Monthly Archives: August 2018

Friday Aug 31

We will be sailing on the tuna trip tomorrow morning at 7am. We do have a few spots left and weather is looking great.


Captain Rich reported a rather sporty start to the morning full day trip. We sailed with a light ground of anglers who didnt seem to get a little beat up to get some late season fluke. Fishing was only OK today. Fishing is always a little off with a north east wind and a fast drift. We still managed a nice bag of both fluke and sea bass. Tomorrow is looking like a much nicer day and we will be sailing at 7am. IT will be a very busy day with the holiday weekend.


Captain Matt tried something a little different this morning and anchors up on some wrecks. We manged to catch a pile of sea bass and a few short blackfish.  We tried 3 different wrecks and they all were holding fish. We only have a few more days left in the half day season and we will be sailing at 8am and 1pm.


Wednesday Aug 29th

Captain Matt reported a slow grind on the full day fluke boat. We never had a good drift but it was enough to get some fish coming over the rail. Fishing is still got but we have been spoiled but the past few weeks of above average fishing. High hook caught a limit of fluke to 8 pounds. We had plenty of sea bass to go around with many keepers going back to swim another day. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.


Captain Mike reported a slow morning on the half day trip. Very slow drift and hot conditions are really effecting the shallow waters on the half day trips. We did do some searching around but just could not get a bite started. We will be having 2 trips everyday from 8am to noon and 1pm to 5pm until September 3rd.

Tuesday Aug 28th

Captain Matt reported an OK day on the fullday fluke boat. this morning started off just like yesterday, Slow till about 11 and then fishing picked up. High hooks left with a limit of both fluke and sea bass. Another day for the bucktails to work with the slow morning drift. For late August with the heat we have had all summer we are very pleased for how the fishing has held up. It should continue to be good for weeks to come when it cools down. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.


The half day trips today were on the slower side. The warm water and slow drift make for some less then idle conditions. We will be sailing on half day trips until September 3rd

Monday Aug 27th

Captain Matt reported an OK. full day marathon trip. The morning started out slow as can be with wind against tide. Around 10:30 things changed and fish started to come over the rail. High hook did manage to catch a limit of fluke with the biggest being just shy of 9 pounds. We also had a limit of black sea bass to 5 pounds. Bucktails were the key to the most fish with the slow drift. Over all the marathon trips turned out to be a great hit and fishing was great. To was the slowest fluke day and we still had over 100 keepers.


Captain George reported a slower morning on the half day trips. The slow drift made for some slow fishing. Only a few fluke and sea bass were kept. The afternoon did see much improved fishing on both the fluke and sea bass front. We will have both trips tomorrow morning sailing on the Admiral Frances at 8am and 1pm.

Sunday Aug 26th

Captain Matt reported a good night on the night bass boat. The fish were hungry and we picked away all night. This coming Wednesday and Friday are the last trips.


Captain Rich reported a slower day on the full day fluke boat. We had a sold out crowded but the fish just did not want to bite.  We had 0.0 drift all day long which makes for very slow fluke fishing. Those who worked the bucktails did catch the best.  Biggest fish of the day tipped the scales at 9 pounds. Even the sea bass didnt wanna bite in the super slow drift. Captain Matt we will be the helm tomorrow of the sold out Marathon trip.

Saturday Aug 25th

Captain Rich reported a decent day on the full day fluke boat. We had a great group of anglers come to get in on some picture perfect summer weather. Many anglers left with both fluke limits and sea bass limits. Some angler did fair much better on the fluke but everyone got plenty of sea bass. We will be sailing tomorrow morning and it will be a very busy day. We do ask everyone to please be there early.


Captain Mike reported a decent morning on the half day trip. We had a mix bag of fluke and sea bass.  There has been alot more shorts on the grounds but it make for plenty of action. This season has truly been one of the best for catching on the half days. We will have another week of half days  Tomorrow will be very busy and we do ask anglers to be there early.

Friday Aug 24th

Captain rich reported another good day of the full day fluke boat. We had a slower drift but the fishing over all way decent. High hook had a limit of fluke to 9 pounds. Most of the day we had a drift less then .3 We also had massive piles of scup and sea bass under the boat all day long which kept rods bent all day long. An easy boat limit of sea bass to 5 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow at 7am. Tomorrow will be a very busy day and we ask all angler to be there early.


Tomorrow morning half day trip is sold out.

Thursday Aug 23rd

Captain Rich reported a good day on the full day fluke boat. The only problem on the day was the massive piles of scup that would not leave us alone. High hook had limits of fluke with many people having 3-5. The sea bass were out in force as well with everyone keeping a limit and throwing back many more limits. Biggest fluke of the day was around 9 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am


Captain Mike reported goof action the morning half day trips. The cooler air of the past week has brought down the water temperatures just enough to get the sea bass back in to a feeding frenzy. many anglers left with both fluke and sea bass for dinner. Tomorrow we will only have the morning half day. This will be the same for Saturday as well.

Wednesday Aug 22nd

Captain Matt reported a very solid day on the full day fluke grounds. We sailed this morning with a very light crowd of anglers who could not be scared away by a few passing showers. The morning did see the best action with the first few drifts seeing between 10-15 keepers each. Then the win picked up and the fluke slowed down. Most anglers left with a limit or with in striking distance. We did have an easy boat limit of sea bass as well. We are planning on sailing the next 4 days at 7am. The weather looks great and fishing has been good.


We will have both half day trips tomorrow a 8am and 1pm

Tuesday Aug 21st

Captain Chris reported a little bit slower day on the fluke grounds. We tried a few new area with the swell still left over from the last few days of weather. High hook still had a limit of fluke. Most anglers left with 3-4 keepers each. An easy limit of sea bass was taken today as well. We would also have had no problem getting a limit when it goes to 7 on September 1. We are scheduled to sail tomorrow morning at 7am on the Gail Frances.


Captain Matt reported a very good morning for most on the half day trip. We had plenty of sea bass but unfortunately the fish were not spread out as much as we would have liked. High hooks left with limits of sea bass to 4 pounds. A few fluke in the mix today as well. We have both half day trips slated for tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.