Monthly Archives: December 2017

Saturday December 30

There will be no trip tomorrow due to the weather.


Captain Mike reported a slower day on the cod grounds. The fish we worked on yesterday just didnt wanna bite. We did find a handful of fish but not the numbers of yesterday day. We did have alot more ling and sea bass in the mix. Pool fish was in the mid teens. We are keeping an eye on the weather for the next few days.

Friday December 29th

Captain Mike called in to report a very solids day on the cod grounds. The fish started coming over the rail from the first spot to the last. There was a pick at every spot which made for a good catch by days end. No spot was better then another just quality fish every where. More bait showing so this might be the start of a good winter run. High hooks had limits of nice market fish. Pool fish was just over 20 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am. The weather will be on the cold side but we are sailing so please dress warm.IMG_5183IMG_0766 IMG_5185 IMG_5180 IMG_5181 IMG_5188

Wednesday December 27th

IMG_0772 IMG_0770 IMG_0771Captain Matt called in to report a good day on the cod grounds. The weather on the cold side, but once cod started coming up the cold was not an issue. Quality fish with fish  over 20 pounds with the biggest being just over 25 pounds. Both jigs and baits worked. The scup, sea bass and ling  was a little slower side but they help round out peoples batches. We will not be sailing tomorrow because of the north west gales but Friday and Saturday look very good. Always call the office the day before.

Monday December 25th

The Frances Fleet would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We are keeping an eye on tomorrow weather forecast but it doesnt look good. We will have a tape on the office phone if we will be sailing and will try and post here later.

Friday December 22nd

IMG_0759 IMG_0757 IMG_0758

Captain Mike reported a better day on the cod grounds. The fish were bigger and there was more of them. Pool fish was a solid 25 pounds.  More sea bass in the mix as well with some anglers leaving with close to a limit of fine sea bass to 5 pounds. Everyone went home with smiles and bags of filets. We are going to be tied to the dock tomorrow with the south west gales coming on in the late morning. We are keeping an eye on Sundays weather as well as Tuesday.

Thursday December 21st

Captain Mike reported a little slower day on the cod grounds. Even though the cod was on the slower side there was plenty of action. We anchored up and found a pile  of ling to work. Many angler had sea bass limits as well as some scup to go with. Pool cod was in the upper teens. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am.