Monthly Archives: October 2018

Wednesday October 31st

Captain Matt reported an easy full boat limit today on the blackfish grounds. Yesterday was just a fluke with the dirty water. We had a boat limit by noon and then played catch and release.Biggest fsih on the day was around 8 pounds. Shorts kept rods bent all day. We will be sailing tomorrow at 6am on the Lady. The weekend looks awful and this will be the only time for a few days to get out.


Captain Mike reported a decent day on the sea bass boat. It has been a while since we have posted but the wind has kept the boat tied to the dock. Only a few fish shy from a full limit of sea bass. The fishing was slower but the quality was there. Some nicer cod in the mix with the biggest being around 12 pounds.


Tuesday October 30th

Both the Tog boat and the Cod boats are scheduled to sail tomorrow morning. This office will open before 5am for all ticket and tackle sales.


Captain Matt reported a very long slow day on the blackfish grounds. The water did not clear up as fast as we thought and it made for slow fishing. We found a few fish in the morning but it was way off from the bites of last week. By days end the water did show signs on clearing and tomorrow should be a much better day.

Friday October 26th

Captain mike put a hurting on the blackfish today. We sailed this morning with a great group of anglers with many regularĀ  faces. Everyone knew we are going to lose tomorrow and had to get in on the action. High hooks left with easy limits of blackfish. Not everyone limited out but it was the best day of the year thus far. Biggest fish on the year so far as well with a moose weighing in at 11 pounds. There will be no trip tomorrow.IMG_6766 IMG_6765 IMG_6764

Thursday October 25th

Captain Mike reported an easy limit on the full day blackfish boat. Lot and lots and lots of life everywhere we tried. It was lock and load fishing with anglers limiting out on the first drop. Plenty of life as well with nearly 20 shorts average per man . This is truly savage fishing and it usually gets better as the season goes on. We will be sailing at 6am.


Captain Rich and crew will be ready to sail tomorrow on the gail for cod and sea bass.

Wednesday October 24th

Captain Matt reported a great day on the blackfish ground. Fishing was down right stupid with an easy boat limit before noon. The shorts were out in force as well with some reporting catching more then 70!!! It was like scup fishing drop down and double headers. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 6am. The weekends forecast looks very bad right now and sailing is questionable.

Tuesday October 23rd

There will be no cod trip tomorrow. We will only have a blackfish trip at 6am.


Captain Matt reported a good day on the black fish grounds. We had a great group of anglers this morning really hoping for that big white chinner. We tried a bunch of smaller spots and found life every where we tried. Lots of limits around the boat and plenty of shorts to keep the rods bent. Biggest fish on the day was over 8 pounds.

Monday October 22nd

Captain Mike reported a solid day on the blackfish grounds. The wind from last week did not mess things up but they seemed to make it better. high hooks had easy limit catches. More then half the boat left with a limit and other just 1-2 shy. As many shorts as you could catch today with some anglers boating more then 50. Biggest fish on the day was a solid 8 pounds. We are scheduled to sail on Tuesday at 6am.

Sunday October 21st

We will have one boat tomorrow at 6am for blackfish and sea bass.


Captain Mike reported a very windy day on the blackfish grounds. We were able to get the boat double anchored on some nice pieces and get the fish coming over the rails. high hooks left with limit catches of fish. Biggest tog on the day went about 9 pounds. We are scheduled to sail tomorrow morning at 6am on the Lady