Monthly Archives: January 2018

Wednesday January 31st

Captain Matt was happy to report a much improved day on the cod grounds. The wind held on from last night which made for a touch morning but once it died down things greatly improved. We found some fish to work on and they started coming up 1-2 fish a drift. Once the drift slowed they started coming in 3-5 fish a drift. Both jigs and bait caught. High hook was taken on jigs with 8 fish. It was not the outstanding fishing of the beginning of last week but it was not as bad as the end of the week. Once we get a few more days in a row in things should keep looking up.We will have no trip tomorrow and the weather outlook does not look favorable. Always call the office the day before and check the weather.

Tuesday Jan 30th

We are looking forward to getting back on the cod grounds. It looks like tomorrow we will have a break in the weather. If you would like to go please call the office before 5pm to make a reservation.

Friday January 26th

With the change in tomorrows weather we are not going to be sailing.

Captain Mike and Captain Matt were both on the cod grounds today and reported very poor results. It seems the pile of fish we have been working on thinned out and scattered. Word from around the fleet was much of the same poor fishing.  You win some and you lose some. We are planning on sailing sunday at 5am. Call the office tomorrow between 2-4 pm

Thursday January 25th

Captain Mike called in with a quick report to say it was a little on the slower side then it has been. It started off slower but Mike got the boat positioned on some fish and managed to put something together. High hook had 7 keepers. We will be sailing tomorrow morning and the boat is filling up quick. You must call the office before 5pm today to make a reservation. Please be a the boat between 4-415 tomorrow.

Wednesday Jan 24th

We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5am. Please be at the boat between 4 and 430 am. The weather does look good for the following few days and we are filling up quick. Always call the office for reservations.

Monday Januray 22nd

IMG_0817 IMG_0819 IMG_0815 IMG_0818 IMG_0816Captain Matt called in to reported yet another great day on the local cod grounds. The weather was great but the fishing was better. We got right on the fish early and it was game on. Double headers were common and lots of calls for gaffs. Many fish over the 15 pounds range. The weather is looking iffy the next few days so always call the day before to check sailing times and make a reservation. We cant stress this enough to call before. We dont want anyone left at the dock!!!!


Sunday Jan 21st

IMG_0810 IMG_0808 IMG_0809 IMG_0811Captain Mike reported in a fantastic day on the cod grounds. It was only a matter of time till be got it dialed in and the fish were waiting. Full boat limit of fat green cod fish to 20 pounds. Double headers all over the place. We will be sailing tomorrow at 5am on the Lady FrancesIMG_0806 IMG_0807

Thursday January 18th

We will have no trip tomorrow. Sunday looks like the next sailing day with very nice weather. The captain and crew are eager to get back on the water. We had a little dip in the fishing after the cold snap but there were signs of improving. Always call the office the day before you plan on coming down. Once the weather break and we get a few days in a row we can dial in much better.