Monthly Archives: January 2019

Saturday Jan 26th

Captain Mike reported a slower day on the cod ground. We did see more action on the cod but they were on the smaller side. This seems like more fish are moving in to the area so it should be a matter of time. We did end the day with some cunners and ling in the mix. We will have no trip tomorrow but Monday should be a go. Please call the office tomorrow between 9-5 to make a reservation.

Thursday Jan 24th

We have been having some power and internet issues due to the early week ice storm and windy weather. We are going to try and sail on this upcoming weekend. Always call the office to double check the weather and make a reservation.

Sunday Jan 13th

Captain Mike reported a slighly better day on the cod grounds. We were able to drift all day which really helped the fishing. We had more shorts today mixed in with the keepers. It was mixed bag with cod, pollock,cunners and ling. The water is still on the warm side so it should only continue to improve. Tuesdays look decent and that will be our next try. PLease call the office to double check the weather and make a reservation.

Saturday January 12th

Captain Mike was very happy to be back on the cod ground after nearly 2 weeks tired to the dock. The morning did have some left over sea from the windy weather of the past week. We had to anchor in the morning. We had to deal with scup and sea bass that we were not able to keep. Towards the end of the day we were able to diftt and found a few cod but it was slower. We talked to a few boats on the ride in and they found a few more fish. We should be able to drift all day tomorrow with the amazing forecast. We have plenty of room and are scheduled to sail at 5am. The office will open at 4am for ticket and tackle sales .

Thursday Jan 3rd

We will have no trip tomorrow. We are keeping a close eye on the weekend to see if we will have a weather window to fish. Always call the day  before to double check the weather.