to the east.Many anglers left with limits and some only left with a small hand full. Half dozen cod in the mix today as well. Pool fish was a solid 8 pounds with angler taking home close to 700 dollars!!! We run these trips every Thursday at 5am.

We are trying to sail both the cod boat and the blackfish boat tomorrow morning at 6am.

Wednesday November 29th

Captain Mike reported a tougher day on the blackfish ground. The wind came on a little strong then forecasted so we tried a few local drops. There was fish on ever drop but not numbers we like to see. tomorrow is another day and we will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am for blackfish.

Tuesday November 28th

Captain Mike reported yet another solid day on the blackfish grounds. The weather was perfect and fishing was just as good. High hooks had limits of blackfish to 10 pounds. A few fish in the 9-10 pound range battled it out for pool honors. A few more codfish in the mix with the herring showing up on the beaches.We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am. There will be no cod boat tomorrow.

Monday November 27th

Captain Mike reported a rather windy day on the ground. That didnt stop a good group of anglers from cashing in on some good fishing. High hooks went home with limits of blacks. Fishing was a little off from what it has been but still good. Pool fish was over 10 pounds. We have plenty of room on tomorrow’s trip and the office will open around 5 am.

Sunday November 26th

There will only be one trip tomorrow morning at 6am for blackfish. There will be no cod trip.

Captain Mike reported another solid day for a light ground of anglers. Nearly everyone is leaving with a limit of fine blackfish. Quality was the name of the game with many fish in the 7-10 pound range. A beast of a fish tipping the scales over 11 pounds took pool honors. The fishing has been rock solid for weeks with only a few slower days. Fishing should hold out for another 3 weeks for the end of the season, but you dont want to miss out so book your trips now before it is to late.

Saturday November 25th

Captain Matt reported a much improved day on the blackfish grounds. The water calmed down just enough from yesterday for the fish to turn back on. High hooks went home with solids limits of keepers. Some people didnt fair as well which is the norm with blackfishing. Pool fish was just over 9 pounds with a few other fish in the 7-8 pound range. We plan on sailing the next 2 days at 6am. Always call the office the day before to check the weather.


Captain Rich reported better cod fishing then we have seen in weeks. Rich took the longer ride and it paid off. Anglers were treated to cod, sea bass and scup. Largest cod was in the low teens. Nearly a full boat limit of sea bass. Not as good as yesterday but many happy faces. We will be trying to sail tomorrow morning at 6am. We are keeping an eye on the weather but the captain and crew will be there in the morning.

Friday November 24th

Captain Mike reported a healthy turn out on the blackfish boat. The picture perfect day saw some decent fishing for most. The shorts were out in force. High hooks went home with a limit of keeper. Some did fair better then others but over all it was slower then it has been. We dod have plenty of room on tomorrows trip but it is filling up fast.


Captain Rich reported all out sea bass slaughter on the cod boat. They were piled up waiting for us. Everyone went with limits of bomber to 5 pounds. Some anglers reported catching over 50 fish. A few more cod in the mix then the past few trips. A few nice scup an a pollack or two filled out the catch for the day. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am.


The weather does look good for the next few days and we plan on sailing both boats at 6am. You always want to call the day before and double check the weather and make a reservation.

Wednesday November 22nd

Captain Mike was happy to report a very good day on the blackfish ground. The wind from the last few days didnt stop the good fishing. Nearly all boat limit of tog. Some angler did fair a little better then other but over all was good. We will have no trip tomorrow but we will be sailing on Friday.


Captain Rich reported a slower day on the cod ground. Only a handful of cod in the mix. The sea bass fishing was decent with close to a full limit. A few scup still kicking around. No trip tomorrow but friday looks like a go.


We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday November 21st

We are planning on sailing both boats tomorrow morning at 6am. The office will be open around 430 for all ticket and tackle sales.


We are having quite a few calls asking about Friday trip. The office will be taking reservations after 3pm on thursday.