Monthly Archives: December 2018

Sunday December 30th

We will be taking the next 2 days off for the new year. We plan to resume sailing on Wednesday weather permitting.


Captain Mike reported a decent day on the cod grounds, just not of the right species. We had loads of cunners. This is something that we have not seen in quite a few years. Really good sized fish to over 3 pounds. We had a handful of cod , sea bass, scup and ling to round out the days catch.

Friday December 27th

We will have no trip tomorrow due to the weather.

Captain Mike reported a slight improved day on the full day boat. We took the longer ride to the ledge today and found slightly cleaner water. We had a few handfuls of cod, scup ling, and still alot of cunners in the mix. Over all the day was slow but there is signs of alot of bait on the grounds.

Thursday December 26th

We will be sailing tomorrow on the Lady Frances.


Captain Mike reported a very slow day on Lady Frances. We had a handful of fish but the water was still very dirty. Tomorrow is another day and it should be much improved.

Sunday December 23rd

There will be no trips tomorrow Monday 12/24.

Captain Mike reported a slow day on the cod grounds. We tried fishing local where we had some fish on Thursday but was met with water that looked like coffee. We took a steam to try and finds some cleaner water but no luck. We found a few cod, some scup and a few other odds and ends. NO trip tomorrow but we will be sailing Wednesday at 6am.

Thursday December 20th

Captain Matt reported a slower day on the cod grounds. Well it was slower for some species and good for others. We end with a few handfuls of cod to 14 pounds and some nice sized haddock. The morning started off very busy on the cunners. We made some moves and by days end we found a massive piles of scup and mackerel. It was drop down and reel fishing.  We will have no trip tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday is questionable.

Wednesday December 19th

Captain Mike reported an okay day on the grounds. We had to do some searching after having a few days tied to the dock. By the end of the day we had another mix bag day with cod, sea nass, scup, ling, haddock and cunners. We have been seeing more and more cunners showing up which is always a sign of more cod on the way. Biggest cod on the day was around 15 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow morning on the Lady Frances.