Monthly Archives: December 2017

Friday December 8th

Captain Matt reported a decent day on the tog grounds close to home. After a few reports from other boats of slow fishing, so Matt tried some of his local knowledge and it paid off. Things were not hot and heavy but everyone left with fish. A few fish around 6 pounds were the high light. Still quite a bit of shorts around to keep people busy between keepers.


We will have no trip tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on Sunday.

Thursday December 7th

We will have one boat tomorrow for blackfish at 6am. The weather isnt gonna lay down enough for us to get to the cod grounds.


We will be trying to sail 2 boats on Saturday. We are going to hold off switching the cod time until next week. Both boats will be sailing at 6am. We are keeping an eye on the weather for weekend with the possible winter storm.

Wednesday December 6th

There will be no Blackfish trip tomorrow. We do plan on trying to sail both trips on Friday. please call tomorrow between 3-5 to make a reservation.

We posted the other day about starting our winter cod season on Saturday at 5am. With the possible weekend storm we might be keeping the time at 6am. Be on the look out for future updates.

Tuesday December 5th

Over the weekend, one of our long time deckhands and owners son got the chance to go out on a private boat trip in search of Giant Bluefin tuna. Nick was invited out on a boat out of Mass to try and get tight on a true monster of a fish. After a long steam, the crew got the lines in the water and it was time to play the waiting game. Well they did not have to wait long,One of the rods started screaming. Nick jumped on the rod and started the battle. After several hours the fight was over and happy faces all around. The fish was over 700 pounds, a true once in a life time fish. We just wanted to pass the information along because many people who have been fishing with us for years have seen all of the Blount boys grow up. Way to go Nick!!!!24294264_1575030109223466_2494088509712447204_n

Monday December 4th

There will be no blackfish trip tomorrow due to the weather. We are keeping an eye on Wednesday.


Captain Matt reported a slow grind on the blackfish. There was fish on ever drop but it made for a long day. The shorts were even keeping a lower profile.  Pool fish was around 7 pounds. We think the super moon might be effecting the bite and things should snap back to normal soom.


Captain rich reported a decent day on the cod grounds. The past few days have almost been cookie cutter trips. Piles of scup and sea bass with some nicer cod in the mix. Nearly a full limit of sea bass. Biggest cod was in the teens.

Sunday December 3rd


Captain Matt reported a slower day on the blackfish boat. The water temp is still in the mid 50s but the fish just didnt want to chew today.  Some fish at every drop with it was only a small handful .The weather could not have been any nicer. Tomorrow is another day and we plan on sailing at 6am.


Captain Rich repoorted another decent day on the cod grounds. Scup and sea bass were out in force all day long. Some nicer cod in the morning in the lower teens but then the scup pushed in and robs were bending all around the boat. Bait was the way to go. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am