Monthly Archives: September 2018

Sunday September 30th

Captain Matt will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Lady Frances. The weather looks great and we have plenty of room.


Captain Rich reported a decent day on the full day cod boat. Plenty of quality sea bass and scup in the mix. The morning started off with a slow pick of fish and we just kept that slow pick going all day. We had cod on both the anchor and on the drift. We are seeing a little bit slower action on the cod but the ones we are catching are mostly in the 8-12 pound range with the biggest around 15.We think this is due to the massive piles of scup and sea bass on the grounds.

Saturday September 29th

Captain Greg reported a much improved day on full day boat. We had the weather and took the long ride. We found more cod fish then we have been seeing and better quality fish as well. Biggest cod of the day was around 15 pounds with a few in the 8-12 range. Plenty of nice sea bass between 4-5 pounds. Those who used the smaller hooks were treated to plenty of plate filling scup. We will be sailing tomorrow and the weather looks great as well.

Friday September 28th

Captain Matt reported an okay day on the full day boat. We sailed with a light crowd with the rain in the forecast.  It was suppose to be stop by midday but it is still coming down. A small hand full of cod in the mix on the local rockpiles. A decent number of sea bass and those who put the smaller hooks on were treated to good sized scup. We are full stocked with plenty of good bait and the weather tomorrow looks amazing. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am,


The first exploratory  blackfish trip will be next Friday at 7am. We are running a special on the price. this trip will be 70$. this price is only for the first trip. This trip does have to be booked on line. We will be targeting the rockpiles and wrecks for blackfish and sea bass.

Thursday September 27th

We are scheduled to sail the next 4 days on the local cod trip. We will have a break in the weather and should be able to get dialed in on some nice brown bombers. We will be sailing at 7am on the Gail Frances.


We are also adding some early season black fishing trip. The first trip will be on October 5th at 6am. We will fully kick off out blackfish season on October 10th. These early season trips can be booked online.


We will also be adding longer limit load  marathon black trip and high stake pool trips. Please stand by for details when we add these trip!!

Sunday September 23rd

There will be no trips tomorrow.


Captain Mike reported a slower day on the Cod boat. We took the ride down to the corner but there was not much life around. No sea bass or scup or cod. We worked on some smaller rock piles and picked a few fish, but not what we were hoping for. A hand full of cod and around 100 sea bass rounded out the day.

Saturday September 22nd

Captain Rich reported a slower day on the cod boat. The weather this morning was just nasty which really hindered how far we could travel. We got out the the grounds and threw the hook and waited for the bite. There was pile of hungry scup and sea bass waiting. Those who put on the smaller hooks caught all the plate sized they wanted. Some cod started coming in but it was slower with scup. Biggest cod of the day was around 15 pounds.  Tomorrow is a much nicer day and we will be sailing at 7am for cod and sea bass.

Friday September 21st

Captain Matt reported a good day on the full day boat. The weather was rather sporty but those who stuck it out at the rail had buckets full. Plenty of sea bass to 5 pounds and platter sized scup over flowed buckets. The drift was on the fast side but the fish did not care. We will be starting out Cod season tomorrow morning at 7am. The weather is typical fall cod anchor weather. Sunday looks like a much nicer drifting day.


The tuna trip scheduled for tomorrow is a go. We will be leaving the dock around 7am.

Tuesday September 18th

There will be no trip tomorrow with the strong north east winds predicted. We are keeping an eye on the rest of the week and the weekend. Always call the day before to double check the weather and make sure we are sailing.

Sunday September 16th

Captain Matt reported a slower over night tuna. We left extra early to try and get in on last weeks troll bite but that just did not pay off. The swell and wind from early in the week seemed to have pushed the fish out. We did have a very good trip on the mahi but it did not make up for the slow tuna fishing. Our next scheduled trip will be for September 22nd.


Captain Mike reported a good day on the sea bass boat. We had bent rods all day between the keepers and shorts. Biggest sea bass of the day was over 5 pounds. Plenty of hubcap scup in the mix as well. The fluke just could not get to the baits with all the other bottom fish on the grounds. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am for seabass.